Would you vote for West as president?


WHAT an interview with Mark Levin last night…….I’m 100% for him.   

What about you?   He’s said some things that befuddled me in the past but he was SPOT ON in his responses to “the Great One” last night.  You see it?


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29 Responses to ALLEN WEST…………..

  1. bocopro says:

    Thought about that before. At first he came across to me as just a bit over the top, a far-right bigmouth who talked a good game but shot at his foot a little too often. In fact, if he has a major flaw, it’d be the tendency to be a little quick on the draw and make final decisions before all the facts are in.

    But once you get past the fact that he’s not like the typical double-talkin “now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t” slide-stepping politician, you can hear that what he says is generally what reasonable people are thinkin but don’t have the courage to go do somethin about.

    He’s the Terminix guy, the Orkin man, ready and eager to rid the place of parasites and make it safe to live in again. He’s a guy I’d prob’ly vote FOR instead of just an alternative to somebody I feel compelled to vote against. And I wouldn’t have to hold my nose, as I did for McCain and Romney, just my breath in anticipation of what he’ll say next.

    I’ve put him into the category of a tanned John Wayne with a flat-top.


  2. I didn’t see him on Mark Levin’s show last night. That said, I’m all info Allen West — in 2024.


  3. -FJ says:

    I like Allen West. I hope he runs. 🙂


  4. Kid says:

    Mr West knows the score. Especially in regard to the islamics.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    KID!!! YES!! Last night on Levin, he said “THIS president knows where the danger is….remember Ft Hood and how Obama called it workplace violence?” He definitely gets the islamic threat and isn’t afraid to talk about it.

    AOW, I wish you had seen it……

    FJ, glad you think so, too.

    Bocopro; that’s what I had thought , exactly, before seeing him last night for a one-on-one interview with Levin..a full hour. Excellent. I was kind of surprised.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    OFF TOPIC: I had to laugh at FOX’s John Roberts, who infers that it’s sad that Trump doesn’t trust Cohen anymore! Something like “Yes, Bill….they’ve been friends for years but it looks like there’s no loyalty being shone today from either side, the President has tweeted some pretty tough stuff…”

    And I’m sitting here thinking “Wait, Trump’s supposed to be HAPPY about Cohen’s revelations?”

    John Roberts lives with and has twins by a woman who works for CNN, by the way….they’ve been “engaged” for about six years. 🙂
    He also worked for CNN for years.

    I’ve been recently thinking how professional he’s been, considering he’s probably no Conservative…but it’s starting to show…..easier now that Ailes is gone.


  7. Baysider says:

    I’m agnostic. Supported him in the past (sent $$$ to campaign), but don’t know enough here.

    I like the straight talk. What a contrast to the (politically left) Canadians who bounced a woman off their ‘race relations committee’ (not sure the name) because she was with Jihad Watch which, of course, has nothing to do with race. You can’t say much there or threat of jail or re-education.


  8. Jersey Jack says:

    I’d vote for any man that shuns suicidal ROE’s, arranged by a commission of fruits sitting around a table at Starbucks and whose unafraid of sticking a grenade up a Muslims ass or a 45 in his ear.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I was more than agnostic, I didn’t much care for him, though I liked some of what he said. The interview with Mark Levin sold me……..totally. There are a lot of Canadian whacko stories…….they’re on an even slippier slope than WE are.

    JJ…I have no idea what an ROE stands for….but I know most Muslims don’t warrant a grenade or a 45.

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  10. Mal Telloian says:

    While watching most of his interview last night my wife said she would vote for him if he ever ran but I’m not sure if I would. I like the guy and what he says, but a lot of folks feel as he does. The question becomes, is he qualified BEYOND his beliefs to be our president?


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, was TRUMP? At least this guy served in the military, has served in Congress, has dedicated his whole life to this country…of course, Wikipedia mentions a big problem he had by roughing up an Iraqi he had info on who was supposedly going to kill American troops…..he tried to protect his men by roughing this guy up for information..Wikipedia says the Iraqi guy gave information due to his beating but “it was silly and not real information” and Wikipedians believe the Iraqi over West…who said “that’s fine…I just had to protect my men.”


  12. bocopro says:

    O.K. In case JJ doesn’t get back to you on it,

    ROEs (Rules Of Engagement) are directives and operational orders specifying how and when our troops in the field (including Navy and Air Force) can engage in combat, to what degree, for how long, and with what geographical limitations.

    The whole idea is to prevent unnecessary casualties in non-combat personnel or damage to humanitarian facilities such as schools, hospitals, and life-support systems for civilians in or near a battle zone.

    The Soetoro administration’s ROEs often required that our ground troops be under direct massive attack before they could defend themselves aggressively, and MANY times stifled or prevented air or artillery attacks on LucTars (Lucrative Targets) because permission had to be requested and approved through so many friggin levels that fluid situations simply melted away by the time action was authorized.

    IMO, the Soetoro regime is guilty of deprived indifference murder and wanton manslaughter, NOT of civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, or anyplace else over there, but of our OWN TROOPS by tying their hands behind their backs and putting their weapons on safety lock in extremely dangerous and volatile situations.

    I could go on, but you get the pernt.


  13. Mal Telloian says:

    Okay, Z, I’ll concede the military part but I’m sure you’ll agree there are a lot of ex-military with similar experience; also Trump brought something else that few others could: his ability to understand people and his shrewd negotiating powers. There may be a few others that could but they probably wouldn’t be able to take all the negativity the media has thrown at DJT. ALSO, they haven’t stepped up, have they?


  14. Baysider says:

    Qualified beyond ones beliefs is an important question. But I doubt it’s one that will ever touch a Democrat candidate. They’re talking about putting Oprah up for Pete’s sakes. Great story to hide behind, pretty and polished enough to run from the issues without looking like it. Zippo about stance on issues (yes, we know she loved the last boondoggle in the WH).


  15. bunkerville says:

    Pompeo for 2024 here.. I want someone who has been around the block and knows the players. No more learning curve. We don’t have time… 🙂 West would be fine in another position… VP?


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, fingers crossed, Oprah’s said she’d not run and given good reasons which would be extremely difficult to ignore when questioned if she DID run……….but yes, entirely different rules for the Left and Right. You might say THE LEFT RULES!

    Bunkerville…I wouldn’t mind Pompeo…….

    Part of my WEST FOR PRESIDENT is my type of hyperbolic rhetoric but that IS just how much I enjoyed the Levine talk last night….

    Mal, ya…I know all that about Trump……….it’s even more why I feel so sad he can’t just shut up at least part of the time so he can get some kind of scintilla of a break from the stinkin’ media….he just keeps handing it to them…and that’s just wrong in any president…sorry…I don’t want to relitigate my feelings about him anymore! 🙂

    Boco..Thanks…ROE…of course… and YES on all you said!


  17. In the primaries or the general?
    If he was the party’s choice, I’d have no choice but to vote for him and happily.
    But he would not be my choice for candidate.
    The people we would like to see as president are not always the people that can win the electoral College.
    If Trump had not brought the crossover votes he did, we would all be wondering if Bill was the First Gentleman or First Dude.

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  18. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, did you see the Mark Levin interview for an hour last night with West on FOX?
    game changer. I see things I don’t ‘love’ about him, but it was eye opening…he’s got a LOT to offer.
    And I’d never ever have said that 2 years ago…


  19. Kid says:

    Well, I will say we need people in the White House who will continue the Trump Movement. It is a movement. It is not only anti-democrat it is anti-Politician and we have a long way to go on the politician front.
    I’ll never vote democrat unless the repubs run clinton.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, this is hilarious and I AGREE “I’ll never vote democrat unless the repubs run clinton.”

    You make an excellent point and one ALLEN WEST actually brought up last night; we can’t have Trump, and then have a Democrat who won’t continue the movement on. We have to have a lot of years of Conservatism to FIX THIS COUNTRY.
    I agree with him AND YOU!….so important.


  21. bocopro says:

    Hey, how ’bout Eric Holder? He sez HE’S gonna fix the country the way it oughta be.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Boco: Eric Holder disgusts me….and I TOTALLY understand…the Left thinks IT can ‘FIX’ this country….it’s just that we’d never recognize it again and so their FIX is a bit different than ours would be.

    OFF TOPIC: Am watching Sandra Smith, who just can’t understand why Giuliani talked a lot today on FOX about ‘what is collusion?’ if there is no collusion, which he says. They made a video collage of his saying he’s wondering what collusion is…… she feels there must be collusion if he’s so curious.
    Is it SHE who’s stupid, or ME? Because I look at it as “Giuiliani is saying that for EFFECT…he’s saying it rhetorically…he’s saying no definition HE’s ever seen of collusion fits Trump and Russia”…

    I’m really surprised she was so curious because I’ve always looked at her as a stalwart Trump gal…even Peter Doocy is siding with John Roberts on a lot of liberal responses to Trump.

    Getting tough at FOX, folks…I do NOT want a Republican ECHO CHAMBER at FOX but I DO wish I had somewhere to go to get SOME reassurance all Republicans aren’t EVIL other than the deadly dull and badly produced One America TV show…………ah, well……….


  23. Kid says:

    I will say Guiliani has said some things that strike me as unprofessional. He’s made somehat conflicting statements about Mueller and whether Trump might talk to him, whether Mueller is conducting a legal counsel, etc. The thing I read today was Rudy saying “Is collusion even a crime”. For a professional lawyer, I want someone who knows one way or the other.

    Maybe he does and maybe Rudy and DJT are just gaming and trolling. I’d still be happier if Rudy just said Collusion is not a crime and not even impeachable. Because it is not and it is not.

    My final query into space is Are there any worthwhile lawyers? I don’t see any evidence in my lifetime to make me say yes.


  24. Kid says:

    I think Avenneti has a better chance than eric ‘my people’ ‘islamic what?’ holder


  25. Kid says:

    In fack, I think the 28 year old AlexandrrRRrRria – Consuella – Rodriguez- Martinez – Santa Maria – Ave Lucia – CorRrrRRrrtez has a better chance that holder even though she is 7 years shy of being eligible.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, Giuliani is a ‘disgrace,’ to me…but the way FOX ciphered this morning’s phone call was extreme….I have to say his having called FOX was stupid, looked weak, and was extreme, too.

    The ‘is collusion a crime?’ I referenced above was stupid, and he totally misspoke on it….HE knows it’s not a crime, that’s why I said it was rhetorical……..

    Yes, I do think there are worthwhile lawyers and I’ve known some………Trump should have got himself one who’s been practicing the last many years, not someone like Giuliani who’s a politician at heart. Not a good choice, in my opinion.

    I’m not a Rudy fan, but I will stand by someone being insulted unfairly and that’s what Fox did this morning.
    And, of COURSE, the media’s ALL OVER IT…showing screen shots of Melissa Francis when she looked stunned that he asked about collusion etc…oh, yes, the media LOVES it. They’re watching VERY VERY VERY carefully and will attack every SINGLE SLIGHTEST thing the Right does which supports their accusations…


  27. Kid says:

    Z, Well none of these details will even be remembered by November. People in the know, know that Trump stands above the crowd and doesn’t need people like Guiliani to get stuff done.
    The media has beclowned itself I doubt many are even watching and of those who are, probably 90% + are only doing it for humor value.

    We shall Overcome Ms Z !
    I have a Dream !


  28. I did not see West on Levin.
    I’ve liked West since he put a gun to the head of a Taliban and told him to talk.
    But I don’t think he’s electable.
    Of course, I said that about Trump 🙂


  29. Whatever Kid said. I agree with.


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