DICTATORS; ALL BAD? check out my question below!

“Back in the 2012 presidential campaign, Vice President Biden told a group of African Americans that the GOP was going to “put you all back in chains.” But it turned out that it was Clinton’s policies that led to black people being sold. As some ponder another Hillary Clinton run in 2020, that’s worth pointing out.”

Ya, baby!  CHECK THIS ARTICLE OUT.…and it’s in USATODAY!?

(with apologies to Kid for even allowing the name “Hillary” to be put before his eyes!)


Pakistan, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, …..keep going~!

See, having lived in Europe, it helped me see NOT EVERYONE THINKS LIKE WE DO.  Not all people are ready for freedom (check out S. Africa’s nightmare), not all people are nice, not all people are trustworthy (check out Russia), not all people….. etc etc etc.  But, American leaders keep thinking “They are human beings, so they think like we do!”  American leaders for years have played CRUSADER RABBIT and want to FIX THE WORLD!  NO, no, NO, no……..au contraire.

Yes, dictators do horrid things…….is it worth releasing their people from their suffering to spare us the trouble of freeing them and then seeing how bad things got afterwards for their people AND US?




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27 Responses to DICTATORS; ALL BAD? check out my question below!

  1. bocopro says:

    Although there are benign or benevolent dictators who institute reform and prosperity for their people (Tito was VERY popular in Yugoslavia, and Lee Kuan Yew is considered heroic for his transformation of Singapore), most improve things only for themselves and their families.

    If you want to see a collapsed economy, go to a socialist-run dictatorship. If you want to see corruption, graft, and empty treasuries, go to a dictator-run country. Generally they begin with good intent, sympathy for their people, and noble goals . . . much as do our own politicians.

    After a brief period of housecleaning and humanitarian progress, however, they begin to believe their own PR propaganda and consider themselves above the law and worthy of godlike power and obscene wealth, morphing from benevolent savior to malignant tumor.

    When they first get the urge to become king, they love their people . . . at least on some level. But the addictive intoxication of power, wealth, and sex turns that love for the people into love for self and eventually lust for more, more, more.

    You wanna fix things quick in a corrupt, backsliding, decrepit nation, put a dictator in charge for a coupla years. But don’t let him stay in power too long or he becomes like fire: a great assistant for cleaning up trashpiles, but a dangerous master.

    Give me absolute power for a year and I can fix damned near everything that’s wrong with this country today. But come git me on day 366 or you’ll regret it. Remember the 7 deadly sins: greed, hubris, greed, paranoia, greed, hubris, and greed.



    The times, they are a-changin’?

    You know, HRC is hated by many, many people — and across Party lines.

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  3. We should also lay the Libya debacle at the feet of BHO. He authorized taking out Gaddafi.

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  4. Saying in Spain in the latter days of Franco’s rule: “We are a helluva people to govern.”

    Virtually zero street crime in Spain in those days — thanks to the Guardia Civil.


  5. Kid says:

    Iran could work out. Get rid of those long hair and a beard types and Iran could become a decent country as most Iranians are decent people.
    Otherwise I agree, none of the other adventures have worked out well, and it is obvious shi-ites, sunnis, and whabbis are not interested in being a free peaceful people.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro….right! And I almost sound like I’m advocating brutal dictatorships around the world, but I AM NOT, of course! What I always find interesting is how most agree that things go WORSE after they’re out…even for their own people, in most cases!

    Kid, you’re 100% right about Iran, tho they’re mostly muslim and I never thought I’d hear you say “most Iranians are decent people” 🙂 But you’re right!

    AOW…. Guardia Civil…yes, and the Spanish were still a people of faith at that time, too. And, maybe both sides of the aisle don’t like Hillary but one doesn’t often hear criticism!


  7. Kid says:

    Z, The non mullah supporting Iranians don’t seem to be orthadox moslem in dress or behavior.


  8. bunkerville says:

    Hillary Clinton…like every other dictator who is on the way out… is losing her propaganda machine namely the MSM….no doubt her loyal members of the CIA and FBI are bereft of direction. Obama is gone… and unnoticed and underreported are over a dozen of her/his dutiful little munchkins of the FBI and DOJ are either gone or under siege.
    Perhaps no longer will they be willing to fall on their sword for her.
    Yesterday marked what will be known in the future as the turning point. Reported in the MSM is Hillary decked out in her Hospital gown at her latest PR event.
    (Thinking…did I get off topic?) — thats right, Dictators!


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, they don’t at heart but it’s definitely suggested! You know , as I do, how sophisticated and cultured Iran was during the Shah…….gorgeous people, beautiful taste, etc….they might have been muslim, but they hadn’t been taught to KILL INFIDELS! 🙂 I don’t believe the vast majority of them feel that way today, either.

    I’m a TAD concerned about Trump’s pushing back as hard as he is to the Ayatollahs this morning. Am hoping he understands that Muslims WANT to go to Allah.
    I don’t!!

    Bunkerville, i’m hoping against hope that we’ll not be wishing Hillary WAS halfway acceptable, considering the IDIOTS on her side talking about running now! EXCEPT, and I think this is the key: they’re SO far Left they might get very few votes…she’d probably have got more.

    Poor Donald Trump has completely disheartened my MOST stalwart Trump-fan friend…we had lunch yesterday, she’s the one whose best friend was in the hotel suite with the Trumps on election night because her husband worked for him..(he left this month, sadly, because he was making 200K and you wouldn’t BELIEVE the salary he’s going to get with a consulting firm!! $$$$ Plus, he’d told Trump he was leaving in 2 years)…….She’s still THRILLED it’s NOT HILLARY, but Trump’s rhetoric is even getting to HER. I told her I was devastated because she’s smart and conservative and I figured if she could still hang in there, there was hope.

    Why do you think he tweets things like “I’m watching closely the Trader Jo’s police situation in Los Angeles!” ??? Who cares, why’s HE care about a robbery at a local grocery store???

    By the way, I don’t know if ALL presidents do this, but Trump calls the whole family in when people resign and takes a group picture in the Oval Office and was SO nice to them all…….he asked for a private picture with the smallest child, really cute. Trump’s a GREAT GUY in private and I’m dreaming of his being like that in public….kind, caring, CALM. Yes, CALM……….tough and CALM.


  10. Kid says:

    Z, I saw an interview of Trump years ago, back when he looked young. He was talking about how America’s prestige has gone down so far and how upset he was that Iran was allowed to hold American hostages so long. He wants to make sure Iran doesn’t think something like that will occur on his watch.

    Trander Jo. Have they released the guy’s name yet and was it Tommy or Mohammed?


  11. Kid says:

    PS – Ditto anyone else in the world as well should know not to mess with us.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I’ve seen that, too……..he was great. What I mean is that WE don’t want to all die …but nutty Ayatollahs do…it’s the goal of Islam. What I mean is KAMAKAZE, in other words………
    We don’t know how far they’ll go but Americans don’t understand how much PRIDE plays a part in the Middle East, etc.

    Ya, we need to threaten back…….today, it might be better done some other way.
    Sure, ‘don’t mess with us’…that’s FABULOUS, I love that.

    Iran is a different country now then it was when we could threaten knowing pretty well they couldn’t blast us all to kingdom come….
    Obviously, I wouldn’t back down to punks like this ayatollah, but……..it’s easy to say “don’t do that” and not understand how far Iran could go.


  13. Mal Telloian says:

    What Bocopro said about the intoxication of power once they have it is spot on. Its another reason for them to elect older people for the position because their lust for things he mentioned (power, money, sex, etc.) lessens with age and automatically limits their tenure. This is in addition to them being more experienced and (hopefully) wiser.
    Well, thats why most Indian Tribes respect elders decisions anyway.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Republican politicians aren’t worried about the terribly tough talk. If they aren’t going to be, I’m not going to be. I just have to hope to heck that someone’s advising the President and this toughness isn’t just to get the news off Michael Cohen and the Helsinki stinko!!

    Mal, yes, and my point is IT SEEMS LIKE EVERY TIME WE’VE OUSTED A DICTATOR, HIS PEOPLE AND WE HAVE SUFFERED MORE!, whatever age that dictator is!!


  15. geeez2014 says:


    NOTHING to do with my post but this really got to me…the news finds ANY story that backs their narrative and prints it…Conservatives don’t. STAND YOUR GROUND GOT MY MAN KILLED! Ya, her ‘man’ who fathered their 3 children but didn’t marry her…….Obviously, not marrying a girl doesn’t mean ANYBODY deserves to die, but that part bugged me, too.

    This story sounds awful, but for the media to use it as propaganda, BIG headlines…is NUTS and typical and self-serving.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    by the way, didn’t you all just LOVE “CRUSADER RABBIT”?? I DID!!


  17. Baysider says:

    @Kid: his name was ‘Tommy’ but I saw that news sources seeemd to avoid showing his picture, possibly because, as it turned out, he’s a young black male. ???

    Z, this is EXACTLY the tune I’ve sung all my life. Our form of governance grew out of a centuries-long history of attitudes and practices that are completely lacking all over the globe. That certainly does NOT mean other tribes can’t create stable, functional societies. Example: when the tribes in SW South Africa were first given the vote each one typically held a tribal council for all voters to hear the decision of respected elders/leaders, then voted that decision. It was a perfectly natural solution of applying the tried and true to new circumstances.

    With Libya we had a bonafide not-nice-guy in charge. But we hedged him in to a great extent to contain the poison. Similar with USSR. I know George Bush was taken with Natan sharanski’s ideas of liberty as man’s highest yearning. Disagree with that great man. I think it’s safety. WE are particularly oriented to liberty and freedom in ways most of the world has not been. More mistakes ensured from that mistaken view, imho.


  18. Baysider says:

    Ps – what am I missing now? Never heard of Crusader Rabbit! 🤔


  19. Kid says:

    Baysider, Thanks.

    Well, speaking of our black brothers, this is a little OT but I believe you’ll enjoy the heck out of it.

    Black pastor telling it like it is.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0042097/ CRUSADER RABBIT INFO!! I barely remember it but what I remember, I liked so much!
    Baysider, you said “WE are particularly oriented to liberty and freedom in ways most of the world has not been. More mistakes ensured from that mistaken view, imho.”

    And, they’re NOT READY even if they say they want it. Nelson Mandela did horrors to S Africa! Yes, APARTHEID WAS HORRID!! But no planning was done, no job training, no calming people down. My friends the Fletchers, whose families owned farming/ranching land there for years, had Black families there for years and they begged them to keep them on the farm! They were afraid of the revolts, the hate, the protests of other Blacks, destroying businesses, etc.!!

    What might have happened to India without the Raj? Nigeria? You name it…..the dictators are toppled by US, with a totally different mentality and different training/expectations, and all hell breaks loose!


  21. 1. I frequent a blog called Crusader Rabbit.
    It’s in my blog roll.
    2. If the Axis Pact had not been signed, would we have removed Mussolini and Hitler?
    When we ousted them their nations improved.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, Hitler and Mussolini…..their countries were a tad more sophisticated (sarcasm) than Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, etcetc….That helps countries ‘improve’ as you say 🙂
    Do you think most of us are wrong in realizing how much worse it’s gone for most countries whose nasty dictators we’ve trounced?


  23. No. Exceptions that prove the rule?
    But I think that they were practice runs.


  24. Sparky says:

    History has proven that every time America, or the English, or any other freedom loving country gets involved in another country to depose a Dictator, it ends badly for everyone. I say, let it go. As long they don’t attack us or our citizens abroad, let it go.
    Just my two cents.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, practice runs for………? You mean seriously, spiritually, or…?
    How’s your dear Scherie doing today and what’re the plans for travel?

    SPARKY:…I tend to agree with you on ‘let it alone’….yes, we hate to see people suffer, but to spread suffering due to deposing monsters is just plain dumb. !!


  26. Practice for deposing other dictators afterwards. Kinda set the tone so to speak.
    Got Scherie out of the hospital. She , of course, missed the wedding, so we spent the evening with our son, his new bride, our granddaughter and cooked out. Wonderful.
    Road trip home tomorrow. Thanks for asking. Will blog it tomorrow.


  27. Elmers Brother says:

    I think some like Prager that what people really want is to be taken care Of. They prefer that to freedom. If the government is a dictatorship and they’re taken care of why rock the boat.


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