Nice stories need to be told…….

Finally, a REALLY NICE STORY!  Though kind of embarrassing for her son!
Sure, the mother might be awful, and that’s why her son ignored Mother’s Day….but these waitresses (pardon me, “people on the wait staff”) did do the right thing!



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  1. bocopro says:

    Always been difficult for me to show affection to people, with one exception.

    Always called Mother on her day, and her b-day, and wrote her a lengthy narrative letter every week, snail mail ’cause she refused to own or even touch a computer.

    Even have trouble hugging my own daughters. They plaster themselves onto me when they come to visit, but I’m just not a hugger.

    So . . . all that said, one of my favoritest quotes is “the best gift a father can give his children is to love their mother.”

    And I do that. Fundamental. Crucial. In fact, failing that, society breaks down . . . as we’re seeing today in many communities.

    As my grandkritters enter the hormone maelstrom of puberty and become FAR smarter than their parents, I remind them all that they get one mother and she’ll be the greatest friend they’ll ever have in their entire lives. Treat her badly, and they go on my shi’ite list, not because those women are my daughters or my sons’ wives, but because they’re acting like rotten little ________s.


  2. Nice story. It’s not about the mom, or the young boy, but about the charitable (loving) response of strangers.


  3. Mal says:

    “Random acts of kindness.” We occasionally hear of them but not often enough, do we? Bocopro, its sad you aren’t comfortable hugging, esp. your children. I would give anything to be able to hug a daughter than passed away almost 6 years ago. Or my mom and dad. Learn to do it now before its too late even if you feel a bit uncomfortable for awhile. You won’t be sorry. And you know what? You may actually get comfortable and enjoy doing it.


  4. I was in line at a grocery and the girl paying for her groceries (and kud stuff) didn’t have enough.
    The guy behind her put the difference on his bill.
    Shr stared crying, the cashier told the cashier next to her why.
    The guy said to stop it. It was Jesus buying her stuff, not him.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    :Ed, that’s a great story. And yes, this is all about the response.

    Bocopro….trust me, it helps daughters to be hugged. Trust me.

    Mal, I agree about the hugging……I think it warms a kid’s soul. And I can’t believe it’s six years since you lost your daughter. Amazing…and so sad.

    I hate to ‘go negative’ on this happy story today but couldn’t resist….
    Another liberal chicken has slammed Trump publicly in Cannes…This is the ‘bent’ of liberals…go to Australia, India, France, WHEREVER, and SLAM OUR COUNTRY….Spike Lee says it’s .because of the “ugly ugly ugly blemish on America” in Charlottesville last year. NOT the rioters’ actions, of course”


  6. bocopro says:

    I don’t resist my daughters’ hugging; I just don’t initiate it. And I don’t find it unnatural or repulsive, just “not me.” I do NOT hug my grandsons, but my only granddaughter is a hugger, and I don’t deny her that.

    Strangely, tho, I wrap my arms around my wife each morning as soon as she comes out of her room. And that DOES feel natural, and good. And I tell her she’s a good-lookin woman, even in those moments when she’s definitely NOT. (actually, that could be from my grandfather, who said a woman needs to be told that somebody loves her every day, and that she’s beautiful every now and then, ESPECIALLY if she isn’t).

    Reckon it has to do with how I was brought up — distant mother, very busy grandmother, and the only kid in a houseful of adults during the war and its aftermath. Everybody had somethin to do, and it never involved touchy-feeley stuff. Good, Christian people. Just not a hugger family.


  7. Spike who? Oh. Is he trying to be relevant?


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…I can’t divide who I think is relevant or not and go from there.
    Yes, he’s relevant in many worlds. Not ours, that’s for sure.

    Bocopro…I think how we’re brought up DOES affect us…in every way. My own Mom isn’t a big hugger. Frankly, I wish she had been. It matters, tho she’s a marvelous mother in so many ways.. And I TOTALLY don’t think it reflects on how we love …I agree with you.


  9. Jersey Jack says:

    Ed…Spike? Drill down into that pile of tiny tiny turds in the bowels of any dumpster in Brooklyn…and this is most likely where you’ll find the existence of this tiny, hateful lowlife, who sicced a lynch mob, and a potentially murderous gang onto Geroge Zimmerman’s family while advertising a bounty, dead or alive on George ( which in and of itself is a crime )…only to find they were Zimmerman’s who were totally unrelated to the real George. The turd that has whined and complained that the old ghetto, he called “home” ( not since he became a zillionaire and moved in with MadMax Waters in Pacifica Heights all rich / white enclave ) a rundown filthy neighborhood…his old hood…was being gentrified and rebuilt from the ashes of the last section 8 dwellers, by too many whites!

    Now…try to imagine if that was said by Carl Rove. Brooklyn…now a clean, desirable location close to Manhattan dwellers, affordable by NY standards has been rescued by white realtors…imagine the horror of rescuing all those turn of the century walkups!


  10. Jersey Jack says:

    Ms. Z…many people of that generation were raised to avoid any and all PDA’s.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    JJ, if you mean Public Display of Affection, this is home stuff….not too public. Some people just aren’t as emotional, or don’t show it well…I think we all know that…

    Ya, Lee is a SNAKE, but there he is joining the stinking ranks of Hillary (in INDIA selling her book?!! and slamming America), Bill Clinton in England some years ago while I watched live from Paris LITERALLY having tears go down my face that a past president was so openly insulting the sitting president in public..LITERALLY crying with embarrassment and outrage….etc.

    NOW the CIA gal has let me down SO BIG TIME,
    I thought she was different, but she caved to someone. Hurts me, very deep down hurts me. I adored her. Now she seems like Comey to me, bending in the wind….CLEARLY better than COmey, but………………Perhaps this is just a Machiavellian ‘give’ and she’ll do anything to get in…….or Trump’s folks told her to do this just to GET IN, but….


  12. geeez2014 says:

    In other words, in essence, the Left got its admission and a kind of ‘apology’ from Haspel for having dared think differently than they do. (#$*R(@*#&$(*&#

    Am leaving for a couple of hours. Talk amongst yourselves 🙂


  13. Mal says:



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  14. geeez2014 says:

    Mal! That made me smile! Thanks! I’m BAAAACK!

    And with more bad news; No Korea talking about not meeting with Trump now over the fact that USA and SoKo are practicing military stuff………. well, who counted on this jerk? (Kim, not Trump)_ 🙂


  15. geeez2014 says:

    And NOW the TV SHOW ROSEANNE will stop doing politics and concentrate on the family!
    They caved, TOO! It’s astonishing!

    The message, every single freakin’ day is : anything you do that wreaks republican had better damned well STOP. Yesterday.


    And even the very conservative TV show LAST MAN STANDING, a very popular show that was cancelled by ABC until Roseanne’s pro-Trump first show did so well, might be sold to FOX but IS being resurrected. After all, if you must resurrect something, it had better be by a disgusting Conservative company, not ABC, right? 🙂


  16. Cube says:

    I don’t remember hugging being big in my family when I was growing up. There was plenty of love but we didn’t show it. I married into a family of huggers and. after a few years, hugging crept into my family. All of a sudden, we were hugging whenever we met.

    I remember on one occasion, my parents came over for their granddaughter’s birthday and I ran out and hugged my mom. At the same moment two other cars pulled up and I ran over to hug them. I turned and saw my Dad with his arms outstretched say, “I don’t get a hug?”

    I wish I could give him a hug today, but he passed in May 2017. He’s been on my mind the last few days.

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  17. Jersey Jack says:

    Within 4 short years, I lost my Dad, then Mom 18 months later, then younger my sister…hug the ones you’re with and have left to hug…I do wish I had mine again.


  18. They gave my dad six months to live so I started spending every Saturday with him.
    For six years.
    Then when he had enough, he left.
    I miss him, but I’ll see him again.
    He stuck around long enough for me to introduce him to Jesus.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Love, Love, Love……..
    I think ‘group hugs’ are silly gestures of people desperate to show their emotions, to feel more than they do…. Sorry, I just find them vacuous….

    But a one-on-one hug? LOVE, love, love!! we should all do it more.


  20. Mal says:

    One exception to group hugging might be when a team wins a game and they show their exuberance by all hugging together. Ya think, Z?


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