What did YOU think of the whole thing!?   and….

What I’ll say is how glad I am that Trump’s also meeting with Jim Brown, who’s a hero of mine.  As expected, the Amer-I-Can program he founded here in L.A., and does such good with gang members, is barely mentioned in the linked article but they dwell on legal problems he’s had.  But, I digress…

THOUGHTS, folks, on Kanye and Trump?


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15 Responses to KANYE WEST

  1. bocopro says:

    My attitude toward actors, politicians, and entertainers – and DJT fits in all 3 categories – is that in the modern world of PR and PS, the healthiest eyes are skeptics’.

    I am automatically skeptical of anything promoted or endorsed by entertainers.


  2. Mustang says:

    In the aftermath of the DJT-KW meeting, the demonstration by blacks on leftist media was instructive. What I learned from this was that within the black community, tolerance is only extended to those who agree with black Marxists (which, actually, is no demonstration of tolerance at all). One black commenter actually called West an “Uncle Tom.” Amazing; and it made me wonder, if KW is an Uncle Tom, does that make Juan Williams (and the black horde) field nig***s? Switching over to FN, I picked up the Ingram Angle in time to see a leftist black fellow (obviously the victim of a hit and run by a sugar truck) attack KW personally, failing to utter a single word about the man’s position. How does one deal with such abject stupidity?

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  3. Kid says:

    I didn’t listen to the whole things but KW has his story straight anyway. Paying them to breed democrat voters, don’t educate them, don’t do anything for them, basically what we all know.
    If people like him can get the message out strong enough, it might break the cycle. 36% black support for Trump recently.


  4. My Tweet today:

    Trumper Kanye West is more than someone who could divert black Dem votes to the GOP. Much more! He is admired by white Millennials and white Generation Z's.— Always On Watch (@Always_On_Watch) October 12, 2018



  5. Bocopro,
    Graphic saved to my computer! 🙂


  6. Jersey Jack says:

    It seems to be that every 2, 4 or 6 years, whether it be the House, the Senate or the White House….the same people for the last 50 years constantly ask..”What are you going to do for us Black peoples”? And they hear the same crap every cycle after every cycle from the same lying scum that just gets their votes and turns their backs. If they were working for them, creating solutions and really making these people self-sufficient and independent they’d have to repeat this exercise in stupidity and frustration, would they? So just how stupid are these people when they’re governed by the same slave owners and masters called Dems. And still don’t get the picture.
    For the next 100 years, these people are going to be stuck in the same hole, after many many generations. Just what does it take for them to realize that Pelousy, Clinton, Booker, Harris, Waters, Obama etc…don’t give one shit for these people that they’d never marry, live next door to or work with.
    And then to top off the self-inflicted misery….their masters want to import more illegals… who take their jobs and hand them crumbs. Any way you look at it…there’s the same conclusion with very few exceptions. LikeTrump says…”What the hell do you have to lose…you have crappy schools, homes, no jobs, high crime, drugs, and no daddies at home.”


  7. Mal says:

    Why is he a hero of yours, Z? After reading the bio you posted I was also impressed by his achievements …………… that is, till I read about all the trouble he got into. A whole lot of stuff was dismissed with a mere slap on the wrist. Not a very nice person, esp. toward women, was he?


  8. Jersey Jack says:

    Mal…we protect our basketball talents, football kickers and actors and musicians. They’re all perfect people and as “artists”, we must overlook their flaws and keep them on their perches and pedestals.


  9. The groupthink in the black community is incredible. After decades of failure they still cling to failed programs. The scheme is some shakedown white guilt-ridden college and business leaders for their own gain and continue to sell out most blacks. Juan Williams is a perfect study in supporting positions that don’t work to maintain place in the black liberal hierarchy. He stridently criticized Kanye, but at his latest book signing displayed a picture of him with the two great civil rights icons, Al (I ain’t payin’ No taxes) Sharpton and Jesse (Shakedown) Jackson. Com’n Juan, pull your head out. I’ve whatever respect I had for him over this election run-up and Kavanaugh persecution.


  10. Should be lost whatever respect


  11. Jersey Jack says:

    JUAN IS A SCHMUCK….I’ve never had respect for him and would rather see old drunk Bob back as at least he wasn’t a complete boot licking lawn jockey like Juan. With Juan’s salary, he’s another fraud that doesn’t live among his own. He knows damn well have to carry and protect himself.


  12. Z says:

    I have lost any shred of respect I had for Juan Williams….

    MAL….Brown did have women problems…I don’t care….he has worked tirelessly with gang members giving the training for trades and growing them into real men…being their father…..always love to hear him talk about it. Thanks for actually reading the link..so glad ,


  13. bocopro says:

    Williams is very simply a professional apologist, a progressive propagandist, and PR spinmeister for blacks, latinos, and agitprops with severe port lists.

    All his cerebral energies are directed toward and focused upon minimizing anything positive by anyone slightly right of center unless it benefits blacks while finding value and social progress in the destruction and chaos wrought by les merdistes such as BLM, AnTiFa, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the halfrican.

    He’s of no more value himself than a stereotypical groupie or camp follower. The true pity of his delusion is that he genuinely believes that DingleBarry was a good president who accomplished many good things during his “scandal-free” administration.

    “Schmuck” works o.k., but it tends to overshadow what he truly is, a duped and pretentious tool in the mold of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

    And that’s the NICEST thing I can say about him.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, you DO know that both his sons are Republicans who work for the party, right? Divine revenge 🙂


    “I can’t help but Wonder what the cons think about Kanye using vulgarity (mother*uker) and wearing his hat In the Oval Office. I’m pretty sure what their response would have been if President Obama had hosted a vulgar disrespectful rapper in the O.O. Maybe it’s just me.”

    Z: Well, Les, I’m not sure either Obama or Trump would have “hosted” any foul mouthed vulgar rapper had they known he was going to use that language in the OO? Just guessing… Blame Obama? WHY? Is he a ventriloquist?
    You sure do seem bugged by Kanye…must be tough to be in a party which doesn’t allow Black America not to agree with them……….Black America’s waking up, Les…to the sins of the Left’s promises to them and against them. Good luck with that.


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