The MEMO….So what?

Think this MEMO thing will ever make any change?
Think Nunes will survive?
Think Carter Page will?

What will the Lib memo say?

The Left is fighting the GOP memo SO HARD it’ll die ….  then what?


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34 Responses to The MEMO….So what?

  1. bocopro says:

    And next on “American Countdown” . . . the US Gummint presents “Dueling Memos,” with Devin Nunes playing the ever-popular “Dirty Bastards ‘Toccata and Fugue’” from Fantasia on the saxophone followed by Adam Schiff doing the haunting “National Security ‘O Fortuna’” from the Carmina Burana on his kazoo.

    All this because half the people in America wanted a frumpy felon with delusions of normalcy as their leader and the other half wanted to de-weaponize the IRS, the NSC, and the FBI.

    Sheeesh! As the Magic Negro was so fond of informing us, “elections have consequences.” So turn off the cameras, drop the mike, and dealwiddit.

    Enuf awreddy. Fix the budget, fix the VA, fix the military, fix the border, fix the infrastructure, and set up term limits for weasels while you’re at it.


  2. The fight against the Memo is the fight against the Deep State. Lose it, and you lose EVERYTHING.


  3. Kid says:

    Does Jeff Sessions have any of his people invstigating the DNC crooks ? Que Jeapordy music.

    In other news Adam Schiff is really a trangendered hilrod clinton. Nobody else can do bug eyes like that.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, what is with those EYES?? UGH.

    Vrag, I think you’re 100% correct…’everything’

    bocopro..thankfully, Trump’s TRYING to do just that in the shadows of all these awful hearings, committees, etc.
    I’m proud of him for NOT responding to the sexual harassment gossip OR the terrible stories of how Melania and he don’t get along “he tried to hold her hand but she pulled it away…she didn’t drive to the SOTU with him,” etc…….good he’s ignoring that, at least in Twitter, etc. Thank GOODNESS


  5. bocopro says:

    Somewhat off topic, but certainly germane to our political climate of late:

    Way back in 19forgotten when Ike was in office and I was college, Brook Benton co-wrote and sang a neat little song called “It’s Just A Matter Of Time.”

    So it’s warm today and I’m out ridin my bike this mornin when that pops into my head. Lotta guys have done it since . . . Randy Travis comes to mind . . . but I can’t remember any women adaptin it.

    Now . . . Hillary, who SAYS she’s a woman, just refuses to go away, so I kinda figgered that song, that lyric, is how she looks at her postponed coronation.

    I’m sure she sees it just that way, but I see it slightly differently. Also applies to Soetoro with some slight adjustments. Here’s the original and my update tailored to her nature (original lyric below my version):

    One day, my day, you’ll realize that you’ve been blind
    Yes, dimwits, you’re going to want me again
    It’s just a matter of crime

    Go on, dream on, until you see that my way is fine
    Yeah, I know, you’ll vote my way again
    It’s just a matter of crime

    After I fed you all the flim-flam I had
    You laughed and called me a crook
    Remember, in your search for honor and law
    They’re just words in some book

    You know, yes you know, that one day you’ll wake up to find
    That my rein is the true reign
    It’s just a matter of crime.

    Benton’s original:

    Someday, some way, you’ll realize that you’ve been blind
    Yes, darling, you’re going to need me again
    It’s just a matter of time
    Go on, go on, until you reach the end of the line
    But I know you’ll pass my way again
    It’s just a matter of time
    After I gave you everything I had
    You laughed and called me a clown
    Remember, in your search for fortune and fame
    What goes up must come down
    I know, I know that one day you’ll wake up and find
    That my love was a true love
    It’s just a matter of time


  6. geeez2014 says:

    GOod one, Boco!
    I like that song…. thanks for the ‘better’ lyrics 🙂

    BIDEN JUST CALLED TRUMP “A JOKE”…How does a country survive with this ugly rhetoric?

    It’s one thing to criticize some things about a sitting president…it’s another thing to be a past VICE PRESIDENT and call a sitting president A JOKE.
    How repulsive…


  7. Kid says:

    Z, All the democrats have gotten maximum repulsive, disgusting, and treasonous. Yes Treasonous. They hate America and are hard at work to destroy it. I won’t discusss their daily brain vomit explosions.

    I know you don’t like violence on your blog, so I’ll say it this way. If it were up to me, I’d put every democrat politician into a walled Ghetto after taking all their money and most of their clothes and watch them have to fight each other for the limited food and other resources that would be supplied to them.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    I’m not against violence…….I’m not against anything here except stuff that’ll reflect badly on my blog…that’s all. Really bad language doesn’t bug me in general (sadly!) but it bugs me on my blog lest people I’d like to reach here, new readers(tons show up on my blog information pages and I know they read but don’t comment). That’s all……….

    I’m ALL For your ghetto idea…but I have to say that that is going on in MANY neighborhoods run by Democrat mayors/governors NOW!!!! except I don’t think they’re nude 🙂


  9. bocopro says:

    “new readers(tons show up on my blog information pages and I know they read but don’t comment)”

    WHAT??!! You mean people actually READ the stuff I write? Downright alarming! They apparently don’t read my stuff that Denny posts on his blog . . . or at least they don’t comment on it.

    Does this mean I oughta watch what I say ’bout stuff that galls my kibe?


  10. Kid says:

    Democrat run Ghettos. Exactly the reason for my idea. And they wouldn’t be nude, they’re ugly enough as it is. Just not a lot of clothing choices.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro, read what I said again…you’ve never written anything that would turn people off. If what you write turns people off, they shouldn’t be here, anyway.

    I just don’t want some of the stuff that sounds racist or homophobic here…NONE OF MY ReADERS/COMMENTERS are either, but when we get mad, we sometimes say “things”….Actually, even your “Magic Negro” isn’t something I like around here, but I know you’re no racist, either.

    Am thinking I haven’t much to write here anymore, anyway, after about 10 years of blogging..

    If I criticize Trump people stop commenting, if I say some leftwinger made sense, people don’t comment or won’t enter into a discussion on that (okay, it’s rare but it’s happened), if I talk about the leftwing stinkin’ media, there’s nothing new about THEM and my commenters are right “why bother?” So why bother blogging???. What the heck?
    I have other things to do…am considering this ….not sure what I’d write anymore!

    Kid, no, not a lot of clothing choices…just hoodies 🙂


  12. bocopro says:

    Yeah, well . . . it was sarc.

    The final quatrain of a lengthy autobiographical poem I wrote many years ago says it much more clearly:

    It’s like my Grandad told me, “Son,
    when you have seen your whole life’s run
    and never pissed off anyone,
    you haven’t got much said or done.”


  13. bocopro says:

    Oh,and believe it or not, I first saw the term “Magic Negro” in a Los Angeles Times article which was quoting Spike Lee. I can’t remember who first associated it with Soetoro — coulda been James Carville (I think).

    Actually, the history of the “magical negro” in American literature is kinda interesting. I wrote a short piece for one of my professors in grad school on the theme. He was a William Faulkner authority and liked my treatment of the black characters in Faulkner’s canon in a directed study I did for him.

    I went looking for it a few minutes ago, but it’s not in this computer. Think it got lost in an old Dell that went belly up about 20 years ago. Prob’ly in a box of my notes in the loft.

    I remember only that it focused on Faulkner’s habit of showing the black characters’ humanity by making the kitchen — the source of sustenance and life — their most comfortable area.

    Oh, and I remarked on their healthy and contagious laughter despite their status as property, comparing it to the constant complaining and criticism by their white masters.

    Doc asked me for, and got, my permission to use the ideas in his next article, giving me credit in a footnote.


  14. kid says:

    Well, as the drunken crop duster said in the movie Independence Day “Alright Mr President, Sorry I had a couple things to deal with back there, but I’m here now and I’m packin. I’ve got one missile left and I’m on it.”

    Which is a nice abstract for me to tell you Z, that you should do what you often say Fox News should do. Kick the leftie bums to the curb and concentrate on the Conservative message. If people want exposure to the left, it ain’t hard to find. Ms Z, Bless us at your convenience with YOUR Conservative Message. Let your Conservative blog ring out in the darkness of the din and leave the left to their own repulsive demise. Worthy people gravitate to truth and shun evil. This is the basic process America is now or should be going through. We all need as much truth as we can handle.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I don’t think any of my readers need me to reiterate Conservative thought. I get ZERO comments when I do that…but I like your thinking.

    I thought it important to point out the Left’s foibles; media, politicians, etc…….
    I thought it was interesting and important to realize how much better Trump would be doing were he more dignified…

    We just lost another seat in a very red state which he won by 28% to a Dem…..and still Republicans think TRUMP IS DOING SO WELL AND WE’LL WIN IN NOVEMBER! WHAAAT?

    He IS doing well, but he needs to SAY it well…..he’s turning too many off. What he SAYS is getting in the way of the good he’s doing.

    Anyway, that’s been my take. And, as usual, I hope I’m wrong….

    To not be able to say “Ya, Trump could have said that better….” is nuts to me. But very few will even go there….



  16. geeez2014 says:



  17. geeez2014 says:

    bocopro…my life careers included corporate interior design….Like your grandpa said…my version was “if everybody loves the new interiors, the designer screwed up” Didn’t make a statement!

    I don’t personally mind ‘magic negro’…would be surprised Carville used it, but he may have.
    As I said, it’s just not a word some readers feel comfortable with…silly, but true.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    I believe we ALL have to MAN UP and accept the fact that none of us is perfect, we say and do things others might not like because we’re human. We accept people because we let the good outweigh the questionable!
    Trump isn’t perfect…and I will always say that……..and I will always say I’m grateful he’s there, just know SO WELL he could SOAR and flummox the media if he didn’t give them ammo! Oh, HOW I’d love that. Yes, they hated Reagan but NEVER EVER like this….

    And I like to think we all have the guts to fight it out……….maybe I ought to let libs back, like AOW does…….but I simply haven’t the stomach to run a blog which gives simpering libs without the guts, talent or energy to have a blog, the use of MINE like they used to!!!


  19. kid says:

    Z, I don’t believe it matters to people who matter what Trump says.

    And furthermore, America is fighting an evil like it has never seen. Ever. Teleprompter reading ain’t gonna get the job done.

    An the other hand, if I’m wrong and America decides upon the dark side, well then they can have this place and good luck funding it with unicorn horns,


  20. kid says:

    On the other hand..


  21. Jersey Jack says:

    “it’s another thing to be a past VICE PRESIDENT and call a sitting president A JOKE.
    How repulsive…”

    And repulsive is exactly what the demrat party is and made up of. Shiff is probably bug-eyed because he’s either mentally ill and believes his crap…or he’s surprised that he’s still breathing to continue to foist his bull shiff on the rest of us.

    We have to accept that the demrat party is a socialist, fascist globalist party that no longer represents our CITIZENS…but will elevate our illegal NON CITIZENS as having more worth, merit and meaningful to them then our real citizens. I cannot think of another country that would allow a member of Congress to bull shiff for 8 hours about dreamers and DACA which was an ILLEGAL and an unconstitutional act by the noncitizen Obama. I will never be convinced he was ever a citizen given a large amount of evidence to the contrary. The media wanted him to be a citizen, so they ignored all the evidence again and mocked mercilessly those who said he wasn’t. We needed a congressional investigation like we’re having now to prove it one way or the other. Once more…look at the time and expense the demrats have invested in ILLEGALS…have they ever done this for Vets? For improving VA hospitals? Our military? Show me one time when 49 Dems voted for our Bill of Rights, or the second amendment…one time. The majority of the 13 original colonies who gave us this country have turned totally dictatorial, fascist, tax burdens, welfare havens, corrupt and lock their citizens up for protecting themselves under the constitution by making laws now allowing confiscation or outright bans on self-protection. Everywhere you look today you see the lies, the criminality, the suffering are all the responsibility of demrats…a clear and present danger to this country.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, what do you think caused a district that went 28% for Trump to go Blue??

    I’m tired of saying the same old thing…I think it matters greatly what he says; I think if I feel like this, LOTS of people feel like this…he’s wearing people down with doing SO WELL and, the next day, tweeting something that the media is SO happy to trounce on for DAYS. And, voila! The good he did is OUT OF THE NEWS.
    Whatever…I’m tired of saying it over and over again.

    Jersey, so RIGHT “Everywhere you look today you see the lies, the criminality, the suffering are all the responsibility of demrats…a clear and present danger to this country.”
    And still the dopes vote Blue. GO figure.

    Talk about DACA, did you hear Pelosi weepy and smiling at the same time, because he little grandson made a wish on his cake’s candles to be dark skinned? Apparently, she’s taught him to resent his own white ethnicity.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, by the way, I’m obviously not putting the blame squarely on Trump for the losing of that seat in Missouri….just curious because I’d have thought all the good things going on would make MORE Trump voters and he needs a LOT more than just his base. I’m very disappointed about that election.


  24. kid says:

    Z………….. That got my attention also. Let’s see how 2018 shakes out. Bottom line – If that is what “America” wants, then whether it is real fraud or otherwise, they can have the damn thing. I have plenty of ammo and no intention of being transgender.


  25. Jersey Jack says:

    Try to imagine this country without whites Nanny ya silly, damned demented cow.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Amen, Kid….I’m with you 100% on that….but it breaks my heart to think Americans don’t want the America we remember and want back!!


  27. kid says:

    Again…. America faces a challenge even more serious than it did in the revolutionary times. IMO.
    Which direction will it choose ? I wouldn’t bet a buck fitty either way. It is chooses Freedom and Liberty I’m in. If it chooses PC and all this other SJW shit, then I’m out.

    Pretty simple.


  28. kid says:

    Geeeeez, Just saw your comment at 8:32 pm.

    It can’t get any more real than that can it…This has been boiled down to its base element.


  29. kid says:

    Jack, Where be the Nanny?:


  30. Jersey Jack says:

    Puttin on her Al Jolson usit for her grandkids. Sheet…if we look like Nigeria soon….I’m going to Canada or Norway.


  31. kid says:

    Jack, I hear Vancouver ain’t that bad.


  32. Jersey Jack says:

    I’ll go with my neighbors….is where they’re from too. Maybe Germany after they hang Merkel.


  33. kid says:

    Unreal they haven’t hanged merkel


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey, that was SUCH a funny way to put it…”Maybe Germany after they hang Merkel’
    I know you don’t mean it to be funny but I cracked UP! 🙂

    Vancouver’s supposed to be wonderful….

    If Kamala Harris becomes president, I would very VERY SERIOUSLY consider leaving this country.


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