Amelia Earhart………

If I’d been one of those who HEARD HER LAST CALLS FOR HELP, I don’t know what I’d have done but feel miserable.  It brings tears to my eyes reading about it even now in this article with new information.

I have always had an interest in what happened to her.  Most I’ve read say she lived for a long time on some tiny island or may have even been found by Japanese and tortured before her death,  but this says she and her navigator might have just been stranded on a very small island after crashing and watched their plane go into the water and had no food or water and died in a matter of days…that was it….I’m not sure the stories are mutually exclusive.  The photograph includes her navigator, Fred Noonan, who never gets mentioned, but he died, too, in that wonderful endeavor, so I wanted to pay a little homage…

But imagine hearing those plaintive cries for help that were heard around the world by amateur radio people?  You’d feel so utterly helpless!

Poor Amelia….makes me feel lousy to think of it.


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11 Responses to Amelia Earhart………

  1. Kid says:

    Sounds believable. Sad story.

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  2. Mustang says:

    We are still able to find downed American and Japanese aircraft from world war two; Gardner Island (Nikumaroro Island) is only about 3 miles by 2 miles, so shouldn’t we be able to find some remains of the airplane?

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  3. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, here are a couple of places where it addresses the plane in the link:

    “The high tide was getting higher, she had realized. Soon it would suck the plane into deeper water, cutting Earhart off from civilization – and any chance of rescue.”

    “Almost all of those messages were discounted by the U.S. Navy, which concluded that Earhart’s plane went down somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, then sank to the seabed.”

    Sounds like the disabled plane , in the very high tides which drove her from the plane’s radio to land each time tide the went up (perhaps, it says for six days), did disappear into the ocean. It’s not the size of an airliner and a lot of years had gone by before they even really pinned it down to Gardner Island. Are you looking for conspiracy or?

    Kid, yes, this sounds totally believable……..At this point, there’s really no reason to make things up.

    It’s her transmissions that sadden me….those can’t be anything but that. I strongly doubt anybody was faking being Amelia for any reason……

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  4. Sparky says:

    Interesting story. It’s so sad what happened to Amelia and her crew. I hope someone finds all the answers someday.


  5. Mustang says:


    No, I am not looking for a conspiracy. I am only saying that if we wanted to solve this mystery, given all the technology at hand, we could. After all, we found the Titanic didn’t we?


  6. Kid says:

    Mustang I had the same thoght about the plane and am currently assuming no one has put the money and effort into finding it. I did read a while back that someone found near the beach, a piece of metal that fit the description of a patch that was made to cover a window hole or something.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Mustand and Kid, this is information on the piece of metal Kid mentions in the comment above…apparently, she’d patched something in Miami before this trip with a piece of metal and that’s what people think it is….:
    There’s more info about seeing an anomaly in the waters near Gardner Island, or Nikumaroro… (same thing)
    It’s all fascinating; it just breaks my heart that she had this happen and that Noonan rarely gets his name mentioned and he died, too! 😦

    Sparky, it truly is an interesting story! I’m hoping that none of the hypotheses that they were tortured by the Japanese are true.


  8. Mal Telloian says:

    I remember reading or seeing something about Fred Noonan not wanting to do the trip and felt unsafe about several issues but in the end relented and went. Its not unusual for them to not be found. After all, a couple of years ago we lost a huge airliner with all the modern electronics we have today and we still haven’t found them.

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  9. cube says:

    Earhart was one of my early heroes. As much as I hate to say this, I believe that the details of her demise will continue to be a mystery forevermore. Let’s hope I’m wrong.


  10. Kid says:

    Alright, let me say this. “They” won’t even spend the time and resources to find out who really killed JFK, and we think they might come to a conclusion on Amelia ?


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, they’re probably afraid what they’ll find with the politically charged assassination of JFK….Amelia? Just interesting..anyway, that’s what I think!

    Cube, imagine hearing those transmissions and finding out later it was her? Of course, hearing it back then would have been hair raising no matter who it was you knew was a female in trouble!


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