Trump Appointments……..wassup?

So now Scott Pruitt is gone.   He did a pretty good job with getting rid of regulations, etc.  But, MAN, did he get a LOT said about him, like that he’d asked for a $200K job for his wife, he did all kinds of things, etc.   Who told the press about that?   I’m not saying he’s innocent….but WHO TOLD?

Trump is often in high level meetings where we’re told only 3-4 people were in that meeting.  Suddenly, there’s a “leak” from that meeting and the media loves it and damaging things get said.   Who told?  There were only a few people there and someone told and the White House can’t figure out WHO?  WHY?

Nearly EVERY DAY, there is someone leaving, or some story that Trump said this or that  which can hurt him (negative stories, of course)…..John Kelly might leave.  Marc Short was leaving but will stay to see Trump through this SCOTUS appointment, we could go on and on.   Not all of them are leaving under a cloud, of course, but some are.  And it’s usually because of LEAKS, accusations.

Is the problem that nobody wants to work for Trump?  Or they find they don’t after a while?  Like Tillerson, etc., who left shortly after it’s said that Trump asked why America can’t attack Venezuela since they could be a threat to Central America and us?   That was apparently said in a high-level meeting.  WHO LEAKED?

We all read articles like that;  he’s had a heck of a time filling a lot of open positions, but my question is mostly about , for example, who told the personal things about Pruitt and his wife, for example?  Who leaked?

Is there ZERO loyalty at the White House anymore?  Should Trump have fired every single Obama appointment there?  I think so.

There is some loyalty, however, from some of his old staff…kind of amazing:  Scaramucci, Priebus, Bossie, Lewandowski, Spicer, Gorka all have had to go…and ALL of them are (at least on the news) very, very loyal to Trump.  I think that speaks VERY well for Trump.  Then there’s Manafort (though he’s a different story here), Bannon (another different story), “Omarosa”, McEntee, Dowd, McMaster, Cobb, Bossert, Shelton,  and a few others, who we’re not sure are so loyal.

BY THE WAY…anybody here think Obama didn’t ask at LEAST as weird stuff as “Why can’t we fight Venezuela?”   Anybody here think Obama never said the slightest thing, or any of his cabinet, etc., which deserved HIGH CRITICISM?  Of course they did!   BUT NOBODY BLABBED IT!

Regarding negative leaks to the press, my mind keeps coming back to Kelly Ann’s husband…go figure 🙂


Also, it’s funny how little bad press PENCE GETS….a good thing.



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24 Responses to Trump Appointments……..wassup?

  1. Mustang says:

    During the Nixon administration I was offered a position with White House communications. I turned down the offer because during my research, I found not one person who thought that working “at the highest level” was satisfying, or beyond a resume, very meaningful. So there is a high turnover in every administration … we’re just hearing a lot about it now because even conservatives derive pleasure from demeaning his administration.

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  2. -FJ says:

    Leaks are how the Deep State runs the country.

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  3. bunkerville says:

    Unfortunately his original homies you mentioned didn’t have enough political savvy and Trump was forced to cancel them. Loyal but inept. His first press Secretary case in point.
    Then we are left with others with their own agenda’s. Many from the political class who know how to play the game. Machiavelli comes to mind.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, sadly, there have been more in this administration, but you certainly have a point. A LOT of the people leaving, or who’ve left, say that they’d only agreed to a year. I don’t think it’s necessarily “demeaning” to point out trouble.

    FJ…scary stuff.

    Bunekrville, I think that’s VERY TRUE….the original ‘homies’ (perfect name for them in this case, particularly) did not have the political savvy……”Loyal but inept” Good point.

    I think the fact that most of these homies are SO loyal to Trump, even after being asked to leave, says a LOT FOR TRUMP and I hope he can show this kindness and personal touch his more ‘blustering’ public personality hides. I’ve always thought that… and I’ve frequently said it here…At rallies, etc.,you can see him notice a friend in the audience and he gets the loveliest warm smile….and then it’s on to the public face he must think the public prefers.

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  5. geeez2014 says:



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  6. geeez2014 says:

    YOU WILL LOVE THIS ONE! It pretty much is a typical cut/dry example of the hiding of Obama problems and the horrible attacks on Trump’s Pruitt! A friend just emailed it to me..




  7. geeez2014 says:



  8. kid says:

    I’d say people have left the White House for a variety of reasons. The first thing that comes to mind is Trump is working hard to get things done and I suspect some people don’t appreciate working hard. You’d expect that naturally there are a variety of reasons.

    Also to your point on obama. No one on the right tried to force Janet Napalitano out even after hiring her lesbian girlfriend for large 6 figure salary and then the two of them spent a lot of time harrassing the male staff. Or the ‘car czar’ who probably knew very little about cars. I’m sure if we spent a little time we could fill a pretty long list of obama people who should have been pressured.

    I would have removed anyone that worked there for Obama with the exception of Secret Service people. Especially given the obama’s continue with their activist agenda.

    An internet search of ‘record breaking temperatures 2018’ brings up lots of stories talking about heat and even ‘record breaking’ but few actually point out a record that was broken. ie “Temperatures have reached near-record levels for June across most of the UK”. Then on the actual side “Des Moines sees third-straight day of record-breaking temperatures.” Ok. Localized record breaking stuff happens every year. Too many weather people with an agenda and too many chicken little’s soaking it all up.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I was disappointed nobody was seeing my links…thanks for commenting on them! They’re SO important. Yes, my husband said the same thing “climate hasn’t changed….pay attention!” My point to libs is that it might be hotter (and some proof is out there…) but we don’t need to destroy economies in their ridiculous plans….NOBODY wants dirty air or water! 🙂

    RE OBAMA AND TRUMP DESERTIONS…you are SO RIGHT. MANY of Trump’s people have been literally SHAMED out…by the media, by lefty politicos, etc. They finally give up. It’s a bit scary and we have to be thankful Trump doesn’t seem to let this get to him. He takes more insults than anyone.
    I’m just sorry my wishes that he’d be a bit less blustering weren’t apparently taken here at GeeeZ as if I’m not glad he’s in office. I’ve ALWAYS stood up for him in ALL OTHER WAYS. ALWAYS….I feel like this is my blog, where I want people to voice all their opinions…and I can, too!

    I don’t think we’d need much time to figure who should have GONE from Obama’s bunch!

    HOW ABOUT ERIC HOLDER for a start, right!?

    THE MEDIA IS WORKING HARDER THAN IT EVER HAS IN ATTEMPTS TO DISCREDIT, INSULT AND DIMINISH THIS PRESIDENT AND EVERYONE AROUND HIM. Imagine young WH staffers saying they can’t get a DATE because they work for Trump? That breaks my heart! It’s so unAmerican ….

    Anyway, I’m mostly sorry for the conclusions that people have come to about me…and I’m grateful for those of you who do see that it’s personality I don’t adore, NOT WHAT TRUMP’S DOING. and that’s okay! And I DO wish him every good thing….because what he’s doing is GOOD FOR AMERICA…….With every single criticism of Trump, on personality, I have always felt compelled to add my compliments to what he’s doing…


  10. kid says:

    Z, absolutely voice your opinion. I respect your opinions. I just do a point-counterpoint at times. This is all an exchange of ideas?
    I understand we all have attributes about any subject that are more or less important to us individually. I wish Trump didn’t give ammunition either but I feel some of it is needed even though it’s on the salty side. If he didn’t fight back, the media (and his enemies) would even come down even harder. That I believe.

    I don’t like today’s culture at all but it is the world we’re living in – in my opinion.

    Well, the left can’t run a campaign on their positive accomplishments. They don’t have any. Their only strategy is to try to get people to hate the other side so this is what we see 24/7.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you TOTALLY respect and welcome my opinions…Yes, I love an exchange of ideas!
    I’m so glad just to hear you say that you, too, wish Trump didn’t give ammo ….

    Yes, we are definitely living in a nasty culture….

    I am starting to believe what some of you have been saying…and I’d only hoped….that Blacks and Hispanics and other typically Left-wing types are waking up……Seeing the Dems have NOT helped, etc. Most DO love this country….deep down, maybe, but they do.

    You know, even the punk kids we’ve raised to hate anything Conservative about America, still love America….deep down, it’s like a magic…..more than other countrymen do, in my opinion. Maybe it’s because we fly the flag more, talk about patriotism openly, have a 4th of July, etc…. But I BELIEVE IT.
    And I think this constant HATE TRUMP; HATE AMERICA ; HATE REPUBLICANS ; HATE MELANIA, etc etc ETC., is getting to THEM, too………….in a real bad way.



  12. geeez2014 says:

    LOVE THAT!~ Kid, I tried to post on FB, and it was there, then it wasn’t 😦 It’s really hopeful!! And surprising! thanks SO much


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Darn!! It shows on my own timeline, but when I POST it on FB, it shows, then I ‘refresh’ and it’s GONE! 😦


  14. kid says:

    Facecrap censoring? I see a lot of people complaining about FB and no none saying how much they like it. Just saying.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, it’s so benign in comparison to some I see, I can’t imagine this is censoring….I think I’m doing something wrong……………It posts fine, but ??
    I did think that….”is this too positive?” But….naaa…people post some pretty damning stuff like “ANYBODY WHO VOTES DEMOCRAT IS A NUT” (by a friend of mine)…if that stays, mine should!
    but thanks…
    I’m doing something wrong…


  16. geeez2014 says:

    KID…it finally showed up!


  17. geeez2014 says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaand, it’s gone again! I GIVE UP! 🙂


  18. kid says:

    Ya got me. I’ve never been on and never will.


  19. Mal says:

    Z, I love that Trump is blustery. Blustery is exactly what was necessary to counter the barrage from the left media. They never counted on this happening to them and they are so frustrated they’re making themselves look worse and loosing support.

    Viva El Donaldo!


  20. Mal says:

    (That should be “losing” support). :o(


  21. After just reading the final comments of yesterday, I was afraid today was going to be another rehash of them.
    As to your question, How can Trump get the leaking stopped?
    Say one thing to each staffer, tell them it’s a secret, tell no one, you’ve only told them and a few other people, when in reality, you’ve only told them that one thing.
    When something leaks, check your notes and see which person you told that too.
    works like a charm.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, you got me to look at the ‘final comments’ and I’m glad I did…I’m sure you felt I needed the reproach…. I don’t.

    As I said clearly in my post, it’s tough to consider that we’ve been told there were meetings with Trump, Pence and 2 others, or 1…and they can’t figure out the LEAKER? Tough to believe.
    Of course that’s what you do…not working like a charm yet.

    I sometimes wonder how much ‘leaking’ is planned if you can’t figure out who of THREE OF YOU leaked.


  23. What reproach?
    And I answered the question in your post.
    Sorry I’m so dense as to not know it was rhetorical.


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