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16 Responses to The DEFICIT……

  1. bocopro says:

    He won’t; ’cause he can’t. Entitlements, trade imbalance, and defense spending are completely out of control. However, I have a plan.

    Reducing the deficit is simple:

    1. incrementally and steadily cut entitlements
    2. increase SS and MediCare age-eligibility to 72
    3. increase military retirement eligibility to 25 years
    4. MAJOR tort reform (to reduce health-care costs)
    5. stop giving benefits and money to illegals
    6. stimulate the economy to increase revenue
    7. cut Congressional salaries, staff, and expense accounts
    8. achieve international trade balance
    9. stop subsidizing degrees in 12th century lesbian poetry and
    encourage kids to attend trade schools instead of party schools

    Otherwise, it will never come down, and it certainly won’t go away. Of course there’s always the old Schickelgruber debt-cancellation method – announce that the national debt simply doesn’t exist any longer and in the meantime steal treasuries from other nations.

    That, coupled with my ten-step deficit-spending reduction program, would put the gummint in the black sans debt in just a year or two.

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  2. Kid says:

    What bocopro said. We have a spending problem.

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  3. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro is 100% correct……..which, of course, means we’ll never do it 😦


  4. geeez2014 says:

    SO, SHOULD Trump at least bring it up? This is being brought up all over the place when Republicans talk about the great economy, BAMMO!, the Left goes here..”THE DEFICIT! THE DEFICIT!” Of course, they never did when Obama was spending like a drunken sailor, but…

    How can any president NOT bring this up, perhaps with a list like Bocopro’s? Except it’s so unpopular to ‘the people’, that…
    Even I’d be in trouble if the SS age was raised……As it IS certain deductions Trump erased are going to really hurt me at tax time next year. I told a friend “Being a Republican bit me in the butt”!! BUT…I Get that…we all have to chip in somewhere/somehow. (except welfare recipients and illegals, of course 😦 )


  5. Kid says:

    Z, I’d be interested if you end up paying more tax this year. I don’tbelive it will work out that way given all the changes.

    If SS was change to 72, it will only apply to people younger than a certain age, so they can properly plan for it. You would certainly be exempt.

    I support Trump bringing up the idea that the country has a spending problem. Even Ronald Reagan though said the only imortal thing he knew of was a government spending program.

    Last month America had the largeest budget surplus in its history. Trump wants to cancel spending in several areaas where the money hasn’t been used and likely won’t. Billions, but I forget the details. Nevertheless, America is being raped by lobbyist interests and bought and paid for congress critters.


  6. bocopro says:

    Being fair in raising age-eligibility requirements for MediCare and Social Security to me would be a program of raising the age limit by one year every two years with anyone already in the program grandfathered in.

    IOW, if you’re 64 now and anticipated full eligibility next year, the worst would be a one-year delay. There’s no painless way to do it, but there are equitable ways.

    The entire raise in age-eligibility to 72 wouldn’t kick in ’til 2030 and lotsa people would slide in before then, some earlier than others, but they’d be the ones who’ve been paying into the system the longest anyway.

    Whoever said life is fair was lying.


  7. Z says:

    Kid…I will…expenses for honesty students will be gone…my accountant did a lot of research for me.
    And yes…the 72 yr old thing doesn’t affect us. I think it’s a good idea since we’ll need oldsyers to continue doing jobs we didn’t train the snowflakes to do.
    I believe Trump talking openly against our high rate of spending would make total sense if he presented facts and figures and encouraged private philanthropy, for example.

    Bocopro…if you for or stop using your great brain here I will be totally posses off . seriously. 🙂


  8. Baysider says:

    Fatal flaw in the article is to ASSUME that reforming taxes increases deficits. It is not a zero sum game, but that is how leftists look at all economic transactions. That’s why they hyperventilate about ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ whether it’s true or not. When I see this I ask how much information I’m really getting. The Reagan cuts put money into the coffers, then deficits increased for 2 reasons: 1) big ramp up in spending (military bulge), and 2) Reagan brought the social security obligations back into budget projections. (They had been kept off book.) He did that early on and there was a big spike. Otherwise, I’m with BP.

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  9. Z says:

    busier….it’s a serious problem…period. But I totally get your valid point, too.

    EVERYBODY!!! Am subbing high schoolers today and was thrilled to have 4 of the boys say how much they admired Kanye West for taking himself away from identity politics!!

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  10. Mal says:

    I realized during the first few months of Obama’s administration the next administration would be criticized for spending. Obama left us in such sad shape by doubling our debt while at the same time neglecting our infrastructure and depleting out military. Also, remember his “stimulus pkg” when he gave everyone a couple of hundred bucks supposedly to get the economy going, but in reality, he did it to buy favor among the poor. Most of us probably felt the way I did by not wanting the money, but instead address our deficit and national debt. And it worked…….for him, not us.
    Trump needs to reming folks that the stimulus money was simply cashing checks taken from your bank account.


  11. Z says:

    Mal…you’re right…some stimulus! And I’ve heard leftists say the good economy is Obama’s. Normally, I do understand that economies don’t change quickly…but in Trump’s case it’s so clearly thanks to reducing regulations and lowering taxes it’s laughable to credit Obama.


  12. Mal says:

    Right! Obama had 8 years which showed nothing. Maybe 1% growth, if that. Our economy took off almost immediately after Trump got in and made a whole bunch of changes. No way can anyone say it was Obamas doing…………and keep a straight face when saying it.


  13. kid says:

    Talk about defecrats and lying, bubba clinton recently took credit for ending the Vietnam war. He was first elected 1992, and Nixon ended it in 1972. THEY KNOW how stupid democrat voters are.

    -as does yahoo, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC,huffpo, the whole lot of them.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, Kid…they are all SO STUPID, and such liars, and so many believe them!!!


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  15. geeez2014 says:

    Another liberal chicken has slammed Trump publicly in Cannes….because of the “ugly ugly ugly blemish on America” in Charlottesville last year. NOT the rioters’ actions, of course.


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