Candace Owens is a “VICTOR”


HERE is another article on the details……..

If you don’t know of Candace Owens yet, a Black young woman tired of victimology and trying to educate college students, you should.


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16 Responses to Candace Owens is a “VICTOR”

  1. That was refreshing.
    Also surprised to hear that about Kanye West who was an unabashed Obama supporter.
    A number of blacks have had it with the plantation, and the Uncle Tom’s like BLM attack them.
    Hotep Jesus (Bryan Sharpe) is another example. Hearing him talk to Laura Ingraham was just as refreshing.

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  2. jerrydablade says:

    Kanye does a good Sling Blade immitation here. Candace Owens is brave for criticizing the plantation victims. Hail to the Victors!

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  3. Kid says:

    I hope it turns into a movement.


  4. Jersey Jack says:

    “I hope it turns into a movement.”

    Yea…usually the smell of a Starbucks coffee gives me the “movement” I need.
    Unfortunately, this woman won’t be heard on CNN, MSNBC nor will she be a guest where she can b interviewed further. Part of the dems continuing to be slave owners is to stifle all dissent and control the media cat n nine tails for the whippings. Nor are we likely to see Fat Al or Jesse write another Emancipation….they like it this way … it’s made them filthy rich and privileged off their backs. It’s now an industry whose sole product is hate and discord.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Candace speaks at Berkeley and other liberal universities; hopefully, she stays safe and can make a difference. With Kanye West not really backing down but now saying he respects her speaking her mind (is he backing up, or…sounds like it?) helps.

    Jack, I do believe it’s an industry; The left knows it loses if the truth about them comes forth.

    Ed, he was terrific on Laura…Love that guy. I, too, think a lot of Blacks are tiring of the lies they’re promised. Sadly, I often wonder if they still believe in those promises, which is a more important point.

    Jerry…Hail the Victors, indeed!

    Kid…here’s hoping….one or two Black young people do not a movement make, but you never know. And I’m not going to stop touting them just because it’s only a drop in the bucket!


  6. Mal says:

    There are a few unbiased Blacks that get the picture, but not enough of them yet, unfortunately.
    One would think that once they get educated, they’d understand that if they continue down the path of the last 60 years, nothing changes. I guess the hate runs too deep.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    This blew my mind. As if Shania isn’t rich enough (nor is Kanye?!!!) that she can’t speak her mind without fearing people don’t buy her records? Or does everyone REALLY think Trump is a RACIST?..check this out:
    “Shania Twain apologizes for offending anyone with President Trump comments

    Country star Shania Twain has apologized to anyone she may have offended when she recently said that if she were American, she would have voted for Donald Trump in the last presidential election.

    After the Canadian told The Guardian that she would have cast her ballot for Trump because “he seemed honest,” she took to Twitter to release a lengthy mea culpa.

    Watch: Shania Twain to release 1st album in over 15 years (Aha, maybe this is part of the reason she backtracked>>…)

    “I would like to apologise to anybody I have offended in a recent interview with the Guardian relating to the American President. The question caught me off guard. As a Canadian, I regret answering this unexpected question without giving my response more context,” she wrote. “I am passionately against discrimination of any kind and hope it’s clear from the choices I have made, and the people I stand with, that I do not hold any common moral beliefs with the current President.”

    Z: Shania, my husband and I were big fans of yours….we listened to your album from Paris to Brussels one day, over and over again. here’s a clue: Donald Trump is no racist, either. He has never discriminated…he’s just trying to follow American laws. Please, you Canadians, educate yourselves, then make a fool of yourself.


  8. Bob says:

    Candace Owens is a bright, young woman who doesn’t hesitate to take on controversial subjects.

    I don’t think CNN or MSNBC would interview someone like Candace because she is probably smarter than the interviewer and honest about what she thinks. She simply could not be on one of those intellectually shallow liberal shows without drowning the host in logic and reason.


  9. Jersey Jack says:

    “One would think that once they get educated..”
    Not with many places that have a less than 50% grad rate…and that “diplomas” nothing more than a good attendance record anyway.

    “Country star Shania Twain has apologized to anyone she may have offended when she recently said that if she were American…”

    Little by little, we’re actually witnessing the destruction of free speech over the canard and bullshit over “offending” somebody. Now….once they destroy the second amendment, do you think once they have an unstoppable and unchallenged power… they’ll allow free speech let alone the ability to fight back? If we lose to the bernies and the schumers / pelousy’s of this country…we will have to have a serious battle…it’s inevitable.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Jack; that’s what I thought when I read “Country star Shania Twain has apologized to anyone she may have offended when she recently said that if she were American…”
    The total destruction of FREE SPEECH. Yet the left calls US “Fascists”….if they’d spend more time in REAL classes learning more than how awful Republicans are, maybe they’d really learn something valuable.

    Bob…well said…we’d LOVE their audiences to see this young woman work her magic, but NO WAY. Not even a Late Night Show would EVER allow her on. So sad. Maybe we need to be praying about this.


  11. No “maybe” about it. Now if I just remember to.


  12. geeez2014 says: what? I’m too busy and tired right now to spend more time going thru comments to see to what you’re referring!


  13. “Maybe we need to be praying about this.”


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Ah, yes, true! Thanks

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  15. Jersey Jack says:

    “As if Shania isn’t rich enough …”

    And what she forgot was…just who it is that buys those country tunes and listens to country music….it sure as hell isn’t your east sider from Manhattan or the Bronx maybe Staten island….but it’s not your rap addicts full of hate and misogyny either, Shania. It’s millions of Trump loving / liking “deplorables” ya dopey girl. Now you risk seeing massive sales drop cause you decided to surrender to a handful of asshats

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