CNN: Now they even lie to future inhabitants of America……..?

CNN’s guy in Central America ran a video the other day….“I told these men trying to come to America for safety and a future that our president thinks they’re criminals and terrorists…. here’s their response….”

Response from a Central American “We are NOT!  He has no conscience…he is stupid…”   Yup…he IS stupid, so are all of us, for putting up with this.

First, Trump NEVER EVER said ALL Mexicans are terrorists and/or rapists.  Second, who believes that they are?  Third…what the heck right does an American “newsman” have to encourage hatred toward this country and lie about our president? (Stop laughing!!  I know, they’re extremely good at that…just can’t stop themselves/ Since the bombing attempts, they’re saying “WORDS MATTER” to Mr. Trump, as if their words, every single second of the day and night aren’t hateful toward him?  CNN says they’re warning Mr. Trump that words matter, by the way…warning him?)

So…ILLEGALS…”Come one, come ALL!  We believe you somehow can’t afford to live in Guatemala or Honduras but came up with the $7000 they say it costs you to come here, per person!   Oh, sure, we believe you paid for the buses that brought you far enough that you shouldn’t get too tired and let you out so you look like struggling, tired people longing for American solace…we know Soros isn’t behind that!

SO…CNN never does really reach bottom, does it.   Imagine?  “Our president says you’re criminals and terrorists?”    swine.

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13 Responses to CNN: Now they even lie to future inhabitants of America……..?

  1. bocopro says:

    Were I James Earl Jones, I’d demand CNN stop using my “most trusted name in news” voiceover and replace it with “most BUSTED name in news” by Fredo Cuomo or “Tingles” Mathews.

    Saw an article t’other day reporting that CNN is losing the ratings battle to SquarePants SpongeBob.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    I was just watching FOX’s morning show and Steve Doocey asked an expert what he thought of these bombings; The guy said there’s something odd that nothing’s exploded, and mentioned some other things, closing with “It’s my belief that the Left has done this to make the Right look bad; this works with all I’m hearing”
    Doocey and Kilmeade embarrassed the guy, saying “OH! We’re not conjecturing about that…it’s far, far too early” blaH BLAH BLAH.
    The guy was so careful to say it was HIS OPINION that this was the case and they squashed him. I found this short sighted, mean and weird.

    I think it’s Rubio who said we live in a society where people can have different viewpoints and that eliminates the need for violence like this. I believe Rubio statement is outdated. We have violence today because ANTIFA, BLM and the LEFTIST POLITICIANS, CNN, etc., do not alllow anything thinking but their’s…hence,VIOLENCE HAS ARRIVED IN AMERICA, BY AMERICANS 😦


  3. geeez2014 says:

    It’s ironic Trump calls for a ‘more civil tone’ in our rhetoric so this kind of thing doesn’t happen!!….but I will say it’s so unfair of CNN and others to say things like “He hasn’t addressed the Clintons or Obamas in his remarks about these bombs…” Why should he? Do they think nobody knows the Clintons and Obamas are involved? Why should he call them all out? Should he apologize to them, is that the CNN goal?!! Ridiculous!!

    Last night and again this morning all the CNN people are saying things like “Trump’s words at the rally last night on this subject…his comments “if you will” did not include…………this and that. Yes, Trump DOES get people hyped up with his words, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, but Obama did the same thing, think they’d have demanded HE jump to their desires?

    How FOX can keep Ainsley Earjardt on their show is beyond me, by the way……..ugh. Sweet, pretty. but………..


  4. geeez2014 says:

    ON Facebook:




  5. Z,
    How FOX can keep Ainsley Earjardt on their show is beyond me

    It’s the Fox things about putting out front blond babes and brunettes with legs that won’t quit. Sheesh.


  6. Yes, Trump DOES get people hyped up with his words, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, but Obama did the same thing, think they’d have demanded HE jump to their desires?

    The day before yesterday, BHO gave one of his rabble-rousing speeches, and HRC advocated the demise of civility.

    Today, we have Maxine Waters condemning Trump for his rhetoric. Sheesh.


  7. Mal says:

    The idea the left has sent these “bombs” to the different GOP members hadn’t occurred to me, but would sound typical, right? (It was dense for me not to think of that right away!). We should make that idea known to the media. Hey! Its what they would do, right?

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  8. Z says:

    Mal…Stuart Carney is said to be PEDDLING the conspiracy that the bombs aren’t legit. CNN is using PEDDLED because it makes Varney look like a hucksters when a real look at what truth might be behind this hypothesis is it what mature thinkers do, people who don’t let ideology get in the way of truth…

    AOW….Earhardt is pretty but so unprepared for that job it’s embarrassing


  9. Mal says:

    If that be the case, lets hope it somehow gets proven beyond any doubt the left sent them all.
    It’d be fun watching them trip all over themselves!


  10. bocopro says:

    Nah . . . here’s what’ll come of it:


  11. Mustang says:

    Working to assure the future of the communist party–one illegal alien at a time.


  12. Baysider says:

    I think the bombs are plants – street theater to rile up the base.
    Even if Trump NEVER uttered any words about illegals the media would still make them up. They lie with ease and convenience to suit their ends.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, that’s what most of us think……too odd a situation not to be a fake.

    Mustang….isn’t it AWFUL…and so many Americans are eating it up. Oh, BOY, Venezuela, here we COME!


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