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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.…… the few of you who are mothers and read GeeeZ!

I’m a ‘homestay mother’ and have come to enjoy and feel nourished myself by the nourishment I give my Mexican, Chinese and, now, German student who lives with me until early June.  I’d keep this one forever if I could.  My Chinese boy who was here 9 months last year calls me his “California mother” still to this day.  He’s been gone a year this week and living about 1 1/2 hours away, but keeps in touch.

“God, please bless our mothers……thank you for them, forgive them, bless them, let their memory linger with us in wonderful ways;   One of the greatest things you invented was THE MOTHER.    My two stepchildren call me “Z-Mom” and are always there for me, keep in close contact though they live in Munich or are out sailing the world!  Thank you.  And you send me foreign students who I’ve loved ‘mothering’.  Good stuff.  I thank you particularly for MY MOTHER.  She is selfless, beautiful, supportive, and just about everything one can want in a mother.  Keep her healthy for many years to come.”

I hope you all have good mother memories and encourage you to share some here if you’d like!

“25 Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. 

26 When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, “Woman,here is your son,”

27 and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.”  John 19: 25-27   

Jesus loved his mother so much he was in physical agony and knew he must make sure she’s taken good care of.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. bocopro says:

    Had a somewhat unusual relationship with my mother. Beautiful young woman, married a jerk and divorced him about the same time I was born (for good reason, I might add – one which earned him several years in a state penitentiary). Remarkable facial resemblance to Maureen O’Hara.

    Much like Jack Nicholson’s early years, I was raised by my grandparents and thought my mother was just another one of the aunts living there, or maybe my sister or somethin. She had post-partum surgery which made her infertile.

    Then she remarried and took me to live with her when I was around 12 or so. Nice guy, but a drinker. Not alcoholic, just a weekend drunk. Had a good life with those two. Mother provided all my needs, although she was by nature not particularly affectionate. Reckon I can thank my bio-father for that.

    Couldn’t cook. Boiled stuff down to an unrecognizable mass in the bottoms of pots and pans. Strange, too, ‘cause HER mother was a guh-RATE cook. Had some kind of perverse aversion to seasonings. Never met a pepper she liked, had NO idea what to do with oregano, sage, chilis . . . and never quite understood the concept of sauces.

    Her idea of a pot roast was to throw a beef rump into a pot with some water, let it slow cook for a coupla hours, then toss in some carrots and taters, and maybe a few green beans. Nothin else. No salt, no celery, no onion, no peppercorns, no taste.

    Nutritious, I guess, ‘cept that either the carrots were still crunchy or, if they were tender, the taters had totally discombobulated. My stepfather said it was good food and we had salt and pepper shakers on the table and I knew where Kroger’s was. So I learned to cook for myself (from my grandmother, where I often went for meals when I could).

    She tried, tho. Worked every day of her life, overtime when she could, except Sundays to provide for me. Always had good clothes, good shoes, good schools, and all the freedom and understanding that was customary back in the early 50s.

    SO happy when I finally gave her an exotic D-I-L and a passel of grandkritters. Very doting, lavishing gifts and money on ‘em. And SO proud when I finished my successful military career and my BA and MA degrees. LOVED to wave her copy of my BA around (‘cause it was SCL). Kept it in a frame on her living room wall.

    Took care of her in her later years after my stepfather passed. Good ol’ Scots-Irish-English gal with a skeptical attitude toward politicians and lawyers. Did the best she could with what she had, and I’m glad I could give her some satisfaction through my achievements and her grandkids.

    Wish I’d known her better when she was younger. By the time we were a family unit, I was a teenager with all the angst and arrogance and rebellion that entails. Some brothers and sisters woulda been nice, too. But I don’t feel cheated. She gave me a whole lot better life than a lotta kids get today.

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  2. bunkerville says:

    Wishing everyone a wonderful day…

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  3. jerrydablade says:

    My mom passed 10 years ago and I miss her terribly. She is the only one who called me ‘Jeremiah’, which is weird cuz that’s not my name and she named me. Happy I still have my mother-in-law, who is a good lady. Happy Mother’s Day, Z, and all the mothers out there.

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  4. I have such warm memories of my mom as a child.
    She went kinda psycho when we three boys hit our teens and mom and I were estranged and at 15 I went to live with my older sister (my surrogate mom), and her husband.
    Later in life, after I got saved, I called her and she said she had been praying for me.
    She had also recently accepted Jesus.
    She became ill. One night, a friend of mine at work asked how she was and I said I hadn’t talked to her recently.
    He offered to cover my area so I could call her.
    I told her I could not afford to travel to both visit her and her funeral.
    She said we were good and she’d be ok either way.
    We hung up and later that night my sister called to say that mom had passed.
    Ten minutes after my phone call.
    I went to the funeral. She wanted her ashes scattered over the bayou, but her husband had her buried next to his plot. His first wife was on the other side. I don’t blame him and I doubt she minds.
    That was 25 years go.
    I’ll see her again. I’m not in a hurry.

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  5. My mother’s last words to me and Dad as he and I were off to an antique show for the day (She was in the hospital but not judged to be in any danger):

    “You’ll find out what it’s like to do without me for a while.”

    That was on November 7, 1987. Mom went home to the Lord in the wee hours of November 8.

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  6. Mal says:

    My mom was diagnosed with cancer before I was born at age 22 and given only a few months to live. That was in the early 1920’s and they treated her with (of all things!) the newly developed
    X-rays! She not only survived that, she went on to have 17 major surgeries and died Aug. 10, 1986 at age 84. She was a deeply religious lady that always put God first. I deeply miss her.


  7. kid says:

    Happy Mother’s day Z !


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Wonderful, touching comments. thanks SO MUCH.
    Mal, that’s quite a miracle!\
    AOW…your mother sure knew she was going, didn’t she…
    Kid, thanks!

    Bocopro…she was quite a woman.

    JEREMIAH!! Sending comfort for the loss….to ALL of you who have lost your Moms…

    I dread the day…I SURE do. 😦


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Trump is being castigated for not mentioning Melania in a Mother’s Day tweet touting his mother. Last I looked, Melania’s not his mother. And, apparently, the lefties aren’t happy he didn’t mention Ivana and Marla, either!
    Dad didn’t get gifts for Mom on M’s Day…he’d always joke that ‘She’s not my mother!” He might have got gifts when we were too little to make a ceramic ash tray in kindergarten, but I doubt it 🙂

    We have problems here, he’s in Israel, Syria, Europe, Mexico…NoKo, SoKo, CHina…he’s supposed to what…send TROOPS to MYAMAR? I was literally laughing out loud.

    Pretty darned cool if that’s the biggest slam Kristof could find!
    Oh, and he talked about opioid addictions, too, which Trump HAS been addressing constantly! But, not enough for ol’ Nick! 🙂


  10. Mal says:

    Z, I always used the same reasoning: My wife is not my mother. So did I remember her with a card?. You bet I did. The alternative isn’t worth havin’ a grouchy wife.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, not sure Dad even did a card, but he got great ones when he did! Mom might have felt a little grouchy over ‘no gift’…but I didn’t notice 🙂


  12. Baysider says:

    I love the way Dr. Mercola put it in a tribute to his recently deceased mom today: “The sun never sleeps on a mother’s influence, even after she’s gone.” I reflected on that today, as I was really missing her. I owe my faith to her (via the holy spirit) and have many good memories. One kind of silly one is of cleaning the house together at midnight well past the heat of the day in the summers. We’d laugh and have a good time, happy to have a fan move cool air past us as we worked.

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