Some of us saw articles saying that German crime is DOWN since immigration became so rampant….For example:

So, I emailed my Munich-dwelling German stepson about it and he responded;  I felt you’d like to know:

They can say what they like, but, in real life, they are very wrong, the crime rate is heavily on the way up. It is a matter of how to fudge a statistic to your needs. The German government has given out so many German passports to strangers that they count as “Germans” when they commit something… but they aren’t. Even when someone is born here. e.g. the Turks, they are officially Germans but, in fact, they are not. If you take a lot of factors out of the equation, you can come to a statistic that shows that the crime rate is down, while in fact it is going up.  In other words, it’s immigrants doing the crimes, not Germans, and the original stories about crime heavily emphasized “Foreigner crime” as being down.  Rubbish.

They use calculation tricks like shop lifting of items under the value of 50 Euros, leave those lesser crimes out (if the cops even hear about it), and all of a sudden the numbers go down.

These are some of the tricks to “skew” the statistics. We don’t believe anything anymore.  Everything the politicians say gets proven as a lie which is obvious in everyday life.

By the way, anything that goes wrong is accredited to the RIGHT;   Example: a foreigner (or an obvious leftie) got beat up and can’t describe the attacker; this crime will automatically be counted as a right wing hate crime, not immigrant crime.   In 99% of these situations, it isn’t from the right wing side.  If you find a Hakenkreuz (swastika) somewhere sprayed on a wall you can be sure it was done by lefties.

The number of burglars breaking into homes (mostly eastern people like polish, baltic, georgians, rumanians etc) is dramatically on the rise, stealing in public places and shops in general is up, harassing, touching, raping girls and women is exploding, and the chance of getting attacked by larger number of moslems or blacks for nothing has risen dramatically. There is always a chance of someone trying to stab you or vehicles trying to overrun groups of people. People stay home because they fear that something can happen, and it can. I’m always on the watch when I’m out. Looking from my balcony or going to the city by bike (or U-Bahn) I see 70-80% people are clearly visible non-German. The foreigners take over the look of our streets because the Germans avoid the streets now as much as possible. 

Crossing our borders without valid papers is a crime in itself!….The police and state attorneys have so much to do that they won’t prosecute small things like shop lifting and beatings anymore when it’s done by foreigners but they are on it when it’s done by Germans, believe me! In Berlin they let go really bad criminals because they can’t prosecute them in a given time frame and then have to leave them alone. If they’re as busy as that, just how far can crime be DOWN, right?  Also in Berlin, moslems spit at the police, push them around, park in the middle of the street, because they know there won’t be consequences….

Germany is turning into a legally uncontrollable shithole country with a biased judicial system, all politically implemented….

The crime statistics are a huge lie to calm down the people, but most of them see it differently.

In Bremen alone, there are 10 000 unaddressed preliminary investigations, confirmed by the Bremen police. Now they want to rename that list so these 10k investigations don’t show up in public!

About 20-25 million crimes are committed every year in Germany but only 5,8 million were registered.

Berlin alone has 55k pending investigations and 128k with an annotation….   “CRIME DOWN?”   Ridiculous.

SO…the truth, from where it’s happening……Thoughts?  Z

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22 Responses to GERMAN CRIME DOWN?…Here’s the TRUTH

  1. The truth is an uncomfortable thing!

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  2. Kid says:

    It will be up to the civilians to solve this problem in every country it is happening.

    At least we jhave the 2nd amendment here, and now there is also this. You can legally make a quality firearm at home, or as many as you want for that matter. Someone could probably make some serious money in places like Germany with a $1,700 plus materials cost.

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  3. geeez2014 says:

    aaaand, sadly, the bad guys can make their guns at home, too. Oh, man…

    AOW, please take down this post from your FB timeline…..thanks.


  4. Kid says:

    Z, Well, the bad guys get them on the black market which is basically the same thing.

    Nothing goes against obama and the left because …………….. The. Left. Don’t. Care that their politicians are scum. Low IQ maxine,San Fran Nan, the moron hank, the pedophile biden, the incredible racist holder, the rapist clinton, .. long list proves they don’t care about anything we care about.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, imagine if this was the reverse and Trump told his people to stand down on the Russian meddling possibility? 🙂 I’m hearing it nowhere on TV news yet……


  6. Kid says:

    Of course Z.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Hoping to get more responses on the German Crime story…..I believe this is coming to America, too, this ‘stand down’ order to cops, etc…..


  8. Kid says:

    It will be everywhere Z. islam will use the freedoms of civilized countries to their advantage, the peaceful moslems will breed us all out, gain political majority and install sharia.

    Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic won’t take any ‘migrants’. Wilders in the Netherlands wants to get elected then close the mosques. These actions are the only thing that will save a country. I have no confidence that Germany, Sweden, France, England, etc will take the necessary steps to avoid this outcome. What happens in the meantime is this criminal savage onslaught on the local populations while the government’s deny the problem until it is too late.

    In America, it appears the media, the islamic organizations, ACLU, etc etc, the entire left are well on the way to implementing then enforcing negative statements about islam or moslems as hate speech, drepriving us of our first amendment. The left will cheer it on. The government will be completely incompetent to do anything about it. I think there are already some no go zones in the US.
    Don’t know what else to say about it. Either reject islam for the cult that it is or accept it as your eventual master when they breed you out.


  9. Mal says:

    I’m still the optimist when it come to Trump’s success. That being said, however, I DO worry about what could happen when the economy/growth figures he has attained begin to ebb, which it inevitably will. His tariffs on other countries could backfire on him, also. These are the things I get a bit jittery about. You can just imagine what the left will say if that happens because we’ve seen what they say when he succeeds. We’ll simply have to wait and see how it all plays out.


  10. Mustang says:

    I remember as a kid watching the Boris Karloff movie Frankenstein. Shouldn’t the German people be reacting to Merkle in the same way?

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  11. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, wouldn’t you think? And if they did raise fire-brandishing clubs and run after Merkel, they’d all be called THE FOURTH REICH! The German people can’t really do much, as witnessed in my stepson’s post………the media has been downplaying all this for years and only now are some Germans waking up……..but then they’re called ‘haters’, you see. The info in his piece is truthful and needs more and more Germans to act upon………………….let’s hope.

    Mal, I worry about that every time the Dow goes down only 200! Because this is pretty much all he’s really done. Sure, the NoKo American soldiers’ bodies have started to arrive, taxes are down (tho that doesn’t help as much when gas prices are so high), the tariffs can be REALLY tough and the media’s taking glee in highlighting those business which could be most affected, of course….

    Today, we’re learning that an Obama Cyber guy was told to BACK DOWN on the Russian possibility of voting interference, that “the next admin can worry about it”…it’s getting VERY little play, tho , to my amazement, Yahoo does still have a headline up on it……

    Ya, as Dennis Prager just now echoed on the radio what I’ve been saying for a few years “When you’re a leftwinger with the media heavily on your side, trouble is coming and this country will suffer…”

    If Michael Cohen starts to blab too many personal Trump stories, as he’s promising now to do for leniency in anything HE’s done, all hell could break loose.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I wish so much I could say I THINK YOU ARE WRONG. But you’re not 😦


  13. Mal says:

    Kid, your assessment IS the worst case scenario we all hope never happens but appears to be. But God works I mysterious ways ’cause look how Trump won despite all the polls taken at the time.
    Its called faith (but it also doesn’t hurt to keep your fingers crossed!).


  14. Baysider says:

    Some of the scariest elements young Mr. Z cites are how the stats get fudged:

    Foreigners given papers now counted as German
    Assaults against some foreigners of unknown origin could even more believably come from rival foreign groups. Or – worse – done by radicals to create some theater
    Like the painting of swastikas by not the groups that are blamed
    Selective acceptance of crime reports and prosecution to omit a large number of invader crimes from the stats
    Re-casting crimes as non-crimes

    Yes, it’s coming here, too. Lots of explaining away and social opprobrium on people who are victims and complaining. What’s happening in Britain with Tommy Robinson is absolutely frightening. It will come here too.

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  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, keep PRAYING!!

    Baysider, Not sure why several articles talk about Tommy Robinson as if everyone here knows about it…There are few people who see/read as much info as I do and I’d not heard about this…nothing. Some articles make him look awful, others say he’s absolutely innocent and he’ll be killed in this new prison where 70% of the inmates ARE MUSLIM.
    Um…HELLO? That sprung out at me…”70%?? You mean in ENGLAND, where Muslims are peaceful, there are NO “no go zones” and why the heck are people mad at Muslims?” (Smile) I thought that was a pretty stunning admission necessary for their story but something they’ve probably tried to hide for at least a few years!? I thought MUSLIMS DO NOTHING WRONG, ENGLAND :-)!!! HA!!

    This is what’s going to happen to activists fighting anybody who’s fighting MUSLIMS who are raping and killing innocent people.


  16. geeez2014 says:


    Oh, sure…she didn’t realize. I believe that. I honestly do.
    OF COURSE she didn’t realize……..but didn’t ANYBODY when she packed, or when they read it on her, or advised her what to wear………..REALLY?
    Are there moles in HER WARDROBE DEPARTMENT working for the LEFT, too?



  17. kid says:

    That jacket was my fault Z.

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  18. In reply to Melania, I don’t care.
    In reply to your post, that’s solid information and a good view of the situation.
    My Brother in Law is from north of Frankfort, and he’ll never go back and warns me not to.


  19. Kid, i belong to a group involved with 80% guns.
    I have a vertical mill, but it can be done quite easily wit a well designed jig (5D) and a router and a vise.
    Instead of “Come and take them” it’s Come and find them”


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, if somebody decided to make poor Melania look even worse than the normal nasty coverage she gets, they’d never have dreamed up anything THIS lousy…

    Ed, there is no harm in visiting Frankfurt, Germany! SO don’t go live there…but Germany is still as safe as America to visit….or more, maybe.


  21. Baysider says:

    I’ve known about, followed videos on and speeches by Tommy Robinson for well over a year. I’ve changed my mind from a negative to positive view in that time. After the latest uproar in Britain he’s been Drudge’s headliner more than once. It boils down to: Britain’s in trouble without a bill of rights. They stomp on 1st amendment rights all the time here, but not quite so overtly as in Robinson’s case. The best a non-favored media in Britain could report – after court ordered “gag” order is “A man we can’t name has encountered a police action we can’t talk about because of situations that cannot be discussed.” Seriously. They can’t even talk about the muslim rape gangs in Britain which Robinson was bringing to the public attention from outside the trial.

    Yes, I caught that too: a prison for the worst dudes is 70% Muslim. We all have co-religionists we’re ashamed of. There, it’s the radicals who are ‘ashamed’ of co-religionists who might want to integrate and become British.


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