Aretha’s Service……WHAAAAAAAAAAT??

So, I watched, from time to time, the something like EIGHT HOUR funeral service for the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin……..

There was Louis Farrakhan on the stage…..the great anti-semite, anti homosexual, hater was THERE, and he made himself front and center. See?

Bill “I loved that woman (Aretha)!” Clinton was there with his woman, whom I doubt he loves QUITE that much!

<b>MY FAVORITE BIT was when the first act, Ariana Grande, in a very short skirt (which looked a lot shorter on TV than in this picture) which made all the men on the stage have to divert their eyes uncomfortably through “Natural Woman!” finally stopped prancing around and singing and THE BLACK PASTOR HUGGED HER AND SAID HE HADN’T KNOWN WHO SHE WAS WHEN HE SAW HER NAME ON THE PROGRAM AND THOUGHT SHE MUST BE SOMETHING SERVED AT TACO BELL!    </b>

My question is this:  IMAGINE IF A REPUBLICAN WHITE GUY SAID THAT TO A HISPANIC SINGER? “Didn’t know your name, thought you were something served at TACO BELL?~!”

And, there was a long line of pink Cadillacs (‘on the Freeway of Love’) slowly driving down the street in honor of Ms Franklin which was pretty cool (didn’t know there were that many pink Cadillacs of all years and models!!)

AND a Gold COFFIN and her clothes were changed at varying times since she’s had an open coffin the last few days, including high heels!

What do you think of the Black Pastor’s line about TACO BELL?!   I just have to laugh when I imagine if Trump or ANY white Republican had said it……….it was innocent, I don’t blame him at all, but we KNOW what the media’d have done!!


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30 Responses to Aretha’s Service……WHAAAAAAAAAAT??

  1. bocopro says:

    Rituals are good. Memorials are good. Tributes are good. Celebration of life is good. They’re important ingredients in the glue that keeps human societies from disintegrating into packs.

    But as my grandmother liked to say (she got it from ol’ Pastor Lemmon, I betcha), all things in moderation. Ceremonies lose their meaning when they go on forever.

    I particularly like the rites for slain heroes and cops killed in the line of duty . . . the uniforms, the formations, the rifle salute, the silence, the ritual, and especially the bagpipes, or the flutes, or “Taps,” depending upon culture. The Marines know how to do it.

    Still . . . to me the ceremony should be brief – meaningful, and dignified – but brief, and not for idle curiosity seekers, just family and close friends or comrades. Most cars in a typical cortege have people in them who just want to be seen as honorable and respectful, especially if they’re not.

    Viewing should be solemn and silent, and any music should be subdued and non-verbal.

    Then AFTER the interment, a wake according to family or tribal custom, a celebration of the life of the deceased with food and song and even laughter in the assurance that life goes on and the departed doesn’t want us moping around like washed out zombies. Set a plate and a drink for him on the altar.

    And anybody who gets plastered and shows his ass at a wake should be skinned and dipped in vinegar (as should Farrakhan, Slick, and Soundbyte Al).

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  2. Mustang says:

    Besides being a rich, black drug addict, what contributions has she made to our society? Our fascination with dysfunctional entertainers and crooked politicians must stop! Let’s recognize the real heroes …

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  3. Linda Goossen says:

    Thanks for your summary! I had to go to the dr during the ‘celebration’ and said, ‘good, I’m going to miss al sharpton. Scheech, he was on when I go home, and then they showed him at least a half dozen more times during the day. Please, when it’s my time, have a short service, sing Amazing Grace, have a light lunch at the church and FINISH it!

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  4. geeez2014 says:

    Linda, if Amazing Grace gets played anywhere near my service,I’ll come back and strangle the praise leader! 🙂 But, yes….it’s ENOUGH with this. Today’s service would have been good.
    I feel sorry for what McCain’s family’s had to go through ..time after time..

    Mustang .. DRUG ADDICT?

    Bocopro…MODERATION is something lacking in this thing, I assure you!

    What’d ya’ll think of what the BISHOP said about Ariane Grande?


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Honestly, I’d hate to have to say the personal things Meghan McCain’s saying now about her father in such a public arena….I guess you get used to that when your life’s been led in public, but that’s not me, that’s for sure.
    He sounds like he was an amazing father, that’s for sure.
    Did you all know he started many mornings in DC at the Vietnam Memorial? Something like twice a week or something? He said they were the real heroes.


  6. bunkerville says:

    Now on to the traveling road show known as the McCain funeral…. since we have now funerals that become spectacular events planned months before one’s end? Last on my mind to find 3000 to attend a circus.

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  7. geeez2014 says:

    MEGHAN MC CAIN just humiliated Ivanka Trump who is at the funeral, and Pence, who she’d thrown eye-daggers at when he spoke at the last service.

    “The America of today doesn’t have to be GREAT AGAIN, America has ALWAYS BEEN GREAT”

    HUUUGE applause from audience…………..She HAD to have a dig and she did…at her father’s funeral. Sad. She’s TOTALLY a wreck for having lost her beloved father, I know that feeling, so I understand her awful anger at Trump for what he said and for the flag situation he screwed up, but she could have skipped the BIG dig.

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  8. bunkerville says:

    Why did the kids ever go!!! Her father wasn’t invited.. one more way to stick it to Trump. Then Lieberman trashing the political scene… I’m outta here!!

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  9. Mal says:

    Folks from the left can say ANYTHING and get away with it. As for the pink Caddilacs? Maybe they got them all from the gal (can’t think of her name right now) that sells cosmetics, etc. and rewards her best sales reps with pink Caddies.

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  10. Kid says:

    Mal, I think that’s Mary Kay.

    Z, Well I wonder if it had something to do with her being black. I don’t remember a Karen Carpenter funeral. She could butter your bread with her voice. Franklin’s voice was too sharp for me, like a Tina Turner.

    Anyway, par for the course eh? Lot of agendas being worked at that ‘funeral’. I didn’t watch of course.

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  11. Bob says:

    There was some pretty good music Aretha’s funeral. Gladys Knight did a superlative job with her two songs, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Simon and Garfunkel be damned. Gladys was fantastic. Poor Bill Clinton was cornered by the rear end of a beautiful woman, something he has never seen at home. Jesse Jackson was there, too, and looked like a dissatisfied bull frog. Ugly is his middle name.

    Poor Meghan McCain. Enough said about her.

    John McCain was praised again and again about pushing for bipartisan action in the Senate. If bipartisan legislation like the McCain/Feingold Act keep appearing, we can kiss the nation goodbye. That piece of election finance law stinks, solved nothing, and cemented big corporate and Union money into the election system. This is s loser of a situation.

    Some people called McCain a Maverick. BS. He was quick to surrender his and our principles for so-called bipartisan compromise. He was the archetype establishment, mainstream politician. He didn’t realize that negotiating didn’t mean going into talks prepared to surrender any and all principles, but getting something and not surrendering one’s basic principles. Immigration and election finance are cases where he was willing to give away everything.

    It is with honor and relief that we can now say, “John McCain has left the building”.

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  12. Bob says:

    My previous comment reads as if I viewed one funeral on TV. Of course I was not only talking about Aretha’s funeral, but also today’s edition of the John McCain funeral. After a while it all seems to run together. Honestly, I have not been drinking.

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  13. Mal says:

    Thats it, Kid. Mary Kay. I had a “senior moment” and couldn’t think of it. Thanks.


  14. Kid says:

    Pre-LBJ, bipartisan might have been a valid concept. The dems leaning slightly left and the repubs leaning slightly right. That doesn’t exist today. The right (not necessarily republicans) want to return to a lawful and constitutional America. The left want total open borders, forgiveness of all crime, and basically a Sodom and Gomorrah environment within a non-functional socialist economic environment. Neither side should want to have anything to do with the other. Please delete the word bipartisan. It only belongs in kindergarten where valuable things like socialist activity and the I’m Ok , You’re Ok concepts are fleshed out to be absurd.

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  15. Kid says:

    Always glad to be of service to folks like yourself Mal.


  16. Kid says:

    To your question Z, Lets just look at all the democrats who have used phrases dealing with ‘monkeying around’. Hypocrisy is the alter at which the left worship.

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  17. Mal says:

    Kid, when you mentioned Karen Carpenter, it reminded me of what a beautiful voice she had. It was so sad how she died by starving herself to death because of an article written by some critic about her brother Richard “and his chubby little sister”. She wasn’t over weight at all; simply a typical teenager who took the comment to heart and became bulimic and literally starved herself to death. I hope he feels responsible for his comments.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Mal! MARY KAY COSMETICS! THAT IS HILARIOUS…hadn’t thought of that but you’re right about the pink Cadillacs! Don’t think they do that anymore..!! HAAA!

    BUnkerville, I didn’t hear all of Lieberman …was he the one who touted McCain’s legislation? I thought I’d heard he’d had very little actual bills passed???
    I thought Kissinger, too, was practically drooling over McCain…odd.

    Clearly, this guy was well liked, no matter what he did, so he had something……..ugh.

    Kid, how did YOU remember MARY KAY?! HA!
    That ‘monkey around’ line was SO innocent…as I believe this Black Bishop’s line was, too….he didn’t mean to be racial about it……….
    But we’re SO SENSITIVE today that we ALL KNOW what would have happened had Franklin Graham or some other white Protestant man had said that about Taco Bell……OMG!!! HELL TO PAY!!!!!!!

    I did like Aretha’s voice…but more when she was younger…Like Ella F…younger, better. I”ve been told for years I sound like either Karen Carpenter (My coach always thought that) or Eydie Gormet…..Eydie sang till she was older and always sounded the same because she sang correctly….belted.

    Glad Aretha’s service was good…but 8 hours seems a bit much!

    McCain, as BOB SAID, has FINALLY “Left the building!”….


  19. Kid says:

    Mal, exactly what I think of anytime I remember Karen. Exactly..
    If you don’t mind Z, She did look maybe a slight touch heavy in this one. But nothing to complain about!


  20. Kid says:

    Z, I met Mary out in Scottsdale one night. 😉


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I hear that song (which I can’t stand, even when Leon did it!….altho he did an ok job!) and I am embarrassed that I can sound like her….I think my coach meant when Karen sang lower, like “Bless the Beast and the Children” types of songs….
    Her hips are bigger than usual, but….not heavy!


  22. bunkerville says:

    Z… it was simply a charade….the fact he even considered having a Dem as he running mate says it all. Not one good GOPer that was good enough for McCain? Not to invite Sarah told me everything I needed to know.
    He played a major role in this present attempt of a coup by planting the Dossier… and for that we should praise him? Phooey.


  23. Kid says:

    Z, Yea at the Scottsdale Registry Resort. Some of the uppity ups would occasionally show up there. Noticed Clint Eastwood having dinner there one night. Then happened down the corridor with can’t remember her name but was on TV sitcoms, ah Rose Marie, spent the 10 seconds of conversation trashing Arizona has having no culture. It didn’t but still.

    Now I’m remembering brunch at the Arizona Biltmore….

    Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end…


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville, the problem is we don’t know how Palin was toward McCain…his personality apparently was prickly and we can’t know how far he pushed her, or how much he embarrassed her when he openly talked of having goofed in picking her. Which I believe he DID do.
    I can’t stand the woman, so ,…

    I can’t wait to hear the truth, the whole story, of the dossier; am tired of hearing all the rumors, the truth, the lies, and not knowing which is which.

    I do know that someone today said “If Bruce Ohr isn’t careful , he’ll suffer the same end as Peter Strzok.. (and someone else, I can’t remember..Christopher Wray?)…anyway, WHAT HAPPENED TO STRZOK? NOTHING!
    Will justice EVER GET DONE?

    Or will Republicans EVER EVER wake up to the fact that WE DON’T COUNT? That schools are lying about our ideology, media is doing all it can to run us down, NO HEARINGS amount to ANYTHING? Story after story of ‘supposed’ truth, and I say “SO WHAT? The Left is believed..we are not..” Done.


  25. Kid says:

    Z, maybe an encouraging thought. With the left going totally vampire, I think more people might be thinking wait – what?
    People inherently don’t like to be lied to, at least I think not.


  26. Mal says:

    Yeah, Kid. The 2nd song I remember well “Top of the World”. My daughter had played that all the time on a 8-track tape in her car when she was in high school in the mid ’70’s. She is now 63!
    Z, I know they still give pink Cadillacs at Mary Kay ’cause earlier this year I almost went to see one unknowing that it was pink and had been repainted with a very poor job. I saw the ad online and was going to drive up to St. George, Utah, to see it, but when I found out about the paint, passed on it. St. George is only a couple of hours from Vegas. Hmmm. There’s usually a good reason when its so cheap! ;o)


  27. Baysider says:

    Taco Bell line = tasteless.

    The left made the same fuss over McCain – I think to “show” the world what a “real” Republican is (in their view).


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, so if people are REALLY listening and caring other than for their freebies, we have a chance.
    The stopping of federal raises was beautifully backed by Michael Medved on his talk radio show…haven’t heard any Trump reasons except “We can’t afford it” Medved made such sense when he discussed it.
    Not sure most Americans care if we can afford anything…they think the gravy train has no stops….
    But SOME BLACKS are starting to see how they’ve been lied to and his polls among Blacks is rising, so…maybe some hope? I hope so…as you know, I’m not a fan of his, can barely stand listening to him anymore, but I DO NOT WANT ANY LIBERAL IN THERE! And we MUST hold congress in November or he might as well go back to NYC, anyway 😦

    Baysider, The Bishop didn’t mean the Taco Bell line to seem tasteless…was trying to be funny, but if Franklin Graham had said it there’d be hell to pay.
    NOW the Bishop is getting insulted for having hugged Grande with his arm around her back and under her arm….his finger tips look like they might have touched the side of her breast so NOW the left is up at arms………
    This stench of political correctness MUST STOP……….the man HUGGED a young girl……..anybody think he was trying to feel her up with 4,000 people in person and millions on TV? GeeeZ

    Mal :”Top Of The World” is a nice one…


  29. Kid says:

    Z, I sent DJT an email that said “Instead of freezing federal wages, how about seriously Downsizing the federal ‘workforce’ “. Pre-2008, there were 800,000 non-essential federal ‘workers’.

    36% of blacks strongly support DJ Trump as I read today. That is a big increase over those who supported obama.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, LOVE what you emailed DJT…..not that he listens much, but WHO KNOWS?! I agree with you!

    And yes, it’s FABULOUS that this many Blacks are for DJ T……….They say that were this thhe case the last few pres elections, the Rep would have won, hands down


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