Trump needs to say this MORE….

……..and you won’t hear me say that too often.

Mr. Trump is saying that the meeting between him and Kim Jong Un maybe become “a very special moment for world peace.”

This is exactly the tone Mr. Trump should set before his meeting with North Korea.   This is inviting a megalomaniac like Kim to create something huge, to be able to take credit for his part in a big deal…….it could be just what he needs to allow himself to actually de-nuke in favor of huge kudos around the world, his name in lights !:-)


He’s already publicly pushed back against the wrong things Trump’s been saying, something I predicted here, by the way…..Deals usually don’t go well when you embarrass the other part of the deal, particularly a guy like Kim.

I’m happy about this statement by Trump.  Yes, the meeting is almost exactly one month off, and a lot of comments will be made in the meantime, but I’m thrilled at letting Kim think he’s part of making history;  perfect for his ego.   And Trump’s, too!   A Win/Win!

What do you think?


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13 Responses to Trump needs to say this MORE….

  1. Of course Schumer is embarrassing himself by attacking Trump for thanking Un for giving us the hostages back.

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  2. bunkerville says:

    Rocket Man went to school in Switzerland. So he has seen what the rest of the world looks like. If Trump can appeal to a side of him that enjoyed those aspects he found enjoyable, he may tire of being in isolation. Computers and basketball were his interests so I read.. China started with Ping Pong and Nixon.
    Trump should offer to bringing a basketball league to NK.

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  3. geeez2014 says:

    BUnkerville, that’s exactly my point and you add an interesting point, too.
    Yes, Kim might just be sick and tired of isolation …..I believe what Trump said was excellent….ego is everything with a despot!

    I saw Kim and China’s PM speaking as they walked along recently…both speak..CHINESE? KOREAN? ENGLISH? That fascinated me because there were no translators.


  4. Ed,
    Schumer looks like an idjit perseverating with his sour grapes.

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  5. Mal says:

    Kim was looking for a way out of a fight w/o coming off as a wimp, and he got it. Trump probably sized the guy up right away, and for the leader of the strongest nation in the world to take the time to meet with him is giving Kim the recognition he seeks and at the same time saving face.

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  6. Bob says:

    Z: I was just watching your Congressman, Brad Sherman (D) interviewed on Fox. What a wimp and liar. How do you California folks keep electing wussies like that?

    Right now we are a month away from the real NOKO talks. I will try to not pay attention to the constant bitching and moaning that Schumer and his odious colleagues are barking.


  7. Mal says:

    Schumer makes about the same sense that Nancy Pelosi does. Cast from the same mold. Let him keep raving on ’cause he’s only ruining his own political future the same as Pelosi has. I believe few from her own party still want her around.

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  8. Kid says:

    Kim will no doubt be a hero locally but wants wider recognition too. I predict he gets nobel peace prize, man of the year, and the front covet of several magazines.

    Trump says peace is all the prize he is interested in.

    Bunk that BB league is a great idea.

    Z No doubt Kim speaks english and probably jive too since he and Rodman conversed without translaters.


  9. Kid says:

    MAL. I love pelosi. Mad max. And the rest of the certifiable maniacs whi can barely even speak these days. Represents libtards perfectly.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    BOB! I can’t even LOOK at Brad Sherman….”WE” didn’t elect him, idiot libs in his highly Jewish/leftwing neighborhood DID. Yes, I hesitate to say that, but it’s the truth.
    He’s almost as bad as Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal, another JERK I literally can’t listen to and who I blame for the hideously high cost of living in CT (My cuz lives there and it’s OUTRAGEOUS).

    Kid, right…he must speak English; he did seem to talk with Rodman one-on-one. I almost said “man to man” but that would make me a liar!

    Mal, you TOTALLY get what I mean in my post….people like these need ADULATION, not like when Trump told the world “I’m going to pressure Kim with sanctions and worse…what I’m doing is WORKING!” No no no NO NO NO NO………..what he said about them creating world peace was JUST THE RIGHT TONE!!! HURRAH!!!!


  11. bocopro says:

    Kid — here’s Mad MaxiPad’s latest racissss meltdown on the House floor:

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