America….Good overview:

I plan to write something soon but saw this and thought I’d publish it here…very well done; succinct, true, sad and a very good question;  maybe you’d like to answer it, too!?  Z   (A P.S. here:  Trump did fabulously on a phone conversation with Shannon Bream last night; impressive, calm, solid.)

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  1. bocopro says:

    Today’s America compared to the one in the mid-20th century is basically what today’s Italy is compared to the Roman Empire.

    Or, put another way, today’s leaders reinforce the origins of the term “hypocrite”: it’s Greek, meaning “actor,” which is precisely what most of our politicians are these days.

    But, see . . . somebody (my D-I-L, I b’lieve) left some fresh homemade cinnamon rolls on my countertop last nite, so don’t bother me for at least another 15 minutes while I brew some dangerous coffee and put a wad of sweet stuff I don’t really need in my belly for my mornin meds to land on.


  2. Jersey Jack says:

    Chief Bocopro….. you and all my many friends in the Panama City area are in my prayers and thoughts. And my friends in Alabama up around Monroeville and Birmingham. Two weeks ago it was all my remaining family in North Carolina!
    I hope you’re all safe, dry and get your power back.


  3. bocopro says:

    Big pfffizzle here in P’cola. Less than an inch of rain and sustained winds barely making 30mph. Few gusts here and there maybe 40. That’s the diff 20 miles can make, ‘specially if you’re in that NW quadrant.

    Been thru a lotta them thangs, both here on the Guff Coast and in SEAsia. Glad we weren’t in Apalachicola or Tyndall AFB yesterday afternoon. Lotta folks inna dark and flooded this mornin over thataway.


  4. Jersey Jack says:

    Well Ms. Z…I dug around and found a very contrarian view to this very article and worth reading. He leaves no stone unturned ….no holding back on language or anger: Some of the sentiments expressed I understand. And it’s pretty no holds barred.

    Titled: “I hate what America has become”

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    Jersey, not sure that’s a contradiction to the article i posted..why do you think so? It’s just meaner and more profane, more powerful and depressed, but he agrees America’s in trouble. Not believing it’s worth saving is an attitude I’d rather not be reading………..VERY sad piece. I’ll read it better when I get home this afternoon, I just skimmed, but ZOWEE!

    Bocopro…the news is saying it’s a LOT worse than that…glad you’re okay !! I’m surprised they’re saying this is worse than Hurricane Andrew; I remember that was pretty epic.

    Will better respond to you all later. See ya!


  6. Kid says:

    That is very well done Z.

    The answer? Education reform, but since parents have to be a part of that process, it is now impossible to reform in my opinion. “Parenting replaced by Ritalin”. Yep.

    Just like Comade Brezmanov tells us “What you need is another 15 or 20 years to educate 2 generations of people to be common sense, patriotically minded people.”

    Ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

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  7. Kid says:

    Jack, I agree with some of that. SO, what do I aim at? 🙂


  8. Mal says:

    This guy is spot on with his assessment of what our country has become. Trump and all his supporters also believe this. You would think the support for the left would drop a whole lot more than it has, given the likes of those leading their party (Pelosi, Maxine, et al). What do they still see in these people that appeals to them?
    Z, I believe after you read Jack’s attachment again you’ll see in some ways it does contradict because it bashes both sides, not just the left. I believe thats what he alluded to.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, good point but it doesn’t contradict, it adds to…….and anybody (ANYBODY) who blames the Right EQUALLY as the Left for the demise of America is quite literally either very very stupid, uninformed or a screaming liberal because nearly ALL the leftwing stuff is damaging to the foundation of America.

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  10. Mustang says:

    I think the fellow in Jack’s link is saying, correctly, that the American people are no longer thinking critically; they let their emotions lead them to bad decisions in the voting process. And let’s face it: people vote their pocketbooks. The truth is, looking back in history, FDR was so popular because he promised the American people everything for free and implanted the psychology leading our people to the conclusion that the government owes them everything worth having. It was the beginning of the entitlement mentality and it hasn’t abated yet. Well, guess what? Thinking that they are entitled to a share of someone else’s income isn’t how America became a great republic. We didn’t end up with RINOs because of leftist voters, and the few people who do vote (most don’t) actually know very little about the man or woman they are voting for. We are in a spiral … it gets worse every single day.

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  11. Mal says:

    Mustang, I lived during the Great Depression and remember folks living in their cars and eating in soup lines at churches and the Salvation Army. It was a terrible time and although I dislike any type of handout, FDR began Social Security in an effort to avoid this in the future because too many folks simply aren’t good at budgeting and preparing for their retirement. Of course, it is a totally different program today than when it was originated. It was voluntary and was to be set aside in a separate fund (till LBJ “borrowed” from it in the 60’s). But you are correct in it being the beginning of the entitlement mentality and we’ve never recovered from it, have we?


  12. Kid says:

    Mustang, yes, people vote with their wallet and/or their fears.

    MAL, reminds me that I new a Old guy who worked at the company I got my first real job (in Pittsburgh around 1970) named Fred. He lived through the depression. He told us young punks how they knew how to do everything in those days. He could rebuild lead/acid batteries – or anything else. He and they didn’t rely on anyone for Anything. They could fix anything. So glad I knew this guy, a wealth of information and enlightenment for a young punk like myself at the time. An interesting aside. He and his wife in the 30’s through about the 50’s lived in a house that they rented from a guy who died in the 30’s and as a result they lived there rent free for 20 + years. Interesting guy. Enjoyed knowing and talking to him. Anyway, he impressed the idea of self-sufficiency upon me at an early age – if I didn’t already have it by being born a poor black child…..

    Look at today. Kids can’t read cursive or an analog clock. They think tattoos are mandatory by age 19, they expect a 100k salary right out of kindergarten………… I’ll stop here. We’re not in a good place. I am happy I’m not a young person today.


  13. Mal says:

    Kid, your comments about today’s youth is spot on. Have you ever seen the tests that were given 8th grade students back, like, in 1880? Most college grads today would fail it. I know I would!


  14. Kid says:

    Mal, Thanks !

    I have, and I remember them as 5th grade tests ! I’d have to study up for one too. Those were days where you had to survive. On the one hand I’d have liked to have been afforded more luxuries growing up, but of equal value was growing up poor, no one gave me a dime and I didn’t ask for one without offering something in return. Winters in Pittsburgh through the 70’s were brutal. You learned how to survive because you had to. Probably the biggest thing missing from today’s society in America. No survival skills. People call 911 because McDonald’s got their order wrong at the drive though……………….


  15. Mal says:

    Amen, Kid.


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