You tell US what you think of last night.   I’m typing this at 7:20 PM PST Tuesday night…..Looks like we actually lost the House and could gain the Senate, exactly the opposite of what was predicted…  OOPS!  It’s an hour later and we HAVE THE SENATE AFTER ALL!?

Imagine Nancy Pelosi as head of the House again?   GOD HELP US.   How much do new Republican GOVERNORS count to the nation as a hole? (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose!)

There are lib sites saying that VOTER SUPPRESSION happened….SURPRISE!


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38 Responses to MIDTERMS: SO NOW WHAT?

  1. bocopro says:

    Just glad the robocalls and insipid misleading TV spots will dry up today.

    Fortunately Florida, Georgia, and Texas came to their senses to stifle the tax’n’spender, ignore the overweight socialist, and heckle the ethnically confused Irishman.

    The vaunted “blue wave” came in like the bow ripple from a canoe, its “powerful message to Republicans” a hoarsely whispered “M-m-m-e-h-h!” with a definite uvular fricative.

    ‘Course we’ll get two more years of Batsh**-crazy Nan and “get-in-their-face” Mad Max, brainfarting and ranting their declining days in committees, hogging mikes, preening in spotlights trying to rev up their dollar-rich but idea-poor “Resistance.”

    Raving Anti-Trumpers in all the citrine media and carmine megalopolises will proclaim triumph and celebrate their big electoral raspberry to DJT after regaining tenuous control of the House (prob’ly around 226-209 when the dust settles) so that they can waste gigabucks on “investigations” and impeachment proceedings.

    All I see is noisy, spiteful gridlock in that chamber for two years while Trump can quietly work his Senate majority to seat more conservative judges where they’re badly needed. Given Democrats’ hatred and tunnel vision, I imagine they’ll frustrate voters sufficiently for a flip-flop back to GOP control in the next election.

    But . . . we’ll have no “Beto” in that Senate, no Nelson in that Senate, no Fatso governor in Jawja, and no state income tax in Flor’da, which together are a major victory for the next few years to offset the merdiste lunacy from the left coast and diBlasio’s Rotten Apple.

    And we’re likely gonna see some bumpy rides in the stock market as far-left tactics frighten investment capital into hiding again and employers cut back on hiring and benefits. Gotta wonder how many meso-American “caravaners” will drop out today as the funding for their bottled water and beans dries up.

    Trump will NOT back down from his braggadocio style but will continue to counterpunch on social media as his go-to end run around biased MSM coverage of his policies, his appointees, and his successes.

    SanFranNan’s “It’s all about stopping the GOP” declaration when asked about her taking the gavel again sums up the left’s attitude, viz: We’re not interested in a strong economy, historically low unemployment, border security, national security, or any of the things Donald Trump considers important. We simply want control, and a return to the way things were with our Magic Negro.

    When she says stuff such as, “I do think I am best qualified to take us into the future [. . .] I know the ropes,” all that comes to my head is a two-year-old in a septuagenarian body with brain freezes and memory lapses and frequent trips to grab a Dingleberry from the Tum-Tum tree in Dingley Dell on her Purple Dinosaur.

    Could be an interesting fight in the House well when some fully catechized loon nominates her for Speaker. Betcha some of the younger House weasels will groan, turn their heads and cough, and mumble unprintables about that.


    I’m gonna just keep on spendin my direct-deposit retirement and Social Security checks on my grandkritters and hope their “investigations” don’t burn up all the revenue from DJT’s booming economy before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

    And now for my mornin meds, my mornin mud, and my mornin meal of banana, bagel, and just possibly a cookie . . . or two.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Not so fast …you said “Trump will NOT back down from his braggadocio style”….he said Sunday he regrets his TONE and I’m hoping he stays VERY tough and does think about TONE because it’s too late now, but it could help in the future.

    The very thought of how thrilled Pelosi is about the Dems winning the House is a bit more than I can digest so early in the morning. Hopefully, they’ll kick her out as Speaker. God willing.


  3. bocopro says:

    As I recall . . . didn’t spend time thinkin about it . . . he also said that he’d prefer a more civil dialogue with his detractors — BUT since they give him no choice with THEIR attitude . . . . . . . .

    He’s burnt that trait into his character, permanently, indelibly, and won’t change his spots now — because loons like Waters, Pelosi, Acosta, et al. won’t let up with the rancor and malevolence.


  4. bunkerville says:

    Thank the PA Supreme court for giving a five House seat pickup to the Dems. They did the re-districting. They did the heavy lifting.
    Way too many Senate seats won by whiskers. Either way, we live to see another day.


  5. Kid says:

    Well, all my first reaction thoughts are from Captain Obvious. So instead I’ll start wondering when and if we get a real Attorney General now. That could be a bright spot.

    Trump is talking about toning it down. I don’t much care about that but I would like to see his accomplishments made much more obvious as I don’t think a lot of people have any idea what they are.


  6. bunkerville says:

    Trump with a good AG similar to Holder could put all the Dems back on their heels…investigate the heck out of them, lock a whole bunch of them up…


  7. Kid says:

    That is my thought.


  8. ACUCHUCK says:

    Last night, sadly, showed me that about 50% of Americans still hate Trump and his success,MORE than they Love America.


  9. Mustang says:

    Nancy Pelosi said that the Democratic win of the House was “All about stopping the GOP.” Perhaps. I think it was all about stopping the will of half of the American people from realizing their hopes for our future. For those on the left who claim that their agenda was about healthcare, it is pure eyewash. The healthcare system we have now is the healthcare system adopted unilaterally by the Democrats in 2008. I should note that it was mere moments after the close of elections that Pelosi stepped to the microphone and began lying —which is something she does without batting an eye. There are unresolved issues —most of these as a result of a RINO House the day before yesterday. We won’t see a wall any time soon; we will not have a solution to the immigration problem, we will not solve the question of birthright citizenship. The can gets kicked down the lane a bit further.

    There are a few things that we should remember about our political system. First, America has a very large political tent with room for all kinds of people; even a place for idiots like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. The second thing to remember is that the founding fathers set up the House of Representatives as a place where the voice of the people could be heard, but one in which, given the passions of politics, turns over every two years. In other words, the people can rid themselves of House idiots rather quickly. The founders intended that the Senate is a more mature, reasoned, less emotional chamber. There are snakes in the senate, of course, but they are less viperous than those in the House.

    Still, I think it is interesting to note that the top of the Democratic Party in the Senate consists of Harris, Feinstein, Gillibrand, Warren, Sanders, Menendez, and Schumer. We should conclude these people represent the new face of the Democratic Party: progressive communists all.

    One quick note about the Georgia gubernatorial contest. Did any of Stacy Abram’s supporters understand her platform, and did they support her for her high-taxes, anti-gun, pro-illegal immigration, sanctuary state positions? No one will support higher taxes unless they personally benefit from it. Abram’s base of support was Atlanta; they voted for her because she’s black; it is a corruption of our political system. Most black people in Atlanta, or so it seems, have forgotten what Martin Luther King, Jr., had to say about character.

    Well, Trump will have his hands full, but he’s up for it … and I think he actually relishes the challenges of a radically leftist House. In fact, I think these mid-term election results suit Mr. Trump just fine. So now we begin the road to the general election in 2020. Politics, it seems, never goes away …

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  10. bocopro says:

    Mustang — what the hell is WRONG with you!

    I swan . . . what’s the big idea of using logic and reason and common sense — and above all, TRUTH — in discussing Murkan politics!

    Good grief, man. Get a grip! Menendez, Warren, Feinstein, Schumer — they’re the Aristotles, the Platos, the Pericleses of our gummint, which I so proudly hail . . . and the Harrises, the O’Rourkes, the Ocasio-Cortezes are the Betsy Rosses, the Alexanders the Great, the Jean d’Arcs.

    And don’t forget the modern Spartacus, Cory Booger. I mean . . . we’re in FINE hands, right?

    Investigate . . . regulate . . . dance to the mu-sic —

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  11. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…don’t kid yourself, it’s that tone that brings in the base and turned off a LOT of indies.
    and here we are now. I ‘m gratified Mr. Trump has realized that

    Mustang, Abrams isn’t conceding…she’s got Oprah money with her……’suppression’ happened…..what a damned idiot.

    You said “Nancy Pelosi said that the Democratic win of the House was “All about stopping the GOP.” And she’s right….things will be very much tougher….But what I’m hoping for, and I’m stunned nobody here or in the news has reminded us yet, is that the Dems promised to oust her should they take the House. “Let us pray”…

    Kid and Bunkerville….YES YES YES!! Oh, so hopeful about this!

    Chuck, you said it all “Last night, sadly, showed me that about 50% of Americans still hate Trump and his success,MORE than they Love America.”

    I had the exact same feeling…….


  12. Kid says:

    I’m in favor of Nana becoming Speaker again. She can hardly think or talk. If not her, then I favor the dumbest person ever put in Congress – One Ms Cortez.


  13. Kid says:

    Actually there is a chance President Trump will negotiate some of his agenda with the dem house fulfilling Mustang’s observation that Trump is no dummy and has had a plan for thie eventuality.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I just listened to his 90 minute presser at the WH……Never felt Trump wouldn’t negotiate his agenda….whether he CAN is another thing. Yes, he certainly has a plan for this eventuality, though he says he looks at last night as a big win because “People like me” “I’ve done a very good job”

    At one point he called on Acosta, very nastily (and I like it!) and Acosta wouldn’t sit down after Trump kind of answered him…..Acosta got so ‘in his face’ that I LITERALLY thought Trump was going to thump him one when Trump started pacing away from the podium; scared me to death because he was PO’d. And Acosta hadn’t broken a sweat or even grimaced at the horrid exchange, so I knew it was a set-up. Acosta kept calling the migrants sort of “a bunch of nice people coming for a better life…and you’re WRONG when you refer to them as an INVASION!” Trump said “It IS an INVASION….we disagree on this…but it IS an INVASION” This made Acosta look stupid to anybody half-thinking.

    Trump then told off a Black media woman BIG time “SIT DOWN, you were rude to him, HE has the mic, sit DOWN” I thought that took guts and showed how clearly NOT racist Trump is because he obviously didn’t even care or notice she was Black and he might get called down for it. He was SO right, nearly everyone there was lousy-rude to him……..

    He is REALLY up on the tiniest details of many bills they asked about….pretty impressive.

    Chalian, of CNN, said this morning “Trump doesn’t know what’s hit him with this election because he’s had an all Republican government till now….”
    My response to that is “I don’t think THEY k now what’s going to hit the Democrats!”

    There was also talk about ‘What if this economy goes soft?,” etc., and I remain convinced it’s just what the Left would love….a sinking economy and a freakin’ invasion. Damn them all.


  15. Kid says:

    Acosta is so off the rails with the attacks. Reporters should ask questions not try to ‘teach’ the President something. He should be disallowed. If they have a fact that’s one thing but acosta has no idea who these people are and officials have already stated the numbers of Known criminals.

    Congress should pass the next tax cuts DJT talked about while they still can. If the dems try to take them away after they’re seated, the Repub Senate can just trash can the legislation.

    Imagine if Trump actually gets more done with a dem house than with the repub house. Tax cuts was all they did for two years. Pro: stuff gets done, Con: people think having dems control the house isn’t all bad?

    I have my doubts the dems will even try to get any of the things they talked about getting done, like infrastructure. Trump can easily call them out though – Hey they said they wanted to do infrastructure if they got the majority, now alll they want to do is investigate and obstruct.

    I watched that small section of the event. Trump was likely counting to 10 when he walked away from the podium.

    Sessions just put in a resignation letter. Yahooooooooooooooooooo !

    This might not be as bad as I was thinking this morning. In the end though, we still have a situation where far too many people are willing to vote for useless, vile, evil communist democrats.


  16. geeez2014 says:




  17. geeez2014 says:

    Kid. Oh. You did say that :-)!!
    INFRASTRUCTURE? They could care less, unless their family members get the contracts.
    Remember, that was the ONE THING (other than speaking to Black kids about doing better in their lives, which he also NEVER DID, not ONCE) I hoped Obama’d do as he’d promised. Never did it…no infrastructure.

    Can Congress pass the tax cuts NOW before the lib jerks take over? Because even Trump said this morning how darned allergic Lefties are when they hear TAX CUTS..


  18. geeez2014 says:

    So Kid….WHO FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL? I wonder if Cruz had lost if Trump might have picked him……
    BUT< Gowdy also let us down a bit lately, so……….

    WHO WHO WHO, folks? Who will be the next AG? Does it have to be someone we know? Don't they usually need a lot of experience so it wouldn't be a Kavanaugh-kind of unknown type?


  19. Kid says:

    I’m thinking if they passed an infrastructure bill, the Repubs could ride herd on it to make sure it’s on the up, and is accountable. Remember obammy’s 1 trillion infrastructure? None of it even built a bridge.

    I’m not qualified to know who could be a good Atty Gen. I think Cruz would do a great job. I wonder if Trump nominated him and he wanted it, then the Texas Gov would pick another republican to replace Cruz. Abbot is a good guy and I’d trust him to pick someone good.

    I’m not so sold on Gowdy. For all the tough talking nothing ever got done, resulted in a consequence for the guilty, etc. If the dems could get Scooter Libby on such a weak perjury thing, I don’t see why the repubs couldn’t have gotten Someone to a consequence. It’s been a very target rich environment.

    Judge Jeanine Pirro comes to mind. Not Judge Nap though. Elliot Ness would be a good choice. 🙂


  20. geeez2014 says:

    I said in Comments yesterday, at Yahoo, that CNN had barely any Republicans on EVER and that FOX had a constant stream of liberal contributors….a guy tells me that’s a lie! 🙂 Then he says the libs at FOX are “actors”….Juan Williams, Tarlov, Fowler, Mo, etc…they’re actors! THIS is how the Left (doesn’t) Thinks!! 🙂 They’re not actors, but this guy is definitely a comedian!


  21. geeez2014 says:


    I couldn’t stand “Lips” Pirro…please don’t do that to me! But, you can bet she’s lickin’ those lips with hope!


  22. Mustang says:

    I have to say that if it were not for Trump, Shepherd Smith and Napolitano would have nothing to talk about this afternoon. They are both suggesting that in the firing of Sessions, Trump is attempting to obstruct justice. Right on cue, Schumer and Blumenthal have stepped up to the microphone to chirp the party line.

    The Attorney General serves as the government’s lawyer. I assume this means the lawyer for the people, but the Attorney General serves at the pleasure of the president. You ask, who will be nominated to replace Sessions? Good question. The problem I have with Gowdy is that none of his excellent questioning ever resulted in actionable evidence in the matter of Clinton’s violation of laws for protecting classified information, or Clinton’s Benghazi debacle. He may have been a great US Attorney (courtroom lawyer), but I’m not sure he has the temperament or background to manage the Justice Department. Giuliani is too close to the president, IMO. I’m thinking that whoever it is that replaces Sessions ought to have been a federal jurist.

    Personally, I think Kid should be nominated.


  23. Kid says:

    Mustang, I’m saving myself for something bigger.


  24. bocopro says:

    Gowdy is all hat, no cattle. Not my expression . . . think I heard it here first — but it sure fits his track record. Lotta hot air, but no fire.

    And I still say Cruz belongs on the Supreme Court, much the same as Bozo O’Rourke belongs on the door of a bordello in Juarez.

    Sessions is just a good ol’ Bama boy whose fuel injectors got clogged long ago and he couldn’t keep up with the buzz-saw that is DJT.

    Giuliani is the DoJ equivalent of SanFranNan, completely out of gas and 2 flat tires, running on memories of past glories bringin down capi di tutti capi.

    If no specific educational requirements are in place for the job, the only logical choice is clear, Danny Trejo:


  25. I certainly would like to have held onto the house. But there is an upside. Since the Repubs failed to get through their agenda when the gridlock continues he has a foil. And if they open a bunch of investigations Trump will handle it and again he have foil. Now it’s on the Dems to govern. They have no where to hide. Trump will put the blame on them. So there is a bright side. Sessions was worthless. I’m glad he’s out the door. Hillary needs to go down.

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  26. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, what a horrid idea…Giuliani as AG. He’s shown himself, in my opinion, to not be as sharp as I’d thought years ago, and yes, too close to the President. UGH.

    Gowdy was steaming but what happened to him is what happens to every single Republican hearing situation: Great stuff gets out there……………..then it’s gone. Gone. As if no hearing occurred, as if the defendants were found totally innocent and weren’t in actuality. You know I’ve often said here “If you want a big problem to go away for the Dems, get Darryl Issis to hold a hearing…” Bingo…it’s forgotten, the WHOLE case, whatever it is, is forgotten.

    Napolitano and Smith……Can’t listen to either anymore. Napolitano seems like a poor loser for SOMETHING, and Smith is just a total HATE TRUMP LIBERAL. I’m surprised he’s still there because it’s one thing to be neutral on a Conservative channel, it’s another to try , every day, to make Trump and Republicans look like total jerks. He NEVER EVER misses a chance. And I NEVER watch him anymore.

    Bocopro…I think Gowdy is good and that the Republicans got him to shut up and play ball…as they did to Paul Ryan……that’s always been my gut feeling.

    Law and Order….do you think Hillary will EVER pay for anything she’s done all these years?


  27. Jersey Jack says:

    Jim Jordan…Nappy is just another guido that ought to be selling pizzas in a Paramus, New Jersey mall. Then he can do scenes from an Italian restaurant for MessyNBC.


  28. Jersey Jack says:

    Ole Shep Smith? He can’t be fired although he’s perfect for CNN as an annoying queen…but he’d just sue for sexual harassment cause someone proffered him in the boys’ room.


  29. Jersey Jack says:

    Anyone ever notice that Nappy must comb his forehead?


  30. geeez2014 says:

    JJ, VERY low hairline on Judge Nap, that’s for sure..

    Ya, if Smith was fired, it’d be all about FOX FIRES ANYBODY WHO DOESN”T LOVE TRUMP, too, wouldn’t it…or he’d make up some sex story, you’re right, the creep.

    Jim Jordan isn’t a bad choice, tho I have a thing about wrestlers (and it’s not a good thing!),…and he has a Law Degree from some school called CAPITAL UNIVERSITY (?) in Columbus, Ohio….and other degrees, too, so he COULD do this IF we could replace another Republican in his Congressional seat (so to speak :=-))


  31. I don’t know. I wish I knew who got immunity etc. The crime is not too old, so it is ripe for prosecution. The AG would have to have the balls to prosecute her. If they take on the Clinton machine, they have to be in for the long haul. Is he or she out there? Don’t know.


  32. I don’t know. I wish I knew who got immunity etc. The crime is not too old, so it is ripe for prosecution. The AG would have to have the balls to prosecute her. If they take on the Clinton machine, they have to be in for the long haul. Is he or she out there? Don’t know. F


  33. BTW, I’m an alum of Capital University, so it’s a real school. We had books and everything : )

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  34. Jersey Jack says:

    L&O…Did ya have safe zones and cuddly toys to relieve the stress too? Like Yale or Harvard?


  35. Baysider says:

    We voted right behind a young woman who “just moved into the area” and wasn’t on the roll, etc. They spent 10 minutes “looking” for her before they gave up and went provisional. I couldn’t help but think of your story of seeing a similar gal do that, vote, and then call in for instructions on where to vote next.

    Proposition 10 was DEFEATED and that is the biggest win we could have possibly hoped for in California. Had that passed I could kiss goodbye to the option of renting out my house to help pay for Mr. B’s care needs. And a whole industry would be slammed, future tax revenues fall, etc.

    I don’t think Hillary will ever pay for her crimes because I expect she has too much dirt on anyone who might try it. Real or imagined.

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  36. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider! I hadn’t heard yet about Prop 10…..never quite understood it, anyway…and I’m so much more tied into national campaigns I should be ashamed of myself! VERY good news!
    And yes, I wish we could BURN PRovisional Ballots….as Wendy once said “Z, you really think someone is downtown looking at all the names in there and asking ‘anybody have a Joe Smith who voted anywhere else than in Santa Monica?'” It’s a SHAM!

    Law and Order….Hillary has so MANY crimes I wouldn’t know where to start.
    And that’s fabulous…I hadn’t heard of Capital University but YOU HAD BOOKS, TOO? (Smile) Must be a VERY good school if they produced you and Jim Jordan 🙂

    JJ is right, L&O, I’ll bet you didn’t need safe zones and cuddly toys THEN….when kids were raised to TOUGH THINGS OUT and SURVIVE!


  37. Naw. It’s a Lutheran school so we had religion and bible studies. That was pretty comfortable for a Catholic boy as Lutheranism and Catholicism are very close. I like that Jim Jordan takes no crap. Wrestlers are tough guys and if you look you’ll notice Jordan has cauliflower ears. Most wrestlers do. I got a good education at Capital. Their law school is well-respected.

    I really like Janice Rogers Brown. She’s conservative with a lot of experience, California Supreme Court. Federal Appeals Court served with Kavanaugh. She was blocked from a Bush appointment by lefties. She’s African American so she’ll pose a dilemma for Cryin’ Chuck. Good pick I think.


  38. Mustang,
    Excellent comment, my good friend!

    Tomorrow I shall put your comment up front and center at my blog.


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