Rumor, Hate…and zero facts….Just trust him: “FOX is doing a great disservice to our country”


It makes me sad, humiliated, it makes me disgusted, it makes me angry, it makes me ask “Can you give specifics?  WHO at FOX says they’re talking up Trump even though they don’t like him?  WHAT IS SO EGREGIOUS that they’ve said, so untrue?  FACTS?  Figures?”

Thoughts, friends?   Yes, CNN is paying his rent now, so………we get screwed.


I’m not using his name in the title or body of my post…I can’t bring myself to.


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16 Responses to Rumor, Hate…and zero facts….Just trust him: “FOX is doing a great disservice to our country”

  1. Trump Derangement Syndrome!
    It can hit anyone.
    Symptoms include not seeing the big picture, not recognizing the rise of the economy and personal freedom, and sweating small (or large) flaws that are not affecting his overall performance.
    Some have found a cure.
    Results may vary.
    Ask your doctor.

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  2. bocopro says:

    Ralph Peters is a fiction-writing attention whore who never finished college and realized that he would never make bird colonel, much less flag rank, in the Army. He’s always been far more interested in selling novels than anything else.

    He’s kinda like Napolitano – sometimes he gets it right and sometimes he just comes soaring in from Fantasyland to drop conspiracy bombs indiscriminately on anyone whose opinions differ from his own. Disagree with Peters and you’re a troglodyte.

    He’s one of those of whom my grandfather would say “I’d like to buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth.”

    As for FoxNews, I see the organization as sliding leftward for at least the past 3 years, except, of course, for Steve Doocy, who’s a bit of a dingus, and Sean Hannity, who’s a right-wing radical who smothers every story with layers of perfidy and treachery theory and then says, “This issue clearly needs more conspiracy investigation.”

    The worst of the talking heads on FNC is Shep Smith, who has completely turned me off on the network as a news source with his smug, smarmy, smirky, smartass attitude toward whatever happens in the world that he doesn’t approve of esPECIALly Trump.

    What’s nice about newspapers or internet news sources is that you can take it or leave it, put it down and come back to it later, ignore it and go on to the next item, read it in the order you prefer, go back over it and study it to see if you missed something . . . and all without the non-verb snark and eye rolls and tone.

    And as for Camerota, how on earth can she work with that twerp Cuomo on CNN and criticize ANYbody on the subject of journalistic ethics and integrity!


  3. jerrydablade says:

    What Ed said! TDS can cause denture slippage (Pelosi), James Brown wig disorder (Maxine) and many other maladies causing gibberish and incoherence. Thank gaia we have The New York Times, The Washington Post, Buzzfeed and CNN and others to inoculate us from the Fox destructive propaganda machine. What a tool this guy…

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  4. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro! You are a treasure…I couldn’t agree more with “Steve Doocy, who’s a bit of a dingus, and Sean Hannity, who’s a right-wing radical who smothers every story with layers of perfidy and treachery theory!~”
    Not ONE of the hosts on FOX does anything like Peters says they do……they look for the best in Trump and discuss it. Except Shepard Smith, who’s become worse every single day as he sees his popularity and leftwing adulation grow with every leftwing statement he makes.
    Camerota has no integrity herself! How could she recognize it in Cuomo? or not?

    I disagree strongly with you on one thing: “What’s nice about newspapers or internet news sources is that you can take it or leave it,” Yes, WE can…and we do….but they’re influential and can wear people down with the negativity……

    Ed; He couldn’t find a bigger fan! There’s a very simple cure, by the way…don’t say anything you’re not sure about, historically, scientifically,…don’t talk before you think, ……he’d be a giant among men. Maybe not Reagan, but close. Reagan was tough as nails, as tough as this guy ever dreamed of being, and WHAT CLASS. That dignity didn’t hurt Reagan a BIT! Oh, to tell the world to get a grip AND be greatly admired!

    Jerry….hilarious! :-)”Thank gaia…” And yes, HE IS A TOOL. That’s why I ask in my post for FACTS…he just skewers and hates and calls names…….and no particulars.

    I guess this is my problem; I despise the far Left (and most of the Left) SO much that ANYTHING like this that pleases them so much bugs me more than it might some of you!


  5. Cube says:

    It’s all about the money. Peters used to say what his masters paid him to say. His masters changed.

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  6. Sparky says:

    Ralph Peters is a paid talking head. His opinion is just like every body else’s, for what it’s worth. Like Cube so rightly said above, his Money Massa has changed so his tune has changed to fit the situation.
    Put me down for a big YAWN at what Ralph Peters thinks or says about anything.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky! I wish everybody would just ‘yawn’….Clearly, none of US is affected by his stuff….I just hate the “Joy in Mudville” that the Left takes with his nastiness…he so smug and such a tool.

    Cube..probably. He was being paid by FOX and I can’t imagine CNN topped the $$ so much. He just hates Trump and, who knows, did he want some position with the administration? He maintains he’s a conservative but I think that really REALLY plays into the intention CNN would have, and does have “HERE IS A CONSERVATIVE WHO EVEN HATES TRUMP!” LIke that silly pudgy Ana Navarro they put on set and let talk when they need to show a Conservative once a week or so (she despises Trump and loves to act smug in talking about it.). (and they call FOX biased!! The channel with libs on ALL day long…including even a host like Shep Smith? CNN has nobody CLOSE to reasonable, even middle ground..only leftists and FOX IS BIASED????????? :-))


  8. geeez2014 says:


    Donald Trump is making an offer to NFL players — telling them he wants their recommendations for people who deserve a presidential pardon … and promises to take their requests seriously.

    Trump was speaking with reporters in front of the White House when he talked about his new plan to help determine who should be pardoned.

    “What I’m thinking to do, you have a lot of people in the NFL in particular … they’re not proud enough to stand for our national anthem …”

    “I’m gonna ask all of those people to recommend to me … people that they think were unfairly treated by the justice system and I’m gonna ask them to recommend to me, people that were unfairly treated, friends of theirs or people that they know about and im gonna take a look at those applications.”

    “And if I find and my committee finds that they were unfairly treated, then we will pardon them or at least let them out.”


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Mohammed Ali was pardoned in 1971….Trump says this morning “I’m thinking of pardoning….Mohammed Ali!” Who’s advising Trump?? I believe most presidents get tons of input, background info, on this stuff………He says he has a ‘committee’…where ARE THEY?!


  10. Jersey Jack says:

    OT … but some really good news aa another country steps up to Is-slime and says…GEH RAUS! Along with Poland and Czechoslovaks and it sure looks like England is heading for massive social ( arresting a journalist for speaking out about Iz-slime ) upheaval along with more welcomed Nationalism / Populism form the Germans.

    Austria to close 7 mosques, expel imams
    The move is part of Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s crackdown on ‘political Islam’ and foreign financing of religious groups.


  11. Mustang says:

    I completely agree with Bocopro’s statement about Peters. Peter’s military career was underwhelming and I refuse to enrich him by purchasing any of his books. Peters, in my view, would make a perfect centerpiece for a bouquet of assholes.

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  12. Mal says:

    Lt. Col Ralph Peters isn’t a General. He’s a nobody. A step above a Major is all. So would he have preferred Crooked Hillary? What? One guy, I might understand, but 3 GOP jumping ship, esp. when we have the Dems back to the wall and Trumps ratings continually going up? Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot! Why can’t they just shut the H up, sit back and watch as Trump tries to get an end to the Korean War after 68 years? Remember it was only a cease fire, not an armistice. Truthfully, I don’t think he (they) will hurt anyone but themselves, esp. Paul Ryan, who still can’t get past his losing to Trump.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    WOW. Important for me to know what people hear and believe……..not just what we conservatives hear and believe………important to me not to have the stinkin’ left rejoicing over this jerk’s nasty slams to FOX (us).
    that’s all.


  14. Hi Z, haven’t commented in a while. I think something personally offended Lt. Col. Peters at Fox News. Something happened to so terribly wind him up. What? I don’t know…. but he is angry about it.

    Fox News has moved to the Left, as far as I’m concerned. They continue to have on a whole team of Left leaning commentators and guests who espouse Leftist propaganda on an hourly basis. The hatred spewed at the President, his family, the Vice President, his family…. it’s hard to watch them.

    Sean Hannity is unabashedly pro-Trump. He loudly and proudly proclaims his support for him on every show. I cannot recall a single criticism…. but with the dozens of cutthroats attacking Trump all the time, it’s nice to see and hear someone in his corner.

    As for the President’s offer to NFL players about giving him names of unfairly treated victims of “the system” – I’m waiting to hear more. I think I’d like to see where President Trump is going with this. It feels like he’s trying to connect with them….. showing them respect in order to prove our country is not unfair and is worthy of their respect and support????

    I guess we’ll all have to stay tuned.

    Hope you’re doing well and are happy and healthy!!!


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