COREY BOOKER HAS RELEASED CONFIDENTIAL PAPERWORK IN THE KAVANAUGH TRIAL.   As the Republicans are saying “Do we now have a country where nobody can ever trust us again to keep anything confidential?”

Booker says “BRING IT!” when threatened with senate expulsion.

Cornyn had this to say:  “Running for president is no excuse for violating the rules of the Senate.”

Leahy is now calling Kavanaugh a liar.

I think the strength of the Left is overcoming the goodness of the Right…(not that the Right is always so innocent and beyond tweaking the rules)……but I’m hoping Booker DOES face expulsion.   Were he a Republican, it’d happen, since he’s a Lib, and Black, he’ll be fine.

Damn … The next thing the Left will probably do is release highly confidential information on keeping America SAFE because Muslim terrorists deserve the truth.  Wait for it.

HERE IS MORE IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE…https://www.yahoo.com/gma/democrat-releases-confidential-kavanaugh-emails-supreme-court-confirmation-153032431.html



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16 Responses to Put a FORK in AMERICA

  1. Kid says:

    I agree with your conclusion. And yes, assuming nothing happens to Booker, this will just embolden the rest of them to see who can be the most vile, disgusting, and criminal.


  2. oaxacadave says:

    Z… thank you for at least saying the right is not as pure as some say they are. As for Booker, I am sure we will all draw different conclusions from whatever docs he, and others release. But, if the guy is willing to suffer the consequences and publicly release a document that he believes is vital to his role as a Senator, why is that a bad thing?

    Isn’t better than whoever penned the anonymous Op-Ed in the NY Times? That person does not have enough courage in his or her convictions to accept the risk of putting their name on it.

    If the shoes were turned, and conservatives released documents that they felt would enhance US security, but which Dems had marked confidential, wouldn’t ppl on the right be celebrating his or her patriotism?

    I’m not sure where all of this will lead, but it does seem as if amount of “secret” and “confidential” material we have in government is huge.


  3. The next thing the Left will probably do is release highly confidential information on keeping America SAFE because Muslim terrorists deserve the truth. Wait for it.

    Sure. What not?

    These America haters are beyond the pale!


  4. Mal says:

    Being as this was following 9/11, its understandable the subject of racial profiling would come up because it only made sense. Nowhere did I read about who we would profile. They obviously were talking about targeting Muslims, so why did a Black man get in such a tizzy over it? i.e., Kavanaugh has nothing to hide so let the games begin!


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Dave, please research the ridiculous thing in the confidential paper Booker released and please don’t come here again with the sarcasm you exhibit; it’s unfair and tiring. “at least” I let you know my truth. I hoped you could communicate maturely but you have to get your digs in and that’s not welcome here. Thanks.

    It has NOTHING to do with security and everything to do with a Black man angry over something he perceives as racist. Do your homework. Thanks again.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    I’ll do the homework; “Kavanaugh writes in one email that he and others favor “effective security measures that are race neutral” but need to decide how to deal with such measures while searches are being conducted before comprehensive standards are determined.”

    Understand, Dave? This is days after 9/11…get it? This is when the White House and all American Protection groups were trying to figure out what the heck to do ….it clearly involved RACE because, like it or not, IT WAS MUSLIMS WHO DID THIS..THEY ARE MOSTLY ARABS, DAVE. THE WHITE HOUSE WAS IN A QUANDARY……….KAVANAUGH WAS PART OF THAT AND, IN ANOTHER EMAIL i’VE READ WHICH I DON’T HAVE TIME TO FIND RIGHT NOW, HE SAYS BASICALLY THAT HE’S NO RACIST BUT KNOWS SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR OUR SAFETY AND ‘HOW DO WE HANDLE THIS?:”

    So Dave………..stop. Get all the info if you come back……….don’t insult if you come back…and I’m going to try to block you again now, anyway. Thank you!


  7. Baysider says:

    Man. And THESE are the types who got in such a snit about the chant lock her up! They are setting up to maximize turnout for the November elections. Mueller plans to wrap his hearings just prior to the elections – same reason. Rake everybody into a frenzy without sufficient time for the truth to get its boots on.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, you are SO RIGHT! “Lock her up!” “to many people will sink that island!,” etc etc …And people who believe this stuff are running our country…….

    OaxacaDave is a liberal (he actually says he was a jr pastor at Trinity …but I’m not sure anymore) and tries to ‘teach’ conservatives why they’re wrong. I had hopes that he could play like an adult but it doesn’t look like it.
    I hope the blocking I just did works.

    Brother, did his comment make me mad! I’m starving for lunch, I’m on the phone for the last 65 minutes with Social Security, and am spitting nails 🙂 Dave brought out the ‘best’ in me 🙂 HA!!


  9. Mustang says:

    Booker was grandstanding. He knew beforehand that Grassley was going to release the Kavannah emails. Pure stinky leftist theatre.


  10. bocopro says:

    Booker and Harris have turned the “advise and consent” hearing into a “Look at ME! Look at ME!” forum to get their 2020 PotUS campaign engines revved up.

    My guess is that all except the most heavily addicted to the Fool-Aid will see through the facade and the hypocrisy like the sheep in the old fable:

    A wolf who had been badly injured in a fight with an enemy pack lay weak and hungry under a bush.

    Needing food and water, he called out to a sheep in a small flock grazing on the lush grass beside a nearby stream.

    “Please, sir . . . could you please bring me some water to drink. It will restore my strength so that I can find something to eat while my wounds heal.”

    After considering the request and the predator which made it, the sheep saw through the guise.

    “Oh, I’m sure,” he told the wolf. “And after I provide you with a drink of water, I’ll most likely provide the meat for your meal, too.”


  11. Kid says:

    Z, Occurred to me today with these hearings. So Trump is supposed to be presidential, but these Senators, and not just Any senators can behave like this? Simply put as Ted Cruz put it, this is Washington, DC 2018.


  12. Steve Flickinger. John Weeks is my gg-grandfather, a Civil War hero.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    thanks, Steve!

    Kid, My fave Mollie Hemingway said that 30 minutes ago on FOX….yes, Trump is supposed to be solidly presidential in every way, but senators can act like SLOBS? As Graham said “This has been a circus…not to insult circuses!” I agree.
    Altho I would like Trump to act presidential maybe 30 minutes a week? 🙂

    Mustang, exactly right…plus this is about RACE if you see the paperwork …..and some are saying this makes Kavanaugh even look better than thought because he clearly says he’s someone who goes for “race neutral”

    Bocopro…you did it again….YOU should be saying “LOOK AT ME!” 🙂 Good stuff


  14. Bob says:

    Senator Booker is not the brightest bulb in the scoreboard. His actions this morning are widely acclaimed in the press as fraudulent because this little “secret” documents were released to the public the night before he went on stage to proclaim his courage.

    The guy is a fraud. Now we can look forward to more stunts by Democrat ne’er-do-wells like Booker. It is becoming more and more difficult to find people of substance and achievement in the Democrat Party. They hate Trump because he is widely accomplished and competent.

    The Dems cannot stand being shown to be fools by a man who is successful partly by reversing Barack Obama’s policies.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, exactly right…….but you mean the few conservatives in the “press” are calling it fraudulent…not most of the press; they’re lovin’ on ol’ Mister Booker. Or should I say Spartacus? It would be nice if the Spartacus moniker follows him around like POCAHONTAS does Elizabeth Warren!! But only with Conservatives…

    They hate Trump so much it’s almost unbelievable……….except if you put on the event he’s speaking at now and …you kind of get it….at least I do. OMG, THE EGO!!!!!! BUT BUT BUT, he is NOT A LIB…thank you, God! And he DOES love this country…………..And he is doing some great things.



  16. jerrydablade says:

    Booker tries to orchestrate his “Spartacus” moment but just sort of fizzles… I swear the more this hack is in front of a camera and microphone, the more unlikeable he becomes – even to the clueless ideologue minions on the left.


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