Two of THE funniest things I’ve seen!

Thanks, Mal!  I’d seen this before but thanks for emailing it and reminding me!

Here’s another:

HILARIOUS!  Yes, it sounds like I’m anti-wife, or I think we women talk too much, but I do not.  I just find these SO clever!!

I figured we might need some humor before this week’s goings-on in Singapore, etc!

I don’t find THIS FUNNY AT ALL.


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30 Responses to Two of THE funniest things I’ve seen!

  1. bocopro says:

    With MY lady, the difficulty is often sorting out which particular language the narrative, or the criticism, or the social instruction, or whatever is coming at me in.

    Her English is quite proficient, and if she has a residual trace of accent, I don’t hear it — just tune it out, I reckon.

    But sometimes it’s little jarring when she pinballs between Tagalog, Spanish, Tsabakano, Ilokano, Kapangpangan, or whatever, some of which I’m not very good with.

    Side-face and small-eye, tho, I read perfectly, regardless of dialect, and over the years have become quite adept at suddenly remembering some chore of crucial importance that needs my immediate attention in the garage, or the back yard, or aboard the ol’ Schwinn.

    Re De Niro . . . IMO he’s MUCH overrated. And he’s much diluted my appreciation for the Godfather Part Deux.

    He’s nothing but a line reader, and despite his menacing presence in Goodfellas and Cape Fear and Raging Bull and a few others, it was the directors who were the geniuses for pulling good scenes out of a what would otherwise be sullen, grunting, mediocre performances.

    Without Scorsese, who directed everything of note which De Niro was in except Godfather (Casino, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Cape Fear), we wouldn’t even know he exists.

    Just another performer who’s convinced himself that name recognition somehow equates to wisdom. Can’t comprehend that nobody’s really interested in his opinion, only his performance.

    A guy who made hundreds of millions portraying thugs and crooks who needs to just STFU and do what he’s been trained to do: say the words other people have written for him in the way they were intended to be spoken.


  2. If, by some small chance, if President Trump has a measure of success with NK, the Left will launch even more. I should also note that our POTUS has already had a measure of success in that the NK dictator has flown to Singapore. When has he ever flown anywhere?

    Robert De Niro has tippped over into psychopathy, IMO.

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  3. Kid says:

    We husbands do sometimes not listen, or at least I’m guilty. Of course Mad will sometimes try to talk to me from the other side of the house so it’s not all my fault.

    Imagine such an historic even with N Korea, something no other president has even been interested in pursuing and the media and democrats will poo poo it any and every way they can. The slugs ought to be shoveled into the ocean as fish food. I’m really tired of these negative little brats in suits making 6 figures a year for nothing. If it ever came to it I’d be looking for media people, let the masses deal with the politicians.

    I wrote to De Niro via a comment section in a couple articles talking his poor comments about the president… “Hey princess, who is in the White House and who is sitting around like a little baby in an apartment in NYC(?) crying his little eyes out?” I hope he stopped by to read them.

    My wife had his latest movie on a couple weeks ago where he is an intern at some company that is based on some social media thing. Having walked past it a couple times while it was on, it was clear is was the most boring pathetic movie made to date and wouldn’t have even made a decent chick flick. I think his moving making days are about done.

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  4. bunkerville says:

    For anyone who caught the twitter feed on the fake eyebrow slip of Trudeau was in for a real hoot.. “Potato head versus Donald the Great!” another one that was running.
    I just don’t understand everyone going nuts over Trump… now Brennan, McCain, Clapper out there. Totally off the rails.

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  5. Sparky says:

    Robert DeNiro is just a talking head. He’s really lost. He doesn’t have a brain cell in his body. I wish others would please stop idolizing these Leftist clowns. They are the enemy of all that’s good, you know.

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  6. Jersey Jack says:

    Poor, poor pitiful Bobby D…who has become a walking caricature of his worst, foulest characters that Marty Martin Scorsese had ever conjured up. The man has become a joke of Marty’s impressive imagination … certainly, not of Deniro’s as we all can see. He’s come to believe that he’s an actual, mobbed-up tough guy but with an extremely limited vocabulary. One would think that with all his millions he’d be able to afford more than one 4 letter word? He’s made only 3 films in his life worthy of any praise and none since. Heat, Deer Hunter and the one that mirrors his personality in reality…Taxi. Bobby, a John Gotti you’re not….Gotti was the Italian Don of all Italians.
    You Bobby? A raging reckless bag of old junk parts and the Punk of Tribeca…that’s all. Fuggeddaboutit. Too many real punches as Jake LaMotta maybe?

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  7. We play gags like that when we advertise “The Hearing Clinic” on our show.
    “We can’t help you with the first two causes of marital dispute, but we can with help with the third. Come to the Hearing Clinic and prove it’s not you.”


  8. geeez2014 says:

    DE NIRO: years ago, I lived in an apt. building with a gal across the hall who worked for a Canadian film producer. She and he were going to meet De Niro for dinner. She borrowed a belt or something from me for her outfit. I hate to say her name but I will because of my ‘joke’….
    Her name is Denise DiNovi and she has become a producer of fair acclaim (the remake of LITTLE WOMEN, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, etc.) Because she ADORED DeNiro and was excited to be dining with him at a local very cool restaurant, I forever after called her DENISE DINOVI DENIRO DE NEIGHBOR 🙂 She loved it!

    Deniro didn’t show until dessert…she was devastated that he wasn’t coming after all. The reason I haven’t told this story here is i didn’t feel it right to tell a private story with a nasty ending…HE WAS COMPLETELY STONED OUT OF HIS MIND…DRUNK, DRUGGED, LOUSY COMPANY, A TOTAL JERK…and she was SO SO sad!!!

    Having said that….isn’t it just typical that he got a roaring, standing ovation at the Tonys? JERK JERK JERK. WHat kind of MAN says F*** on TV ….I have to admit to using that ‘term’ from time to time if it’s appropriate, but IN PUBLIC, ON TELEVISION,? It still rankles me to hear it. JERK JERK JERK.

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  9. Kid says:

    Like every libtard, he’s a 3 yr old in an adult body.

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  10. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…my husband’s first language was German so I know what you’re talking about. But it used to jar HIM more when I suddenly broke into German after we’re speaking English…he said he wasn’t expecting it and THAT is why he didn’t understand me. I’d get mad because I figured I’d said it wrong or with a wrong accent and he’s only politely covering why he didn’t understand me!!!

    AOW, I only just heard this morning that Kim doesn’t fly….so I guess it IS a big deal that he flew to Singapore. By the way, I know Singapore, so lucky to have been there twice and stayed at Raffles….incredible everything. There’s a harbor at which restaurants are side-by-side…gorgeous weather in the evening, spicy crab, etc……….life was SO SWEET in SIngapore.
    I actually met a cousin for the very first time at Raffles’ bar in Singapore! She lives in NYC and I’d only seen her when she was 2….this was about 30 years later and was that fun! She’s an art director for Random House book covers and was there on business……a blast to meet a cuz in Singapore!

    Bunkerville…I don’t get that eyebrow thing….He looks perfectly normal in most pictures without that dark brow…why would he even wear fake ones? It didn’t look drooping to me, anyway! But WEIRD!!!

    Kid, THIS is funny! “Mad will sometimes try to talk to me from the other side of the house so it’s not all my fault” I know what you mean!

    Ed, that’s very cute ad copy!!


  11. geeez2014 says:

    THE TONYS: I just saw this article…
    “Melody Herzfeld, a drama teacher who hunkered with her students in a classroom at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February as a gunman massacred 17 people in its hallways, accepted the excellence in theater education prize at the Tony Awards on Sunday evening.

    She said that receiving the award, which is given annually to a K-12 theater teacher by the Tony Awards and Carnegie Mellon University, was one of her life’s most significant moments.:”

    She got a TONY for helping save students. I had NO IDEA that the TONYS were about this at all…………….WHAT?? It cheapens them, as if it was more possible.

    A friend who is in the film business emailed “Oh, the Tony Awards are on tonight! Or as I call it, “There’s gotta be something scary on Netflix.””

    Cracked me up!


  12. Baysider says:

    I had a pilot tell me the reason the cockpit voice is female is because studies showed men responded faster to a female’s commands than a male’s. 🙂

    I love Bruce Herschensohn’s quote: “first God created man, then critic.” How many of us ladies struggle with that? I did, especially given my mindset as an ‘editor’ and the ability to plan and perfect that works so well for me in my business – at least I applied it to myself first. When my husband and I used to share this trait in balanced portions it worked. I overtalked, he underlistened. Expectations were met. 🙂 These days it’s changed, as too many conversations come from sudden needs to stop actions immediately, when kindness is not heard, only volume. I reserve most of my talking to repeat (when demanded) what was forgotten as soon as it was spoken.

    “Everyone going nuts over Trump” shows the depth of the shadow state. Boy, are THEY out to get him. And “they” have helpful allies in the media. De Niro – yes, awful – is just another shrew with more compassion than wisdom (a dangerous combination) whose undeveloped intellect gets put on display because he’s a famous name whose sentiments and manners the leftist media ‘celebrate.’

    Public profanity by ‘leaders” – our mayor in LA did the same a couple of years back. And 20,000 people went wild with applause. THAT was the worst part.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider! A female cockpit voice? With all the miles I’ve flown, I remember only hearing men, if you mean the information of what time we should be arriving, the weather situation, the welcome, etc… ODD!! And yes, one time, it was about whether we’d be using the chutes or not!! Yup! IN England,when they thought the de-icing stuff that Paris had put on looked like SMOKE on the plane!

    I keep meaning to write an article about how liberals mistake their KINDNESS for WISDOM, or for THE RIGHT THING TO DO………”just another shrew with more compassion than wisdom”…you are right on this. All that liberal BS is clouded by KINDNESS AND COMPASSION.

    I had a comment with a stranger on Facebook who mentioned RACISM and DISCRIMINATION over an article on illegals demanding their rights. I asked if he could leave out the name calling as that has nothing to do with THE LAWS. And, of course, I assured him that I was a first and second generation American. LEGAL on both sides of the family.

    I’d forgotten the LA Mayor’s foul public mouth; you are so right.


  14. Google Bitching Betty.


  15. Mal says:

    Everyone knows he’s a has-been. Like Kid said, who’s in the W.H. (and with his popularity numbers going up) and who’s in an apartment in NYC crying his eyes out? ‘Nuff said.

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  16. Bob says:

    De Niro is just a bundle of brain farts. His brain died some time ago, and all he has left are spurious emissions.

    My wife and I are still working on communicating, Yep, after 51 years of blissful marriage 🙂 we are still working on it. That’s the secret everybody wants to know. One of the big things about success is that you keep working at whatever your goals happen to be. That’s one of the things about Trump, he doesn’t give up when he really wants something.

    I am praying for both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un to do a good job in their talks. My impulse is to keep the TV off while all this is going on so my blood pressure stays nice and low. All the extraneous BS from Democrats and their media sycophants is meant to make people think that Trump isn’t all there. Surprise!

    Thanks for your great blog.


  17. kid says:

    @Bob, Right on. Right. On.

    @Mal. Thank you. I’m getting this feeling like America is going to vote for Trump so hard in 2020 it is going to leave a permanent scar on the left. They get more unhinged, violent, nasty and Anti-American by the minute. Do they really think that is going to work for them? Wow. ABC pent 1:30 minutes talking about this Historic Moment in Singapore, then spent about 10 minutes talking about how Trump is dissing our long time allies (that use us as their economic lifeline) What has Canada done for us beside send a few troops into an American based war theater? France? Germany? Even the UK? Pick a NATO country. Name the benefit to America. Not directed to your personally.

    I’m no genius. What is going on here with the left thinking they are going to get mileage from this?

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  18. Baysider says:

    Female cockpit voice is the voice that comes on with emergency instructions to the pilots.


  19. Baysider: Bitching Betty


  20. kid says:

    Z, Delete this if you wish but as we’re talking about Airlines, jets, and male/female cockpit stuff….

    Little background, the throttle levers on aircraft have ball looking objects on their ends that pilots grasp to move the throttles forward or backward. The ‘wall’ is the firewall between the cockpit and the front of the aircraft nose pointing forward. Hope ya’s wit me so far.

    So a couple passenger airliners were heading into an airport and the air traffic control decided that two aircraft had to significantly increase airspeed to avoid a difficult situation, they called out to the two aircraft – Delta 273 and American 180 – balls to the wall please, meaning push the throttle levers as far as you can toward the firewall [for maximum speed]. The Delta aircraft had a male pilot and confirmed the instruction – Delta 273, balls to the wall. The American aircraft had a female captain who said “I can’t do balls to the wall but I can do wide open”. Another aircraft in the area called out “American 180, is American hiring pilots right now?”


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, it’s funny…..she’s disgusting (remember, this is in public…over the ‘air’) and deserves to be fired…but it IS funny! Sort of. I usually don’t find bodily fluid/genital jokes hilarious.

    Baysider…most people don’t hear that voice, thank goodness.

    Bob, thank YOU for being here! I have to admit Trump helps a bit with that ‘not there’ accusation….I keep saying to myself “BIG PICTURE, BIG PICTURE”…it helps.


  22. kid says:

    Z, Well, the only people who would have heard it were air traffic control in the area and other aircraft in the area in control of the local traffic control. So sort of an inside affair. Nothing like bill maher or ‘the view’ on national cable. 🙂


  23. kid says:

    Z, OT, Did you see the thing where justin treadeu(sp) who I call Trudy, was photographed after the G7 meeting with his left eyebrow falling off. Trudy wears fake eyebrows ! Hilarious !

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  24. geeez2014 says:

    Kid! That’s the point…only those in traffic control and the cockpit would hear it. as I said. I said “thank goodness” because I’m figuring if the passengers hear it, someone’s speaking loudly and for a reason, and not probably a good reason! 😉

    I honestly don’t get the eyebrow thing…I saw that, and I saw his ‘normal’ eyebrows were just fine….Don’t get why he’d wear fake eyebrows so I thought it was something that conservatives photo shopped …the timing is curious…but maybe not! Creeep……


  25. o/t – So what are we going to do to solve the anthropogenic lunar warming problem?


  26. Kid says:

    Vrag, let’s ship all climate obsessed people up there to cover up that darker soil, or paint it white. Then we’ll just forget they are there.


  27. Mal says:

    Kid, thanks for the post. I thought that was hilarious! It reminded me of an email I got years ago that gave actual quotes between the pilots and ground control and they are priceless. Perhaps you’ve seen them, also. Z, I hope you lighten up a bit as they are actual conversations. I think I still have the one I speak of, and if so, I will forward it to you for a laugh.


  28. Kid says:

    Mal, I can’t remember any other funny cockpit – ATC stuff. Maybe Z will post it.


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, you hope I LIGHTEN UP!? In regard to……..?

    You sent me the pilot jokes and I’m probably posting them this week.


  30. Mal says:

    I hope you do post ’em, Z. Oh, I when I said lighten up, I was referring to thinking what the female pilot said was disgusting. Heck. I thought it was clever. Thats all I meant, Z.


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