GUNS continued…I found this astonishing..

Since we covered this morning’s GeeeZ post premise that the Russians really didn’t do anything specific to influence voters….and we’d switched to GUNS based on the piece I found where some loony psychiatric doctor says gun crimes have nothing to do with mental illness, I thought I should share this:

COMMENTS!?  Any of you remember anything like that!!???




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38 Responses to GUNS continued…I found this astonishing..

  1. Kid says:

    I’ve heard plenty about these clubs. I was not in one but guns were no big deal when I was school age.


  2. Mal says:

    I had a Daisy Air Rifle when I was 12 in L.A. No big deal then. However, we have to admit its a different society today. We didn’t have drugs blowing the minds of kids and adults to do the crazy things they do today. And now lawyers are using drugs as an excuse for their clients behavior, hoping to cut a better deal.
    I honestly don’t know the answer and doubt anyone does. Everybody knows its WAY too late to ban guns as it would only embolden the bad guys. Besides it’s against the 2nd Amendment and we will not give that up, no matter what. Those advocating such are either frustrated because of this or just plain stupid.

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  3. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I never ever heard of them here…not that I remember.

    Mal, good to know and yes, our KIDS are the screwed up ones now, not the guns, no matter what the esteemed psychiatric community said today….
    WAY too late to ban guns, but you’re wrong “everybody” doesn’t know that…Lefties still believe that’s does the psychiatrist dope. “just plain stupid” is right,sadly.

    ALTHOUGH I’d either like to see the laws adhered to OR much stronger laws about age of buying guns/ammo, buying rifles, etc….


  4. kid says:

    The democrats will chip away at gun related stuff in blue states, but n the end unless they can overturn the 2nd in the SC, none of this is going nowhere.

    The kids and parents need to be getting mad and asking why schools disarm everyone then fail to provide security, and pursuant to Mustang’s post, DEMAND to KNOW why they put psycho’s into the classrooms without providing any knowledge or warning.

    Unbelievable. The longer this goes on and the stupider and more polarized the libtards get the more I think we may see a hot civil war. If they manage to get rid of Trump it could be triggered from that.

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  5. cube says:

    My Dad taught me to shoot when I was 11. We used to pling cans for practice and I became a very good shot in a very short time. I grew up respecting guns at home, but I don’t remember them at my school, although I knew gun clubs were common in schools in more rural areas. I wonder how much the drugs prescribed for autism and ADHD have to do with it because they weren’t around when I was a child.


  6. Mal says:

    I think a lot of them know ’cause we keep telling them, but they still won’t admit it, Z. All the shootings have only frustrated everyone.


  7. I had a Daisy air rifle in the 3rd grade, and my parents gave me a target range for use in the basement.
    I had a Mossberg .22 as a freshman in HS that my dad gave me to restore having inadvertently let it rust in storage. His brother, my uncle, a Silver Star war hero, showed me how to blue it.
    It and a 20 gauge hung on a family room wall with my dad’s war trophy swords.
    My kids learned to shoot and respect guns early.
    My Grandson is a natural crackshot. It might be inherited.
    My son Scott has shot cruise missiles.
    He has me beat.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, yes…how can Russia finally destroy us completely when their kids can do that and ours know how to roll a joint?!

    My hubby worked on missile Star Wars, big time……cool about Scott!

    I suppose some kids who ‘respect guns early’, too, have turned into killers but I think respecting them is a good start to sanity in our country again.
    You know, our little boys are discouraged from playing with toy guns or even pointing a finger and saying “BANG BANG,’ don’t you. !!!!

    Cube…good one!

    Kid, I’ve thought that, too…….about getting rid of Trump, etc.

    FOX had some guy on the Dana Perino show this morning who says he’s “temperamentally unfit for this office,” which might be true…but what he’s done so far is GOOD.
    Hated the stupid Oprah tweet last night. WHY does he give the media and others so much ammunition????????? STAY QUIET….they’ll be BAFFLED…BUt he just can’t.
    And know John Kelly’s under fire BIG TIME..”colleagues are saying” bad stuff about him..and I had SUCH high hopes that he’d be able to rein Trump in….let him DO the great stuff, even Tweet some odd stuff (the only way Trump has sometimes to really get his NEWS out) but rein him in.

    Reins Priebus told someone in an interview that if you think the Trump WH is bad, multiply it times 50…ugh. Just what we need is someone who says that..


  9. -FJ says:

    My wife used to shoot in their high school on Long Island. My FIL used to help, and still had a pair of .22 match rifles hwen I met her. This was Wantagh, NY in the early 70s.


  10. kid says:

    ““temperamentally unfit for this office,” which might be true”

    Z, Trump might not be all your fancy paint, but he is what is needed right now. He plays the democrat party like violin. he plays the media like baby mice in a room full of cats. I would ask you to understand that America is looking into the Abyss. It is game time. It is hardball. The corrupt infrastructure of America (IRS/FBI/CIA/NSA/Countless other slugs on the federal teat) want Trump gone. Trump is not going to gain any ground with a teacup on his knee and his little finger lifted, being PC and appealing to all the people who get offended by tweets.

    2 choices: 1)Trump, 2)Some PC jackwagon like justin treadeu or soem worthless POS like john kasich. Take your pick. America hangs in the balance. Personally speaking, the more libtards Trump offends with his tweets the better.
    This is war. Just like Andrew’s near last words proclaimed.

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  11. cube says:

    What kid said goes for me, too. Do think a GOP Romney-esque candidate would be able to withstand the non-stop attacks from the D.C. swamp critters, or from the MSM , or from the entertainment industry, or from academia… or from just about everywhere? My wish is to keep President Trump healthy and safe.

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you and others with your opinion here at geeeZ make me never want to mention Trump here anymore because I just can’t explain it better and nobody here gets it. IHe is NOT playing the media like mice or anything else… they detest him and issue a CONSTANT barrage of crap a majority of Americans see in all the big papers, all the nasty little leftwing internet papers, etc…and that you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. He is not popular with most people and he’d go SO MUCH FARTHER if he’d just be MEAN, be TOUGH, be CORRECT and stop feeding ammunition to the crap media….
    Good that he’s on the corrupt infrastructure…imagine if he just NAILED them CONSTANTLY but left the silly little “Didn’t I run a great campaigns?” OFF of his tweets…. Glad you think otherwise….but this sure doesn’t seem to be working.
    This is war….Mr. Trump; be SMART…stop self congratulating, stop saying things without being sure of the FACTS, be unmercifully tough and withering to the media and stop the childish name calling and misinformation and letting them laugh at you……….

    But, Kid….he sure does have his BASE! Not sure that’ll win the next election or promise us 2018 viictories…

    But I am considering never mentioning him here again……I just want honest discussion and will never understand, and don’t want more explanations now, how acting like a jerk is so good for the presidency. No matter WHAT good he’s doing.



  13. geeez2014 says:

    Cube, oh YES, I sure do. Most people don’t open themselves like this, sharing everything that crosses their mind with the public….No, Romney’d be lambasted because he’s Republican but I believe he’d ‘shoulder to the grindstone’ and get things done without making himself look so bad constantly. Ya, I sure do think that.

    Kid, I don’t want ‘fancy paint’…i hate that…Obama was all ‘fancy paint’…I want educated decisions, no talking without knowing the real deal, no name calling, no tweeting about Oprah, …ya, no fancy paint….definitely not.


  14. My dear Z: and I say this with all fondness and no condescension.
    You keep saying that we don’t get it no matter how much you try.
    Try turning that around and listening to it.
    It’s your blog, and everybody else here, while sympathetic to your notion of Trump being crude and rude, feels differently than you about Trump.
    He is the president. He is what we have. He won’t change.
    As Kid put it so well, it’s him or nothing.
    I’ll take him.


  15. kid says:

    Lips are zipped and buttoned down Z ! 🙂


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Cube, by the way, I can’t STAND Romney after what he did to Trump….Romney never opened his mouth to condemn Obama for EIGHT YEARS but lets Trump have it every chance he gets….disgusting to me. And I liked the guy….what was I THINKING? He really showed his colors when he lost and then saw Trump win last year.

    When I THINK how effective Trump could be if he didn’t hand the ammunition around…WOW…like Reagan! But…….


  17. kid says:

    “Most people don’t open themselves like this, sharing everything that crosses their mind with the public”

    Ok, I can’t resist. One last one. He is not sharing everything that crosses his mind. This is ALL strategy, Well thought out strategy. From his accusing obama of wire tapping him, he has not been wrong once. He knows what is going on. He knows how to deal with the evil. K Done !


  18. geeez2014 says:

    And I wish that every day, and every day I’m disappointed for what he gives the media..

    I have thought it’s all contrived and good………I hope so, Kid…Can’t tell you how much I hope so because he’s getting a horrid reputation. And yes, reputation’s important.

    Have you noticed people ARE getting bigger paychecks and NOT ONE STATION, including FOX for all I’ve seen, has mentioned it? That’s not Trump’s fault but I hope he Tweets about some middle class people who are thrilled with their ‘crumbs’…that’d be a good move.


  19. kid says:

    I dunno Z. I’ve seen it mentioned on sites like I saw last last week a congressman created a bill called the CRUMBS bill that proposed the bonuses, up to 2500, given by companies celebrating the tax plan with their employees, should be tax exempt. Loved it. Hope it flies.


  20. kid says:

    That’s it Jack. Can we disarm these jackwagons?


  21. And Trump endorsed Romney. Class.


  22. kid says:

    Z, He is only getting a horrid reputation with people he already has a horrid reputation with.
    And if you disagree, meaning you know smart people who are put off by Trump and discontinue supporting him/us to the point they vote democrat or not at all, then if 2018 goes south, we know 2020 will go south, and at that point I will state that America can have this transgender bathroom of a country and I will discontinue voting. I will draw my efforts close to home and try to make the best life for I and mine and screw the rest of them. Let them figure it out. Or not. Simple. I will metaphorically sit on my front porch locked and loaded, semi-intoxicated, with a smile on my face as I watch the self destruction escalate and consume what was the greatest country, political, and economic system on Earth to date.


  23. kid says:

    PS – Jack, have you never heard of LOL


  24. My comment is awaiting moderation.


  25. cube says:

    I think Trump can see around corners where others are only just seeing straight lines. You might not like his style, but, right now, I can’t see another GOP candidate who can hold a candle to him warts and all.


  26. kid says:

    That’s what I’m saying Cube. It’s only been a year of the Great Tweeter. What will the impressions be in 3 more? Trump has evolved in one year pretty well, considering he started out with megyn kelly spewing blood from where-ever a year ago. I think he is quite tame these days. I love his nicknames for people like chuckie, nancy, little adam shiff, etc. I think it’s great.


  27. kid says:

    PS – Anyone else on that stage would have resulted in a hildebeast in the white house. Good God a fate worse than death at least for me and the loved one’s of everyone she has been a party to being murdered.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    My dear Ed, how about one of you saying “ya, you know, his saying the FBI missed the kids’ shooting because they’re all so busy on the Russia collusion thing is a bit dumb…he knows they’re not ALL working on Russia but he again gave the media reason for awful headlines against him again…you have a point”

    That’s all. Doesn’t take much, does it. I’m the one who’s constantly said “He’s better than Hillary”, as have you all. I accept that, that’s not the question.
    “He won’t change”? that’s scary, considering he’s heard all this and has a staff which could help.

    I don’t have the energy again here to reiterate all it would take……….and the huge rewards, if he did have someone he trusted reading his Tweets before he sent them, for example. All he needs is “Hey, Kelly, read this….am I being a jerk? I am? How would you change this and keep it powerful as I mean it?” voila


  29. ya, you know, his saying the FBI missed the kids’ shooting because they’re all so busy on the Russia collusion thing is a bit dumb…he knows they’re not ALL working on Russia but he again gave the media reason for awful headlines against him again…you have a point


  30. There were lots of guns around before all these shootings started happening. What has changed? Could it be the “drugging” of our kids Ritalin, anti-depressants, etc.? Is this, like the opioid crisis, a symptom of Big Pharma out of control?


  31. 6.3% of American kids between the ages of 12 and 19 are taking prescription psychotropic medications.


  32. ps – 6.3% on average from 2005-2010. It’s probably higher today.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    and ED….I’d have probably said the same thing…maybe you would have…

    I might have, had I been Trump, said “You know…if they weren’t pushing the Russian thing, maybe they’d have found this killer”

    WE know Trump doesn’t think all FBI guys are doing one thing…..but he uses this hyperbole that BLOWS HIS CREDIBILITY! HE KNOWS they aren’t ALL there…WE do, but we might have said that in a kind of a macabre ‘joke’….nothing wrong with it…UNLESS YOU’RE THE HATEFUL MEDIA JUST STALKING HIM FOR A STUPID REMARK!

    And thanks….I appreciate your understanding what I meant 🙂

    Vrag…almost 7% doesn’t sound like a ton….I’m kind of surprised by that….but all it takes is ONE nutty drug riddled kid.

    You DID see the link about this, right? The man trying to get congress to the drug problem?

    Kid…the Wash Times is conservative….and I like what I heard there…tax exempt YAHOOO!!!

    Cube and Kid…I think I'[ve said a thousand times ‘Better than Hillary”….that point doesn’t wash much anymore; we’re ALL GLAD she’s not elected, but I hate that being the reason to like Trump.

    Kid, you say “Z, He is only getting a horrid reputation with people he already has a horrid reputation with.” No….I know a lot of voters for Trump who are very discouraged…they get worn down by the insults. They won’t vote Dem but they’re TIRED of being embarrassed.

    But one has to read ALL the news to see it….not that it’s not EVERYWHERE, the insulting…but if you’re not reading and watching anything but rightwing news, maybe you don’t get the scope of it? I get that.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    KID!!! Jersey Jack just finally stopped ragging me with the tinyurl thing and you’re telling HIM about it? 🙂 That made me laugh!!\

    Ed, I approved your mediated comment and don’t see it! ???


  35. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, no, Ed…I SEE IT HERE NOW. Thanks


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