Too good

“If Democrats believed those were Republicans crossing the border, you’d be able to see that wall from outer space.” – Anon.

I thought this was SO good…had to share it.

How was your Christmas!?  If you feel like, it tell us a little about it…high points?  Low points?  Fun points?

God bless you all!!

Tiny Tim 🙂

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  1. A moment of hilarity at the annual Christmas Eve Family Buffet….

    Part of my family — my mother’s side — celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve, with food followed by the opening of presents. I posted the baton a few years ago to my cousin, who is 15 years my junior. Her blended family includes her second husband with his children and 4 grandchildren and my cousin’s grandchild. All these children are under age 7, so there is a lot of chaos when the time to open presents comes.

    Toward the end of the frenetic ripping of ribbons and wrapping paper, I saw my cousin’s husband slip up the stairs, then come back down with a small package. Jewelry of some sort obviously was in that small package.

    He handed the small package to my cousin’s 5-year-old granddaughter and whispered something to her. Her eyes lit up.

    Then, like a flash, she dashed across the room as she was screaming at the top of her lungs and thereby causing everyone to freeze in place:


    So much for the element of surprise, huh? And what is this “we” she’s screaming about?

    The necklace was one of those diamond infinity necklaces sold by Kay Jewelers.

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  2. bocopro says:

    Bummer. All day flat on my back . . . unrelenting, inexorable, inescapable pain from inflamed shoulder impingement (scapula, clavicle, humerus intersect). Tried all the standard remedies; nothin worked ’til I finally took some tramadol about 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Hate to use such a powerful drug, but . . . . . . .

    Slept 1800 to 0600, somethin I never do, and woke up today feeling 95% pain free, but exhausted. And REALLY hungry. Reminiscent of that day after the first two-a-day football practice in August in central Indiana. Places hurt where I’d forgotten I have places.

    Was unaware of it, but while I was out last nite, Milady developed severe abdominal problems from somethin she ate (very likely lactose intolerance related) while the house was fulla friends and grandkids and entirely too much food.

    Today she insists on treating me as if I’m an invalid while she works on putting the house back together. Reefer burgeoning with ham, turkey, yams, cranberries, breads, and all the other traditional stuff, so I’m in no danger of succumbing to starvation today.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…so glad you’re feeling so much better today…this year, you’ll be celebrating Boxing Day more than a painful Christmas. Sounds like your wife’s feeling better, too, thank goodness.
    Stay well and enjoy the leftovers you get to partake in!

    AOW, what a CUTE STORY! I love it….And trust me, I KNOW what a full house of kids running around is…that was at Mom’s on Tree Trimming party day 2 weeks ago. HOLY COW! Last night was CALM! And wonderful. Prime rib, twice-baked potatoes, etc…mmmm
    BUT I am thrilled to be BACK HOME with my Bluesy 🙂 She’s not sneezing as much, so I’m very happy for my sweet kitty!

    One happy story was when Dad bought Mom one of those fur and leather coats that was really popular about 40 years or so ago! He and I picked it out….and I hid it in my room. When all of us girls had opened our gifts, etc., Dad gave me the nod and I went upstairs and put the coat ON and came down wearing it. You should have seen Mom’s double take when she casually glanced at me and noticed what I HAD ON! Great memory!


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Had no idea One America News could be quite THIS optimistic for COnservatives!


  5. We were going to drive a couple hours to a Bavarian Village that is famous in the region, Frankenmuth MI, for dinner, but then had a last minute invitation to my nieces, where my brother and sister and many others were for a splendid feast and gift ecxhange.


  6. There is frequent talk of swing midterms opposing the previous General.
    Dems have damaged themselves greatly, not just with sexual activity issues, but by their reliance on identity politics.
    Trump opposition is not going to drive marginal voters, either, but Dem opposition will drive non-dems.


  7. John M. Berger says:

    I joined bocopro, “flat on my back” with chronic back pain and, yes, I also took tramadol; not much else to add. It seems to be better today.


  8. Bob says:

    This was the best Christmas we have had in a long time. It was just my wife and I along with my daughter, son-in-law, and our two grandchildren ages 7 and 9. We got take out-barbecue for Christmas Eve dinner. No push or pull or holiday stress. The grandkids opened their traditional gifts of matching pajamas. Grandma did good.

    Christmas after church, the kids returned to our house. I cooked a brunch of breakfast casserole (wife did most of the casserole stuff), grits, biscuits, sausage, and Tennessee smoked bacon. My wife didn’t have to stress out about turkeys getting done, mashed potatoes getting mashed, or something getting burned. Once again, stress free.

    My favorite present was a Benchmade brand pocket knife. I am too cheap to buy something like that for myself, but managed to get it onto my wife’s gift list. I love that woman.

    I am sorry to read the Bocopro has such troubles, and hope that he can mitigate those pain problems. Hopefully, everybody will have a great 2018. I am looking forward to it.

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  9. geeez2014 says:
    Check out the headline…and please don’t fool yourself into believing only Yahoo does these biased headlines…

    JMB, I AM SO SO SORRY for your back pain…i hate to think of you an Boco in such pain. Glad you had Tramadal and you’re better today.

    Ed, so you think Republicans who don’t much like Trump’s persona won’t be moved enough to vote Dem? Ya, I have only one Rep friend who said she’d consider voting Dem because the Republicans can’t get it together and GOVERN even when they have the majority….but when I asked how do you change your values because you’re ticked, she acquiesced.
    I think you’re right…most Reps won’t go Dem ….is that what you meant?
    SO glad you enjoyed your Christmas day so much…are you driving to the Frankenmuth today as you’d thought? TWO HOUR DRIVE? Holy cow! That must be GREAT GERMAN FOOD!! What’s your fave thing to eat there? Do they serve German beers?


  10. geeez2014 says:

    What says about the fact that Prince Harry and his American fiancee want to invite the Obama’s to their wedding but not the Trump’s*…There was a happy little interview between Barack and Harry and here’s the comment by aol: “In a teaser clip released a week ago, the rapport between the world leaders was evident, as Obama joked about whether or not he would need to employ an accent for the interview.”

    First, Harry is a WORLD LEADER? Oh, wait… OBAMA is still a WORLD LEADER?
    so typical
    *aol says “Not the Trumps” but there is no official comment from the Royals on that…plus, this is NOT a ‘state royal wedding’ at all…it’s a private wedding with some governmental input and the UK leaders are saying they’re fearful of what Trump might do if Obama’s invited and he isn’t. I am, too, frankly. Gad.


  11. Mal says:

    First, I want to wish Bocopro and JMB my heartfelt sympathy. Nothing ruins a holiday like pain.
    Being away from family, the Mrs. and I are happy its over. This morning we even took down our tree, which is artificial and sat in front of the breakfast room window, facing the street. The rest (2 more artificial trees outside plus 2 lighted reefs) are still on, but not for long. Our car hasn’t left the garage since last Thursday, and its a rental due to a young Hispanic lady speeding in the parking lot of our medical center Dec. 6th, wiping out the front bumper, grille and both headlamps on my Magnum, which my insurance company still hasn’t given the approval to start on yet. Fortunately, a woman that saw the whole thing came up and volunteered as a witness, handed me her card, and, as luck would have it, is a senior rep., commercial lines underwriter for another insurance co. and corroborated my story by saying the woman was speeding way to fast for a parking lot. This is the first accident I’ve been in since 1963 when we were hit from behind while completely stopped.
    Not too bad, considering I’ve been driving for over 73 years during which time I estimate I have logged in over 2 million miles.


  12. bocopro says:

    Incidentally, for the geriatric crowd and anybody who needs the occasional pain reliever other than an OTC nsaid, tramadol can be very addictive, much more than originally believed. From what I’ve read, it can be dangerous in large doses for the elderly.

    I took one 50 mg yesterday afternoon, and barring a huge coincidence, it relieved the pain enough for me to get some much-needed sleep which allowed the arm to remain inactive long enough for the inflammation to subside. Coulda been just natcherl, I s’pose, but I doubt it.

    First two paragraphs sum it up, but don’t get down to the nitty gritty on addiction. Anybody taking it regularly prob’ly oughta read the entire article and some of the links.

    I had to read up on it when a doc prescribed it for my shoulder impingement problem some time back. Decided not to use it and went with Voltaren instead for minor flare-ups and 600 mg aspirin for bigger ones.

    Some sources say Voltaren is not recommended for people on a cardiac cocktail for hypertension, and I simply try to avoid harsh meds where I can, even cutting my lipitor, metoprolol, losartan, and nisoldipine pills in half.

    Hate taking pills almost as much as I hate going to see a doctor.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Wow, Mal….you were in your car when she hit it? So glad you’re both okay!!!! And what a great thing that you got such a knowledgeable witness!
    Sorry for no family being around….but you DO prefer the desert to the wet Olympia weather, I know 🙂


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…none of those really strong drugs are great to take on any regular basis…but to use them once in a while to such good benefits only makes sense. I’m glad you warn my more elderly readers though I think Mal’s the only other one who admits to his age 🙂


  15. Baysider says:

    A pensive and contemplative day. Quiet. Got Mr. B to join me in call to grandkids to keep that re-connection so recently re-set with his son. But I kept thinking ALL DAY of the wonderful God-given gifts of freedom as I posted yesterday. Mr. B’s trainer gave him a small training gift. She knows our situation here and gave ME a lovely box of pre-printed scripture verses, personalized with my name, for when the going gets too tough.


  16. Baysider says:

    AND … fabulous quote!

    Question BOCOPRO: I’m collecting anecdotes on CBD and pain for a friend. She can’t do any of the drugs and knows the dangers. Good points. Any experience here? Tnx.

    Mal – lucky in your un-luck. I almost had same but without witnesses. She was on the phone. Her excuse, whining: “I had to talk to my husband.” (Really? Why not just stay parked in the empty lot you were in?)


  17. John M. Berger says:

    Re: tramadol 50 mg,
    I received my prescription about 2 weeks ago although yesterday was the first time that I took it. I have occasional back spasms and pain and have it on-hand for use only when such becomes un-bearable. According to my Doctor [occasional] use shouldn’t be problematic.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    JMB, definitely shouldn’t be problematic…may you never have to use it again, though!

    Baysider…Isn’t that quote fabulous! What a thoughtful gift from the trainer….I just wish the going wasn’t quite so ‘tough’….xxx


  19. There are two well known restaurants in Frankenmuth that sit across the street from each other and actually belong to different members of the same family. One is the Bavarian Inn and the other is Zehnder’s. Both are known for their fantastic chicken dinners and their German cultural decor reinforced by the Waitresses uniforms that looks something out of Heidi.
    Lot’s of sausages and cheeses, also.
    I’m waiting for Da Blade to comment on it.


  20. As for Trump and the midterm elections, what I was trying to convey is that the Dems have turned off a number of liberals while Trump has excited the Republican base given the success of his first year.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    CHICKEN DINNERS? Tell us what’s more than CHICKEN!! But they must have bratwurst and stuff like that, right?

    Thanks for clarification…probably it’s me just not getting it, sorry. I have to admit that I think Trump’s turned a heck of a lot of Reps OFF with a lot of his jargon and the way he opens himself (and Republicans) to media ridicule because we’re afraid the media will sway voters off Republicans….The base isn’t enough…it just isn’t enough.


  22. bocopro says:

    CBD — ya got me there. Only thing I know about hemp oil is that it’s reported to give relief from minor inflammations and widely for treating glaucoma and chronic indigestion.

    Last I read on teh subject was that it’s still in the research phase (with lab animals) and not approved at the federal level . . . or something like that . . . although some states have approved it.

    Apparently, and this is mostly just superficial interpretation on my part, the studies are trying to free the hemp oil from the THC (active “feel good” ingredient) so that it doesn’t conflict with federal law against it.


  23. Kid says:

    Woke up to Little Bear (a cat) masaging my shoulders at exactly 6:45 AM (as he does everyday) and 1/32 of an inch of snow on the ground. Thanked the stars for another day of not having to dig the snow blower out of the shed.

    Spent the day with Mad (mostly) and I working on dinner while the John Wayne movie marathon rolled off the TV. About an hour before serving time, the stray cat that lives on the deck (Kitty [Valentine]) with visions of sugar plums dancing in her head decided she wanted to come in the house and share some dinner (Least that is what she told me).

    We shared an excellent dinner of Rib Roast w/raw horseradish, Yorkshire Pudding, Ceaser Salad, Brocolli Cassarole (cheese and cracker crumbs). I ate more than I thought I would. The roast was so good. Very rare. Webster the beagle and the cats got all the stray pieces. Raccoons from the woods out back got all the scraps with the usual scoop of dog food placed out by the pool. Such an enjoyable dinner and a good time was had by all.

    After dinner we all played strip poker. Webster and the cats were at a disadvantage.

    (I’ll tell you, it is hard to get everything served at the right temperature at the same time. Got to give it to the restaurants that get that job done.)

    We don’t do gifts. If Mad or I want or needs something, we just go get it.

    Once again and too often these days I realize that when a person has their health they have 99% of it. An ‘easy’ thing to be thankful for and what I hope some of you get a lot more of.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Kid! I don’t know why prime rib smells SO heavenly compared to most beef cuts! yesterday, everyone who came in said “OH MY GOSH!” when they smelled the beef!
    Glad your dinner was good, too.
    Werner and my Christmas Eves were just the 2 of us after everyone left, in front of the fire, and we’d open presents from each other, the sweetest time of the holiday.. I highly recommend it 🙂

    And ya,,,HEALTH IS IT.

    Bocopro..HEMP OIL is not LEGAL or something? What’s unnatural about that??


  25. Mal says:

    Oh! We’re okay, Z. It wasn’t that kind of hit. I was alone in my car and only going 5 – 10 mph when she screamed from my left to right, tearing stuff off and strewing it 20 feet to my right. Damage was mainly cosmetic on my car and I was able to drive it to the agency about a mile away while hers was a small scion that had to be towed. My car didn’t even budge.
    I had been looking at cars the past couple of months and glad it wasn’t anything new I had just bought!


  26. Kid says:

    I always ask her what she’d like and she always says NOTHING !


  27. Baysider says:

    Thnx BP. As long as the CBD is DIVORCED from its THC component it’s legal nationwide. And, frankly, the older strain(s) of hemp that were widely grown in this country (in fact required to pay taxes in some areas in the past) were very low in THC anyway.


  28. Mal says:

    Kid, mine usually answers “nothing” when I see she’s mad and I ask what’s wrong!
    Both mean the same thing…….. SOMETHING!


  29. geeez2014 says:


    Kid, that’s when you surprise her with something wonderful!!! Heh heh!

    Mal’s right about ‘SOMETHING’! 🙂 But, obviously, Mrs. Kid doesn’t gripe after she gets nothing, so what the heck? I WOULD! I have to admit!


  30. Kid says:

    MAL, I thought that for the first 10 years ! Then I came to realize Nothing really meant Nothing! Seriously, she is the queen of returned merchandise – Even stuff she buys ! 🙂

    Z, What can I surprise with that is more wonderful than me ?


  31. As for prime rib, coincidentally I just finished one I brought home from last week.
    That and green beans and sweet potatoes from yesterday.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s absolutely true…if she doesn’t gripe, and even returns stuff, you ARE the best surprise of wonderfulness!!!

    Ed, I just don’t understand why Prime Rib smells SO SO much better than any old roast in the oven, you know? !!! I really only like the ‘lifter,’ the darker, more tender part around each pink slice….know what I mean?


  33. Kid says:

    Z, Aw Shucks….


  34. The fat content contributes to the aroma, I think.


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Could be, Ed….man, it smells SO good!
    the VERY VERY best cooking smells I EVER smelled came out of my humble kitchen one Christmas Eve….we’d all started with cocktails, etc., at our house, then I left my bro-in-law in charge of the food while we all left for church…I was the choir director for a few years and always sang “Mary, Did you Know?” at that service.
    Mr. Z had cooked his stuffed goose and I’d made a pork roast stuffed with dry fruit….when we all came in after the service to have dinner, we opened the door and practically were pushed back by the amazingly good smells!


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