I believe John Kelly is right…

…and I believe those statistics are RUBBISH about 44% of immigrants speaking good English.  Not the illegals I hear around here, believe me.  He also says immigrants “don’t have skills.”  When you come from a poor village in Mexico and sneak into America, you don’t have skills that America needs because you haven’t learned it, how could you?  I’m so sick of of the media taking quotes that are perfectly RIGHT and twisting them so stupidly.


What is wrong with Kelly’s remarks?  Is it an insult to tell an immigrant they should fit into American culture?  Is it a character issue that they can’t learn English quickly?  Who does?   How can anybody think a poor Mexican has skills needed in this country?  How can they expect people to speak English well?

The article ran out of nasty things to say so it pits these two paragraphs against each other…I don’t see it working;  Trump is right.  So is Kelly.

“Trump campaigned on stopping illegal immigration in part by promising to build a wall along the border between the U.S. and Mexico. His administration has since canceled temporary residence permits for thousands, issued executive orders to stop travel from certain countries, canceled protections for immigrant parents of U.S. citizens and more.

Kelly thinks certain people who are in the U.S. under temporary protected status, who have been in the U.S. for a “considerable” amount of time, should be put on a path to citizenship and allowed to stay, he said in the NPR interview.”

Such rubbish in the news.  Yes, I know better than most that none of this is new, but the stupidity, the irresponsibility, the constant ‘gotcha!’ is getting even more on my nerves these days.


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19 Responses to I believe John Kelly is right…

  1. -FJ says:

    The media lives to feed “the Narrative”. Critical Theory is all they know.

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  2. POGO says:

    The democratic party needs to appeal more to white males. They seem to be more focused on women these days. They’ve deluded themselves into thinking that white males are our enemies, They need to stop making everything about race and gender, As a left leaning Independent, I tend to vote Democrat more than Republican, but it’s high time the Democrats face a very unpleasant issue:

    In the 60’s to the 80’s, my father was a working class man, he was a blue collar, hard working Democrat and in the construction Union.. He was the kind of guy the Democratic lawmakers could always count on for their vote. And then came the Reagan revolution, and the unions began to change. Democratic strategists began to take guys like my father for granted. Democrats began their feminist friendly, gay friendly, immigrant friendly, entitlement friendly, minority friendly march to the present day. Reaching out to these groups is all well and good up to a point, but in doing so, the Democratic party has allowed their once strong core of support to drift away. Today the working class white male feels like little more than an afterthought in the Democratic party. Democratic lawmakers and strategists had better find a way to reverse this exodus, or their problems will only get worse

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  3. I’ve reached the point that I can no longer watch or read “the news.” My cousin has reached that same point. Lies, lies, lies!


  4. Expect “the narrative” to get even crazier because this the truth:

    Democrats’ Economic Quandary in 2018 Messaging.


  5. -FJ says:

    “Experts are by definition the servants of those in power: they don’t really THINK, they just apply their knowledge to problems defined by the powerful.”
    ― Slavoj Žižek


  6. cube says:

    I think John Kelly is right and I’m tired of feeling as though I need to apologize for my views. Case in point: Recently, we were having breakfast at the local Village Inn and I went into the restroom to wash my hands. A woman came out of a stall and walked right past me and out the door. She was an employee of the Village Inn! Shocked, I looked in the stall… not only had she not washed her hands, but she hadn’t flushed the toilet either. I reported the incident to the waitress and she apologized profusely for the busser’s actions.

    The MSM isn’t doing us any favors by driving the narrative of the “wonderful” immigrants. They not only lack language skills, but those of basic hygiene. Don’t get me started on their driving.

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  7. Jersey Jack says:

    “Today the working class white male feels like little more than an afterthought in the Democratic party.”

    Add the ignorance and the idiocy of blacks (with the rarest of exceptions ) who blindly follow a party that cares for them once every other year, 4 years, then 6 to do their bidding. Meanwhile sitting on their porches waiting for jobs while illiterate, 6th grade or less “educated” mestizo peasants steal their jobs, become the demrats only priority and are willing to abandon them and shut the government down for the illegals benefits. If these d-rats cared as passionately for blacks welfare or even the traditional blue-collar average worker… as they do for noncitizens, queers, queens, trannies, and socialism…they’d never need a food stamp or see a welfare office again in their lives.
    Then…we send billions of wasted taxpayer money on foreign welfare, to help these crap holes out and hopefully, make life less miserable for them that are incapable of governing themselves for the last two centuries…and they still come here?
    Trump is 1000% right…cut them off just as Nikii Haley warned those UN thugs and end the gravy train and use vetting and merit-based testing in place of irrational feelings and emotions.
    Any people in this country that have to identify themselves publicly with a hyphen…will never be Americans or truly assimilate and moreover we don’t need anymore mentally challenged, low IQ lawnmower skills, that we’re already overrun with.

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  8. Z says:

    Glad JJ mentioned foreign aid as I’d hoped to discuss that on my post the other day….give aid to MEXICO for siphoning thousands into our country for support….for sending in drugs? For the murder of border agents?

    cube…good point…how can they know hygiene if they didn’t get taught back home??

    FJ….zizek perfectly defines the leftwing media

    POGO….if you come back I’d be eager to hear about your confidence in the dems

    AOW….I almost never watch news anymore….can’t stand that my cell homepage is Google, which is outrageously biased and have yet to rid myself of Yahoo homepage but am working on it

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  9. Mal says:

    The Mexicans and So. Americans aren’t the only oppressed people. Most of the world is, but we can’t let all who want to come to American do so because we simply couldn’t assimilate them We can and do try to help them have better lives IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY through aid from government and independent charities and organizations. Thats all we can or should do. Thats not being cold-hearted. Its being practical and sensible.

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  10. Z says:

    mal…not that we owe anybody anything but yes, I’ve often mentioned here how people actually do want to be in their home countries and how it would be much cheaper to help them grow a viable economy than pay for all they want here


  11. Baysider says:

    Of course he’s right, and the only people apologizing for his views should be the professional apologists who live so far outside mainstream America they appear to reside in a foreign country layered on top of ours.

    If you read deep into the Census Bureau’s statistics you find this: “For example, 59 percent of the foreign-born in Texas and 57 percent in California spoke English less than “very well,” [that’s not well or not al all – probably mostly the latter] compared with 50 percent nationwide.”

    I’ve always been a fan of keeping your language skills as broad as possible, but NEVER at the expense of abandoning the cohesion, unity and communication that weaves strength into the national tapestry.


  12. Mal says:

    Exactly, Z. I’ve often wondered how any Arab from the Middle East could move to, say Minnesota or Wisconsin, and be happy. They just can’t make that kind of adjustment. Thats besides the language and cultural adjustment. Why would they even want to come IF they could remain in their own country and culture with help from the U.S. in an advisory capacity? No, we don’t owe them anything, but we are charitable by nature and want to help others when possible, but without hurting ourselves.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Tu me files le fric, ou je commence par tuer ton ami avant de m’occuper de toi ?more_vertYou want to give me the cash… or do I kill your brother first, before I kill you?

    I had to posts that because there was a translation of a word I was looking for and that was the example sentence on line! KILL SOMEONE? BEFORE I KILL YOU? HAAAAAAAAAA!!!


  14. Jersey Jack says:

    ” No, we don’t owe them anything, but we are charitable by nature and want to help others when possible, but without hurting ourselves.”

    Which exactly what we’re doing by allowing this massive change to our demographics and culture to take hold. We can no longer afford that “charity” unless it comes with big conditions and strings. Why would any sub-par dump of a country mend itself as long as they can get billions from us for doing nothing? For producing nothing except more litters to send our way.
    How smart do you have to be to know that having a kid means being able to feed it? Even here..if you’re on food stamps and welfare and you’re a “single joke mother”….you get help for one kid…ONE…that’s it. Otherwise your own your own…take a government issued aspirin and keep it between your knees…that will cure your problem of spreading them for every thug that comes along. And let nature takes its course.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Can you imagine the wild reaction if a Republican presidential loser went to AUSTRALIA and INDIA to insult the winning president and those who voted for him? Hillary is STILL figuring out why she lost and talking it over with foreign audiences.
    WHAT THE HECK ? It’s like she’s become LITERALLY INSANE.


  16. Jersey Jack says:

    TOMORROW…on God’s Day of Worship…Thank Him and Thank Him again for saving us from us again….we now realize just how much He LOVES us, don’t


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  17. geeez2014 says:

    JJ…the image isn’t opening..what is it?!!! Is it a video, or?


  18. kid says:

    MAL, Arabs to Minnesota…..

    Of course they have no intention to assimilate. This is part of their worldwide caliphate which the major operators are the ‘peaceful’ moslems who are breeding out locals in every country they are in at a rate of 10 to 1. When at critical mass to obtain political majority they will simply declare nationwide sharia law, and anyone who still thinks the Constitution matters will be befuddled but screwed. You know this right? I’m Sorry if you read any snark here, I just don’t know any other way to say it.


  19. Mal says:

    Thats exactly right, Kid. How can anyone thats been paying any attention to whats been happening not see all this? If we let up now, we will deserve our fate when they take over. Hopefully, that isn’t going to happen if Trump stays the course.


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