The Left wants NOTHING that will be good for Americans unless they did it. 

This is less about Trump and more about LEFT v RIGHT.  Period.   They’re so hugely upset because Trump is like the locomotive on the train, powerfully getting done much of those things the Right has wanted, pulling along the rest of America down the tracks….to a greater America.

They fear the loss of abortion on demand, they fear the loss of illegal immigrants who come with their hands open into which the Left can put goodies in return for  votes, they fear the loss of sexual perversion which also gets them voters for having accepted the immoralities, they fear the independent, confident American spirit which wants big government to shrink, …. we could all go on and on.



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16 Responses to TRUMP OR US? I 100% BELIEVE THIS….

  1. bocopro says:

    Gee . . . that’s a toughie.

    Are we quite sure this is not all George Bush’s fault? Or is it the ol’ standby, White Male Privilege?

    Radix malorum potestae cupido est.

    (Sorry if that ain’t the emperor’s Latin, but it’s the best I can remember from classes in 1954)
    (Translation: The source of all evil is lust for power.)


  2. Kid says:

    The democrats have always been working on two things. The destruction of American values/culture and enriching themselves. Nothing else matters and anything they do is fine with them.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    Am terribly disappointed in Kavanaugh’s WSJ letter of ‘apology’….I believe he’s either a kind of weak man now or the WH put him up to it. “I’m sorry if I was so emotional” bothers me…it made NOBODY a fan because of his saying that and disappointed those of us who LOVED his telling Clintons and Lefties off. 😦 I think, I hope, it’s uncharacteristic for him. I don’t mind people who apologize but this didn’t need it, in my humble opinion. I thought MUCH MUCH more of him for having told the Left off …this disappointed me…and, to be fair, I’ve only heard excerpts from it.


  4. Z,
    About that WSJ editorial…

    I think that it did him no harm. He was making the point that he would be level-headed SCOTUS justice.

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  5. Z says:

    AOW….it made him look desperate and eager to me ….as I said above, I’d been so glad he’d spoken up…and now hes6 just another politician to me.

    EVERYONE….I just saw where the popular Murphy Brown somehow manipulated reality by showing her appear at a WH press conference….she asks president Trump WHY DO YOU LIE?…she slams Sarah Sanders….she wins. I don’t think a country can survive when so very much is so ugly toward its leaders….the sad thing is it’s even tough for me to stand up against ridicule toward Trump with some of the things he says! I wasn’t a big Bush fan but he didn’t get so many facts wrong …lately, I’ve been thinking trump is badly underserved by his staff in not keeping him up on info….on CNN last night Anderson attacked Trump for saying some fact that was so minute a point Trump couldn’t possibly know it…his staff should tell him or he shouldn’t speak on things he hasn’t time to keep 100%up on.
    the hate is so terrible these days that the only good thing is Americans might vote for conservatives in a backlash…..they’re tired of the hate!! I sure am


  6. Z says:

    McConnell now saying he doesn’t have the votes. I wouldn’t be Joe Manchin for love or money….he wants his Trump-loving constituents to love him and knows he and his family will get even worse treatment than Kavanaugh’s getting if he votes YES….


  7. Mal says:

    Well, when you’ve been the whipping boy for the left that unmercifully pounced on you, it messes with your psyche. In a way I agree he didn’t need to apologize to anyone, but I don’t believe he did himself any harm doing so.
    I DO believe the left underestimated the moral will of the people and our resolve to fight back at the polls to preserve our country. We’ll see if I’m wrong in November.


  8. Z,
    now hes6 [Kavanaugh] just another politician to me

    I don’t feel that way.

    But, hey, friends can disagree. 😉

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  9. Mal says:

    Trump is what he is. DEAL WITH IT! ;o)


  10. Kid says:

    For your Polling Pleasure… Trump at 51% today ! Unheard of.


  11. Jersey Jack says:

    Since no one else mentioned it yet? One guy who finally stripped the bark off what I thought was a tree stump with little worth…. Senator Lindsey Graham. That little mush mouth sumbeech reached down inside and dragged out the wolfman lurking inside him. That man rocked these past couple weeks. No more so then when he pointed his fingers and wrinkled that brow of his ( and I know ) right to that don of the kosher nostra Feinstein and Schumer, the Torah benders that shat all over decency and violated every tenet of Loshon Hora and the book of Abraham. May Moses set their bushes on fire and be damned to cleaning up pig pens with their tongues.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey, we’ve all talked about that since he said all that…Graham ROCKED!
    On Facebook, people who couldn’t stand the guy are saying “He wormed himself back into my good graces” etc….he was FABULOUS.

    Of course, so was Kavanaugh in his Opening Statement when he nailed Clinton, leftists, etc., when he backed off yesterday, it broke my heart. But, it looks like he’s going to be on the Court.

    Mal and Kid…..he’s NOT HILLARY, that’s good enough for me, and I DO like a LOT of what he’s doing.

    Had a great conversation today with 8 seniors at the high school….all like Trump, BIG time…all think the Boy Scouts being called SCOUTS now so girls won’t be hurt is NUTS, all feel our PC thing is killing America. I could have wept…GREAT conversation ! (and yes, they did their Hamlet Act 3, Scene 3 assigned reading before we talked!!!)


  13. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, Jack….I LOVE the punishment you’ve got planned for Schumer and Feinstein :-)!! HAAAAAAAAA!!!


  14. Baysider says:

    My thoughts EXACTLY!! I thank God for him every day.


  15. Jersey Jack says:

    Bay…sorry I lost it….”thank God” for whom? Thank you.


  16. Baysider says:

    JJ: for Trump (circling back to the poster)


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