Changing Names

We’re all hearing how Liberals want to remake American history….knocking down statues of American heroes, destroying the reputations of George Washington and so many others because they dared have slaves in a world where all people of their level had slaves (and do I really have to say I’d be against slavery at any time?  I hope not), and now they want to, for example, change the name of the Texas Capitol, Austin….because Austin supported slavery.

I was wondering if any of those liberals are thinking about changing the name of Norman Thomas High School, in New York City, since he was an avowed SOCIALIST who ran on a Socialist ticket for president six times?

Probably not.

Why are we allowing this to happen?   I almost cry at the toppling of statues of men we all learned about and admired, because I know nobody’s perfect and an imperfect person can do very good things for his/her country.   Lots to say on this subject, but what’s the point?

Amazing….change the name of American cities because someone might have had a slave, but don’t change a high school carrying the name of a SOCIALIST!!!


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6 Responses to Changing Names

  1. Kid says:

    This is democrats trying to erase their racist, slave owning past.


  2. Fredd says:

    Let’s say for the sake of discussion that oh, say, Pocahontas Warren (fictional character) is rabidly in favor of the pro-death movement, and wants Roe-v-Wade upheld at any cost. Then, in the fullness of time, perhaps 200 years into the future, Roe-v-Wade is overturned, and the sanctity of life is the law of the land, no killing of fetuses, embryos, or even zygotes, no killing of anything even close to a human life is allowed. Pocahontas went on to become president of the US, and a few centuries later, her statues were being torn down and her legacy besmirched and impugned because she was a murdering, soleless thug, based on that day’s morality.

    Is this is how things are going to be?


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…very good example of total hypocrisy… And, OH, yes, tearing ‘our’ statues down has really done wonders, hasn’t it?
    Someone on FOX the other night suggested they put the statues back and put a plaque about the good that person did for America and make mention that, in those days, slavery was the rule of the day, and that yes, indeed, this hero did have slaves…..worded some way that history can be learned, not completely destroyed.

    Kid, I laughed out loud when I read that…good one! FAbulous point! And one I hope to use in the future. Maybe I’ll give you credit 🙂

    Fredd, HI!! I like that…very well though out….yes, maybe it WILL be a constant building and tearing down…kinda like what the Left’s doing to our country today. But just the tearing down part. 😦


  4. Baysider says:

    Where does it stop? When they run out of dead slaveholders, they’ll take serious aim at our Judeo-Christian heritage to erase it from memory:
    The SACRAMENTo River
    and woohoo, ZION national park? or ZION Illinois
    NAZARETH or MOUNT CARMEL Pennsylvania
    SALEM Oregon (and about 50 other places)
    not to mention … CORPUS CHRISTI Texas or LAS CRUCES New Mexico!
    too many SANTAs to list
    The Huguenots even have a bridge named after them.

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  5. Baysider,
    It won’t stop as long as they are allowed to get away with this crap!


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