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The above is a well known sentiment I hadn’t heard put this way but I did hear Britt Hume say it on Tucker Carlson’s show the other night.  I plan to live like this;  I hope I’ve come close in the past but I doubt I’ve been kind enough.  Nor have I always remembered that others have battles, too.   “Be Kind.”

“Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.”   1 Peter 3:8

Have a beautiful Sunday………..Let’s all be KINDER.   Sometimes, we just don’t know what battle someone else is fighting…

Actually, I thought I’d share today’s battle…My German exchange student is going home this afternoon.   He has been every single complimentary thing one can say of an almost-16 yr old;  spoke nearly perfect English, studied hard and got a 3.86 average (highest grade in his History class of all the American kids…His professor and I teased that it’s only because he could properly pronounce Goethe!), sought and embraced every new experience, made fabulous friends (and only the best of the bunch at my school), loved my cooking (!), could talk politics and faith like a 30 year old (one who didn’t go to an American college (Smile)), was respectful, kind, helpful and fun.   I will miss Noah so much.    Except his room was messy!  🙂  And I didn’t care!


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  1. bocopro says:

    This 80-year-old woman with whom I share domiciliary arrangements has an intense NEED to be needed, to make a difference, to help other people who have problems.

    Some of it comes from her father, I’m sure . . . a country doctor who instilled in her a sense of noblesse oblige toward less fortunate people. Turned her into a compulsive nurturer.

    She doesn’t exactly meddle, but just takes it upon herself to drive someone to the doctor, make ’em some soup when they’re sick, spend hours on the phone commiserating with them over a loss . . . that kinda thing — in addition to praying for them at her little altar and in church.

    As for me, the pragmatist, I read something not long ago . . . can’t remember exactly where . . . bottom line was something like “good friends help you solve your problems . . . smart friends help you prevent your problems . . . and really smart friends don’t let your problems become theirs and deprive you of the satisfaction of solving them yourself.”

    Made my head hurt . . . a little.

    And right after that I found that old tongue-in-cheek aphorism about the eternal half-empty/half-full thing:

    “Dear Optimist and Pessimist:

    While you guys were busy arguing about that glass of water, I drank it.

    The Opportunist”


  2. We discussed suicide on our show yesterday and a regular called in to describe his experience with suicide. It surprised me as I’ve known him as a caller on air for a couple years and as a friend on Facebook for a similar time. I never would have guessed he once had a brush with suicide.


  3. bocopro says:

    Teaching early-enrollment/AP high-school seniors, I had to submit my syllabus and reading list to the principal, who in turn had to run it by the county board (usually a rubberstamp once he approved it).

    One of my discussion topics was on the movie ‘Night Mother, which deals with a deeply depressed woman for whom nothing has gone right in entire life and suicide seemed the only option to escape her torment.

    Couldn’t believe the reaction — entire English department attacked me for even considering introducing the idea of suicide to “confused, fragile, impressionable young people.”

    Principal called me into his office and attempted to chew me out, so I pre-empted him by saying, “Hey, if you called me in here for an ass chewing, you’re wasting your time” and walked out. I didn’t work for him; my paycheck came from the college, and he couldn’t fire me.

    Introducing the concept of suicide! YGBSM. I dared the English department head, a nice lady who considered all males to be devious and troublesome — especially retired military males — to show me any high-school senior who was unaware of the concept of suicide.

    Wonder what they’d have done if I’d suggested Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying or “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall.” Dammit, part of the genesis of the snowflake generation has been shielding them from reality by warehousing Gramma and Grampa instead of allowing them to pass comfortably in their own beds, surrounded by family.

    Oedipus, Julius Caesar, and Hamlet were fine, of course.

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  4. kid says:

    It has been occurring more and more to me lately that the people around me likely have issues to deal with that might just be challenging so I have actually been more kind than usual.

    Except for that older lady that tried to cut in on me at the Deli counter. She won’t try that again.

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…. never give advice until asked. This is why I almost never really share my ‘stuff’ even with pretty good friends………..they ask you later how that’s going, with MUCH concern on their faces, and you think “Why did I bring it up?!” That’s my personality. I don’t vent, but when I do, i’m usually sorry I did 😦 The other day, I vented with a friend I only see at church or gatherings of friends…one-on-one at bkfst the other day, I did tell her some things; she listened, she shared a story that wasn’t actually giving advice, but I heard the message LOUD AND CLEAR. and DID IT HELP! I’m so grateful to her and we will continue to confide in each other. A great gift.
    We DO need the satisfaction of solving things ourselves…it’s just talking sometimes that truly helps.
    That’s why, I suppose, shrinks are said to just listen while you talk.

    “Oedipus, Julius Caesar, and Hamlet were fine, of course.” EXACTLY! No violence there! 🙂
    Bocopro, I’ll bet your students did absorb the “Mother” story….and I think it’s courageous to bring things like that up. Nobody hasn’t heard the concept of suicide….

    the FOX Dr.(Segal) said ALL doctors should come out and ask “Have you ever considered suicide for yourself?” if the patient shows the slightest depression or life challenges… What’s the downside to THAT?

    Ed, and the guy on FOX the other night who jumped from the S.F. Golden State Bridge and survived (50 of 3000 have survived, only 5 have not been physically hurt for life and he’s one of those 5) said the minute he let go with his fingers, he regretted it…he said almost every suicide attempt that didn’t work that he’s been told about has included “and I knew immediately I was sorry I …took the pills….jumped…etc.” He’d have died because he couldn’t remain buoyant but a sea lion swam up under him and kept him up enough to breathe the whole time before the coast guard got there!

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  6. kid says:

    What a wonderful experience for you and Noah, especially Noah. If only every kid could ship out to another school/country, we’d have much brighter and mature kids running around,

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  7. kid says:

    Read a story very recently about a woman who had a whale keep nudging her toward the shore and thought the whale was trying to hurt her. When she got close enough that she could walk on the bottom she turned around and saw a couple sharks behind the whale.

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  8. Mal says:

    I remember reports during WW ll from pilots that were shot down surviving because of dolphins that kept buoying them up till they were rescued. Friendly little devils, aren’t they? And cute, too!


  9. Baysider says:

    A warm goodbye to Noah! What a bright, interesting young man, and fun to be with.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, SUCH fun to be with. I’m glad you got the opportunity and he liked you, too. Taking him in a couple of hours…can’t stick around the airport long, as you know, but at least I can see his luggage is checked in and his ticket worked 🙂 So sad……….heading straight for a Margherita with Carolyn (who’s going to the airport with us) afterwards. Maybe two 🙂

    Thanks, Kid….I think you’re right…it really opens our eyes and minds to see another culture. He absolutely LOVES it here and said he’ll be going back and telling the German kids how great Americans are…PLUS, they’re pretty much Trump-haters there, and he said he’s going to tell them the common sense he and I’ve spoken about frequently and how they’ve been wrong about him and Obama. He has definitely become even more anti-illegals to Germany. All I had to ask a few weeks after he arrived and we were discussing it, was “So, you love Germany SO much; do you think your children are going to grow up in the same country? Like you did?” Big eyed response….”…………no.”
    “Ya, well, put THAT in your pipe and smoke it! And VOTE properly!” 🙂
    I believe I’d heard the whale story, too..

    Mal, these animals seems to really understand humans and love us! My Stepdaughter on her boat has had dolphins in the mid of the ocean playing all around their boat, jumping up, circling them…………SO HUMAN and so playful! Thankfully, she never needed any to save her life !!!


  11. Mal says:

    Agreed. I’m relieved they made it safely and w/o incidents. When do they plan on their return?


  12. If you heard Joe describe his attempt, he said he was having an almost out of body experience while he took the pills (after his first pil, which was prescribed) one after another, like it wasn’t him doing it.
    When we speak of someone’s “inner demons” driving them to suicide, we may not be far off.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, they’re in Alaska now and will stay there for quite a while…also, someone suddenly would like to buy the boat…they’d been considering selling her and this came up, so those folks are flying to Alaska to look her over and anybody on their sailing travels who’s seen her knows this couple will buy her immediately as she’s in amazing shape…. Ms. Z will probably then rent a camper and drive down thru Canada, down to L.A…. Don’t know what the friend’s doing. I’m very grateful for her safety. thanks.

    Ed, I expect Joe is the person you interviewed? We should have no problem believing demons are behind something like this….it’s sure not from heaven.


  14. Mal says:

    Wow! if the sale of the boat goes through, Z, they will undoubtedly get top dollar due to prices in Alaska being higher on everything, esp. if its in the shape you say. Good for them! They would really be going above and beyond for delivery! They’ll probably be thankful they won’t have to face any possible risks making a return trip home. And you could relax.

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  15. jean worland says:

    I know you will miss him mightily, but I’m so glad for you that you had him for the school year! Love, Jean


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