Candace Owens…a response

I found this comment yesterday in my Comments Page (of people I can’t release to post here, sadly), written in response to my POST.  It’s about Candace Owens and it’s from someone some of you will remember as UPTOWN STEVE, from the FPM comments years ago.  Uptown is Black and angry, and exactly the man who Candace warns about; he has to put down any Black American who doesn’t share his opinions.   I have always felt sorry for him.  Here is the comment he left for me which I copied/pasted for us to discuss here today:

“I hope I’m around when this smug little Owens kid gets her N word wake up call. When you’re black and make a living performing for white bigots, the wake up call is inevitable. “

“Smug little Owens kid… I got to thinking ‘smug’ often means ‘righteous and proud of it’.   I think she should be ‘smug’.  I wish Uptown could be smug like she is, grateful that he was able to overcome the stereotypes he still applauds.

He goes on to say “Performing for white bigots”…Has Thomas Sowell ever felt that?  Has Walter Williams?  Does Kanye West?  Has Larry Elder?  More and more young Black professionals are coming on FOX (not allowed at CNN or MSNBC because they can’t take the fact that they don’t follow what’s expected of “those po black folks who should be thinkin’ like we do”…) and they’re all about Ms Owens’ ideology.  I am so proud of Black OR White Americans who just want to BE AMERICAN, NO MATTER WHAT COLOR THEY ARE.

Uptown Steve mentions the “N word”…I don’t think Candace will ever deserve or get the “N word” …and, if she does, it won’t be from a Conservative.  And I pity the person who tries it.

What can make a person like Uptown feel appreciated in America?  Or is his thinking so far off, so victim-filled, so nasty and angry that this is a good reason why Conservatives can’t give him the time of day?    Perhaps he’s a person who still thinks ridiculous untruths that push his agenda, like “Hands up! Don’t Shoot!”  really happened and those things anger him?  Not true, but…

I have Black family now and love them dearly………and anybody who’d slam them better DAMNED well get out of MY WAY, too.    TRUST ME ON THAT.


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23 Responses to Candace Owens…a response

  1. Mal says:

    Guys like this only perpetuate racism in America. When are they going to get the picture? Instead of being grateful for what they have, they continue to whine and moan. He needs a reality shot. Maybe go live somewhere else, ANYWHERE else, in order to see it.
    Life is too short, Z. Ya just gotta ignore ’em!


  2. Kid says:

    What can you say about someone who can’t figure this out and are 180 degrees in the wrong direction? I stopped trying to explain it to them, let them live in their hate world.

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  3. Mal says:

    Maybe they need to sic Diamond & Silk on this guy! ;o)

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  4. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I think it’s important we know there are people like this around and why our relations are SO BAD now. But, yes, we need to try to ignore.

    Kid, You should have seen the fabulous Front Page Magazine comments page of 10 years ROCKED. Always On Watch, Jersey Jack, Mustang, me, a bunch of others, some of whom you might know….can’t remember. And LEFTIES when it wasn’t QUITE so hateful but ALMOST! Some of the comments were fabulous.
    We were such a close bunch that one wonderful old guy LEFT COAST CHUCK had his daughter leave a comment saying how much he’d liked Z and “Loretta Meadows” and wanted them to know he’d passed! Imagine? Ya, we were a very close bunch. I still miss Left Coast Chuck. And Loretta, come to think of it!
    Uptown Steve was a pariah…like the Juan Williams of the joint but worse…far worse. SOmehow, I felt sorrier for him than I did anger because he had some nice aspects of him………….and he’s still as hateful. unreal


  5. Baysider says:

    I feel sorry for anyone who constricts their life, happiness and the happiness of those around them by choosing to live in anger. I have PLENTY to be angry about, and when it’s hammered down on me sometimes hours at a time it is extremely hard to resist being shifted into and detained in that mode. I cannot imagine the pressure on young minds of THIS drivel: Guide to moving past ‘privilege guilt’
    and THIS

    Thanks to Warren at AOW’s for yesterday’s post. I go to Campus Reform as often as I can stand to. Prayers for Miss Owens for strength and blessings.

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  6. cube says:

    Candace is a breath of fresh air and I can only hope the black community hears her out. I’m tired of the oppressed black stereotype and I’m tired of apologizing because I’m white.

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  7. Baysider says:

    Cube – no need to ‘apologize’ (I suspect you don’t really :)). I refuse to be put on the defensive by people who choose anger over mostly imagined boogeymen.


  8. Jersey Jack says:

    Uptown is dangerous. Uptown’s a serial hater. Uptown looks in the mirror and hates what he sees but claims it’s beautiful. Uptown doesn’t realize how twisted, vile and ugly his concept of “beauty” is.
    Uptown is the kind of person that’s completely untrustworthy and dangerous to be around. Uptown is one of those who you’d cross to the other side of the street for because I think from his hateful rhetoric and vitriol, he would rather kill a white person like you or me… than debate honestly or factually. He once claimed he lives in a Maryland suburb…( is Baltimore a suburb?) Because his kind of hate for whites has to be continually inoculated by an environment that fuels it and he, in turn, feeds off it….and keeps the poison spreading to those like him. Those who’d rather eat that fish, and expect someone else to feed them, rather than to learn how to fish for themselves. Uptown is a sad clown…a sad little man whose life has been devoured by deceit and lies. A true accolade of the poverty and perennially aggrieved “oppressed” class.


  9. Mustang says:

    The best way to perpetuate racial hatred is through racial hatred. It is a vicious circle, and you must wonder how such people as you’ve described affect others in their family. Is this man raising children to be haters, as well? Thus, the cycle continues, and yes you are right to suggest that this is a vicious cycle. We cannot fix this problem for as long as there are people like Steve who feed on the most dismal aspect of the human condition.


  10. Bob says:

    Mustang said, “The best way to perpetuate racial hatred is through racial hatred. ” That’s it in a nutshell.

    The people that scream racism are racists. I have often said that if you see everything through a racial lens, you are a racist.


  11. Jersey Jack says:

    Mustang…how long would you suggest we turn the other cheek? Those who voted for Obama and his all-black upper cabinet hires tried it for 8 years.


  12. Baysider says:

    Ah, but Mustang you obviously did not read the fine print. Blacks can’t be racist, as so many fine minds in the university have been pointing out for years. So clearly this is not an example of racial hatred. He’s just responding to intersectional pressures which only whites can align against his favor. 🙂 (Yes, I have actually heard people spout this drivel.)


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, fascinating that you’d mention his family because I almost wrote in my post how he’d once, years ago, told me his mother was a Christian and not at all hateful and I seem to remember his saying she was sad he felt like this. I sometimes think of her and hope that whatever mother/son relationship they have is a good one, for both their sakes, notwithstanding his inferiority feelings.

    Baysider, OH yes, they cannot be racist….except for the FACT that a dear Black girlfriend some years ago and I spoke about this and she said “Z, you can’t believe the racism you’d hear in a Black beauty parlor or barber shop…it’s AWFUL” It caught me off guard….

    Clearly, I am not Black, so I can’t really know how it feels to have been treated badly and think it’s because of my color, but I can’t help but think that’s behind us now and some Blacks attach ‘racism’ to every slight, every thing that EVER happens to them that doesn’t feel good. Dare I say every nasty thing that also happens to us Whites…but we just figure ‘that was sad’ or ‘that person’s a jerk’ and not attach racism to it?
    Now that I think of it, I guess that rather illustrates what Mustang said and Bob agreed with above….’perpetuating racial hatred’.

    Jack, Uptown is SO mean and SO hateful……..sometimes I wish he’d actually talk about what made him like this; maybe it’d help us understand.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, Ms Okafor is a TOTAL HERO TO ME…….(of course,Uptown would call me a liar….and he’d call her an Uncle Tom) Good for her! And there’re Diamond and Silk and Star Parker, and Deneen and an adorable Black gal who’s on FOX from time to time, ….there are many.
    God bless them for thinking for themselves and being PRO AMERICAN and PRO THEMSELVES, PRO THEIR SUCCESS, being WOMEN who empower themselves, not allowing slights they’ve certainly experienced due to their color to hurt their whole futures.


  15. The victim mentality is such a brutal poison. It’s a siren call for anyone who is too afraid or too undisciplined to think deeply about what it means to be successful and happy in the US. I feel sorry for people trapped in that mindset. Like any addiction there’s little we can do for a person until they see they need help.


  16. cube says:

    Baysider, you are very perceptive. I don’t apologize for being white, so perhaps I should have written that I’m tired of seeing other people apologize for it.


  17. cube says:

    Z,i’ve had close black friends over the years and they have confided in me that blacks are racist even between themselves.The terms “red bone” and “high yellow” don’t come from white people., it comes from them.


  18. Mustang says:

    @ Jersey Jack

    I hear what you are saying, Jack …

    My point is that while it is true that the shenanigans of some within the black culture really tend to aggravate me, I realize also that there are some (if not all of these) who intend for me to be provoked. For me, it isn’t so much “turning the other cheek,” as much as it is ignoring the morons in our society. I do have a low opinion of the tribalist, but I refuse to allow him to ruin my day by keeping me angry all the time. Ignoring them won’t make them go away, but it will allow me to pursue my own agenda without disruptions.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, what do they have to gain by provoking you?

    Cube, yes, I know that, too……High Black, etc. The lighter the better, as it goes. Sad, isn’t it.
    Almost makes me mad, tell you the truth.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    They accuse US of racism, that we think ‘white is better’, then they applaud lighter skinned blacks? What’s up with THAT? Stupid, sad, unfair to the darker Black friends and family. Really not fair.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    They might as well say “We hate Whites, but if we have light skin due to mixing with Whites, we’re better”. Horrific. Hypocritical. Ironic. Ridiculous

    and racist to the max…THEM, not us.


  22. Mustang says:

    Z wrote,Mustang, what do they have to gain by provoking you?

    Answer: racial discord ….


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