CIVIL WAR: Jack Minzey… Thank you for this article, and RIP, dear man….

More than a month ago now, Jack Minzey sent what was to be the final chapter in the long line of books and treatises that he has written over the years.

Jack died on Sunday, 8 April 2018.

Professionally, Jack was head of the Department of Education at Eastern Michigan University aswell as a prolific author of numerous books, most of which
were on the topic of Education and the Government role therein. His interest in Conservative Politics was exceeded only by his intellectual ability.

This is the last of his works: Civil War

How do civil wars happen?

Two or more sides disagree on who runs the country. And they can’t settle the question through elections because they don’t even agree that elections are how you decide who’s in charge. That’s the basic issue here. Who decides who runs the country? When you hate each other but accept the election results, you have a country. When you stop accepting election results, you have a countdown to a civil war.

The Mueller investigation is about removing President Trump from office and overturning the results of an election. We all know that. But it’s not the first time they’ve done this. The first time a Republican president was elected this century, they said he didn’t really win. The Supreme Court gave him the election. There’s a pattern here.

What do sure odds of the Democrats rejecting the next Republican president really mean? It means they don’t accept the results of any election that they don’t win. It means they don’t believe that transfers of power in this country are determined by elections.

That’s a civil war.

There’s no shooting. At least not unless you count the attempt to kill a bunch of Republicans at a charity baseball game practice. But the Democrats have
rejected our system of government.

This isn’t dissent. It’s not disagreement. You can hate the other party. You can think
they’re the worst thing that ever happened to the country. But then you work harder to win the next election. When you consistently reject the results of elections that you don’t win, what you want is a dictatorship. Your very own dictatorship.

The only legitimate exercise of power in this country, according to Democrats, is its own.
Whenever Republicans exercise power, it’s inherently illegitimate. The Democrats lost Congress. They lost the White House. So what did they do? They began trying to run the country through Federal judges and bureaucrats. Every time that a Federal judge issues an order saying that the President of the United States can’t scratch his own back without his say so, that’s the civil war.

Our system of government is based on the constitution, but that’s not the system that runs this country. The Democrat’s system is that any part of government that it runs gets total and unlimited power over the country.

If the Democrats are in the White House, then the president can do anything. And I mean anything. He can have his own amnesty for illegal aliens. He can fine you for not having health insurance. His power is unlimited. He’s a dictator.

But when Republicans get into the White House, suddenly the President can’t do anything. He isn’t even allowed to undo the illegal alien amnesty that his predecessor illegally invented. A Democrat in the White House has ‘discretion’ to completely decide every aspect of immigration policy. A Republican doesn’t even have the ‘discretion’ to reverse him. That’s how the game is played That’s how our country is run. Sad but true, although the left hasn’t yet won that particular fight.

When a Democrat is in the White House, states aren’t even allowed to enforce immigration law. But when a Republican is in the White House, states can create their own immigration laws. Under Obama, a state wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom without asking permission. But under Trump, Jerry Brown can go around saying that California is an independent republic and sign treaties with other countries.

The Constitution has something to say about that.  Whether it’s Federal or State,
Executive, Legislative or Judiciary, the left moves power around to run the country. If it controls an institution, then that institution is suddenly the supreme power in the
land. This is what I call a moving dictatorship.

Donald Trump has caused the Shadow Government to come out of hiding: Professional government is a guild. Like medieval guilds. You can’t serve in if you’re not a member. If you haven’t been indoctrinated into its arcane rituals. If you aren’t in the club. And Trump isn’t  in the club. He brought in a bunch of people who aren’t in the club with him.

Now we’re seeing what the pros do when amateurs try to walk in on them. They spy on them, they investigate them and they send them to jail. They use the tools of power to bring them down. That’s not a free country.

It’s not a free country when FBI agents who support Hillary take out an ‘insurance policy’ against Trump winning the election. It’s not a free country when Obama officials engage in massive unmasking of the opposition. It’s not a free country when the media responds to the other guy winning by trying to ban the conservative media that supported him from social media. It’s not a free country when all of the above collude together to overturn an election because the guy who wasn’t supposed to win did.

Have no doubt, we’re in a civil war between conservative volunteer government and a leftist Democrat professional government.

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13 Responses to CIVIL WAR: Jack Minzey… Thank you for this article, and RIP, dear man….

  1. Yes, this is a civil war.

    You know, most of America wouldn’t have learned about the Shadow Government (Deep State) had HRC been elected.

    The Shadow Government has been around since at least 1979. John Carbaugh. I learned about him when his granddaughter was in my class. She announced with pride to the class, “My grandfather was a member of the Shadow Government.” Publicly (in the press) he was referred to as “a strategist.” He was more than that!

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  2. Link about the Shadow Government.


  3. First date of publication of the above = 2009, about 4 years after Carbaugh’s death.


  4. Kid says:

    I read this yesterday. A very good summary and very accurate.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    “In a series of exclusive interviews, former Fox News Channel chief political correspondent Carl Cameron explained to ThinkProgress how the Russians coordinated their cyber attack on the 2016 election with the Trump campaign.

    “Trump confidant Roger Stone’s success was having the connections and creating the opportunities for [Russian intelligence officer] Guccifer2.0 and other Russian groups to really start taking advantage of social media and pounding these negative memes that Hillary’s a crook, et cetera,” Cameron explained to ThinkProgress’ Joe Romm — as related in the new book, How to Go Viral and Reach Millions.”

    Remember when I used to say “Carl Cameron is NO CONSERVATIVES, folks, FOX or NO FOX!”
    voila….BOy, was I right…now he’s “explained” how the Russians coordinated their attacks and got Trump elected! 🙂 (As if we needed Russians to “pound the negative memes about Hillary?!)


  6. Mal says:

    The whole idea of a shadow government sounds so unbelievable to US, so must be even MORE so to a Trump hater. It sounds more like something scripted in Hollywood for a movie. I mean, this just couldn’t happen here in America, right? This is probably why they continue getting away with it.
    If we are able to change things, its going to take time because it also took time establishing themselves in our education and government. We are, however, on the right tract with this administration and we all pray he prevails ’cause if anyone can do it, its Trump. He is slowly gaining support, like even counties in So. Calif. (Orange, San Diego, etc.) but the mid-term elections coming up as well as in 2020 are critical and must wins if we are to survive.


  7. Baysider says:

    Excellent! “When you hate each other but accept the election results, you have a country. ” really sums it up. Yes – a moving dictatorship. Trump is like the farmer that goes out to the barn in the dark of night. When he opens the door with his lantern, the light shines in and the rats run for cover. The little birds sleeping in the rafters start to sing. We are the birds. And the deep state rats are running for cover BUT arming up to kill the farmer and take over the barn permanently and officially.

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  8. I think what you are missing is that if Bernie had won the Democratic Primary and subsequent election, the same “shadow government” would be doing everything in its’ power to resist and overturn his presidency as well… just like they were doing within the DNC to rig the Primary for Hillary. We have an establishment post WWII meta-ideology that REALLY underlies both political parties based upon corporate global capitalism. It also underlies all the major EU country governments and Japan.

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    Vrag, I didn’t mention it, but I think you’re right…the shadow gov’t is no more happy with Bernie than they are with Trump….Vrag, do you think this all revolves or evolves around groups like the Trilateral commission or Bitterburg?

    Baysider…it’s a good piece, isn’t it. Excellent analogy to the farmer and the barn. I’m so weary of the ugliness, the constant hate…major leftwing sites are saying Melania’s been kept out of view because Trump probably beats her up and she has bruises. I kid you not. When will this stop?

    Then, if all goes well and , finally, a Dem wins, they’ll overturn everything Trump did, so what’s the point?
    PLEASE, GOD, LET THE SCOTUS GET AN OPENING BEFORE TRUMP is DUMPED…That could be the only lasting, but SO IMPORTANT, thing he’ll do.

    MAL:”more to a Trump hater?” They ARE the shadow government proponents, aren’t they?

    San Diego, Orange County, as you know…they’ve always been conservative……..but they haven’t always spoken out and the sanctuary city thing has really shown what their excellent true colors are!!


  10. Well, Minzey is another great thinker from Ypsilanti. 🙂


  11. Mal says:

    Z, when I spoke of the Trump haters, I meant the public, not the politicians themselves. But yes, the politicians ARE the shadow gov’t.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, good point.

    Ed, you’re always just far too humble 🙂

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  13. Jersey Jack says:

    Any so-called “man” that calls himself a ‘democrat’ better unzip his fly and find out that his manhood has been stolen and should call the cops to see who committed that crime.


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