Thug, Monkey, Boy……any words we can still USE?

Since when did the term “THUG” equal “RACIST?”   Just curious.  I don’t get it.

Aren’t those who think “THUG” is a disparaging word meant only for Blacks RACIST?  I DO.



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19 Responses to Thug, Monkey, Boy……any words we can still USE?

  1. bocopro says:

    “Thug” is originally of Sanskrit origin. It does have a tenuous racial thread, depending upon which version of the history you read.

    Around the time of the Crusades in Europe, a band of criminals called “Thuggees” sprang up in India.

    Comprised of both Muslim and Hindu members, thuggee gangs were a deadly cult who worshipped the Hindu goddess Kali and spread conflict, death, and destruction in her name.

    Their primary source of income was robbery, and they particularly liked foreigners and travelers as targets, at first welcoming them to gain their confidence, then strangling or garroting them and taking their wealth.

    An odd but probably unimportant feature of the myths surrounding Kali is that her name derives from the Sanskrit word “kala,” meaning dark. Kali was seen as a black female contrasted to Shiva, who was portrayed as white.

    The British had some very interesting comments concerning and activities directed at the Thuggees, which they eventually suppressed to the point of inconsequentiality prior to the 20th century.

    Interesting reading if you’re interested in that sorta thing. I’m sure Wikipedia has a page on it.


  2. Kid says:

    In current times, the word thug describes anyone who perpetrates uninvited violence on someone else. Looking at the news I get an image of black and moslem people when I hear the word.

    Of course to the left, the blacks, and moslems, everything is racist.


  3. Mustang says:

    It seems stupid to me, since the human race is divided (rightly or wrongly) into various “races” of people … such that if you happen to offer an opinion about one or another of them, then you run the risk of being called a racist. At the same time, it would seem to me that given the crime rate in places such as, oh … Chicago for example, if you see a black person, you might legitimately assume that the individual is a thug, particularly if he or she is dressed like one. Maybe, rather than refusing to use such words as “thug,” the real and long-term solution to this so-called racialist problem is for people (no matter what color they are) to stop speaking, dressing, or behaving thuggishly.

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  4. Angel says:

    Remembered you Z on Sept 11th…xoxoxox


  5. Pretty soon, we’ll not be able to say a damn word unless that word has been approved by the Ministry of Truth. 😦

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  6. Jersey Jack says:

    I’m with Kid and Mustang on this one….and furthermore assinine made up names, gold grills, dirty braided hair and your ass hangin out of jeans that are lowered to your knees. Some years ago I saw one of these thugs at a bus stop…I had to turn around pull up, roll down my window and say..”Hey, asshat” pull your pants up ya dipshit. And laughed my ass off as he ran towards my car and fell flat on his stupid face while trying to hold his pants up and run. I should have used my iPhone video and uploaded it to YouTube. Then the slug, thug ugly mug in Chi_raq or Chi_congo all tatted up with gang rot, braids, gold and pulling up his shirt to show his bullet holes and I’m thinking…yea…I’d hire this moron at my local Burger King or McDonald’s so he can spit in white folks burgers? This was on Laura Ingraham the other night when she had her open town hall on the 4,000 Plus murders in all the years while the Magic Negro was on the job…mocking cops. Yes…these people are totally stupid and black “supremacists” too. They’ll vote for whoever he backs like PIGLOUSY, Mad Max even Rahm who’s satisfied with the out and out lawlessness not unlike towns in the 1800’s run by gangs and one scared sheriff waiting for Wyatt Earp or Doc Holiday to comes along and fires back and puts the animals down. This is what Chicago needs…it’s no damn different than any sheit hole in Lebanon, Somalia, Mogadishu. Are they all governed by DemonRats for the past 80 years too? Yea…they’re all wringing their hands, sobbing and above all saying…’we need help, our black ‘folk’ need help, what are you going to do for us”? Then the CNN crews leave, the cameras and bullhorns and marches go away….and Saturday night starts again looking for another 60 victims. And they’ll still be pulling the levers come election day for the same lying scumbags like WatersandPiglousy and slick willy Booger and his uber broom driver Kamella Harris, the new Hillary,

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  7. Mal says:

    THUG is a word I first heard in the black & white movies during the depression years of the 1930’s and was usually referred to gangsters of that era, but I learned something from what Bocopro wrote.
    I had no idea of its earlier connection to Thuggees in India.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey, I thought the Blacks on that Laura Ingraham Special were terrific….understood it has to be the Black family to stop this behavior in their children, that they need JOBS….one guy actually said “There’s no way I’d keep up this behavior if I had a job” (which I didn’t believe because no job’ll pay better than drug dealing and be so easy, but he was offered a job, remember?) I thought it said more good about Black Americans than negative that night.

    AOW…EXCELLENT POINT!!! It’s almost unbelievable!

    EVERYONE…when one assumes that the word THUG is racist because it applies to Blacks, that is one of THE most racist things I can imagine because, as outlined above by Bocopro, etc., THUG is not a word that comes to mind solely for Black America…..Mal’s right…it was used for Mafia thugs, too.

    SO NOW….you’re RACIST if you call someone THUG!?

    BUT MUSTANG, KID and the rest of you are correct; if the shoe fits, WEAR IT!! 🙂
    If you’re going to act like a THUG, than you ARE a thug……….

    I’m just so sick of a congressman using “Monkey around” and be called RACIST because he was saying his Black opponent was MONKEYING with something…whatever the quote was, you all remember.



  9. Mal says:

    I’ve never heard the word “thug” being considered racist, but it doesn’t surprise me that some are today because it seems everything and everyone is being given that label. If someone disagrees with you, you’re a racist.


  10. Baysider says:

    My thought exactly, Z. If YOU think it’s racist because it really means a black person, that tells me YOU don’t think a non-black can be one. Pretty much the dictionary definition of racism – of low expectations or your own superiority. Guess they’ve never heard of Ayran Bloods, Armenian Power, the Bahala na Gang, or the Hells Angels – to name a few non-black gangs in LA, all THUGS.


  11. Mal says:

    Armenian Power, Baysider? Really? I’d never heard of them, but it doesn’t surprise me because it all changed after a bunch of them came here from Iran (Iran Armenians) during the 1970’s. Thats shameful, and so sad. The old say “There’s nothing so constant as change” comes to mind. True Armenian-Americans like Z and me are shamed and disgusted by them.


  12. Baysider says:

    My point exactly Mal! Yes, I’ve heard about the Russian Armenian contingent. No one group has an exclusive on thuggery (although some do seem to excel in it).


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, probably best not to talk about Armenian gangs at my blog, considering Mal and I are Armenian, and that most Armenians wouldn’t consider being in a gang but, sadly, Russian Armenians (Mal and I are Armenians from the Turkish region , left there after Armenian lands were taken viciously from Turks…way before the massacre of 1.5 Armenians by the Turks) are RUSSIAN…very different mentality, very thieving, very … well, everything rotten about Russia. And they exist mostly in Glendale, CA. I once had a policeman tell me “We never had Armenians in our Los Angeles jails, not ONE, and when the Russian Armenians came, we were FULL of them”
    I think it’s fascinating that the CULTURE one is raised with rules….there are GENES, but GENES don’t prompt to be in gangs, etc…culture they’re used to DO.
    The Black Market rules in Armenian gangs…Armenians from Turkey don’t have an evil clue.

    This is EXACTLy the point: “If YOU think it’s racist because it really means a black person, that tells me YOU don’t think a non-black can be one.”…and that alll Blacks ARE. Racist, indeed.

    I was at the Beverly Hills Hotel at a Tea on Saturday……..was walking alone from the ladies room when I see a Black father, dressed beautifully, followed by 3 angelic Black kids…around the age of six….dressed expensively and beautifully, and POLITE…very sweet. I complimented the girls’ dresses, etc…asked a name, “Lily,” that lovely girl responded.

    I smiled as they walked outside and through the glass doors, I see a white woman also admiring these kids and I say “We don’t hear about families like THIS” and she says “EXACTLY!” Nice moment………we hear the crap. I blame the media. They say they’re NOT RACIST (“How could we be? we’re libs, it’s only Cons who are Racist?”) i’LL TELL YOU HOW; When you want to make Cons look racist and you hope for unrest, you only talk about BAD Black families….You idiots.


  14. Kid says:

    Z, “They Say” only 10% of black have integrated. Which I define as getting education or learning a trade, or teaching yourself something and getting into the workforce to make you or you and your family’s life better. You’re integrated. I think the 10% is about accurate and as a result I am aware when black folks are around that don’t look integrated.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I know too many Black Americans to think that’s correct! Good family people, honest, hard working… But I think the young Blacks are definitely mostly not integrating because they can’t stand to be around SLAVE OWNERS 🙂


  16. Kid says:

    Hey, I’m no slave owner.
    Anyway, the black population is reported as 13%. 13% of 330 million is 42,900,000. How many of those do you know? And I’d expect that blacks living in your area are generally more successful.


  17. Mal says:

    Well, they are in my area at least, Kid. The fact they’re all over 55 really helps, too. Example: A couple of weeks ago, my wife went out for her early morning 2 mile walk and while walking on the sidewalk next to our golf course at 6 a.m. she passed out and fell to one side, first hitting a bush, then onto crushed rocks. A older black couple (residents) driving by in a new Lincoln saw it happen and immediately came to her aid, helped her up and gave her a bottle of water. Her phone is set so she only has to push one button to call home, which she did, and I immediately came for her. The couple said they recognized us from when we dance here. They were so nice, as all have been since living here the past 15 years.


  18. Kid says:

    Nice to hear Mal.

    I know plenty of stand up black folks around here. I see many more who aren’t when I get anywhere near downtown Cincinnati though.


  19. bocopro says:

    For several years Milady worked as a franchise agent at the local Navy Exchange for a big-time jeweler out of Noo Yawk.

    Coupla times a year, especially right before Christmas, she’d host a party for some of the other clerks, up to 25 or so sometimes. Since the guests were always female, I said my obligatory “Hello”s and then disappeared ’til post-party cleanup time. Almost always, in addition to being the only male in the house, I was the only white face.

    Ditto for the 9-day vigils she held here over the past year for recently deceased friends. Generally I was the only Cauc in the place, male OR female. Only non-Catholic, too. My dogs and I escape to my man cave ’til the sessions are over and my name is called; then I collect all the litter.

    ‘sOkay, tho. Good to know she has so many friends, no matter what color they are. I can’t imagine what my D-I-L feels like when she happens in during one of those occasions. She’s blonde and a Southern country girl. ‘Course for 25 years she’s been married to my son, who’s an Asian hybrid, so I reckon it don’t bother her none.


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