Homage to PAMELA from my Voting Precinct

I voted here in California yesterday.  What had already got me and Republican friends pretty steamed was the way the Conservative candidates were always listed on the ballot way down at the bottom of each category.   Every one of them.

I always walk into my voting place in a sour mood because I know I’m surrounded by liberals who I believe haven’t given much thought to the choices but just know “Democrats are nicer.”   You know the stupid drill.   Provisional Ballots also get me steaming, too…  It’s not fun for me to vote, let’s face it.  But I almost always do.

All that to tell you about the surprise of PAMELA!   Pamela was the first person by the door when I walked into the auditorium at Brockton Elementary School, my voting precinct.  She took my name,  had me sign, and handed me the ballot….she added “By the way, make sure you look at all the pages before you vote, some candidate choices are on two pages and you want to see them all before voting!”    

I thought “Good thing she said that because my candidates are ALL on that ‘next page’ and I know that’s planned so many Conservatives don’t even see them.”    I voted with that on my mind, struck by how she felt that important to mention.

I went back, turned in my ballot, and told her I thought it was good she said what she did….and  added (I held my breath hoping I was right, or I’d feel even WORSE at my precinct!)  “Did you mention that because ONE PARTY is always at the end of the list?”   She raised her brows and said “I SURE DID!”  My heart skipped a beat!

“So are you a Republican?” I whispered to this Black precinct worker. I’m an INDEPENDENT,” she said, which I figure is “Yes, I’m a Republican” in code if you are working liberal West L.A.’s precincts!  And if you’re Black!   We chatted a while about how Democrats are so pro entitlements, I mentioned how self confidence and feeling proud of our successes are things of the past, and she told me she had to quit working at a university because she couldn’t take the snowflake mentality!   I was glad it wasn’t busy at the time I voted so we could talk.

SO, PAMELA and I had a great time!  Me, especially…..I am speaking to a Conservative Black precinct worker…oh HAPPY DAY!  I said “I’ve gotta hug you!”  She got up and hugged me like a VICE…and for a long time!   She said “you’ve just GOT TO HAVE HOPE!”

As I skipped out of that precinct to my car, I thought “And Pamela, you just gave me MORE HOPE THAN YOU’D EVER IMAGINE!”

And darned if a Republican, John Cox, won’t be running for governor in November in California!    Here in California, we now have a ridiculous thing I call a non-primary primary where everyone votes for any party….so it was expected it’d be Newsome and Villaraigosa, but NO…Cox did very well!    Miracles happen!   You have to have HOPE!

California Democrats have been denied their supermajority in the state Senate, in a key vote that means Senate Democrats won’t hold the two-thirds majority needed to pass tax and fee increases. Democrats temporarily lost their supermajority in February when a lawmaker accused of sexual misconduct resigned. They likely would have gotten it back in a special election in August. But then they lost another seat on Tuesday, when voters in an Orange County district recalled Democratic Sen. Josh Newman from office over his vote to raise gas taxes last year. Former Republican Assemblywoman Ling Ling Chang won the seat. The development comes amid other good news for the GOP in the Golden State Tuesday.”



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46 Responses to Homage to PAMELA from my Voting Precinct

  1. That is a wonderful story!
    There is hope.


  2. bunkerville says:

    Wow, now that should put a spring in the step!! So glad we have a candidate out there for Gov…. waiting to here if the GOPers got a break with having both candidates GOP in various races.


  3. Kid says:

    Good Luck Z. With this latest water rationing thing you gotta wonder how much Californians can take.


  4. Red wave coming in November?


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks!

    Bunkerville…Newsom is running anti-Trump and Cox keeps reminding Californians “Trump isn’t the one who…”

    Kid, thankfully, we can add “isn’t the one who…” in regard to the water thing you mentioned, which isn’t being spoken about IN California, by the way. We have always been good handling water shortages and I’m thinking if the state does the silly draconian thing reported, they WILL have a RED wave! As I said somewhere the other day (on my blog?), the amount of water they’re giving us is good for one shower and some laundry; which is great if you live alone, but….iif it ever did get passed, it really could cause a Red Wave!

    AOW….hopefully, but I’m not counting on anything. Plus, I really dislike John Cox, who I had to vote for. About everyone I know said they “held their noses” and voted for him. But, of course, better ANY Republican than Gavin Newsome!


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Can I ask a really tacky question here, since I just read more on Kate Spade’s suicide? Again I saw that she’d hanged herself on a closet doorknob…how do you hang from 3′ , the standard height of a doorknob? Not that I have plans, of course 🙂

    TIP to those with depressed friends or loved ones: A relative-thru-marriage of mine committed suicide by hanging, a man of about 40 years….the night before, he asked a cousin of mine if he’d watch over his family if anything ever happened. He had been on some psychiatric treatment, and my cousin thought the question was an innocent ‘man to man’ request…but it wasn’t.
    Spade apparently asked her sister if she’d go to her funeral if she died, even though “I know you don’t like funerals!” Spade’s sister thought it was just a ‘line’.

    Let’s never take things like this innocently…….expect the worse; you could save a life.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, WOW! “Shorter is better” Looks like Kate Spade had done her homework. So sad. Thanks for the link.
    Did you see how the link says click if you’re 18, and you can’t read it if you don’t? As IF any under 18 person is going to tell the truth?


  8. Kid says:

    That over/under 18 is pretty silly.


  9. Z says:

    Kid…not like they can enforce that! I wonder how many even worse sites excuse their content with things like that…sort of like the hideous stuff I see on TB..so sexual it even shocks me to hear it so openly..and people excuse it with WELL..IT’S ONLY CABLE


  10. Kid says:

    Yep, siully. TB?


  11. Mal says:

    The big puzzle is, if you want to do yourself in, why not make it as painless as possible? Why go through all the suffering of hanging, shooting, jumping off a bridge/bldg, etc. when you could simply drink something or inject something that would put you to sleep…….permanently?
    I’ve always wondered why an obese guy I use to work with when I was with Fannie Mae later took his life by stabbing himself in the stomach? That had to be so painful, yet he chose that method. Was it total disgust with his obesity? Of course, when one plans on taking their own life they have to be a half a bubble off center to start with.


  12. Kid says:

    Z, I’m sure there are many bogus provisional ballots out there, but did you see where 188,000 voters got dropped form LA voter rolls? Wonder if they were repubs?



  13. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you think Henry Winkler is Republican?! 🙂 No, there was no party affiliation from what I’ve heard and read. Yes, 118,000;.
    There are books and books of signatures in the provisional ballot book…you vote HERE with any story you pick (“I work too far from home to get there in time to vote,” etc), then you go to another precinct, beg the same story, and vote again………..

    TB..typo TV

    Mal, VERY unusual to stab oneself to death but not unheard of …I agree with you!


  14. Kid says:

    Yes, too much sex and perversion on TV. I don’t know about the Fonz, just had the thought anyway.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Saddened by the Macron take on a phone call with Trump which was “terrible”….I know we all support Trump far FAR more than any French president but this guy shows such class in saying he won’t divulge the details. I really admire that.
    Someone is privy to Macron’s feelings however and this bothered me because it does sound realistic:
    “The source claimed Macron thought that “based on the relationship” between him and Trump, he could openly criticize the impending tariffs but the U.S. leader “can’t handle being criticized like that.”

    No, he doesn’t seem to like criticism, that’s for sure. And I know you’ll all disagree, but I think a sitting president from any allied country has a right to privately criticize an American president in private. It should work both ways and we know Trump has highly criticized France on their takes on Iran, climate change, and tariffs…publicly and, probably, privately.

    Macron shows class for a young whipper snapper. I’m so glad Trump hasn’t divulged this conversation…because then, turnabout is fair play.

    Macron is no dummy: “Asked to confirm such details, Macron suggested that the minutiae of his relationship with Trump could include off-putting chapters but he would refrain from divulging specifics, instead choosing to cite a renowned Machiavellian in European history, Otto von Bismarck.
    “As Bismarck said, if we explained to people the recipe for sausages, it’s unlikely they’d keep eating them,” he said. “So I like it when people see the finished meal, but I’m not convinced the kitchen commentary helps with delivering the meal or eating it.””

    As I said, turnabout is fair play…and keeping mouths closed during negotiations is something I hope our president can learn, too………he hasn’t been too good on NoKo in this respect,, that’s for sure.

    OKAY, all you TRUMP IS ALWAYS RIGHT friends! FIRE AWAY AT Z!! 🙂


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that was the first thought of ALL Conservatives in California, you can bet on it “Was it US who got blocked from voting!?” I’m thinking that might have been too obvious a ploy even in a contest that was REALLY DIRTY! Remember I talked about a flier that went around telling Cons. how LIBERAL John Cox is…warning us of LIBERALITY and I found , in very fine print at the bottom, PAID FOR BY VILLARAIGOSSA!? (who’s REALLY a liberal!)? That was rampant!


  17. Kid says:

    I believe they will do anything. It’s a war. Plus they’re in a panic.


  18. Jersey Jack says:

    “how do you hang from 3′ , the standard height of a doorknob?”



  19. geeez2014 says:

    JJ…Not sure she scared herself to death, poor thing!

    Kid, yes, they will do ANYTHING. I’d love to know if the Newsom people here in CA think they’ve got it made or are scared of Cox. If Newsom keeps doing his laundry list of “California’s bad because of Trump” and Cox keeps reminding the public that Trump has nothing to do with California, Cox could win.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    I was thinking how nasty the libs would have become had Michelle Obama had surgery and not been seen in 3 weeks and Conservatives suggested Barack beats her or she’d filed for divorce or was moving out of the WH,etc.
    Yet, there it is, on ALL the leftwing outlets…some form of insult. The fun never quits, does it.
    Yes, the Obamas might have handled a 3 week disappearance a tad better than this WH has, been possibly more forthcoming in what was going on, a picture now and then doesn’t hurt a FLOTUS no matter how lousy she’s feeling, but HE BEATS HER AND SHE”S BRUISED? Scumbags.


  21. Leonard Jones says:

    I too am a resident of California. The entire strategy of the open primary is to
    limit the number of strong Democrats to two per race so as to deny the stupid
    party (the GOP) a chance in the general. They know that we will put up five
    or six candidates to divide the vote so that two Democrats will go to the general
    election. This was not supposed to happen! It was supposed to be Gavin Newsom
    vs Antonio Villalgrossa who advanced to the general election Cox came in 2nd.

    Two recent polls caught my attention; 60+ percent of California voters oppose
    illegal immigration, and 72 percent oppose sanctuary cities. I am a lifelong
    resident who remembers how pissed off the voters were during Jerry Brown’s
    first two terms, the taxpayer rebellion that led to Prop 13, etc. If anything, the
    electorate is even more pissed off now! Back then, elderly widows were eating
    Alpo because they could not afford property taxes. Now, hard-working middle-class
    blue collar workers are being taxed into penury.

    I took notes last night and I suffer from insomnia. The open primary system did
    not produce the blue wave the Donks predicted. Only a small percentage of
    the races had Democrats in the top two positions. I counted only the races
    where a Republican and a Democrat were in the top two;

    Congress 45 out of 53 districts.
    Senate Ok, that was a bust. Finklestein and a piss-weak Democrat were
    in the top two. And Granny Botox is a shoe-in for reelection.
    State Senate 15 out of 21 open seats.
    State Assembly 54 out of 79.
    Statewide offices 5 out of 6.

    The Donks spent tens of millions of dollars to unseat ten Congressmen and targeted
    two open seats due to retirements. They went 0 for 12

    Something tells me that Donald Trump will campaign in California the way he did
    in the Rust Belt, coal and steel states. If he campaigns on the issues that effect
    Californians, this state will be a lot redder.

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  22. geeez2014 says:

    Leonard, Cox COULD win, particularly if Newsom keeps blaming Trump for OUR water problems, OUR deficits, etc…like Cox said “Trump didn’t do that. …you did!” 🙂 I’m not a fan of Cox, by the way. He’s never done a thing but RUN for office…and isn’t a Californian.
    On Facebook some Republicans are saying “I checked and my husband and I both voted and it shows no voting history for us”…people think there was a ton of tampering, but I don’t even know how you check if your vote counted???


  23. geeez2014 says:

    THis morning on FOX, a liberal said McConnell is telling senators they can’t go home in August because he doesn’t want Dems to be campaigning for the midterms all of August. The FOX interviewer said “But Reps go home, too…he doesn’t want THEM campaigning, either?”

    Cracked me up! Bravo, FOX!!


  24. Jersey Jack says:

    “Finklestein and a piss-weak Democrat were in the top two. And Granny Botox is a shoe-in for reelection.”

    More proof that AID’s has consequences.


  25. Jersey Jack says:

    ““I checked and my husband and I both voted and it shows no voting history for us”

    Yup…more proof that the 3rd world ballot counters are heavily employed throughout Mexifornia?
    It’s not the vote that counts…it’s who counts the votes.


  26. kid says:

    Z, if mcchuckles hadn’t canceled the recess, Trump could have made a bunch of recess appointments. Is old mitch the real obstructer here?

    Let’s see what they get done.

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  27. Jersey Jack says:

    “had Michelle Obama had surgery and not been seen in 3 weeks..”

    Hmmmmm….I thought she did have that surgery that Bruce Jenner had while she was in Africa for a month?


  28. Jersey Jack says:

    Well Kid…should they work or play seeing as how they’ve done nothing for their paychecks for 2 years?


  29. Heather Smith says:

    Thank you for this Z. What a breath of fresh air and I hope she continues serving the community.

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  30. kid says:

    Jack, I don’t care if they take 11 months vacation as long as they get the MAGA agenda done on time. I’ve totally given up on thinking they should actually work for their rewards.

    I’m definitely in the term limits camp now.


  31. Jersey Jack says:

    Good idea?..”China: Banning Religious Garments in Public Boosts ‘Social Unity”

    “The call to ban burqa in public is justified for consolidating social unity, cohesion, and stability, especially at a time when religion can easily trigger confrontation and conflicts,” China’s state-run outlet the Global Times wrote on Monday.
    “Displaying one’s religious identity in public lacks respect for those who do not believe in any religion and those who oppose the presence of religion in public life” and noted the belief that secular countries are “supposed to” do things like implement “local or nationwide bans on hijabs, niqabs and burqas, “and more countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany are likely to follow suit.”
    In December 2014, China banned the burqa in Xinjiang’s capital, Urumqi, and in 2015, the Xinjiang government reportedly forced shops to sell alcohol and cigarettes to “weaken” religion in the area. The legislation was reportedly the latest in a series of laws intended to eliminate Islam from China.”

    HT/ BB


  32. kid says:

    Jack, Reminds me, I read a story about how some places in China force moslems to eat pork and drink alcohol. I like it.


  33. Jersey Jack says:

    So do I…and I think they’re being quite democratic about it too as I just read. They could squash mooslem and mosques like a bug if they wanted to…but they will this way anyway.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I like that, too 😉

    HEATHER, so happy you read it…I lloved that woman!! I just hope she keeps THINKING this way and PASSES IT ON!~


  35. Sparky says:

    How exciting! I’m so glad you met Pamela, who, by the way, shares my moniker. 😉 Great minds think alike. *lol* Blessings dear Z and good luck to you and your lovely State. ❤


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky, how nice of you to wish LUCK to California, thank you…….!!
    And yes “Pamelas” all must be wonderful people :–)

    EVERYONE: Did Trump really say Canada burned the WH down in 1812, OMG

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  37. kid says:

    Z, No Trump said most people in Canadia must be gay to have elected Trudy to be their PM. Just as bad I guess. But no matter.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, WHAT are you talking about? 🙂

    I LOVE BASKETBALL FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  39. kid says:

    DJ Trump can say anything he wants. He is light years ahead of the democrat/pelosi/upchuckshumer agenda.


  40. geeez2014 says:

    Except he sounds like a freakin’ MORON when he gets it so wrong.


  41. geeez2014 says:

    and, believe me, it gives me no pleasure to say that or that so many believe it. It’s so easy to get the facts right…or just say nothing you’re not sure of. Nobody expects a president to be a historian….or lace maker or plumber…so don’t weigh in on history, lace making or plumbing! Done! Problem solved!


  42. Mal says:

    Z, “except when he (Trump) sounds like a freakin’ MORON when he gets it wrong”, yes, but the things he gets wrong are relatively unimportant and, because no one is perfect, I’d rather his “wrongs” be the inconsequential ones. Like Kid says, he is light years ahead of the Dems et al.
    He can reach in his pocket to buy to sell the whole liberal bunch, and you don’t acquire a fortune by being stupid. I’ve stated before Trump is like Gen. Patton. Tough talkin’ & tough actin”.


  43. Leonard Jones says:

    Geez, I think one of the greatest problems in California is that the GOP keeps shooting
    themselves in the foot. They all assume that California is a lost cause, and are
    willing to settle for permanent minority status. Every time a governor or president
    articulates a clear and unapologetic conservative agenda, he has won in a massive
    landslide. Ronald Reagan swept the state losing only Alameda, Plumas and San
    Fransisco counties for his first term as governor.

    Jerry Brown’s daddy got his ass stomped like a Narc at a biker rally and he was
    nowhere near as radical as his gay son! Every time liberal overreach reaches the
    breaking point, there is massive pushback from the electorate. All Gay Doofus
    did was triple the automobile registration fees and he was canned like a tuna
    in a recall election. The elections of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon were in
    large part about crime, “anti-war” radicals committing violence in the streets,
    and the all too true perception that liberals were soft on crime, and addicted to
    spending taxpayer dollars.

    I voted to remove Rose Byrd, (Cheif Justice of the California Supreme Court
    and two Associate Justices (Cruze Reynoso and Joseph Grodin.) They all
    voted to overturn every death penalty case that crossed their desks. Pat Brown
    claimed to be pro-death penalty but managed to be out of the state for some
    reason, so as to avoid any last minute appeals for commutation. As for the
    political violence during the last two presidential elections, it seems history is
    repeating itself. While Pat Brown sat on his hands, Governor Reagan sent
    the National Guard to college campuses for a little baton therapy practice.

    The Democrat party is in full panic mode. They have less cash on hand than
    outstanding debt. They are losing their grip on power and are in the midst of
    the biggest political corruption scandal in American history. My theory is that
    their most reliable source of donors (corporations) have bailed on them. As
    for the violence, it is going to get a lot worse by this November, and even worse
    in the 2020 presidential race. George Soros rent-a-mobs, Antifa, public sector
    union goons, student radicals, etc., will all be out in full force.

    The Donks are making the same mistakes that led to the elections of Reagan
    and Nixon in six massive landslides. If President Trump stumps for the GOP
    in California, Cox will be our next governor and the GOP will pick up seats
    in the California Senate and the state Assembly. It may not be enough to
    flip the state houses, but if he stresses taxes, crime, illegal immigration,
    sanctuary cities, and states, job growth, the economy, etc., the electoral map
    of Califonia will be a lot redder.


  44. Mal says:

    When Jerry Brown was Governor of Calif. the first time, I remember him trying to act conservative by not moving into the Gov. Mansion and driving a Plymouth Valiant to try to impress everyone he was being frugal. When his father Edmond Brown was Governor I don’t remember much about the guy but son Jerry rode his coattails in politics. We need another Reagan or Dukemejian to replace him. Remember “Duke”? He was good also and a lot of folks expected to see him try for POTUS but he never did.


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