Brett Kavanaugh


HOW COULD ADULT REPRESENTATIVES OF ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ HAVE ACTED SO BADLY YESTERDAY?  I do understand their frustrations, they’re upset that their ideology might be damaged with a court which leans more Right than Left.  We’d feel just the same were it the other way around.  I even understand that they’re angry about Neil Gorsuch.  I get that.

BUT ACT LIKE THEY DID?  HAVE WE COME TO THIS?  I’m so embarrassed every time Kamala Harris opens her mouth I want to cringe as badly as when Barbara Boxer stood up on the Senate floor to make a point holding a big chart with misspellings on it……or worse, because Kamala Harris is posturing for her political career, not for Americans, and she is so nasty and insulting.  Not senatorial at all.

SO……..DO YOU THINK, AFTER ALL THIS, KAVANAUGH WILL GET A SEAT ON THE BENCH?   Most experts say “no doubt about it.”    I hope so.

DO you think they the Republicans should have given thousands of pages of his past decisions, etc?  I remember when they passed Obama Care, only having given the TONS of information the Republicans wanted to see first, the night before, like the Reps just did about Kavanaugh’s information.   I’d say the Obama Care vote was bigger than this justice……so……..why the outrage?

WILL IT BE SUPREME COURT JUSTICE BRETT KAVANAUGH?  After his children had to be expelled for the nastiness of what their parents didn’t want them to see (after preparing them to come and be proud of their dad in this momentous and historic time in his life), why would Kavanaugh even want to?




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36 Responses to Brett Kavanaugh

  1. Jersey Jack says:

    Keeping Chief Bocopro and family in mind this morning. Hoping Gordon didn’t lay too much damage down in his neck of the woods and Floria-bama.


  2. I watched a few of the clips after I got home from work yesterday (grueling — first day of 2018-2019 classes). I was disgusted beyond words.

    I read this morning that there were many arrests, Linda Sarsour’s among them. She was wailing about women’s rights with a hijab on her head. Non sequitur!


  3. Kid says:

    He will be comfirmed. The dems just want to keep the hate bubbling. It’s the only strategy they have left. Now if we can replace Breyer and Ruth Buzzard with constitutionalists, the country might resemble America a little bit for the rest of my days anyway.

    It occurs to me that even when their boy was in the white house, it was all they could do to keep the vile and disgusting at a reaonable? level, Now that they are minority status with an American in the White House, they can’t keep the lid on it and are showing us who they really are – begging their supporters to go out and do violence on fellow Americans who even look like they vote republican, and the list goes on.


  4. bocopro says:

    They just don’t get it. In fact, even when slapped in the face by karma, they don’t see the irony in DJT’s election being a direct result of their truculence and hubris:

    The inconsolable defending the inelectable.

    Kavanaugh has been a popular jurist in all corners, widely respected by peers and repeatedly endorsed by politicians . . . UNTIL, of course, he became associated with DJT, at which time he suddenly transformed into an ogre and very possibly a vampire.

    It’s not about what’s good or just or right or best for the nation — it’s all about WINNING for the sake of the party and getting on with Her Rotten Heinous’s long-overdue apotheosis.


  5. bocopro says:

    Nah, JJ. We got maybe 50mph gusts with sustained winds around 35 or so for a while. A large plastic storage container on the picnic table on my patio has 8 inches of water in it this morning; it was dry yesterday at this time.

    But . . . we’re overdue for a big blow. Haven’t had a cat 3 or higher since Ivan. Coupla 2s, but no killers.

    Few thousand people without power this mornin ’cause a few guys didn’t trim their pine limbs which came down on the power lines. Everybody should be gettin lights back by early afternoon, local guessers say. Happens every few years. But no major flooding this time.

    Take my word for it — you don’t want 12 inches of dirty water in your house for 12 hours. Total losses were around $50K and FEMA gave us $18.5 to fix it . . . make it livable, but not replace the ruined stuff, such as shoes, bedding, drapes, particle-board furniture, etc. . . . just flooring, sheetrock, cleanup, disinfectant, paint, that kinda stuff.

    USAA gave us full bluebook on the ruined 3-yr-old Toyota Sienna, so we just applied that to a new one . . . which an unlicensed illegal alien sideswiped with his handyman trailer.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey, thanks for asking about Bocopro…hope you’re okay, too………..

    Bocopro…glad all is fine….wish it wasn’t going to be SO HOT again this coming weekend here. And we could use some rain, that’s for sure.

    AOW….it was disgusting, wasn’t it……actually a joke.

    Kid, I hope so…….I am listening now and thinking “what the HECK is he saying?” Dayum if I didn’t know Dianne Feinstein was quite as sharp as she shows today. Hatch is coming off as a hack, disappointing ..”Gee, THIS lib judge says he’s good, and THAT lib judge says he’s good!”.. Which is all fine, but say something substantive. Feinstein did…..Kavanaugh said in a decision that semi-automatics were in “common use” and she nailed him with “they are NOT in common use” and he kind of weedled out of that badly…..
    Anyway, he’s verbose, that’s for sure…and does seem bright.
    I’m not quite the precedent-relying-adorer that he is………but he knows a LOT LOT LOT more than I DO about this budiness!


  7. bunkerville says:

    Anyone who has followed me knows I am no fan of Kavanaugh. A swamp creature in my mind. No doubt covered up the Vince Foster review. That I cannot forgive him.
    As I hear him for a bit today, my opinion has not changed. Judge Nap is not a fan either.
    You might check out


  8. geeez2014 says:

    bunkerville…he’s what we’ve got. I can only continue to get totally upset by things I can change…and brother, AM I upset about so much these days. And there is very very little i can do.
    As Lindsay Graham said three minutes ago (I’m still watching the hearing), ‘I’m sorry about what happened to your daughters yesterday, Mr. Kavanaugh……..WHAT KIND OF COUNTRY ARE WE THAT YOUR CHILDREN CAN’T BE HERE TO PARTICIPATE? THIS WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED TWO YEARS AGO…WHAT’S HAPPENING?” (Z; response; the leftwingers are encouraging hecklers, nastiness, telling people to leave restaurants, insulting…THAT’s what’s happening…it’s ALL FROM THE LEFT) But I digress…

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Kavanaugh’s … particularly when they reiterated something today that I heard a few times in the last few weeks that bothered me BIG TIME, and that is “When I rule I take into consideration the problems of the person on trial (Z: I paraphrase largely to make the point) ”
    My (Z) feeling is that that is not relevant…that THE LAW overrules our feelings.
    Yes, I will maybe someday be on the block and regret what I write because I want leniency,I want kindness, I want someone to understand why I did what I did, but it’s THE LAW that counts.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    I never thought i’d be so admiring of LIndsey Graham, that’s for sure………but he’s done a fabulous job standing up for Kavanaugh in a more professional, reasonable, non-partisan way than Hatch had.
    He’s a VERY careful guy…which is probably good.

    He sounds very Gorsuch-like…which has been said about him. I like that.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    A GREAT LINDSEY GRAHAM POINT was how one expects a president to pick a judge who sides with his side……….Kagan admitted to being a Dem, Sotomayor admitted to being a Dem, nobody ever thought Ruth the Jerk was a conservative…………So why can’t a REPUBLICAN president do the same? Oh, ya…because he’s a Republican.
    Lindsey Graham’s point was a powerful, effective one….he even mentioned how some of those lib judges got votes in the high sixties……Justice Kennedy and Scalia got in the NINETIES..>Left and Right. Those were the days of smart, America-loving politicians…not the socialist idiots we have today. (yes, you may quote me :-))


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Just heard (the hearing’s on lunch break) that the rumor is that the Left is telling their side that they’re failing them and not being tough enough on Kavanaugh…MAN, I wish I was going to be home all day so I could hear it. It’s going to get tougher on him this afternoon.
    The Left is VERY AFRAID of this appointment, as we all know…….I LIKE THAT 🙂


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ben Sasse ROCKED at the hearing.

    He’s saying what I’ve been saying for a long time “Protesters should not be protesting the Supreme Court, they should be protesting at Congress, where the laws are brought up, discussed, made………” and “Politicians pass off any big decisions to the Courts just to avoid putting their necks out there and risking not getting voted for again.”


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Interesting…Nike stock going UP UP UP because “millenials are snapping it up for their endorsements with Kaepernick”….meanwhile, many Nike buyers are swearing they’ll never buy another Nike item again.

    SHows a lot about what our millenials know about economics, their stock portfolios, etc., huh?
    Sure, it went UP now….kids don’t know better, hate the cops, love anybody who disses anything American, right? Learning that’s a college major, I think?
    But, in a month or two, they’ll have snapped up all they can afford of Nike stock and Nike buyers are STILL not buying……………hopefully.
    Then what???


  14. Kid says:

    Nike stock price will be all about earnings. They’re worldwide so no idea how some number of Americans not buying their products anymore will affect overall earnings. Wait and see.


  15. bunkerville says:

    He will be another Kennedy…he remarked several times that he perceives him as a role model. Yes it is what we have, but lets not be disappointed, and he is what we have.. but lets nots go overboard.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville….he’s not anybody’s favorite…’overboard’?
    I just want him to stand by the Constitution……..

    Kid, good point. Maybe Nike doesn’t give a darn, and I’m sure they’d factored public displeasure into their bottom line and found it in their favor…enough LOVE hating America that they’ll thrive. dayum


  17. Kid says:

    Well, you never know Z. Chick-Fil-A, IN and Out Burger, The Red Hen and surrounding area may be rethinking their decision making processes.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t often say this about anybody: Sen Whitehouse from RI is a PRICK.
    He’s going ON and ON and ON about how there are ‘dark groups’ whose money used to get Kavanaugh in’s roots can’t be known because “donors hide in these groups”.

    Poor Kavanaugh can’t say “AND YA THINK DEMOCRATS DON’T DO THIS?’ because he has to show judicial restraint.

    I’ve never heard a more bitter, ugly, stupid guy……….ever. Whitehouse…”VERY POWERFUL INTERESTS” come and ruin our country.; Apparently, did you know, readers, that they’re ALL REPUBLICAN INTEREST GROUPS!? 🙂


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, what do you mean? Think they’re going to go secular, anti Christian, to get more sales?


  20. Kid says:

    Z, That would seem to follow their logic so far. 🙂 Maybe add anti-White, anti-Middle Class also.


  21. Baysider says:

    Yesterday was a colossal EMBARRASSMENT to any functional government. It’s NOT functional. I despair. And yes, Obamacare immediately came to mind. All that baloney ‘transparency’.

    I asked “where was the sargent at arms”? They reflected the stripe of hatred and rebellion that’s being fanned into flames through all state of the culture. And Pochahontas was there cheering it on. I despair.

    I think he’ll make it. They had given over 400,000 pages of material earlier. The stuff yesterday was an addition. The Dems have had 64 DAYS to ‘research’ but don’t need it. Look at Kamala Harris whining about needing time to research. On top of the 64 days. She already announced she’s voting no. How much ‘time’ does she need? 3 years? Ya. They don’t need ANY time. They don’t need to do ANY research because they already packaged their revolt before the nomination.

    Did I mention I despair? Pray! Pray in gratitude for Trump instead of the Hildebeast, for his protection, for him standing firm (and the Senate), for the forces of chaos to be restrained. Pray over Daniel 10:13!!


  22. Baysider says:

    Z – I did not see Whitehouse, but how could anybody be stupider than the congressman from Georgia that worried Guam would “tip over and capsize” when 10,000 more people arrived.


  23. Baysider says:

    One more: I AGREE with you about not taking the problems of the person involved into consideration in a general sense. That’s how juries award millions of dollars to people who completely created their own problem (like the frat boy who used a trampoline at the frat house in the dark of night while dead drunk and broke his neck and the university was held liable because they had the big $$$ to pay for his support for life).

    Dennis Prager once was in a seminar with a California supreme court justice who said “I think my role as a judge is to fight for the disadvantaged” – I’m paraphrasing. Really? I hope our courts don’t run roughshod over the ‘little guy’ because a big corporate interest is on the stand if they are in the wrong. But when they’re in the right they deserve the same justice in court we all expect.

    This is one of the things that MADE ENGLAD GREAT. For all its faults, it attracted tons of immigrants and refugees from the mess in Europe over the centuries. Italians from the Vatican ran the counting houses. Miners from Germany. Dike builders from Holland. Huguenots from France who made London the clock capital of the earth. One thing they ALL knew is regardless of how they were looked upon as outsiders, kept outside the margins of the the upper social structure, etc., they could expect a fair day in court in business disputes and have their contracts upheld. That
    made England very attractive as a stable place to ply your business!


  24. geeez2014 says:

    will respond to BAYSIDER later, have to run, but…

    KID….there is no indication that In And Out or any other Christian store is turning from open faith for the bucks…or am I missing something????????


  25. Kid says:

    Oh heck, Chick Fil-A and In and Out triggered the snowflakes, so now they will get an increase in business from the right side. Red Hen is the other side of the story, refusing Sarah Sanders, and are now being boycotted in a major way. What can I say, I was juggling chainsaws and got confused.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    No, Kid! I get you know….’triggered the snowflakes”…totally right. As Nike’s decision is triggering the Trump base…I get you…..I was confused! You had me worried there that the Christian companies were giving up the (holy!!) ghost! 🙂
    Good point about Red Hen, whose village, apparently, is way down in tourism since it happened! I hope people are GLARING at the Red Hen staff as they walk by! 🙂

    BAYSIDER! If you could have HEARD this Whitehouse guy…….must have mentioned five times “We don’t want a Supreme Court on the side of corporations!” I’m thinking
    “Right…so you wants a SOCIALIST government and hope the corporations disappear so the gov’t can hire?” geeeez
    Praying for Trump is REALLY hard on me every single damned time he opens his mouth..he can’t say ANYTHING without “This is because I DID IT, no president in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD did this…only those who know me thought I COULD DO THIS” Which is fine, except it shows something inside him that worries me …big time.


  27. Mal says:

    Theres no question he’ll make it, Z, because we already have the votes. All the left is doing is making themselves look even worse (if thats even possible!) because its sooo obvious this whole charade is orchestrated. Meanwhile, Kavanaugh has taken the high road and came well=prepared.


  28. Kid says:

    Z, I think the Dove of Ishmael (cooo coooo) did not have a good effect on DJT. Maybe he’ll straighten up and fly right.

    But seriously, no president has been faced with such a dire situation other than say George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln who risked it all the free the slaves and paid with his life. We cannot compare Trump to any president in modern times, say post Civil War. None of them either had such challenges or if they did, did not go into offensive mode against them. FDR – nightmare communist, Truman – left us with N Korea, Eisenhower built the national freeway system. JFK – got us to the moon, LBJ- disaster, Nixon/Ford – worthless, Carter -disaster, Reagan stood out – won the cold war, GHWBush, clinton, GWBush – worthless to disasters – clinton shipped all the mfg jobs out of country, Trump is fighting against countries who have been eating our lunch for decades and massive corruption in any significant agency in DC, people in the WH, the media, the hollywood crowd and the indoctrinated fascists running around showing up at Kavanaugh hearings cheered on by democrats and even democrat congress people begging the tards to do violence on fellow Americans if they look like they might be a republican supporter.

    I can’t think of a more dangerous time. A democrat majority anytime in probably the next 20 years at least will kill America D E A D.
    Let’s see if they vote for suicide.


  29. bocopro says:

    I swan, seems that every one of my daily rants is just a foreword, or perhaps preface, to what I read in comments here. They’re much too long to post, usually about 3 pages of standard text, but they usually say what’s being said here in posts and ripostes.

    Here are the opening paragraphs of today’s blurb:

    As I’ve said a brazillian times in the past few months, I just don’t get the intense and relentless opposition to a PotUS who’s makin things work right for a change. Can’t see the Hitler similarities, the dictator indicators, the “not presidential” animus. Can’t figure out what exactly the leftards WANT . . . a truly criminal female Fredo PotUS in the form of a greedy, selfish, bitter, hypocritical what’s-in-it-for-me loser?

    Los Resisteros were promised repeatedly that the 2016 election would witness the Second Coming of Lucretia Borgia, and when it didn’t happen they flew into a nuclear tantrum which hasn’t yet run out of plutonium, OR venom, or absurdum.

    Seems to me that they should be angry with the left-leaning mainstream media for lying to them so that they’d think that Hilarious Felonious’s apotheosis was a fait accompli. But instead of directing their anger at the source, they went for the ever-popular Judas goat gambit: blame the system, or go Muslimy – blame the Jews — or blame the Russians, or blame the deplorables, or blame the women.

    Incidentally, coupla hours ago I sent a jpg which apparently got stuck in limbo, prob’ly in the spam or junk bucket.


  30. Baysider says:

    BP, very entertaining (not to mention TRUE!). I especially like the “Los Resisteros” paragraph.


  31. I’ve been watching the Kavanaugh hearings. Yes, I am a government geek. I knew Kavanaugh was solid, but damn this guy sat there for 12 hours listening to crazy protestors scream and a bunch of clueless Dems trying to trip him up with gotcha questions. All the Dems got was a primer in Constitutional law from a true originalist in the mold of Clarence Thomas and Antonio Scalia. Kavanaugh schooled one Dem after another. Whatever you think of Trump, he’s hit two grand slams with Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. If he gets to put a third on the court he’ll change it for the better for at least a generation.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Law and Order…Trump couldn’t be better in picking judges, that’s so true.
    I watched a LOT of it today, too……..I thought Kavanaugh talked waaay too much but he really is smart and very, very patient.
    When that Sen. Whitehouse kept hammering how awful corporations were, I don’t know how Kavanaugh kept quiet…. Here’s an American SENATOR slamming free enterprise that HIRES AMERICANS?
    There were a LOT of those instances where we certainly saw Kavanaugh’s amazing patience!
    I swear I’d have blown it 🙂


  33. geeez2014 says:

    Law & Order, I’m sure you won’t come back to this post’s comments, but GRAVATAR? Why’d you disconnect your blog from the hyperlink of your name? 😦


  34. Baysider says:

    Z – if you cannot pray for Trump, please pray Daniel 10:13


  35. I’m computer ignorant so I don’t quite understand what you are asking. I don’t post on the blog anymore. I post on Facebook. You know my name, so you can read my stuff there. If not, just ask for my name. Take care.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I said it was hard to pray for someone who keeps letting me down; I didn’t say I don’t. I don’t see the connection of that Daniel verse?

    Law & Order, I actually don’t know your name……..there is a name there on Gravatar when I click
    on your name here… it says johnnweeks. I trued to FaceBook that and don’t see it..

    HELP :-)!!


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