TRUMP loves a parade! But not a parade of old stories…most of which aren’t true?

THIS NEWSwhy NOW?  This guy was violent to “both his ex wives” so one of those stories is a bit old…why NOW?    Just how much IS the news digging into ANY little problem with Trump people?   I’m waiting for some girl who went to elementary school with Trump who will say he gave Valentine’s Day cards to every girl but her and she’s had to have therapy since…he’s such a brute.  The media’d love that.

Also, this caught my attention from my link:  “Porter joins a list of current and former Trump-world figures who have been accused of violence against women that includes former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, former White House adviser Steve Bannon, and Trump himself.

I suppose many would consider sexual harassment “violent”…but “violence against women?”  TRUMP?  Lewandowski?  WHAT?  Did he bat them around?  Push them down stairs?  Punch a girl?   Nice if people are a bit more specific so’s not to be untruthful. Oh, wait…untruthful works for the Left.

ALSO Re Trump’s hopes to get a huge military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue like Bastille Day, he said something I’d rather he didn’t:  “I don’t know, we’re going to have to top it,” he said. ”    Not exactly a gracious guest’s comment.  Why do we have to TOP IT, why not just HAVE OUR OWN TYPE?   I’ve been to a Bastille Day Parade and it is FANTASTIC.  The year I went was 2002 and to see our NYFD firetrucks featured coming up the Champs Elysee in France’s honor of the work the NYFD did for 9/11 brought tears to everybody’s eyes…it was FABULOUS!


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12 Responses to TRUMP loves a parade! But not a parade of old stories…most of which aren’t true?

  1. bocopro says:

    A certain amount of tradition, ritual, ceremony, and pomp are necessary for morale and esprit de corps. And who isn’t moved by a J.P. Sousa march performed by a military band. Massive military parades just for the helluvit, however, are a complete waste of time and funding.

    I understand the PR and recruitment value in public display of flat-bellied young men with shiny rifles in sparkling uniforms doing close-order drill, or the Blue Angels zooming around over cities, or spectacular ordnance displays, but when the US Army is at its lowest manpower strength in nearly a century and the Navy can’t get half its ships to sea or its planes airborne, seems to me the time and money could be better spent on readiness, training, and equipment.

    When you win a war and the troops are comin home, give ’em a parade. When the NatGuard saves thousands of victims from natural disasters, give ’em a parade. When Li’l Kim or Khamenei or the Taliban surrenders to world opinion and common sense, let’s have a parade.

    But to do it just ’cause Moscow or Beijing or Pyongyang does one, that’s grade-school stuff.

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  2. Kid says:

    North Korea is going to pay for the parade.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, I think a parade’s a great idea, but not NOW. I agree with you. It’s hugely expensive and..for what? Also, I shuddered that Trump had to throw in that he said publicly that we’d have to TOP the French one. I don’t get that thinking, I don’t get saying it aloud……….to me, it put a creepy spin on it, sadly.

    Kid, I love that…great one!!! Did you hear that Kim Jung Un has a sister? Suddenly, she’s in the news…I suppose our news has only just caught on to her existence because S Korea calls her “N. Korea’s IVANKA” because they have so much in common. Get the point? You never heard of the sister till our media found this disgusting comparison and THEY’RE ON IT!


  4. Kid says:

    Kim Jong has a sister. Well, for now anyway.


  5. z says:

    Am on a meeting but quickly looked at news…it says that the memo is now debunked and Republicans are still obsessing??? Debunked??? Waht is debunked?? Did something happen today?!


  6. Kid says:

    Fake news Z.


  7. Jersey Jack says:

    OT..More proof that demrats no longer represent Americans when a member of Congress, now crazier than MaxiNut Waters says this. And this is why we need a parade to honor those who really want to protect us..and soon enough against these lawless asshats like Piglousy:

    “She then went on to thank the parents of the “Dreamers” — i.e. those who deliberately broke the law.

    “I say to their parents: Thank you for bringing these Dreamers to America. We’re in your debt for the courage it took, for you to take the risk, physically, politically, in every way, to do so,” she said.

    With a statement like that…how many more millions will see they have “permission” to invade again? So Nanny Piglousy….to hell with American kids graduating, paying their way and dreaming of their futures too right? Ya certifiable example of all that’s wrong with demrats and San Fran Freakoids.


  8. Jersey Jack says:

    We really need to add an Amendment to the US Constitution that detail the criminal penalties for perjury of one’s oath of office.


  9. Kid says:

    Jack…. Be still my heart.


  10. Mal says:

    Kid, I love your “North Korea is going to pay for the parade.”
    Its right up there with “Humpty Dumpty was pushed.”



  11. Jersey Jack says:

    Do you ever feel like the country we once knew is just gone? The left is so far left as to make the Politburo blush and the Republicans check their balls in at the guards desk every morning before hitting the floor.
    We elect them time after time to fight for our beliefs and time after time they screw us. No one really cares about stopping illegal immigration because the bad side of it never touches them. They live in a separate world from the rest of us so they don’t care. I really have come to realize that this fight has been lost because the game was rigged from the very beginning. And soon our borders, our language, our culture and the country we knew will be gone. For those of you fleeing the Southern states ….. Where do we run to now?


  12. kid says:

    Jack, Nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal. IF they corner us, they’ll be sorry.


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