Am tired of knowing what I know (that almost every single thing we buy here in America comes from there and I know several gazillionaire Chinese kids who literally wear $2000 tennis shoes to school, drive Bentleys and buy homes in Bel Air) and hearing how the Chinese economy is “in big trouble…”

Help me out here.

Also, the tariffs have to hurt us;  how do you raise prices on China, knowing they have to raise OUR prices in their own defense, and not cause us problems at all the cheap-crap Chinese-made big box stores most of you shop in? (I don’t).

Please help me out:  HOW IS CHINA IN SUCH BAD SHAPE?

My Chinese student arrives tonight … Hopefully, she will stay all year$$$.  She is the same one I had last Fall, until my (amazing) German boy arrived in January and stayed through June.   I feel a bit funny about the Chinese students these days, you hear of their ‘moving in,’ stealing information, infiltrating in sheer numbers, outdoing our kids in school*……..If she wasn’t as (let me say for kindness here) ‘ungifted in intelligence’ as a box of bricks, I’d honestly think twice of having her here!

Also, don’t believe ALL Chinese kids are sharper than ours, as we’re led to believe.  They pay our kids to take tests, to write their papers…even at the private high school I’m associated with, from what I heard last week!   And A LOT in our colleges and universities pay for the same ‘benefits’!!  NOT SAYING THE CHINESE AREN’T VERY SMART AS A WHOLE, but …….let’s say they’re not AS ahead of us as people think.


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8 Responses to CHINA GOING BROKE?!!

  1. Mal says:

    It says this was posted at 1:56 p.m. today, which is almost an hour FROM now because its 1:02 p.m. now and we’re in the same time zone! Anyway, re: Chinese kids, nah. They’re not any smarter or dumber than our kids, only better educated due to their apparently restrictive, no-nonsense system of education. Talents of all kinds are not restricted to any one group of people, be it in science, arts, medicine, music, or whatever (although Italians seem to pretty much have the advantage in tenor vocalists!). Their culture dictates how they end up performing.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, well said….Chinese kids , at least in the boarding schools in China which my foreign students have attended (their whole LIVES) run from 7 am to 7 pm……it’s ONE reason Chinese parents send their kids here.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, do you see a ‘time posted’? I don’t.


  4. mal says:

    Yes, Z. On the original email before I click to open all the comments. It said 1:56 p.m. when it was just 1:02 p.m. when I opened it, showing I responded almost an hour BEFORE you wrote it? I don’t think so! (twilight zone?)


  5. Kid says:

    Apparently WordPress is using the Dewey Decimal system. In any case, I find I have no worthwhile comments about China relative to your question. What I believe I know about China is that their stock market is down indicating they expect to sell less goods to the US. They go to extremes to keep production and manufacturing up and running which notably includes building empty cities. I believe they got too comfortable relying on the USA to maintain whatever their GDP actually is (they lie about economic numbers), and lastly, there are very rich people in China and there are Many Many poor people in China. Taken as a whole, I believe China is doing a lot worse than the USA.

    Finally, I do believe the situation is dangerous from a potential war POV, but I believe Trump and crew will talk them down from the ledge.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I hope you’re right about war…………..

    But, if they expect to sell us less goods, how can Americans afford to replace those goods here for consumption? With our healthcare costs, insurance, high salaries, etc…?
    This is a BAD situation!!


  7. Kid says:

    Our species and all things on the Earth are in a constant state of bad situation. Not to worry.

    But my solution list has step 1 as severely throttling the lawyers.


  8. Baysider says:

    Good points. I know you’ve talked about cheating to get entrance into schools here, but if your moral compass has been removed from your culture (Cultural Revolution) it’s not a surprise.


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