I’ve been watching the Haspel Hearing and it’s fascinating.  I have come to a conclusion;

I believe that the subject of TORTURE and how it’s been handled is metaphorical for peoples’ feelings toward AMERICAN PATRIOTISM

Every leftwing senator has tried to nail her on any participation with the torture which occurred 17 years ago.   “You are answering me legalistically…how do YOU feel about torture?”  “Were you for it then though it is so against American values?”  Etc.

It’s ‘against American values,’ according to the Democrat senators, to fight for facts which keep Americans safe.   It’s against our values to hurt people who’d be happy to hurt thousands of Americans.

I know there are experts, even some I admire, who believe waterboarding, for example, did NOT accomplish much in getting information.  I will never believe that.  My feeling is that if waterboarding is known not to kill people, (which they know from our news) and they just hold their breath until the silly Americans doing the waterboarding finally have to bring you out of the water, anyway, then ‘HOLD YOUR BREATH and KEEP OUR SECRETS, MOHAMMED!!’  🙂  What would I DO then to save America’s future?  I’d think of a new way to hurt people into submitting any information that could HELP KEEP AMERICANS SAFE.

I know.  I’m a woman, perhaps I should have a bigger, softer heart.  Anybody who knows me knows it’s too big and soft, frankly, so this would surprise some of my friends, but I MEAN IT.   My heart is big and soft for my country and my (most of, anyway!) countrymen.

If you’re still reading, please reply to the point of my post….waterboarding, torture, etc., might be not an “AMERICAN VALUE” but we need to hurt people to save OUR PEOPLE.

FIRE AWAY!  Tell me I’m wrong and why.  I TOTALLY get that because generals and intel people I LIKE are against torturing and say it never worked…

BUT NOW…..(Oh, I hope you’re still reading)…did you know that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed wants to TESTIFY AGAINST GINA HASPEL!?

The headline on Google reads KHALID SHEIKH MOHAMMED OPPOSES CIA HASPEL NOMINATION!~     And they call him “Mr. Mohammed” in the articles.  WHAT?  Should we CARE WHAT HE THINKS, THIS MONSTER?


THAT is TORTURE to me !!!!



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  1. geeez2014 says:

    For the record, I despise California’s Maxine Waters…and I don’t like Feinstein…but KAMALA HARRIS is the ugliest-tempered, nasty, insulting B**** ever in the Senate. Her questions are humiliating, insulting, and feminists should be up at arms at a woman treating anybody like she is Gina Haspel….
    “The president says torture works…do you believe in that statement?”
    Aha, Ms Harris..nail the president AND ask Ms Haspel for the 1000th time today about how she feels about torture. ‘Is that a yes?”

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  2. I completely understand why many people would not oppose waterboarding, especially in light of the terror attacks against our nation…..but the science [though interrogation is really more of an art] is pretty sound; waterboarding [and some other techniques] produces less reliable and actionable intelligence than other, less invasive methods.

    Having graduated SERE and surviving it’s Resistance Lab, I can attest that even the ‘watered down’ [pun intended] experience of waterboarding for SERE students [until it was stopped….there’s no ‘holding one’s breath’ and gutting through it. You’re going to essentially drown…and it’s terrifying.

    This is aside from the fact that until 2011, waterboarding has been legally considered to be torture and unlawful…to the point we’ve prosecuted people for it.


  3. The date towards the end should read: 2001


  4. Mal says:

    Oh yeah! Waterboarding! Its right up there with setting people on fire, or cutting off their heads!
    The Geneva convention was established for a reason. However, if they don’t play by the rules, they should get the same in return. Simply killing them doesn’t teach them because they want to die for their belief. However, if they suffer prolonged hazing, that would be their worse nightmare, so do it!


  5. Kid says:

    Why is KSM even still alive. Is he in the states and not Gitmo? Rhetorical questions. He has no &%^%^^%%%% business showing up in Congress to speak about anything.

    I would do anything believed to be effective to get information that would save American lives. If I were in the business I would view that as my job as well as my personal ambition.


  6. Leonard Jones says:

    I read the book Hard Measures by Jose Rodriguez. He led the team who water-
    boarded a grand total of 3 high-value terrorist leaders. They sang like birds and
    disclosed details that saved lives on the battlefield. These highly controlled
    waterboardings lasted only 10 seconds each. Waterboarding creates the illusion
    of drowning without the danger. There was a doctor present and the sessions
    were videotaped.

    Rodriguez immediately ordered the tapes destroyed because of the army of leftist
    lawyers representing terrorists at Gitmo. He was worried that in the wrong hands,
    these videos could reveal means and methods and most importantly, put the
    lives of the CIA officers in danger. Nobody who was not a participant, even
    knows who was there. This is all about Democrat politicians engaging in
    moral preening and attempting to smear someone not even connected to
    these events.

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  7. Baysider says:

    With enemies like that (Mohammed), it sounds like an endorsement to me!
    If these Senators were so worried about protecting American values they wouldn’t spend the next 3 generations into oblivion while making the current one as dependent on big brother as possible.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Const. Insurgent,
    How many have we waterboarded? As I said in my post, there are people I admire who say it’s not effective. I have read that it’s well known we don’t kill or intend to…so. ‘Hold your breath” seems smart to me. As if we’d kill these people with the NY Times making sure we come second and terrorists come first?
    I in no way imply it’s legal now; I imply that there are plenty who say it has worked, and I believe we’re absolute dummies for telling the world “we won’t hurt you…no matter HOW massively and HOW many you kill of us.” That’s all.

    Mal, I AGREE. The Geneva Convention is probably only regarded by one country and that’s US. Because our media’s breathing down the necks of those who’d rather save America than show our ‘values’.

    Kid…Couldn’t agree with you more! Check this out:
    “9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed claims to have dirt on Gina Haspel, Trump’s CIA pick”
    That’s the new leftwing strategy, apparently.
    SCUM is what the Left is; SCUM in a media which gives this A** the time of day…..he should be dead by now. SWINE. And the Leftwing jerks are giving HIM credence over a THIRTY YEAR CIA DEVOTEE? ARE WE THIS LOST?

    Mr. Jones; This morning Haspel reacted to lefty senators accusing her of being the person Rodriguez means who was present at the waterboarding, or something like that. She said VERY CLEARLY (and it obviously can be easily proven) that HE JUST RENEGED THAT COMMENT! They kept asking her the same question no matter HOW many times she said it, denying her fact! It was unbelievable.

    Baysider…amazing, isn’t it? Good comments. (I hope you can come tomorrow?)


  9. geeez2014 says:

    FOX’s Shep Smith now saying Trump did NOT pull out of the Iran nuke deal…”he VIOLATED IT”



  10. Kid says:

    Z, “Are we this lost?”

    Much of the left’s voters are simply stupid, some are ‘nice people;, but are still stupid. No other way to put it. The rest of the left is hateful, violent, cerifiably so, and stupid. If “America” continues to prop up these groups, then we are lost. I’d like to see a total of about 10 democrats in Congress, the ones who are so stupid that they’re actually funnny. Maxine, Hank, The chick with the 50 gallon cowboy hats, pelosi, that kind a stuff.

    I’ll do one response media here. Shep is wrong, It wasn’t a treaty, therefore it cannot be violated.

    Like Mal said in another thread, the left media and democrats lie, cheat, steal, are racist, anti-American and pretty much everything that disgusts me. So I choose to ignore them – better things to do.


  11. Z – Waterboarding (the specific action) lasts much longer than a person can hold their breath. I’m not aware of the publicly available number of detainees who have been waterboarded.

    My opposition is based not on civility towards terrorists, but on effective results.


  12. Jersey Jack says:

    “I’m a woman, perhaps I should have a bigger, softer heart…”
    And that’s why I feel largely unable to vote for a woman as POTUS. There is one woman out there I believe, who’s not a sniveling weak-willed, coward and ruled by silly emotions and feelings which don’t make this country safe from the murdering scum that has no right to inhabit this planet. I’d wipe the earth clean of the vermin that have never proved they can exist peacefully in a civilized world. WhenI I look at or listen to complete twerps and ugly soulless demrat women, like Waters, Wilson ( thousand dollar sequined cowboy hats ), Feinstein or that total rat POS Harris dare speak of “values” rather than the hard defense of this country and their treasonous questioning of just what that takes…doesn’t and will never fly in the heartland of America. These morons actually think they have the guts and the will to make the hard, necessary decisions to protect this country? Who in God’s name after watching this disgusting display of illogic, or plain noncommon sense and decency…I have to ask just who the hell would vote for our deaths by electing these morons like her and or Warren too. Just what the hell do they think the job of the POTUS entails and actually is?
    It’s at these times I swear we need to repeal the 19th Amendment to protect us and insulate us from these total garbage cans in skirts. There is a woman out there capable of doing that…and I watched her today be questioned by those smug, smarmy, ignorant, foolish, demrats who each day I’m more and more convinced are the barbarians at the gate. And will destroy this country or after Trump, will lead us to into a very uncivil war. But I don’t think the sane and patriotic among us will ever be ready to choose such vile people just to prove we’re not misogynists.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    JJ! there is ONE WOMAN or there is NO WOMAN in your opinion. If you meant ONE WOMAN, WHO IS IT??? 🙂

    Kid..RIGHT. If it was a TREATY, it would have had to have gone to Congress but Obama KNEW he hadn’t the votes for this nuke deal, even from the Left (Schumer was against it, too) so he called it a DEAL. (I firmly believe the Obamas got money back from the HUUUGE cash they gave Iran…based on nothing but woman’s intuition) Now, of course, a Republican agrees with Schumer so Schumer disagrees with the Republican 🙂

    CI, so that would mean we’ve actually killed some terrorists because they were in the water unwilling to tell what they know or are you saying they said they’d speak because of the waterboarding?
    I have heard that some have made things up to avoid the torture; and that’s not a good thing; I totally get that.
    You know, my feelings on this might be past ethics or laws…Maybe it’s more based on the Liberal Senators this morning who were throwing it in Haspel’s face as if she invented waterboarding.

    I believe torture CAN work…it’s worked since the dawn of man….it’s why it was invented, let’s face it…..and I believe that if the world knew we WILL torture if we must, that helps, doesn’t hinder avoiding future terror attacks. I don’t think torturing scumbags is against American values. We show good values in enough stuff.

    Some leftwingers think that big headlines saying KHALID SHEIKH MOHAMMED OPPOSES THE HASPEL NOMINATION AND HAS INFORMATION ON HER are just fine. I find THEM disgusting.


  14. Most will say anything they think will make the torture stop. The SERE resistance Lab expected each student to do so, eventually. We may have killed detainees using this practice….regardless, the point of waterboarding is quite literally to drown the subject.

    Torture is not always ineffective, but it’s historically been far less effective than other methods.


  15. Z says:

    Other methods like what? This fascinates me!!!


  16. Jersey Jack says:

    MS. Z..”is ONE WOMAN or there is NO WOMAN in your opinion. If you meant ONE WOMAN, WHO IS IT???”


    The only one who impressed me this morning. brave enough to undergo that partisan, disgraceful haranguing from those idiotic harpies. Does anyone actually believe these sacks of cow pies could actually fill her shoes? Here’s another true patriot committing her life to this country after 30 plus years…along with Mathis, Mike Flynn and General Kelly. I’m wracking my brain to try to recall one demrat with the experience, dedication, devotion and longevity of service among the loser fascist, anti American demrats. Oh, I’m sure there’s a few who’ve served in uniform, but no where near the talent and experience of these 3 people right off the top of my head. People who could’ve long ago tossed their government jobs or uniformed service,cashed in their pensions and hit it big time with lots of money and perks in the private sector as consultants….like the hypocrite demrats Kerry, Pelousy and Feinstein to name the richest ones…who are worth millions while warming their privileged asses in the halls congress….trying everyday to raise our taxes, cripple the defenses of this country, reduce and eliminate our freedoms one by one. Open the borders to illegals, kill the economy, kill American jobs and make us totally dependent on the feds for our healthcare and tell us we can’t protect ourselves if it saves One life…while aborting millions of innocent babies each and every year. Or stand idly by like Rahm Emanuel while his city is more violent than any war torn city in the ME… where we fight to restore WHAT?


  17. Jersey Jack says:

    I was hoping while I was watching the contempt Gina’s eyes…( she couldn’t hide it and I don’t blame her for being human under that disgusting display of political theater. ) Here’s what I wish she’d have said to the too many demrats that insulted her…only because they hate this President.

    ” And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, *saves lives*. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall. You need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it! I would rather you just said “thank you” and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a *damn* what you think you are entitled to!”


  18. geeez2014 says:

    JJ; GINA HASPEL! GOOD….I get ya. And I AGREE. I didn’t see contempt in her eyes; I thought she stayed disturbingly stoic so I’m HAPPY you saw something there. She is human and she deserved to jump across the table and strangle them, so a little contempt in the eyes was REAL REAL RESTRAINT, right?! 🙂

    And great paragraph of what you think she ought to have said…I AGREE! BRAVO!!


  19. geeez2014 says:

    JJ…BY THE WAY…as you know, I suddenly got a call to come in and stand in for a sick teacher…so I had to leave…What HAPPENED? Did they have the five minute classified questions period behind the scenes? Did they vote? I don’t see anything.

    I just saw this headline:
    “Gina Haspel Dodged the Key Questions About Torture. She’ll Probably Become CIA Director Anyway.”

    Of course she did NOT dodge them. I think the ONLY thing she could have said that would have shut the lousy Dems up is this:


  20. kid says:

    FWIW, I have no problem with Nikki Haley in the White House.


  21. kid says:

    Those pukes weren’t attacking Gina as much as they were attacking the right again. People associate the ‘right’ GW Bush et al with ‘torture. Abu Grahib and the waterboarding thing.
    As an aside, I read KSM was waterboarded over 300 times. So there’s that.

    If the dems get power again, that POS will probably run for governor of NYC and those stupid B–ards will elect him. Damn they dumb up there. We want higher taxes ! We want human garbage for elected officials !


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I have no problem with that, either! Never happen, but I’d like it to. SHE IS TOUGH.
    Haley as Pres, Haspel as CIA Director……………….”Good luck lousy Dems!” 🙂
    “We want human garbage for elected officials !” A terrorist for governor! Only in NY. I almost feel the same way about Kamala Harris for California governor. It’s something I’d almost literally get violent over.


  23. kid says:

    With no racist overtones, let’s compare the democrat party politicians to the apes on planet of the apes. The apes were civilized compared to these pukes. Honestly, the democrat politicians, media and many celebrities are completely off the grid.


  24. kid says:

    But lets take a little step back and offer ourselves some relief.
    Gorsuch, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, John Bolton, NK rolling over, China rolling over, Trump telling the EU to go back to the kiddie table. No climate accord, no TPP, Nafta on its way out. Last month biggest budget surplus in history of America. Much much more. Compared to the beast in office, we are doing well times 5000. Really.
    Oh, and compare Kristjen – head of DHS to that disgustingly incompetent lesbian Janet neapolitan ice cream. And there is a lot more.

    When you’re winning you want more.

    When you are a loser (obama and the loser class in America) you want a lot more too. They won’t be put back in the box easily but I think it can be done.

    Sessions needs to go though and the top level DOJ needs an enema. Maybe the FBI too.

    Here is my point on Sessions. Sessions recused himself from anything to do with clinton based on some people showing up at Trump rallies with signs that said Lock Her Up. Sessions should have said “I didn’t make the signs.” As AG, If there is crime anywhere to be investigated, the DOJ will investigate it and not recuse himself of anything.


  25. It is claimed that only three detainees have been waterboarded.
    It was effective on KSM with no denial.
    I was speaking to Bill Bennett and he said that he was going to see Rodriguez at his brothers dinner party the next night and I asked him to ask Rodriguez if he thought waterboarding was effective and he said later that he was told by Rodriguez that it was an effective tool. He should know.
    I have also been told that under Islam once an interrogee has reached his limit and is broken, afterwards he is free to say anything he wants even while not being threatened and that they did.
    if I recall correctly Allen West had to leave the army for threatening a captive with a pistol to find the imminent threat of an improvised explosive device.
    I have no problem threatening a detainee to save lives. I do draw the line at permanent damaged and disfigurement. Long sessions of being forced to listen to AC DC or Celine Dion would be almost intolerable to the detainee but would certainly be tolerable to US law. Would a desk lamp shining in the face be over the limit?


  26. Jersey Jack says:

    “Would a desk lamp shining in the face be over the limit?”
    Depends if it’s an environmentally friendly green one? Or no brighter than Maxine Waters which is about 10 watts?
    Great Comments Kid and Z and Ed.
    Talk about shitheads…we have 3 Americans coming home to freedom tonight and you’d think these clowns would be happy for that and their families…for one damn day? That’s how low, callous, shallow and dirty these demrats are. Then saying that The S of State was AWOL, while he was on a peace and rescue mission to NOKO? The slop in a pig pen is more agreeable then these foul turds.

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  27. JJ, speaking of slop, McCain opposes Haskell.
    That settles it. Swear her in.


  28. Z, A terrorist for governor! Only in NY.
    No, a dem candidate in Michigan, a muslim, has Brotherhood ties.
    He and his father, both
    A Repub candidate. Patrick Colbeck, got raked in the media for exposing it.


  29. kid says:

    JJ, saw that Pompeo slam. Honestly, how many people can be That deranged. I’m honestly asking. We will find out in November.

    Ed, The left are providing a valuable service right now. The more they oppose a nominee the more we know we have the right person ! lol
    Yes, they are that stupid.

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  30. kid says:

    BTW – Our new stray Kitty that has moved in but still goes out, has been displaying Extreme curiosity. We took her to the vet and we’re happy she’s been downgraded to moderately inquisitive.
    We think she’ll live.

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  31. Jersey Jack says:

    Ed…I’m going to chalk that up to McPains dead and dying brain. The man is one sick old geek and has been a waste of protoplasm for some time now. However, it seems to be proof enough me that his joining the dem dumb scum is due to brain damage.


  32. kid says:

    IMO, mcstain has always been on the take with nary a care for America ever. Bye.


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, one could say that the truth of this indicates when your country is nearly OVER “if I recall correctly Allen West had to leave the army for threatening a captive with a pistol to find the imminent threat of an improvised explosive device.”

    Yes, by all means, let’s not be mean to someone who might be blowing up our people…@#$)(*&@#()*$&W#$(*)

    JJ…this makes me want to laugh…and cry! “Would a desk lamp shining in the face be over the limit?” Ya, THAT’ll get a terrorist to talk 🙂

    Honestly, all the comments are so good and so fascinating I can’t single anything out.
    I’m just forever grateful when these magical times happen that a subject captures us and we all know something about it and all share and shoot concepts back and forth. I LOVE THIS …thank you!

    JJ…I think McCain’s always been a bit like this…and Ed’s right..if McCain’s against Haspel, SIGN HER UP! He did screw up in some hearings and people were wondering “What is WRONG with him?” and shortly after is when he was diagnosed…so that WAS partly the brain damage….but he’s never been TOO much different than he is now.


  34. Jersey Jack says:

    Z…I just thank God again that we have the12th Amendment… passed in1803 under Jefferson. It was another brilliant addition to the constitution.


  35. Why is McCain weighing in at all? He’s neurologically compromised — and likely pumped up on steroids, too. Steroids are prescribed en masse for brain swelling.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    JJ, it’s the first amendment the left will try to annul upon getting the presidency back…

    AOW, Agreed.


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