Sunday Faith Blog

Please, please continue to pray for “T”, the 18 year old I’ve mentioned here before who has a severe liver cancer (found a month into her start at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo), a pediatric cancer which world specialists have never seen in a girl as old as she is.

T needs a liver transplant very badly.  She has been subjected to the prep for that big a surgery six times only to find the “primary” recipient won over her “secondary” need, meaning the primary recipient would have died within days without it. T is suffering through hideous (really hideous) chemo right now so they can keep the cancer down until she has a transplant.

Her folks are atheists, she is decidedly not and she is surrounded by Christian praying believers.  Recently, her father has been praying with her, a miracle, indeed!


And think about this from Oswald Chambers “God does not give us overcoming life;  He gives us life as we overcome.”   Amen to that.

Appreciate your health…please pray for “T” ….

Her friend, Z

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6 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. cube says:

    My prayer list is quite long but there’s always room for one more. May God bless this child with a
    future of good health.


  2. Mal says:

    Her father recognizing a need to start praying reminds me of the saying “there are no Atheists in a fox hole.” Indeed, our prayers go out to this poor teenager. She should be given a priority over those who need the transplant due to their own reckless lifestyle.


  3. kid says:

    You got it Z.


  4. Mal +1.
    Done, but not done.


  5. Baysider says:

    Prayers continue for your sweet T, Z. And her family.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, she definitely is priority over big drinkers, etc…that’s definitely happening. The situation of Primary v Secondary transplant recipients is how long they have…She has come up ‘short’ with those who’d die in a week, for example….she has more time.
    And this ‘fox hole’ saying very often turns into real faith…I’m banking on that for those around here. There’s a reason for all that happens….we can’t understand God’s ways, that’s for sure.

    Cube, it’s terrible how long our prayer lists are lately, isn’t it?

    Thank you ALL for your prayers for T…she’s gorgeous, talented, smart as they come…and has a wonderful boy in love with her for 5 years….matter of fact, an interesting “God thing’ is that as smart as he is, he decided to do university on line instead of going away to school last summer….so he’s HERE to be with her thru this time. Amazing.


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