Hoax Happy…….Climate Change


What do you think the reason is that the Left wants so very badly to keep up the global climate change hoax?  First it was global WARMING, then it was climate CHANGE because they found out it sometimes gets colder, etc.

When Trump pulled us out of the climate accord, the Left went WILD because the hoax-happy media neglected to include the rest of Trump’s comment “….though we do want to do what we can to have clean air and water, of course.” (I paraphrase, but what he said was the accord stank, we were paying for nearly all of it and the real toxic-spewing countries were paying nothing, and we need out of the accord but want to make sure the earth stays habitable…who doesn’t?!)

WHY WHY WHY?  This article I linked is terrific…….why is it SO important for hard headed, hoax-loving Lefties to KEEP UP THE FARCE?


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8 Responses to Hoax Happy…….Climate Change

  1. bocopro says:

    As a lifetime member of the North American “Well, Basically . . .” Club, lemme say this about that:

    The movement in three parts divided is (with apologies to J. Caesar):

    (1) Impressionable students whose adolescence has been artificially extended to their mid-20s and have fallen victim to the cerebrally fatal grad-student syndrome of mindlessly worshipping the latest and loudest meerschaum-pipe-smoking, leather-patch-elbow, rumpled-tweed-jacket, past-his-expiration-date, fully tenured liberal professor teaching his obsolete and debunked doctoral dissertation from 40 years ago

    (2) Tree-hugging, delta-smelt-loving, Gaia-worshipping latte-drinkers who on THC have fed and sipped the intoxicating ambrosia of socialism and believe that the sole hope for survival of the planet is to systematically dismantle capitalism and redistribute all the white people’s wealth to Africa and/or Palestine

    (3) Greedy, parasitical, three-card-monte specialists who survive on conclusions drawn from incomplete data, falsified reports, and skewed graphics to enrich themselves with government grant funding, book sales, and appearance fees

    A perfect example of all three is embodied in former Vice President, now Pope Al Gore of the Church of Global Warming, whose brain has morphed into a potted fern, as evidenced by his recently endorsing a penguin named “Earth” for Congress.



  2. What do you think the reason is that the Left wants so very badly to keep up the global climate change hoax?

    As my father used to say, “Somebody’s getting the rake-off.”

    Plus, there is the power play of imposing more and more regs so as to deprive us of our freedoms.

    The damn EPA regs, enforced beyond the max by this Dem local government, is interfering with the sale of my property. Bastards!

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  3. Kid says:

    On the one hand, I believe Man Made GW is a hoax to push the world into globalization, with America paying for a lot of it. On the other hand if it is actually getting warmer, we can’t do anythng about it as this article mentions.


    Either way, it is the biggest waste of time and money and further divides smart people from dumb ones.

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  4. Kid says:

    I’ll take a penguin over any democrat in Congress.

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  5. Mal says:

    Why? Because they can’t find fault with anything else, like the economy, employment, or trade agreements he’s making so climate change becomes the whipping boy.
    On another note, why couldn’t Nikki Haley wait till after the elections next month to give notice? She won’t be leaving till after the end of the year anyway, so why give the left any ammo?


  6. Baysider says:

    Why? CONTROL! It’s their stalking horse to another end.

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  7. bunkerville says:

    Gas at $250 bucks a gallon should be a real winner for the economy.. and they are not shy in telling us.

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  8. Sparky says:

    What do you think the reason is that the Left wants so very badly to keep up the global climate change hoax?
    Like everyone pretty much said above, it’s about control. It’s the destruction of American culture and values and making us all One Worlders. I guess after the Rapture, they’ll gladly follow the Anti-Christ to the hell on earth they want to create.


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