Alec Baldwin said the Democrats should “OVERTHROW THE TRUMP GOVERNMENT” and the Leftwing media thinks it’s just awful that Conservatives have a problem with that because, after all, he meant through VOTES……….  Who uses OVERTHROW for voting?

I only post this silly story because I have to laugh out loud at the idea of any Republican saying this and the media brushing it off!  EVERY little thing Melania says or does, or certainly whatever Trump does, is LAMBASTED!

Then there’s THIS...DONALD DATERS, a dating app for Trump fans!   I’m relieved to hear about this since we have been told young staff in the White House say they can’t get dates because young people hate Trump and won’t date people who work for him.  And, judging from the name, I’m relieved to hear what it IS because when I first read Donald Daters, I worried it was an app of stories from women he’s, um………dated!!! HA!

I am REALLY tired of the HATE……….Alec Baldwin, Trump haters………



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30 Responses to OVERTHROW THE GOV’T….or LOVE IT!

  1. bocopro says:


    Hmmmm . . . that’s a toss-up – gotta go with either The Asteroid, the Space Alien Invasion, or the AI Coup.

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  2. Mustang says:

    I think that all of us could stop hating Trump if we could watch a video of a growling, snapping Maxine Waters biting Trump on the leg.

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  3. I will be telling my cousin about Trump Daters!

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  4. Kid says:

    Trump Daters – Watch out for fascist fakes.

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  5. That we all make a decision to live up to our national motto: E Pluribus Unum. We can do it if we try. It’s just a matter choosing love over hate. OK this is a bunch of BS. It ain’t going to happen anytime soon. The crazies on the left are anarchists and that goal requires the overthrow of the democratically elected government. They won’t stop until they reach their goal. They need to start locking these jackasses up instead of letting them continue their mob actions.

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    UGH, you’re all correct………….

    And yes, L & O Teacher, they should be locked up but the Portland police are backing off, afraid of them. And so this violent group is promising more, as is the New York bunch which attacked GOP headquarters and promises more to come. It’s sounding like the attacks on the Republican National Convention in, was it Chicago?, in the Sixties, was it? I don’t remember but you will.

    There is little condemnation of these violent groups….that’s what happens when a media of a country is SO in the tank for the Leftists.

    Bocopro! You’re probably right!

    Mustang, she’s very, very close to doing that….!

    AOW and KID…yes, beware!


  7. geeez2014 says:

    OUCH! Trump’s using “Pocahantas” again!! WHAT?? Wouldn’t it have been classy of Trump to never mention the Elizabeth Warren thing again? If a media person asked, he could say “We have proof she was wrong, it must be embarrassing to her…let’s let it go.” What a put down THAT is, but a REALLY REALLY CLASSY ONE DISMISSING HER….oooo…so good!
    WOZIR would THAT have rec’d acclaim and surprising respect….I WISH!


  8. bunkerville says:

    As I said at my place… she needs to be knocked out of the box now.. I don’t follow your reasoning. She is a liar. Period. She got to where she did by lying.

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  9. bocopro says:

    In the center ring of the political circus big top, there’s no such thing as unfavorable name recognition on ballots or bad publicity leading up to an election.

    Despite the mountain of lies, crimes, whines, trips, bad decisions, and scapegoating, millions of people would still vote for Clinton over some dark horse candidate . . . unless that candidate just happens to BE dark, as in dark-skinned, then it’s pure identity politics.

    As Churchill once said, “The strongest argument against free elections in a democracy is a five-minute discussion with the average voter.”


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville…I’ll never understand why my constantly wishing Trump had been ABSOLUTELY AS TOUGH but with civility and dignity is problematic. The leftwing media has ENOUGH fodder with which to hate him so I keep hoping he doesn’t keep handing more to them by his rhetoric.

    “We have proof she was wrong, it must be embarrassing to her…let’s let it go.” Would have left the media stymied, stupefied, and they just MIGHT have to address some of the good things Trump’s DOING because they have to fill the ad time they spend using what he says to SLAM HIM!?

    Bocopro…You serious when you say “there’s no such thing as unfavorable name recognition on ballots or bad publicity leading up to an election.” If that were the case, what campaigns would spend money on their candidates and against the other party’s candidates?!

    EVERYBODY: Pocahantas is NOW saying that her parents had to elope because her Dad’s family didn’t like the Cherokee blood in her mother! YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP!


  11. geeez2014 says:

    And there’s poor Harris Faulkner on FOX having to push Donna Brazile’s new book with Brazile. OMG


  12. Mal says:

    Z, you must realize if Trump didn’t keep bashing people, he also wouldn’t have been successful as a president, or even become our president, because thats exactly why he got elected in the first place: His ability to give ’em hell! Romney was civil and look what they did to him. I rest my case.

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I give up….I just don’t get how wanting civility and dignity in a president, while letting him be REALLY REALLY TOUGH, is a bad thing, but OKAY! Reagan did exactly that, by the way. It worked very well, and the media hated him but he NEVER lied about things, NEVER mischaracterized situations, NEVER showed not being informed…NEVER.


  14. Kid says:

    Z, The say the media starts saying good things about Trump is the day he loses my support.

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  15. Kid says:

    The day…. jeeesh


  16. Mustang says:

    I think there are numerous examples in the not-too-distant past where a GOP president exercised gentlemanly behavior and restraint and where in doing so, opened himself up to a leftist assault of gargantuan proportions. I recall specifically when the Democratic leadership approached George the Elder and convinced him that it was vital to our national economic security to go back on his promise, “Read my lips …” And when he did that, they attacked him like wolves who hadn’t eaten in a month. On more than one occasion during his presidency, he has approached the other side with an olive branch and they typically attempted to devour him in the press. Now given this history, and knowing Trump as a street-fighter, his comments toward a potential rival for the presidency makes perfect sense. Politics is not a gentlemanly sport. It’s more on the order of combat, albeit without firearms. Our hope for America evolves around Trump winning a second term. I think he is doing what HE thinks he must do in order to secure a second victory.

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  17. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, as I said above, Reagan was tough and effective. Glad Trump thinks HE is doing what he needs. Am hoping my conservative friends who can’t stand his type of rhetoric and his getting facts wrong so often doesn’t affect them….half of them didn’t vote for president in 2016…they couldn’t vote Lib and they just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Trump because of his rhetoric.

    MUST he call Stormy Daniels “HORSEFACE” as he did today? I’m thinking it’s rather unnecessary.
    He just lost a lot of women voters.

    Kid, I don’t need them saying anything GOOD about Trump and never said I did………..I don’t know why I’m not making myself understood!!
    What I’m saying is that they’ll NEVER say anything GOOD about him because they don’t like his agenda; what they get off on, and what affects voters, is their demeaning him, using situations where he literally didn’t get facts right, exaggerates, he HANDS the insults to them…he writes their script ….etc. Now HORSEFACE? WHY?


  18. Kid says:

    General comment here Z.

    In my own mind, I don’t understand why people pay so much attention to ‘Trump the person’ as opposed to what is going on in America with the ‘Trump administration’, and conversely were so happy with obama because ‘he spoke so well’. Again, I paid no attention to obama the person (well, the least amount I could anyway). I was paying attention to what was going on in America – all the damage to America.

    I wish people could gain that focus and understand the difference in their lives between a Trump and [any] democrat white house and congress. It is literally a foreign concept to me that an adult could be motivated to not vote because Trump called some lying slut Horseface. No Offense to anyone, I’m just describing myself.

    He calls the ignorant slut Horseface all day long and my paycheck is still up, my taxes are down, and my 401 is up. There are also 287 more accomplishments on the Trump accomplishment list I posted recently that I’m ALL in favor of, and I’m somewhat optimistic of what will get accomplished over the next 6 years. We don’t even need to bring the beast into the conversation.

    This goes to bocopro’s referenced quote “As Churchill once said, “The strongest argument against free elections in a democracy is a five-minute discussion with the average voter.” ”

    Prior to the 2016 primaries I was sitting in a docs waiting room, and Ted Cruz came on TV, and two ladies were sitting a few chairs away and one said “Oh that voice is so weird, I could never vote for him”. The other “Yes me either”. I laughed out loud.

    We’re in a war.

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  19. bunkerville says:

    Kid and Mustang nailed it.. While the little ladies of the house don’t care so much for Trump’s antics, let her check their 401K and IRA’s.. let her check hubby’s job security. Meanwhile the hard core working man democrats who voted Dem all their lives moved over in 2016 to the GOP aisle for the first time in their life. Because Trump is just who Trump is…

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  20. Mustang says:

    I understand your point of view, Z … and I’m certainly not attacking you for that position. I am only having a conversation with you.

    There was one Ronald Reagan. Trump is no Ronald Reagan, but I think Trump does have his own strengths (and weaknesses). Now when Trump announced his tariffs, everyone jumped on him with both feet: Congressional Democrats, some Republicans, and almost everyone overseas who might have been affected. In this course of these events, Trump wasn’t very kind in his words for the Democrats, the RINOs, and some of the foreign countries. This story may not yet be over, but I will tell you that after the bluster died down, Republicans in Congress and foreign nations suddenly wanted to negotiate their trade agreements. Isn’t this what Trump wanted all along? It wasn’t for Trump personally; it was for the American people. Now enter the issue with NAFTA. It did not take Canada and Mexico long to agree to a re-negotiated trade agreement.

    So yes, it is true Trump is no Reagan, but in spite of the language he uses (Horse face is over the top, I feel), Trump is no less effective on behalf of the American people. Among the GOP constituency, no good will come to America if they insist on form over substance.

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  21. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville, oh yes, it’s clear from interviews, all polls (left and right) that the “little ladies” aren’t seeing that much in their 401Ks and IRAs to ignore their president calling women “P*ssies” and “Horseface”…
    I love that the hard core working man is moving to the GOP aisle….Am hoping that’s really the case in large enough numbers to count in the voting booth….and I never said I don’t think Trump is effective with his BASE and a lot of others…but not enough. He HAS his base, he needs the Independents.

    Kid…I agree; and people WOULD pay more attention to WHAT TRUMP IS DOING if what he was SAYING was always correct and the media they watch couldn’t attack him for HOW he says things, for not always being truthful, for calling women horrible names…It wouldn’t be as much FUN for SNL to diss him on his personality…how do you laugh at political agendas very much? You laugh at personality, and he HANDS IT TO THEM. .He could be tough but civil. This is exactly what I’ve been trying hard , very hard, to say for months now….I’d never vote for a liberal IN MY LIFE, and I’m sure I’ll have to vote Trump in 2 years, but I, too, almost didn’t vote for President during the last election because of the debates.


    Mustang, to be a gentleman doesn’t always mean one has to be a Romney….Reagan was tough as nails and ALWAYS A GENTLEMAN.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Let me just add that I see a method to his madness…I do. I think being outrageous against the media IS WORKING, people are seeing the bias. I think being outspoken, saying everything that crosses his mind, is a little dangerous when it comes to international challenges, but I think being outspoken has given “permission” to people like Lindsay Graham who FINALLY got his courage up to NAIL DEMOCRATS at the Kavanaugh hearing.
    THIS, I LIKE….I DO LIKE that Trump is letting it be OKAY to SPEAK OUT ON THE RIGHT……….no doubt, I LOVE that. We can do that without calling women hideous names (a PRES who calls them pussies and horsefaces!? WHAT?) that’s ALL I”m SAYING!!


  23. Mal says:

    Z, the reason it worked for Reagan and wouldn’t today is the Dems are a much different party now. Can’t you just imagine how it would be if Reagan were running today? Do you really believe they would treat him the same as they did back in 1982? Thats why I said what I did. The political environment is totally different today. Even ole Ron couldn’t win. They wouldn’t let him. And you are correct. He would’ve been much more civil because politics were a lot different then. Its a different Democratic Party today.

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  24. bunkerville says:

    To be clear, I too feel I am participating in a conversation! I just have trouble these days with these super sensitive women who have never heard a rough and tumble man….


  25. Sparky says:

    Poor Ducky, Z. Is he still around? I feel sorry for him. He reminds me of the Old Man. Because people don’t listen to his “wisdom” he has to tear everything apart. He’ll just nasty away one day like the Old Man did and no one will mourn. Sad.

    I loved Ronald Reagan. He was a great President for his time. It’s unfortunate, though, that a man of his character would never make it today. The Dem’s have zero morals now. They’ve completely given themselves over to a debauched mind. They’re like a dragon off the leash, setting fire to everything in their paths, even themselves if necessary, to achieve their goal of destroying American values. Never be conciliatory with a dragon. It will set you on fire then eat you. So, for now, America needs a dragon slayer. President Trump fits that bill at this time.

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  26. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, the press was brutal about Reagan’s agenda…they’d always be that way toward Trump, too…….but that’s honest, that’s what we’re supposed to argue in the media, isn’t it….not a president who doesn’t always know or tell the truth, is so hyperbolic, calls women horrid names (what’s THAT help?!) etc.

    Sparky, I like the “Dragon Slayer” line……..As I said above, I have NO PROBLEM WITH TOUGHNESS but I’m being mistaken for liking softer men. I DO NOT. NO WAY. (I actually had to change from Blogger to WordPress mostly because of Ducky….he’d taken over with such nastiness to me and my MANY readers…I had hundreds before I had to block out the Lefties….and do you know who the first person to ask for commenting rights at the new GeeeeZ? DUCKY. The response was NO but he still occasionally writes me a little nasty comment. I just don’t release them. He’s very hateful and ugly with politics but not about some other things…)

    I’m done….thanks for the good exchange, everyone.

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  27. Kid says:

    @Z Believe it or not, I absolutely understand where you are coming from and No Problemo.
    Now to your method for the madness remark which is my focus. I remember many times we all thought Trump was being mad and soon saw the method to it. Whether it was the media, an individual, foreign relations, NATO (They’re paying up now) NAFTA is now USMCA (I like the new acronym too). On and on and On. No president that I’m familiar with even dreamed of getting this much done for Americans, and without the help of the republican congress and no AG on deck.

    And being or appearing nuts has its virtues. Sane people shy away from fights with Nuts. And if they’re have to, they’re off balance. Plain to see when he was dealing with the Mex pres, and also with the two tough talking people in Canadia – the woman and Justine. They didn’t win that battle.

    Honestly, it’s without compare. He can call me horse face if he wants and I’ll neigh.

    Horse face. You don’t show respect to a lying slut whether you are president or not. It gives them credibility they don’t deserve. Often we think he’s nuts, then a few months later it is “Ah So”. Why is he hugging a brutal dictator fat pimple who brutalizes an entire country of people. Well, it looks like things actually are on track for the De-nuke of NK and a SK/NK Peace Treaty. When and if it actually comes to pass will people (especially those who benefit greatly over there give a * whether Trump hugged the dictator and said good things about him or will they rub their chin and think – damn that guy got the job done.

    Nationwide, I’m seeing information that the majority of people Like Trump’s non-PC. He has a 51% approval rating in today’s America. 36% black support. Trump’s madness is working.

    @Bay -Thanks Bay.
    Lowest unemployment in 49 years, and still 7.1 million job openings available.

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  28. geeez2014 says:

    KID…THANK YOU. It means a lot that you get what I’m trying to convey. Your mentioning Canada and Mexico’s presidents really makes sense; yes, Trump MUST have got them off their balance, which is a GREAT thing.
    Believe it or not, I DO get what you are saying, too, I just don’t get how people can want a president who acts like this, but that’s not to say I don’t SEE the benefits to it…and that does help.

    I also think that the media’s HATE wears on me…and no, I won’t stop reading or watching it…I want to know what many are exposed to. And, actually, I put on CNN sometimes for a laugh, believe it or not!!! Honestly, it’s almost FUNNy to see CNN faces all puckered up, so self-righteous, etc…SO EVIL in their mischaracterizations and lies… it actually sometimes cracks me UP! 🙂

    Thanks, Kid…….I really appreciate your comment.


  29. Kid says:

    Good Deal Z. We’re all different and that’s a good thing.

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  30. Jersey Jack says:

    I’m with Kid and Mustang and Mal and Bunky. And Ms. Z….but what can you call a low life whore who’s now eating her loser lawyers sheet and has to pay Trump’s attorneys?


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