Mueller and the SEX SCHEME…”TRICK or Treat?”


This world is one UGLY place due to politics these days……

Think Trump is involved?  I first thought it was Lefties hiding behind a fake story to get back at the fact that Kavanaugh escaped the accusations and is now on the Bench.  But, it looks like all of this might have some validity.  This is interesting…

“The woman identifying herself as Parsons told journalists in an email, a copy of which I obtained,  that she had been offered roughly $20,000 by a man claiming to work for a firm called Surefire Intelligence—which had been hired by a GOP activist named Jack Burkman—“to make accusations of sexual misconduct and workplace harassment against Robert Mueller.”

I wonder how much a GOP ACTIVIST this jerk is……

Is THIS the October Surprise to finally sink the Midterms for the GOP?

What do you think?   I wonder that she’d email people about it instead of calling, thereby opening herself up to derision or more questions, because she’s not giving more information about herself.  I don’t think it’s Trump, but I hope to heck this is not really anything from the GOP because they’d have to know this would get out to the public……..


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12 Responses to Mueller and the SEX SCHEME…”TRICK or Treat?”

  1. bocopro says:

    E-h-h-h . . . I donno – the hard left is gonna go hard left, or more accurately, against anything conservative and esPECially anything Trump. The hard right will vote against a Bernie or a Lieawatha or a Harris on pure knee jerk.

    But I just don’t sense the outrage in ordinary middle-of-the-roaders, average Murkans who see things improving, 9-to-5ers who go to church on Easter and Christmas and don’t look to washed-up singers and broke-down athletes for their political advice.

    FBI investigations into vague allegations about Russians and hookers and what-all don’t seem to bother normal people anywhere near as much as biased special counsels and millionaire athletes kneeling during the anthem and the entire media out to get one side while giving a freebie to the other.

    People watched a corrupt justice system treat a completely nefarious and hypocritical campaign with kid gloves and lavish enthusiasm while eavesdropping, surveilling, investigating, and accusing the other.

    And then, when their shenanigans were exposed, they investigated themselves and said, “Nothin to see here, folks. Move along.” My opinion . . . people tend to see Mueller as a pathetic hound dog with a severe head cold traipsing around through old tea leaves sniffing for borscht, or g-strings, or white sheets with eye holes in ‘em.

    Everybody knows that politicians’ staffs have mastered the art of burying unpleasant exposes in the Friday nite 11 o’clock report and holding the juicy stuff ‘til right before a crucial election to maximize the PR impact on their candidate’s opponent. And they consider all that dirty pool.

    Nobody expects Mueller to come up with any bones with meat still stickin to ‘em that can bring down The Donald. What they DO expect is for entrenched Dems to drag out the race card, the hooker card, the beer card, the whatever to Kavanaugh (new verb) anybody who stands in the way of their regaining power in Congress.

    Election interference isn’t coming from the Russians but from allowing non-citizens to vote, dead people to vote, thugs to intimidate voters at the precincts, media to take sides, and machines which alter or lose ballots once completed.

    No way to predict how it’ll all come out in the wash. I mean, all we have to go on is what we read in the news, and we can’t trust ANY of the media any more. Period. Last genelec, right before the final day, most of the media were ridiculing DJT and giving HRC a 98% certainty of winning.

    Could be that John Q. has had a bellyful of globalists and socialists and hypocrites and is willing to overlook a brash, arrogant, self-absorbed Noo Yawkuh who knows how to get stuff done, kinda like a carpenter who does great cabinet work but cusses and spits and farts while he’s makin your kitchen a whole lot better.

    OTOH – there’s a whole LOTTA money out there on the left, lotta Franklins to persuade Bubba and Wanda Jo and Leroy and Wanishka and Juan and Maria that anything right of center endangers those welfare checks and food stamps and emergency rooms.

    Je’n sais pas. I think the keys are gonna be the Florida goobernator race and the Texas Beto/Ted pah de doo. Ethnic loyalty and Soros money. We’ll know 7 days from now, n’est ce-pas? If those two races come out decently without faux identity influence, there may yet be hope.


  2. Kid says:

    The pipe ‘bomb’ guy is a democrat and his van was put together at the last minute to make him look like a MAGA guy.

    This is the same deal. GOP activist. Nyet.

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  3. Mustang says:

    It’s probably a good thing Mueller isn’t running for re-election, eh? I noted some buzz on this yesterday, shrugged it off as very likely a plate full of bull tacos.

    Counterintelligence: a branch of an intelligence service charged with keeping sensitive information from an enemy, deceiving that enemy, preventing subversion and sabotage, and collecting political and military information.

    I did a search for “Surefire Intelligence,” which appears to be a misnomer of sorts. It claims to provide “counterintelligence, private spies, and ethical hackers.” I don’t know what an ethical hacker is. One connection to this company is said to be a weird looking fellow named Jacob Wohl; Jacob denies any connection to the agency, and this would seem to be a very good strategy. Of course, the phone listed for this company goes to Jacob’s mother, so I’ve quickly decided that if I ever found myself in need of a counterintelligence agency, it sure as heck wouldn’t be this one.

    The website “Crooks and Liars” claims that Wohl is a moron and a failed hedge fund manager who has been banned for life from the National Futures Association (never heard of them, either). C&L says that Surefire Intelligence claims to have been founded by two members of Israel’s elite intelligence community. I doubt this, too. I admit that Israeli intelligence have bungled a few jobs over the years, but nothing this infantile.

    In any case, the head of the company is said to be one Matthew Cohen, whose posted picture has a remarkable similarity to that of British actor Nick Hopper; its financial investigator could easily be the body double of Christoph Waltz. All in all, quite a lineup of famous intelligence operatives.

    I do not believe Mr. Trump would stoop to these levels —but if anyone is trying to make that connection, it could reveal to us the true source of the Mueller allegations. I see the FBI has started an investigation, so I suppose time will answer all your questions. So far in this election cycle, we’ve had fake sexual assaults and fake bombs. Have we left anything out? Believe me when I tell you that if this were a mystery novel, I would have set it aside long ago.

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  4. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, not “My” questions….as I said, I don’t believe anybody-Trump is behind this. I post these things because Americans are hearing these things and aren’t as careful what they believe as we are. They vote. A LOT of things are false, some must be true…….LIES are as bad as PHOTO SHOP….We cannot believe anything we SEE or HEAR, but many do. Vital for us to know what people are hearing…maybe the midterm results won’t shock us so much if we are aware.

    Kid, I just can’t think any GOPer would be THIS stupid, but there are rogue jerks within every party and this would be BAD.

    Bocopro..Fla and Az…both VERY important and not looking great. Gillum is a lying swine, whining, name-calling jerk. Leading today in the polls. But DeSantis is like Cruz, not the most likable or attractive candidates. i laugh every time I see Cruz talk; every time he says something people cheer, he looks happily astonished. You’ll see it now that I mentioned it. CRACKS me up!
    He MUST win.


  5. Mustang says:

    @ Z … You asked, “What do you think?”

    I was not challenging you. I simply answered, which included my belief that (your, our, everyone’s) questions would be answered in time.


  6. Z says:

    Mustang…??? ….Thanks for allI asked so we can discuss..challenge…I agree…I don’t believe trump would be behind this guy….how he can stop him from further helping leftwingers who do infer this is Trump’s doing is one of my concerns…just before midterms. And thanks for all the good info!


  7. Jersey Jack says:

    This is more evidence that Florida has handed itself over to illegals, the obvious Kosher
    Nostra and disgruntled, imported Puerto Rican’s who blame Trump for the hurricane and exposing their representatives as thriving rsts who pocketed the money that was meant for infrastructure. Add to the mix the double dipping voters from jersey, new yak
    And the majority of the original 13 colonies who live he our weather but bemoan we’re not as smart and sophisticated as them. I mean look at the blooming idiots they elect up there. De Blabbio, Cuomo, Bloomturd…. we just surrendered I guess.


  8. Baysider says:

    Nothing would surprise me. Like the plants that yelled racial epithets at Trump rallies, I can easily imagine the left setting this up as ‘election insurance.’


  9. Politics is twisted game. If it is true, it’s good Mueller gets a dose of his own medicine. The only bad thing it’ll stretch out the other investigation, because it’ll stop the Trump investigation dead. Nobody railroads Mueller. Only he can do it.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Law and Order, what I find fascinating is the news is barely covering it, from what I’ve seen, though I’ve been gone much of today.
    Have you seen it?


  11. Bob says:

    I think the world has finally concluded that neither Trump or his campaign staffers had anything to do with Russians that were not US citizens. Somebody has to do something drastic to give the appearance of the special prosecutor being worth the effort. I don’t think the American people will buy any of it.

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  12. I have, but chocked it up as background noise. Then again, I never thought this sham would end cleanly. Somehow, Mueller needed to justify the millions he’s spent. I don’t think he’s going to let Trump get away with firing his buddy Comey. He has to nick Trump with something. If he subpoenas Trump we’re looking at a year’s long court fight. Firing Comey was well within Trump’s Article 2 powers and turns out that he was absolutely right to do it. Mueller is going to have to make something up. Uggg.


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