YOU are an Appeaser

As much as I disagree with Trump’s style of rhetoric, I believe he’s trying to get America away from constantly appeasing the Leftist ideology here and all around the world, which would eat us last if it had its way!

If we don’t fight the media harder, we are appeasers.  You know how much Conservatives have to ignore, thereby becoming appeasers.  For an example you might not have considered, THIS shocked me, but we can’t say anything because then we’re called mean and nasty…..our silence means we’re appeasers.  We appease all day long. 


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26 Responses to YOU are an Appeaser

  1. bocopro says:

    If Western civilization learned ANYthing from the “War to End All Wars” it needs to be that making losers pay forever and appeasing them when they tire of it and become bullies is the classic path to a sequel.

    Trying to compromise with radicals is very much like trying to use logic on a two-year-old who can see the cookie but can’t reach it. Appeasing him to mollify his tantrum is nothing more than handing over your lunch money to the school bully to avoid the inevitable scuffle for it.

    The only defense against bullies, whether they be socialists, terrorists, racists, or em pete’s fo’ty fah Dummycratists is threat of force and the willingness to use it.

    When a society allows less than 3% of its population to dictate rules of dress, behavior, or even gender selection for everyone, it is doomed, much as a professional sports franchise which operates on principles of racial, gender, or size diversity rather than strength, skill, and talent will get only cheesy participation trophies and never the championship ring.

    Mother Nature sometimes makes mistakes. Humans are born with a variety of abnormalities, deformities, and handicaps. Some are unusually tall, some are dwarfish, some are blind, some are deaf, some even come with less than a full deck.

    We make allowances for them, such as wheelchair ramps, service dogs, hearing aids, medications, prosthetics, handicap parking, and assisted living. Those who can adapt are mainstreamed to the degree they can cope.

    But none of that requires loss or permanent inconvenience for people sans disabilities. Automatic doors or wheelchair ramps or prosthetic legs or even corrective surgery for cleft palate or spinal abnormalities do not affect other people.

    Service dogs and hearing aids and handicap parking do not deprive fully able people of anything. But same-sex marriage deprives that couple’s adopted children of the traditional role models. Racial quotas for college admission deprives qualified students the opportunity they earned through grades in secondary school. Lowering performance standards to allow women in combat roles weakens morale and endangers lives. Appeasing transgenders, who represent less than a quarter of one percent of the population, complicates athletic competition and confuses the hell out of little girls needing to use public restrooms.

    The disruptive LGBT elements, who are FAR less than 2% of the population since many gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders prefer to play by traditional rules and not attract attention to themselves, really accomplish little more than wasting taxpayer money, legislators’ time, and law-enforcement effectiveness.

    Hey, I’d LOVE to have played on the PGA tour with the big names back in the day. And I had every opportunity to TRY to do that. But I simply didn’t have the skills to pull it off. Every guy has the right to TRY to play in the NFL, or the NBA, or MLB, but America is about guaranteed equal OPPORTUNITY – not guaranteed equal results.

    Sometimes you’re born left-handed with red hair and a hairlip. Deal with it. Society isn’t required to fix the unfixable, and not everybody can be Miss America or win Wimbledon or star in the 22nd sequel to Police Academy. Well, maybe they can do that, but not Star Wars.

    Sometimes you gotta just play the hand you’re dealt and stop trying to change the rules for everybody else to make your pair of sixes beat a full house. Life isn’t fair, and reshaping society to satisfy the snowflakes and whiners won’t make the country safer, wiser, healthier, or better for everybody.


  2. Well, Bocopro didn’t leave much to say on THAT subject. 🙂
    I stumbled into a local argument on FB.
    One heroic conservative holding off a number of local lib whackos.
    I did not enter the argument. I “liked” his comments to support him and opening myself myself to attack. The argument was hours old and not active.
    You’ve got to pick your fights.
    Rest up and fight again.
    So I’m silent at times.
    I am not an appeaser.

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  3. So a parent(s) pulls his kids out.
    Authorities threaten to take kids.
    They do it. At gun point. (Should parents start shooting to defend kids?)
    Legal wrangles while kids are in foster or state care and maybe parent is in jail.
    Will there be support?
    Protests or even a jail break?
    Will this be the flash point?
    Is there a flash point?
    Would others take up arms against a tyrannical government?

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  4. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro… what do you think has created this situation that 3% dictate all the craziness today? Because you’re right. I think some of it starts with television, since it’s so powerful….and those who work in television are usually liberal, many are gay, many are talented (comedy writers, etc) and they push an agenda. What else? WHY are we appeasing?

    Ed…aahh, this seems to have offended you. OKAY, YOU are not an appeaser 🙂

    Clearly, my post is meant to be hyperbolic, we do posts to make a point! No, of course we can’t go around all day yelling at people, telling why they’re wrong!! But you CAN do what you can do to change the tendencies….Would you have sat back and let your small child be exposed to the Drag Queen in the video?

    No, Ed…we absolutely cannot go around constantly telling people they’re wrong, living a sad lifestyle, exposing kids to horrible things…..WE can’t tell THEM they’re wrong! BUT…THEY are. THEY are telling US we’re homophobic, xenophobic, uptight, too Christian, too straight laced, hateful……oh yes, they are….

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  5. cube says:

    I’ll play by Marquess of Queensberry rules only as long as the other side agrees to do so as well because I’m a civilized person. But I grew up in Manhattan and I learned early in life that if someone hits you, you hit back twice as hard. If the other side wants to play smash-mouth, I will gladly comply. No appeasement here.

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  6. Z: I didn’t take the post personally. It’s a concern I have about a balance of response.
    It just occurred to me that Jesus didn’t take down the Roman Empire (directly), as morally squalid as it was..
    John the Baptist went to prison and lost his head for calling out Herod.
    Jesus did not call out Herod.
    Let’s assume each was following the direction of the Spirit and was not expected to do the same thing.
    This comment is only my thinking out loud.

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  7. bocopro says:

    “I think some of it starts with television, since it’s so powerful….and those who work in television are usually liberal, many are gay, many are talented (comedy writers, etc) and they push an agenda. What else?”

    Ah, mais oui. D’accord.

    Add to that the publish-or-perish pressure on pundits, professors, and pontificators and you have a synergy of energy to push the agenda.

    What’s most ironic about it is that the great majority of rich and powerful liberals want nothing to do with run-of-the-mill bizarros and will go to great lengths (and gated communities) to avoid living next door to them. They exploit them merely for the shock-and-awe value in human-rights campaigns, just as Nancy Palsi uses illegals to pander to her liberal base. She’d pitch a fit if they pitched a tent in her shrubberies.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Cube, YOU GO, GIRL :-)!!!! I thought there was some MANHATTAN in you !! I can’t imagine being raised in Manhattan; what as THRILL!!

    Ed, as I said, nobody’s posts can cover every extrapolation….yes, I don’t mean to run around like a bull and attack everyone but didn’t feel the need to include that …
    I believe Jesus would expect us to speak to the Drag Queen lovingly and hopefully. I believe we must pick our moments and be led.

    Bocopro….In total agreement.

    I just heard CHRISTOPHER WRAY something I TOTALLY agree with; that some of the hate in our country, the political division, is caused by NEWS (agreeing with us) and that Russia or China can insert turmoil to turn us against each other…..This is a way of meddling people need to wake up to. YESTERDAY.
    Is this part of the FAKE NEWS Trump alludes to? Possibly.


  9. Mal Telloian says:

    Now I understand why my daughter home schooled all 4 of her kids. If I had school age kids right now I would be fighting as hard as I could, even going to court if necessary, to fight this crap. It makes about as much sense as all the other stuff that has been spewing from the left. Is there no common sense anymore among any of them (including Juan Williams)?
    Yesterday I bought “Liars, Leakers, and Liberals” from Costco ($14.99) and am about 1/3 of the way through. We love Judge Jeanine Piro. She doesn’t pull any punches.

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  10. cube says:

    The thrill came when I turned 11 and we moved to Florida. Before that I had pigeons to entertain me on the fire escape.


  11. Funny you mention China. I read a report today, that I cannot substantiate, that Lisa Paige testified that China hacked Hillary and the DNC and that Mueller, Comey, everyone, knew it.
    Probably fake news.


  12. geeez2014 says:


    .I COULD LINK MORE! jUST LINK “Lisa Paige China Hacked”…done.

    Now, they COULD all be lying, but I DON’T THINK SO, do you?

    But NOBODY (NOBODY) is covering it on the news…..that I’ve seen, anyway.

    Hmmmmm Sort of like the stories that Putin despises Hillary and always has….but nobody talks about that because it doesn’t fit their narrative that “PUTIN WANTED TRUMP ELECTED!” No, as I commented the other day “Putin wanted Trump elected like he wanted ANYBODY elected so HILLARY WOULD LOSE!”


  13. I don’t believe that Putin cared who was elected; his goal from the outset was to sow dissension among the electorate, and mistrust in American institutions, to weaken our nation and it’s ability to respond to his next ‘annexation’. Make no mistake, Putin is working to revive the Russian empire.

    It’s an age old strategy, not dissimilar from bin Laden’s goal of miring us in middle east wars with seemingly no end.


  14. Baysider says:

    Well put. I agree that Trump’s style is meant to put the Left back on their heels/defensive. That’s how I’ve come to see it, and I’ve warmed to him. For example I heard 2 days ago when he was in Germany talking to a reporter who said the Russian gas deal was “working with” the Russians which built their [German] strength. Trump challenged that with something like “you’re not ‘working with’ the Russians you’re just sending the Russians a lot of money. You want to sent them a lot of money?” While that deal has complexities I’m sure, this highlights what it was really about: a business deal with Russia that will make Russia rich. Whether that’s good or bad, I think it was good to put in plain language instead of the language of morphing appeasement the German used.

    Nothing else I can add to bocopro. Interesting that bp makes a left-handed redhead the outcast example, eh? 😉

    That drag queen IS simply child abuse. I agree with Jesus: better he have a millstone around his neck and be cast into the sea than turn these precious little ones’ hearts.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Ducky commented and I had to share it with you because it’s so telling about liberals……..Apparently, he dug into all my links about Lisa Paige and found one of the Jewish links is supposedly a new-nazi site……Obviously, I had only pasted in links about the information we were talking about and I didn’t read all the links or where they came from…….but it made me laugh that he’d think I’d ever consciously use a neo-nazi source!
    Clearly, there’s some truth to the Paige information but it’s easier for lefties to slam one link and ignore all the valid ones if it doesn’t fit their narrative !!!

    Here’s his comment 🙂
    “jew world order”.com?
    You’re using a neo-nazi sit for your news?

    Z: Wait! It just occurred to me…a NEO-NAZI JEWISH GROUP!? 🙂 WHAT?


  16. geeez2014 says:

    BY THE WAY, that site is ONE VILE SITE! Neo-Nazi or not!~ YIKES, I just looked into it…do NOT open it…it’s hideous.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider..yes, Trump actually came down very hard on Merkel for saying she wants sanctions on Russia, etc etc., BUT is buying 96% of Germany’s natural gas FROM RUSSIA, paying them a ton of dough in doing so!
    Trump was TOTALLY right about that, wasn’t he!!

    CI, if this country doesn’t wake up to what Russia’s doing, or what Bin Laden probably did, we’re screwed….



  18. The thought that Schumer wants to know what Trump discussed in private while never caring how flexible Obama would be after the election is disgusting.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Somewhere above, I think?, I said ISIS instead of ICE, which I meant

    Ed, very disgusting….and shows the hypocrisy and how they really don’t CARE about Russia..unless it all reflects badly on Trump…

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  20. kid says:

    Ok, Here’s what is entertaining (finally) about this whole thing. Putin has accepted the best president ever- DJ Trump’s invitation to come to Washington, DC in the fall. Usually when folks like this show up in DC, they are invited to speak to Congress. Assuming this occurs, will the deranged Democrats be present and be schooled by one Vladimir Putin, or will they run off and hide like 3 yr old’s? It’s a lose-lose for them. And it is hilarious.

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  21. I’ve been thinking about what C I said about Putin not caring who won the election.
    I suspect that Putin has a strong dislike for Clinton as has often been reported. This may also be due to her efforts to shakedown Russia for contributions to the Clinton Corporation errr…Foundation.


  22. Good point Kid.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, yes, I’ve posted some links to articles about Putin hating Hillary, and commented on it….I think it’s more than ‘reported’………..And I’d heard about her hunt for Russian contributions, too…..right.

    Kid, hilarious to see them all, after ALL this slamming they’ve been doing, sitting in their little seats listening to Putin~!!


  24. kid says:

    Thanks Ed, Z. Disagree on clinton though. The beast would have turned the white house into a cash register, allowing Putin to buy whatever favors from the USA he wanted just about.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    “One year after inviting Putin to the Clinton Foundation event, she )Clinton)approved the sale of 20 percent of America’s uranium capacity to Russia. Shortly thereafter, donors connected to the company that was sold to Russia contributed $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.”


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