Yes, “Ma’am”…how polite! But…………….uhoh……..


Ready for this?  It gets worse!:   “Adding to their anger was how the teacher allegedly told Tamarion during the encounter that “if she had something, she would have thrown it at him” — which the parents said the teacher admitted when they met with her and the principal the next day.”

WHAT?  And no word on what the teacher might suffer for this…

And we wonder about our children today, why so many seem so messed up? Here’s a decent little, well taught boy………..but……..the teacher doesn’t like “ma’am”?



Happy Birthday, Mr. Z…….just Happy Birthday…….

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9 Responses to Yes, “Ma’am”…how polite! But…………….uhoh……..

  1. bocopro says:

    Growin up in the 40s, I was trained that all adult females were to be addressed as “Ma’am” until they informed me otherwise. I was not to address an adult female as “Miss” unless I knew her to be unmarried and never to use her given name. Period.

    As Senator Boxer failed to comprehend, military and most law-enforcement personnel use the term “Ma’am” as one conferring respect and dignity, regardless of skin color or social position, especially if delivered by a flag-rank military officer.

    All adult males were “Sir” until they told me otherwise, and I was NEVER to call an adult male by his given name even if he gave permission: it was always “Sir” or “Mr.” or whatever official title he might have, such as mayor or policeman or doctor.

    And if in charge of students in a classroom, the job is to teach the established curriculum, not to preach a personal agenda. I’d need to hear a pretty damned good and logical reason for her objection to the term “Ma’am.”

    Of course I was also taught to refer to persons of African ethnicity as “colored.” The term “black” was considered insulting or contemptuous in those days. So . . . I suppose in some locales the term “Ma’am” has acquired an unfavorable or uncomfortable connotation. Je ne sais pas.


  2. North East Carolina Preparatory School

    A private school?


  3. -FJ says:

    This teacher is a modern Beethoven (v. Goethe).

    This is post-modernism run amock. The post-modern recognizes no “authority” figure, as all people are “equal”. To confer authority upon “a not currently approved by social justice other” is a sign of disrespect. There are no “bosses”, just manager “friends” for whom you do personal “favors”. Even the graduate of the most elite universities like Harvard and Yale will deny to your face that they are “elites” in any form whatsoever. This “teacher” is not a ma’am. She’s a buddy, a friend, a confidant.

    There has always been, in this country, a disdain for aristocrats, those who hadn’t “earned” their respect (but inherited it and upon those whom “custom” conferred it). We wanted to be a “meritocracy” where respect was only conferred ONLY for “meritocratic” reasons, never for such trivial motives as “seniority” or “title” or “custom”. And today, the only “merit” socially accepted is derived through the survival of social oppression, minority or victimhood status.

    Notice at how few reporters today respect the ‘title’ of “President of the United States”. Yes, the racism of earlier centuries pointed out by bocopro called “custom” into question. But THIS is getting ridiculous!


  4. I stand corrected: it is a free, public charter school. Website.


  5. Kid says:

    No mention in the article of what the teacher’s problem with the word was, so I’m just thinking stupid human tricks at work.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I found it NUTS that no reason’s given for her obvious absolutely outrage…that she’s THROW SOMETHING AT THE KID IF SHE COULD? WHat is THAT?

    Bocopro…I’m doubting “colored” and “Ma’am” have the same anger provocation, but…!
    I’ve not heard much “ma’am” here in LA…just never happened ….not around me….but we at least called teachers “MR” and “Mrs” whatever their LAST NAME was…Mrs. Jones, etc.

    There’s a liberal gal here in the building who had a child out of wedlock…we were in the pool a few years back and another young mom was talking about her child’s preschool teacher…Mrs.Jones…the lib says “Do they go by Mrs? My boy calls his teacher JANE!” I said “But isn’t it respectful to call her Mrs. Jones?” She said “When she’s gained his respect, then he might call her Mrs. Jones” He was THREE YEARS OLD and she felt the teacher needed to gain this punk’s respect? What I WISH I’d said then was “But you enrolled your child at a school where you and he don’t respect the teacher?”

    FJ and Bocopro……a CUSTOM was also , in some areas, calling Black Americans “N******”….that rates with “Ma’am?” HOW?

    AOW…I don’t see how what kind of school affects this……….just seems that if a child has been beautifully trained to say “ma’am,” why not?

    EVERYONE: I’m thinking this teacher has such rage inside her (“I would have thrown something at him if I could find something?”) that calling her “ma’am” promoted her to a place SHE feels she doesn’t deserve……OR she only thinks of older women warranting that moniker and felt age-slammed,..,..whatever it is, I would have fired her had I been the principal.

    And then to think the teacher DIDN’T KNOW he had some kind of serious mental problems mentioned in the article ? What’s wrong with the school?


  7. Mal says:

    “Ma’am” to me has always been a shortened version of madam and to be used exactly as everyone mentions above. The teacher was wrong and should be corrected and apologize to the kid.


  8. -FJ says:

    FJ and Bocopro……a CUSTOM was also , in some areas, calling Black Americans “N******”….that rates with “Ma’am?” HOW?

    Both compliments and insults follow local customs/social conventions. It’s no longer the “modern” era that we grew up in. It’s the post-modern era.


  9. Mal says:

    Very true, FJ. The meaning of many words have changed over the years such as “gay”and “sucks” etc……They became colloquialisms.


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