Up to WHO??  So Broward County seems to have dropped the ball on school protection.   Our pal, Jersey Jack, brought THIS to my attention and I thought you ought to see it, too.

Obviously, THIS really caught our eye:

“The school board’s embrace of progressive programs, including The Promise Program and the Behavior Intervention Program, Preston maintains, has protected problem students — like the student who eventually slaughtered 17 people in February — shielding them from effective disciplinary measures and thus allowing them to remain threats to their peers.”

Then there is THIS ARTICLE that interested me because these mothers are complaining about not enough discipline to have somehow prevented the Parkland murders, too!  This article came out yesterday;  I’ve had this Jersey Jack story for a while.  Sometimes things happen for a reason.

What do you think?  Should the school district be held responsible for being so liberal they can’t bring themselves to properly check into and act on kids who seem “a little weird?”   Honestly, we have at least one girl at the high school I’m associated with who is REALLY weird; to herself, quiet like a mummy…..odd.  If I didn’t know her folks and her brother who also goes there, and if she wasn’t a girl…..but is that enough?  

Z  (thanks, JJ)

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30 Responses to SCHOOL SAFETY….wow

  1. Kid says:

    100 Million for ‘school safety’ ? What is the timeframe I wonder. It says since 2014. How often do they get 100 mil to allocate to ‘school safety’ that apparently is laundered away and stolen.
    I can’t imagine the high school I went to spending even 10 mil (adjusted down for inflation) in 10 years for Everything. Teachers, books, physical plant, the whole ball of wax.

    And where does that money come from ?? US ! How do you like your property tax ?!
    I’ve been maintaining that local public unions have been raping us much worse than the feds.

    There was a guy on the radio here that said almost everyday “If you vote for a schoo levy, you’re stupid!” True that. A local school dist consisting of 6 schools (Lakota) fired 90 administrators and 100 teachers back around 2009 and called it good. What the hell did those people do and probably 6 figure salaries for the admins.

    People at Broward have to be criminally responsible for those 17 deaths and the idiot brigrade screams NRA. Can you imagine being one of those parents ? I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night imagining all the people there who are responsible for this.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I thought A HUNDRED MILLION was outrageously high, too. And WHERE DID IT GO??
    You nail the whole situation in your comment…….

    And now, I cannot IMAGINE being one of those parents…no way.

    I loved that some people are saying it’s liberal fear of offending anybody that might have got these kids killed. God forbid they pull out kids with odd behavior? Well, they’d better darned do it starting NOW.

    “Just in case” has become a liberal nightmare. We Cons want “Just in case” to WORK. Let’s take little Johnny home for a week so his folks can get him some kind of input from a shrink…”just in case” Let’s make sure we have enough guards, “Just in case” Works for me…so’s this:.
    Let’s have someone look under that hijab she’s wearing “Just in case”


  3. Kid says:

    Z, Thanks. Education, generally speaking, has gotten so inverse to anything that makes sense I have to conclude it is intentional as in Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev screaming “Your kids will grow up Communist!” Parents let too much happen to their kids at these indoctrinatoin centers because they’re lazy. They allow themselves to be taxed tohell and back because God forbid the school can’t ‘afford’ the school buses and they might actually have to drive their kid to school.

    The liberals that run these things are operating with impunity while they scream for mo money. And this ins’t new. My friends were teachers 30 years ago and this was going on then.


  4. Kid says:

    And fwiw, I’m not getting email notices all the time when new coments are added. I assume it’s a wordpress short circuit of some kind.


  5. Mal says:

    This was sad, but like all complaints about shootings and killings, there its no apparent solution that will work. Ban guns? We all know that won’t work. Background checks? Sure, but they’ll only go underground to obtain a weapon. As for schools, all they can hope to do is discourage it via sensitivity and anti-bullying classes, etc. Thats it. Then pray that it works.


  6. Mal says:

    Kid, have you checked the little box at the bottom when you comment? That might be the problem.


  7. Baysider says:

    Wow is right. I doubt they’d have the same leniency they did with the attackers that hospitalized their victim with – say – a student organizing a ‘support President Trump’ event who got whacked. They’d probably arrest him for inciting emotions. More thoughts … but we are just heading out to the doctors now.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    DUcky adds “As to where the money went, a look at the Broward county school budget shows a 90 million dollar increase in the budget for “resource officers”.”

    Looks like that was money poorly spent. Resource? Law Enforcement? what?


  9. geeez2014 says:

    I see where there was an aborted shooting this morning in Illinois at a school….it says the SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER (the weirdest euphemism I’ve heard for school COP but COP probably bugs the lib school boards) reported the incident to authorities and then confronted the gunman,

    THANKFULLY, the ACTS of “school RESOURCE officers” are COP-LIKE and the COP part SAVES LIVES:
    “When confronted, the suspect started running away, and the officer pursued him, Howell said. The suspect shot several rounds at the officer, and the officer then returned fire, hitting the gunman, the chief added.”


  10. That shooter at Parkland was way beyond a little weird. He should have been “on the radar.”

    And the high school needed a real school cop, not some guy who cowered. Why is he allowed to have his pension?


  11. Kid says:

    MAL, Yes, i do check the box. I get some of the notices but not all.

    AOW – Guess how much the pension is.. 8 Grand a month. Unreal.
    I’m tell ya, local public unions, schools, etc are raping us with telephone poles.

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  12. Kid,
    $8702 a month!!! I’ve never earned that as a teacher.


  13. Kid says:

    AOW. Karma needed…


  14. From CNN:

    About 18 months before the shooting, [school resource officer] Peterson attempted to have Cruz involuntarily committed over mental health concerns. Two guidance counselors concurred with Peterson, but two mental health professionals nixed the prospect, saying the teen didn’t meet the criteria for involuntary committal.


  15. Kid says:

    AOW, This was the fault of the NRA.


  16. Baysider says:

    AOW, as an aside, the bulk of city pensions/benefits paid out in my town are over $100K. A shocking percentage are over $400K.

    This tragedy highlights the fruits of shielding our children from responsibility for their actions – whether it’s losing a ball game or beating up another student and sending her to the hospital. Add to that the call for equal outcomes by racial percentage that lets some students off more easily than others and we have this mess. “Taking away the guns” doesn’t even talk to the problem on the same planet.

    How much $$$ does it take to overpower bad training and poor leadershp? A stitch in time would have saved so much. As long as the dominant thought leadership is that people are basically good and bad behavior comes from circumstances (as, indeed, influences behavior) and NOT character, we will get more of this.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, NRA?

    AOW “On the radar?” that’s my point. Nobody has the guts to get anybody on the radar because they feel they’ll be accused of singling someone out just because he or she is ‘a little weird’ …or outrageously dangerous….I believe there might be no difference and that’s our BIGGEST problem!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Anyway, that’s the point of the link in my piece…..they’re blaming progressives who are afraid to condemn, to criticize……….so our healthy kids are dying!

    On the other hand, I heard a S American missionary talk about how sheriffs in some S American countries quite literally shoot and kill children with no parents and no means of support. KILL THEM on the streets because there is absolutely nothing for these kids.
    Thank GOD we’re not like that……..

    SO, what DO we do with kids who are cutting themselves, shooting others, are high school seniors who can’t read beyond 8th grade if they’re lucky, don’t know any basic math, etc?


  19. kid says:

    Z, You haven’t heard ? The left are blaming all these problems on the NRA.

    Also ‘On the radar” Many states have ‘red flag’ laws in place where for example your neighbor calls the police and says you make them very nervous, so the cops go judge shopping and have an order written up to confiscate your weapons.

    They’re doing it with every day citizens, why not these deranged little idiots in schools?

    Finally, your question “What do we do with kids like that? Politics, media, and teaching.


  20. bunkerville says:

    Meanwhile our kids are losing their boys and girls rifle teams over this… Schools are now under attack to end them.. One more decent thing flyover country has to give up.


  21. Jersey Jack says:

    Thanks for the pickup on this terrible article of stupidity, injustice and the epitome of liberal lunacy and insanity.
    In a nutshell, I’ll say it again… they have too much freedom and use it improperly and unwisely. Especially the lawless left, it’s minions on college campuses, these twerps in Congress and local governments. No one should tolerate threats against a sitting President in this country nor deface the flag. Try that somewhere else and see how far it gets you. It’s not about restricting the so-called freedom of speech… it’s respect for our most revered institutions, culture, and history. Announcing in public or on TV show that “yes…I’ve considered blowing up the White House.”
    Or doing a Spike Lee, filthy ghetto rant, out of your disgusting mouth. Or violate finance laws and not be prosecuted…or cross a border illegally and demand rights and absurdly …given to them?
    and on and on it goes…all the while provoking and prodding us to one day come to a realization that the ballot no longer works for us…cause they’ll do what they damn well please in spite of what we want and elected them for.
    Then the other real freedoms enumerated in our constitution, that are being routinely denied us by illogical, useless, emotional feelings driven holders of XX chromosomes mostly…are disappearing without a whimper and add more to the fascists’ success.


  22. Mal says:

    Like I’ve been sayin’, J.J., I’m sure glad I’m turning 90 this Summer!


  23. Jersey Jack says:

    Mal…yea…I think the 50’s were my best times too. There was at least, respect, decency, commonality and you just didn’t get away with showing your ass in public to children during a pervert parade. Among other disgusting unnatural ( was illegal once ) “behaviors”.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey and Mal; Ducky (liberal commenter I don’t allow here, but Jack knows him, Mal, you probably don’t)…anyway, I once was commenting years ago about Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best, both from the late Fifties….I said how things were so much more genteel and good back then.
    Ducky denied it, saying they were ridiculous mischaracterizations of the truth and nobody really lived like that, etc. Of course, my family really WAS pretty much like those shows…great parents who cared, good values, good discipline, teacher came first, NO SNOWFLAKES IN OUR FAMILY! etc….
    I was stunned at Ducky’s response….and I realized later that HOW COULD THEY HAVE BEEN SO UNTRUE IF EVERYONE LOVED THE SHOWS? Everyone DID relate to them in some way or the other or they’d not have been such huge hits!

    Yes, life WAS nicer then…. And, of course, the minute you say this to many Leftwingers, you hear “Really? You think racism was better?” As if racism was the ONLY thing from the past……….nothing good can come from America, right? (WRONG!)


  25. kid says:

    A divided society has a heck of a time mounting a revolution. =What this is all about.

    The pols ARE that scared. Why? What don’t we know.


  26. Mustang says:

    School boards are political entities. The are mostly parliamentary entities that cannot be held individually responsible. They can be held accountable come election time, and it is possible to sue a school district, but do not think for a minute that any board member is worried about being held responsible for policy or regulation. School board membership is a stepping stone to bigger and better things. School boards wrap themselves in lawyers and could care less about school safety. The question remains: why do parents (voters) put up with it? Answer: parents have no idea about what is going on inside that school board … which suits the board members just fine.


  27. kid says:

    Hey, those of us born in the vicinity of the 50’s had FIVE good decades ! 50’s to 2000’s.
    I can’t think of an American who had it better given Indian wars, Civil War, WWI, Depression, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam.
    We had 5 pretty decent decades and maybe that is as good as it gets, but damnit to hell, We Want More! Let’s go for it ! Let’s STUFF These snowflakes ! I’ll pitch in on the Crayola’s if need be.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I had a mother tell me a few years back that a principal said “Mrs Day….yes, you’re right….these things are ridiculous, but our school board is liberal and I don’t see a lot of conservatives getting on any school boards…”


    Kid, we were VERY VERY lucky…..
    You’ll bring the crayolas? WHAT A GUY! 🙂


  29. Baysider,
    the bulk of city pensions/benefits paid out in my town are over $100K. A shocking percentage are over $400K



  30. Mal says:

    So why did you vote for their pay and benefits, AOW? (Yeah. I know you didn’t. Never given that chance, right?). It began when Congress found they could vote themselves whatever benefits they wanted and it spread from there. Add to that their being allowed to unionize, and it spells disaster. Unions were never allowed in government jobs until the last 30 or so years for a reason.
    When they were allowed to unionize, it was the end of our democracy. I have always despised unions even in the private sector. But thats just me. My take is, if you can do better, go for it!


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