Michael Steele…..First Black Chairman of the GOP….

Do we celebrate Steele and be proud of having picked an effective, smart Black man as the Chair of the RNC?  Or do we do THIS?….

No excuse.  And it gives a wonderful way for the media to slam the GOP.  Again.  And again.

And we wonder why people don’t think well of the GOP.

😦  Z


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12 Responses to Michael Steele…..First Black Chairman of the GOP….

  1. And in other news today the Supreme Court is hearing arguments against letting the Liberals hijack Union funds to support their cause. The Liberals have been doing that to Union money much like the mob did to their Pension funds for many years.


  2. Mustang says:

    Perhaps the GOP is ignoring Steele because he was corrupt and incompetent. Have we reached that stage in our devolvement where we recognize people because of skin color, while ignoring their flawed character or performance of duty?


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Thanks, Ed…hoping to get some input on Steele’s snub.

    Did you blog on the Supreme Court/Lib unions situation?


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, no, not everyone believes him to have been either. Today he’s a frequent contributor to MSNBC and doesn’t always toe the strict Conservative line, but that’s no reason not to have invited him to an event featuring people of color, an event that might have had good publicity for Conservatives had the media not been able to concentrate on this snub instead.

    This “we” hasn’t reached that stage…and I thought you’d know that about me by now! No, I don’t advocate anything near what you suggest and feel it was a mistake to have done this to Steele. And it’s backfiring on them all. Again. And again.


  5. Jersey Jack says:

    Seems to me Steele is very comfy in his new pantyhose, surrounded by like-minded simpletons among whom are still gasping over the shithole, totally accurate remark now deemed “racist” by him and his gulag of idiots. The POTUS is “racist” because of that remark? Here’s my take on the frauds in MSM…if they’re NOT…. shitholes….why the weeping and wailing that it’s too hurtful, dangerous, cruel, punishment or inhumane to return them to their wonderful countries of origin as illegals? Show me those advanced stable societies anywhere in Africa , the Middle East with one exception, South and Central America with those superhighways, those towering skyscrapers and those incredible machines and remarkable inventions that they export to us….their advances in medicine, mathematics, literature, physics and nuclear energy too. I’ll wait for Mr. Steele.


  6. Jersey Jack says:

    Oh…I wonder how it is that Steele forgets that to the left MSM…he was the oreo, the house negro ( and worse) called a lawn ornament for The RNC?


  7. Jersey Jack says:

    “Rubio SLAMS Gun Control Debate: ‘We The People Don’t Really Like Each Other Very Much.’ He’s Absolutely Right.”

    The debate after #Parkland reminds us We The People don’t really like each other very much.We smear those who refuse to agree with us.We claim a Judea-Christian heritage but celebrate arrogance & boasting. & worst of all we have infected the next generation with the same disease

    — Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) February 28, 2018

    I think the ultimate solution is to dissolve the Nation. Sit down at the table and have a civil negotiation to split the land, resources, military. Either that or we are headed towards an ugly civil war.

    How can we reach across the aisle to the Left? They increasingly are adopting the positions of completely close-minded zealots who no longer see ANY value in debating. It is quite obvious that they lack confidence in their own belief system but are too arrogant and proud to admit any mistakes. They don’t debate, they smear. They don’t compromise, they impose. How else could one explain the fact that virtually no one on the Left wants to even consider the role that government malfeasance played in this or other tragedies? Unless the Left is completely defeated, their behavior will only become more totalitarian while in their minds they become more “righteous”. It’s all justified you see…

    NT / Daily Wire / Ben Shapiro


  8. z says:

    Jack…what’s deemed racist by whom??
    You’re right about Steele today…I suppose he needs to make a living so he goes where he’ll get paid and the awful MSNBC is who’ll pay him now. I don’t think my post suggests I’m a huge fan of his…tho I have heard him speak and met him…but if, as Mustang suggests, he was corrupt etc, we could TODAY at least take advantage of the PR for having had the first Black leader of the party and USE IT…not screw it up as we now have.

    I don’t believe we need to divide this nation but I agree with Shapiro on the rest….the left must be defeated ….but, as the Right just did with Steele, WE keep defeating ourselves, instead..over and over again. With happy help from the stinkin’ media.


  9. Jersey Jack says:

    “Jack…what’s deemed racist by whom??”

    Steele deemed Trump racist by his s***hole remark….which I believe it was and still is completely truthful and accurate. See any celebs booking a raft down Congo or a trip to Botswana?

    Taking credit for Steele? Then we are frauds, aren’t we?We keep losing because we refuse to smear ourselves with the same excrement the rats are wallowing in. Good and righteous people will prevail. And I believe the red states and our people are the good people. I despise the left…hate them with the same passion I have for cockroaches and spiders.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey, I have no response. I said what I mean quite well and I stand by it.
    Thanks. .. i think.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Not terribly sad about Hope Hicks, Communications Director for Trump, leaving the White House. Maybe someone will be able to COMMUNICATE with him that his tweets must remain STRONG but not silly…..be TRUTHFUL, Tweet only what you KNOW for a fact, and see the media cringe because they don’t have their punching bag anymore….at least on twitter!


  12. Michael Steel is a GOPe idiot who only gained prominence riding the coat-tails of MD Governor Robert Ehrlich as his Lt. Gov. Blacks throw Oreo cookies at him, wherever he goes.


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