FOX IS CHANGING……….faster lately…

FOX is changing…..Richard Fowler, Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov, etc etc.

Yes, liberals laugh at FOX for being rampantly biased…but if they ever take the time to examine CNN for only 15 minutes, they’d (and you’d) see there are either absolutely ZERO Republicans on every panel, or only little Ana Navarro, the Trump hating “Republican,” who laughs and derides him along with the CNN haters.

I put on FOX and hear a panel named which is up after the commercial..hopeful…but no, there is always a leftwinger there……and they get smacked about a bit, but NOT ENOUGH.  There are facts some FOX interviewers ‘forget’ to point out to set them straight, etc.

FOX IS TURNING LEFT.  I’m surprised Tucker Carlson got prime time and very happy he did….Hannity’s not a favorite of mine and I’m not sure if he’s effective anymore because he comes across as such a hack (to me)….but I wish FOX would be more like Tucker and less like Shepard Smith…who (sorry) disgusts me.  I think he is always happiest at Trumps faux pas.  He was thrilled to that Nunes’ veracity was called into question a few months ago when the big MEMO came out yesterday.  He was delighted to read John McCain’s very very negative comments about the memo.

I’m TIRED of watching FOX and hoping for Conservative conversation but having to wade through ugly leftwing haters instead.  

I’m not impressed by One America News…no money in production quality so it’s lackluster in comparison…..but at least it’s JUST THE NEWS with a rightwing slant.

And, yes, I  know some of you don’t watch TV news;  I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to those of us who enjoy watching and hearing good people discuss what’s happening… I’m watching about half as much as I did;




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37 Responses to FOX IS CHANGING……….faster lately…

  1. bocopro says:

    What I have the most trouble with is identifying the goals of the left. Just can’t figure out what it is that they WANT.

    Take Jerry Brown, for example: head of a state with enormous, bottomless, financial problems, infested with gangs of illegal parasites totally beyond control, suffocating taxes driving businesses away, sanctuaries for repeat criminals, and an infrastructure collapsing in disrepair, so he declares a “new normal” and calls for MORE taxes.

    Then the relentless resistance to an outsider PotUS who refuses to be influenced by special interests, who has resuscitated the economy and stimulated business growth, who has begun restoring blue-collar faith in the country, who fires a corrupt and disloyal mealy-mouthed FBI director and is then accused of being biased and corrupt for doing it . . . all while a known career criminal and lifelong liar has a secret private server in direct violation of government policy, deletes tens of thousands of e-mails which belonged to the US government, and accomplishes absolutely nothing but trouble as Secretary of State is not only acceptable but PREFERRED by the left.

    What’s the strategy there, the logic? I just don’t get it.

    If the leftistes devoted half the time and energy to fixing problems for American blacks as they insist on doing for Dreamers and repeat lawbreakers, we could get rid of the ghettoes in all our major cities and cut our law-enforcement expenses by more than half.

    And as for John McRINO, he’d fake his own death to keep from being the deciding factor on any issue that gives Trump a victory on anything.

    It’s all just a perverse in-your-face giant self-immolation, a permanent tantrum with no discernible origin, a case of the terrible twos in detached, insulated obscenely wealthy unicorn riders and Kool-Aid drinkers who champion the wretched refuse of other countries’ teeming shores from behind their walled, gated, heavily armed cloisters while they tax and regulate their own into oblivion.

    What the hell is the objective? Another wouldn’t-it-be-“COOL”- to-have-a-“FIRST”-for-president? A first what? Lucretia Borgia? Castro? Chavez? Kim?


  2. Brilliant, Bocopro.
    As for Fox, a lot of those lib panelists are for entertainment value. It’s intellectual honesty to have a counterpoint.
    But I get tired of seeing Tucker argue with a lib who WON’T ANSWER THE QUESTION!
    As long as the Five, Baier, McCollum, Tucker, Hannity (he energizes the base), Ingraham, Watters, and Gutfeld hold prime time, I’m not worried.


  3. -FJ says:

    Fox is changing? I wonder why

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  4. kid says:

    In my simple-minded way of coming to conclusions or expressing them – your choice – I see the situation in DC as one that is full of crime, corruption, and most of all – problems that none of these mealy headed politicians could come up with a solution for if their life depended on it.
    So, they give us the dog and pony show, while behind the scenes they’ve thrown up their hands and have decided to enrich themselves as much as humanly possible in a feeding frenzy of theft and enjoy that richness to the fullest, knowing all well that like LBJ and others who came before them, they’ll be dead before anyone figures out what happened if ever.

    Why so much politics in our lives. TV, Radio, “Comedy” shows, Awards shows, everything really. The concept “Thou Doth Protest Too much” comes to mind. They all know how dirty and incompetent they are.

    You know my thoughts on TV anything. Money driven.

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…what’s NAVYHATO? Uncharacteristically, I took some time to watch that video because it caught my interest right away. It is excellent and true. The only thing I don’t agree with is his “IF this memo is true..” I believe it is.

    I also find it amazing that Mrs. Clinton has BARELY been mentioned….she probably PAID for the dossier and I’d have thought THAT IS HUGE, but we aren’t hearing that as one of the bigger points.

    Bocopro, that truly IS brilliant………..”And as for John McRINO, he’d fake his own death to keep from being the deciding factor on any issue that gives Trump a victory on anything.” Utterly brilliant…..he disgusts me.
    And yes, Trump needs to remind Black America of the statement you made because a lot of Black America is NOT on board with allowing millions of immigrants illegally in our country…

    Ed, except for Hannity, yes, they do hold Prime Time and that’s good. But for how long?
    Those you mention are SO dedicated I’d wish they’d open their own channel if the Murdock wives get their way.

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    Kid…true….watch FJ’s video….it truly is worth watching; .Actually, It’s the first thing that’s explained best why our schools are failing our kids and why the leaders want America to be a Banana Republic…..


  7. cube says:

    AOW and I discussed this very point this morning. I chuckle when the left calls FOX News right wing because they’re not. Yes, they have conservatives, but they also have liberals. They are just a little more fair and balanced that the rest of the MSM . Any “conservatives” that are allowed on the rest of media networks are pseudo conservatives, or as I call them, conservative-lite .

    FOX News pulls in one billion in profits annually. If the Murdoch boys are smart business men, they will continue to ride the cash cow and not turn FOX News into a liberal fest, but that’s a BIG IF.
    The words smart and liberal don’t usually go well together. Time will tell.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, of course I know it’s ENTERTAINMENT VALUE, and of course I know that it’s INTELLECTUAL HONESTY TO HAVE A COUNTERPOINT!!
    My point is if even I, who totally know those things, am turned off, I (who I believe is more for honesty than a lot of people who won’t ‘go there’) then a LOT OF CONSERVATIVES are turning off to FOX…which I believe is the point. We need a place where at least ONE THIRD of the time, we can count on hearing from the smart conservatives they have there without Juan Williams throwing in his ridiculous comments (and they’re getting worse by the DAY, by the way), Richard Fowler throwing his two cents in, that awful voiced Jessica Tarlov, etc etc ETC etc………I want to hear some decent Conservative conversation…of course they have it, but I don’t like HONORING those leftwingers with that stage….not as MUCH AS THEY DO.
    Of course we want different ways of looking at things, but don’t dishearten us, FOX. It’s getting old and it’s too much.


  9. -FJ says:

    FJ…what’s NAVYHATO?

    Navy Blue was a pigeon who received the Dickin Medal in 1945 from the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals for bravery in service during the Second World War. Navy Blue, Pigeon – NPS.41.NS.2862, Date of Award: March 1945 – “For delivering an important message from a Raiding Party on the West Coast of France, although injured, while serving with the RAF in June, 1944.

    Hato is Japanese for “pigeon”. The author of the Youtube channel is “Black Pigeon”.


  10. -FJ says:

    …but then, I’m just speculating,, You should ask him.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    “Urgent prayer needed! Paisley almost passed last night. Had emergency surgery. Combination of flu, metapneumovirus, and aspirating after throwing up, her lungs pretty much gave out. She is on ventilator, and they had to run a hose to her heart that pumps the blood from it and places oxygen into the blood inside a very advanced machine, then pumps the blood back in. That s what’s keeping her alive right now.”

    What a situation! Please pray for Paisley! thanks.

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…you want me to ask a PIGEON with a Twitter account!? Heck, I took a look and I’m afraid to ask that pigeon!! How amazing that this bird, though injured, helped the cause!
    It sounds so unbelievable I feel like you’ve made me fall for some joke I’m the butt of right now! HAAA!! 🙂


  13. Earnest Greene says:

    while thumbing thru the blogisphere today I found the most ugly, dispicable blog that I have ever seen befor. It is called Progressive Eruptions, written by the most disgusting women I have ever read in my 65 years on this earth.


  14. -FJ says:

    No joke. Sorry, I suppose my mind does work in rather improbable ways.


  15. kid says:

    “Kid…true….watch FJ’s video….it truly is worth watching; .Actually, It’s the first thing that’s explained best why our schools are failing our kids and why the leaders want America to be a Banana Republic…..”

    Well…. I’ve known that for a good while now.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…YOUR MIND? Ya THINKKKK? Your longtime buddies here on our blogosphere have known that for almost 15 years now, pal! 🙂 And we love it!

    Kid, but I found it fascinating what he said about how they want stupid people so we go to “who wants to rule?” instead of “who will WE VOTE FOR” That’s a new take on it and I think it’s hyperbolic but not far from truth…….

    I’ve always found it interesting that ENGLISH has never been made our official language…I think it all ties in.


  17. geeez2014 says:



  18. geeez2014 says:

    Mr.; Earnest Greene…I’m guessing from how you incorrectly spelled your first name that you’re another sock puppet of that blog…doesn’t work here…but thanks for coming by.
    You were totally right about that blog, however.


  19. kid says:

    Stupid people. Yes, exactly.

    If America falls, the world falls. America is mankind’s last best hope – Ronald Reagan.


  20. kid says:

    Stupid – Dependent people.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s ONE argument I sometimes use with quasi lib friends who don’t pay attention……”if America goes, how can we help other countries? They depend on us, we’re a great force for good…if illegal immigrants break us financially, if we fall apart economically…then what? How can we be great?”
    Sad that it takes seeing OTHER COUNTRIES SUFFER comes before OUR SUFFERING, huh? If I said “how would we survive?” they seriously, honestly think AMERICA WILL NEVER FAIL so that doesn’t apply……..
    they really do.

    Umm……..duh…………………end of discussion!


  22. geeez2014 says:

    :”Earnest”…what happened to Shaw’s blog? I hadn’t been by in a few years but just did now… So few commenters….I guess they finally get sick of the hate, too?
    They’re so desperate they’re hitting Trump’s bad spelling (and, really, a president SHOULD know the difference of ‘their’ and ‘there’, but…) If only he’d have one person read his tweets before he let’s it rip…that’s all it takes, Mr. President! we can’t all be good spellers, and, as smarter people know, a bad speller doesn’t make a bad thinker.


  23. Z: “.she probably PAID for the dossier ”
    IIRC Bill Krystol and Paul Singer (of Washington Free Beacon) paid for the Dossier.
    After the convention, it was sold to the Clinton Campaign.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, whatever…she paid for the information………and barely anybody’s mentioning it, believe me…


  25. geeez2014 says:

    A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT on TMC tonight at 8 eastern…..such a good movie


  26. -FJ says:

    Why was the fake dossier so important? Previous attempts by the Obama Administration (Loretta Lynch) to get FISA warrants to spy on Trump had been denied.


  27. Sparky says:

    I prayed for Paisley. May the LORD lift her up and heal her.
    As for Fox News, Steve and I quit watching any of it except for Stuart Varney in the morning (Financial). That’s about it. They have turned to the Left. I pray for their souls.


  28. jerrydablade says:

    Z, I usually agree with almost all of your commentary, especially regarding the mystical healing power of a bowl of mashed potatoes (hope that doesn’t scare you too much) and this post also had to nodding in affirmation on your every point. It’s why I started following you almost a decade ago when I became convinced that you must be a sister from another mister.

    BTW, great comments, all. I do still watch a smattering of Fox news when something big is going on, but “smart conservatives” always can find a home on talk radio. When one of them ticks me off, I just change the podcast to the next one. I do agree with Ed that its healthy not to live in an echo chamber, but one can only take so much “Juan” before the potatoes start trying to make an unwelcome reappearance.

    Barring an unexpected second memo, the planned viewing agenda on my schedule this evening consists solely of switching between my Detroit Pistons and Red Wings. Its how I recharge.

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  29. kid says:

    Z,I was going to respond to the last best hope thing, but it got too long. And in the end who cares.

    I’ll just say as I’ve said before that War has been declared on American culture. I hope American culture figures that out and starts fighting back. Americans can win anything if they put a mind to it.

    Lot of people on the left wasting a lot of emotion and hopping around like Mexican jumping beans over a memo that’s meaningless… They’re So transparent. – They’re not on TV, but if you want a nice refreshing glass of Conservative thought and input from some smart folks in comment sections, that’s where I go almost exclusively now. Course, I sit in front of a PC all day at work. There are of course, trolls in the comments but they are super easy to spot and block. Oh hell, you don’t do disqus so it may be a pain for you if you wanted to comment. You could setup a generic email address to use for a disqus ID to get around that. I used to do RT dot com but they’re pretty much off the rails lately with the anti-American so not much these days and the foxnews site has way to much clickbait junk, it almost looks like a TMZ type site. Very few things there I have any interest in and most of the commenters there either need to see a doctor or get back on their meds, even the ‘better’ ones.


  30. Z: I was not saying that Clinton did not pay for the Dossier. I was just pointing out who she bought it from.
    DaBlade: Of course, The Drift is one of your primary talk radio sources, right?


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Kid ,I’d do Disqus but they keep asking for info and I supply it and it won’t take. VERy frustrating!
    I should look more at the site, thanks.

    Jerry, if we agree that much, I’m hugely flattered!
    Actually, I wish more people thought it was unhealthy to live in an echo chamber; I’ve said that for years…….I HAVE to know what the left is thinking…it helps me a lot.

    I do listen to talk radio a lot when I’m in the car, but I’m not in the car that much! I was furious at Michael Medved yesterday, suggesting this memo thing was just a distraction. Ben Shapiro, too, is denying its importance!
    I just don’t get it……..with friends like that, who needs enemies?
    I often disagree with Medved’s outlook, tho he’s definitely more con than lib….but he drives me NUTS with his attempts at being FAIR…there’s a limit….and sometimes Cons who ‘go fair’ go too far fair and get STUPID.


  32. Leonard Jones says:

    I have to disagree, Fox has always lived up to their fair and balanced tagline.
    From the beginning, their talent included Allan Colmbs, Gretta Van Nosejob,
    people like Jerkraldo Rivers, Juan Williams, and other liberals as either paid
    staff, or regular contributors.

    The leftist media has gone so far to the left that the days of the “Token Conservative”
    are long gone. I used to love This Week With David Brinkley because George
    Will could take care of himself against 3-4 uber liberals. The problem with
    leftists is that they demand unthinking lockstep conformity. That is why you
    can scour the traditional media from the major networks to the cable outlets
    and find very few (if any) conservatives on their staff.

    My only fear is that when Fox is handed down after the owners passing, the
    network could become as bad as CNN or MSNBC in no time at all.


  33. kid says:

    Z, create an email such as with a simple password (who care if someone breaks into it. It’s a junk email. Use that to comment on disqus. Obviously something is screwed up with your bona-fide email addy as far as disqus is concerned.


  34. kid says:

    The only talk radio I would listen to if I did would be Michael Savage. Early on – like 2009-2010, he had obama’s moslem number. Everything the guy put out turned out to be true from collusion with Egypt to cracking open the Libya pathway to the EU. Spot on. Problem is truth is much stranger than fiction these days and has been and so Mr Savage is branded as not to be believed.


  35. bocopro says:

    Ahh, radio.

    I can remember the days before TV became ubiquitous and each evenin 3 generations of the family would form a semicircle around this wooden box in the living room to stare at it and listen to the Lone Ranger, the Shadow, Fibber McGee, Amos & Andy, the Great Gildersleeve, Jack Benny . . . . . .

    And there was NO TALKING, only occasional laughter, ‘cept during commercials and station breaks. ‘Course bein a kid at the time, I wasn’t allowed to interrupt, and besides, I hadda be in bed by 9.

    Weather and farm reports every mornin as the house woke up and Mom (grandmother) started cookin whatever we were gonna eat that day, often things I didn’t quite recognize but ate anyway ’cause I knew what was goof for me. Women hogged the bathroom, so the men went out behind the chicken coop while Dad stoked the furnace and I collected eggs.

    News, without snark or innuendo. Just straightforward reports on what was happenin, mostly on the local scene, such as construction or school notices or church socials or possibility of slick roads . . . lotta talk about Berlin and G.I.s comin home to get medical treatment or start school . . . or a family.

    And in summer, it was baseball. Everywhere you went — on the square downtown, in the coffee shops, at the auto-repair garages . . . announcers givin the play-by-play and makin it seem like you were there.

    I truly believe that people’s imaginations created more beauty, more thrills, more suspense, more excitement than what we get on the 60″ flat screens today. Somehow we know that stuff we see is CGI or improbable special effects and just not real to us; but the experiences we concocted in our heads were things we could actually identify with because they came FROM us, triggered by the voice of Bob Hope or Red Skelton or Lamont Cranston or Red Barber or Mel Allen or Ed Murrow or Howard Smith.

    And there was no ratings system — no “R” or “MA” or “X” or “G” — just trustworthy data and wholesome entertainment, and a kid could go to bed with the radio on at night (if he turned it down low) and nobody worried about him hearing the wrong kinda stuff.

    And we drank from each other’s Coke bottles, and from the garden hoses, and ate eggs ‘n’ taters fried in leftover bacon grease, and rubbed mercury on dimes and quarters, and spent most of our spare time playin football or basketball or baseball or fishin or doin odd jobs for loose change . . . when our own chores were done and we didn’t have homework to finish before next mornin.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Hi, Leonard, and thanks for coming by again! I totally agree and thought I’d said that…I fear they’re going so far Left there IS NO FOX left soon, because Rupert’s gone and his lefty sons are in charge and their wives are more lefty than the boys!

    And I have been proud of the ‘fair and balanced’ thing but it’s getting too much. I want a decent conversation of Conservatives just once in a while without some ugly, nasty Tarlov of Fowler or Williams or Ghoulsbee, etc……………see what I mean? The other stations have one Con per DAY, we have them ALL DAY and it gets old. Then there’s Shep Smith who’s a Trump/Conservative hater and shows it……..makes me sad. I DO want a little of both sides…have been saying how sad a conservative echo chamber can be for YEARS, but this? FOX is changing and my point is it’s going to change BIG TIME soon. And not for the better 😦

    Kid, Disqus knows my computer…right? It’ll say “it’s the wrong address” GRRRR ! I’ll try it when I have the energy but I doubt that’ll work. Thanks for the advice..I will try it.
    We have FABULOUS talk radio here in LA….all day and all night..two well known stations with good signals. There is no leftwing.

    Bocopro…you left out MARY WORTH and THE SHADOW! But thanks for that wonderful walk thru Memory Lane..I love it


  37. Jersey Jack says:

    ” but “smart conservatives” always can find a home on talk radio.”…

    The hands-down smartest man on the radio today is Andrew Wilkow…ch 125, Patriot Channel on Sirius. Makes Rush sound like an 8th grade teacher too. He’s just the best commenter I’ve ever listened to and his opinions cannot be beaten.


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