TRUE STORY:  My friend overheard this in the locker room at her gym on Tuesday:

Black, light-skinned woman talking to White woman:

“You know, UCLA doesn’t charge tuition, it calls it FEES, and that’s illegal in the State of California”     A LIE.

“And did you know they didn’t charge White people any fees at all until Black people started coming, and THEN they started charging everyone just because Blacks were coming in”     A LIE.

Response from White woman “REALLY?  that’s AWFUL, I didn’t know THAT?!”

And we wonder ………??


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  1. This would be funny if wasn’t so sad. The day after the 2016 election, an African American student in my class, all sophomores, raised her hand and confidentially told the class that Clinton lost because the computer chose Trump instead. I asked her what computer she was talking about. She said her mother told her that the government computer chose Trump instead of Clinton and that citizens ought to demand that voting count not the computer. I spent the next half hour or so talking about how elections work and the working of the Electoral College. These people actually vote! And worse, they cancel out our vote. I told the student to have her mother call me, but I never heard from her. Hopefully, my explanation stuck with the kids. Either that, or we need to find that damn computer.

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  2. bunkerville says:

    Still looking for where the electoral college is located.. I guess its down Broward country way. Hang on, we are about to lose a couple of Senate seats by corruption.

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  3. bocopro says:

    A lotta myths scamper around on the porches of our minds like Katzenjammer Kids, regardless of our wrapper tint. Some are ludicrous, some are dangerous, and some are obvious.

    Por ejemplo, “Hands-Up/Don’t-Shoot” is based on the “gentle-giant” Michael Brown myth, the truth being that he was a thug who attacked a cop, tried to take his weapon, and got plugged for it. Ludicrous AND dangerous.

    “All black people got rhythm in their souls.” Well, ‘t’ain’t necessarily so. Some does, and some doesn’t. And those who criticize others for “dancing like a white man” have never seen a Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly movie.

    Cultural appropriation? Oh, gimme a break! Black women have for centuries been trying to lighten their skin and straighten their hair. And peer pressure to stop “acting white” by learning something in high school is just economically suicidal.

    “East Asians are naturally more gifted in the brains department than Europeans, who are more gifted than west-African blacks.” Performance on standardized tests tends to support this observation. Same goes for athletic performance – some groups of blacks tend to be better in certain sports than many white groups, and east Asians excel in flexibility and hand-eye coordination compared to both whites and blacks.

    The bottom line is, as many blacks have themselves said about the African-American subculture, too many people spend too much time LOOKING for ways to claim victimhood by racism based on false assumptions and exaggerations. It’s become a cash cow and way of life for race pimps such as Soundbyte Al Sharpton, and some even get elected to high office based on nothing but skin color.

    You want a myth based on observation? How ‘bout this: Put northern Europeans on an island and you get the British Empire. Put east Asians on an island and you get the Japanese Empire. Put west Africans on an island and you get Haiti.

    Often it’s all about timing. And sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. My Southeast-Asian wife has nowhere NEAR the education or cultural experiences I’ve had, but her brain works quicker and sharper than mine, and I just happen to LIKE long black hair, almond-shaped eyes, and warm brown skin.

    I’m not particularly fond of ignorant dropouts who bask in their victimhood at taxpayer expense, whether they’re brown, black, or toothless whites.

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  4. Kid says:

    It’s not going to get any better. Lots of people can’t read cursive, an analog clock, or send their absentee ballot in because they don’t know where to buy stamps. They think plastic surgery is a sex change, and that getting a vasectomy only changes the color of the baby.


  5. Mustang says:

    So many dumb people, so many opportunities for the Democratic Party. I’m actually surprised that our country is doing as well as it is. Yeah, those voting computers can be a problem. Kind of reminds me of that hurricane machine Bush had in the basement of the white house. I wonder what the Bush administration did with that pesky machine after Katrina.

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  6. Baysider says:

    My jawed is still dropped! How can anyone possibly believe that? Was the 2nd woman afraid to challenge the dummy because of her race? Or is she just as gullible? Well, the elites have gotten what they worked for – an education system that churns out emotionally charged children of voting age who are devoid of reasoning skills. We are in trouble.

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  7. Baysider says:

    You might like this little gem:
    1966: Ronald Reagan assumed office of Governor of California and changed the course of the state’s higher education system. In his eight years, he cut state funding for college and universities and laid the foundation for a tuition-based system. According to a New York Times article from 1982, during his eight years as governor, “Reagan fought hard in the legislature to impose tuition at four-year colleges. He lost the battle to lobbyists for the university, … However, the Legislature agreed to increase student registration fees.”

    I was curious because I’ve long been annoyed by the terminology of fee vs. tuition. So I looked it up:


  8. Mal says:

    After being discharged in 1953 I found tuition at USC had gone from $12 per unit when I left in ’51 to $18 so I took extension classes at UCLA for $9 per unit. Yep. Thats right. Only $27 per class.
    Only $54 at USC. What a difference today, huh?


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I’m sorry, I don’t see the fee v tuition point there…admittedly, I only scanned your link…??

    So, it wasn’t only when Black students entered UCLA that we started charging? 🙂

    Mal, it sounds even cheaper than it was because of inflation, doesn’t it!? But still… :=-)


  10. Mal says:

    Right, Z, even allowing for inflation it was dirt cheap compared to today. My grandson that just graduated in June with his doctorate in psychology owes $350,000 in school loans despite having worked during that time and took advantage of meals from food banks, etc. and was very frugal. That loan is like a mortgage on a half million dollar home! Sheeesh! He is now in his mid 30’s.


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