Jersey Jack has gone to heaven….

Yes, our buddy, Jersey Jack passed away, peacefully in his sleep, yesterday.  

Kid wrote of Jack on Sunday, “….Jack is a very quick wit, 10 times smarter than me and twice as good looking.”     Not sure about that, but I’m sure Jack liked it!    Jack’s response was:

Jersey Jack says:

“Kid…. you’re such a hussy. Now I know you’re trying to get me out on a karaoke night and swing with all those “Unaccompanied minors” but you’re as likely to get me near one of them as much as you could to a Target rest room.”

Jersey Jack says:

“…..I wish we all could get together for introductions and then reunions.”

Me, too, Jack….and, someday, we will.   Rest in peace with the God you had such faith in.  Know you will never EVER be forgotten and you were and will be loved forever.

I’ll miss you, Jack.  But first I have to stop crying and get over the shock.  Jack was very sick, friends, for a long time….TERRIBLE back problems and then really difficult health challenges on top of that, life-threatening ones, and he showed courage and such faith through it all.   He will never have to take the drugs he feared taking again, he’ll never have to worry again.

He adored his wife, please pray for her.  Funny, I didn’t know what ‘category’ to put this post in, so I put it in “Z family,” because that’s the case with Jack….he was like family to me.


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13 Responses to Jersey Jack has gone to heaven….

  1. Mal says:

    How sad. We also pray for your wife and give her strength. Yes, Z, this IS like another family, isn’t it?
    MAY YOU R.I.P., J.J.

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  2. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, it’s the second ‘friend’ I have known in blogging who has passed away. LeftCoast Chuck was my first, about 15 years ago now, I think. His son somehow found me and left a note on my blog…that Chuck had thought of me (and another blogger who’d commented a lot at Front Page Magazine, where I met him and Jersey, and so many others) at the end and asked that they tell me he was gone….I adored that guy.
    But Jack and I texted, he sent me books via Amazon, he was in close contact with my stepdaughter because of their shared interest in photography…….his wife and I texted last time he was hospitalized….he even asked if he sent me money for the flight, would I come for their Christmas party on Dec 15th…..I said “no”….damn.

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  3. Ray Cole says:

    It’s enough to live well, but to pass gracefully is a real tribute. God bless you Jack and your beloved wife.

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  4. You’ll be missed, Jack! See you on the other side!

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  5. Kid says:

    Very Sad. I’m going to miss you a lot Jack.

    May peace and comfort come soon to your family and friends.

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  6. Baysider says:

    Loved JJ’s wisdom and insights. I’m glad his promotion was to the presence of the Lord, but pray for that comfort and renewal that his family and friends need. That includes you, Z.

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  7. Sparky says:

    Oh, no!0 This breaks my heart! I really enjoyed his comments. He was always insightful and polite. Well, we sure will miss him. Will indeed say a prayer for the Jersey Jack family. God bless them. May they find comfort in His Holy Word. I hope they know we’re thinking of them. Thank you for sharing with us Z. He is indeed family, and the best kind, forever in Christ. ❤


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Ray, he really did have such courage during such intense health challenges…You are so right.

    Kid, I loved that your exchange on Sunday was so ‘alive’ and fun and so typical of you two! I’m grateful to have it to have put in this post, it really showed who he was. And who you are! Yes, we’re going to miss him so much, aren’t we. I don’t think it’s really sunken in, frankly.

    I just hung up with my stepdaughter who was in contact with Jack quite a bit after I’d introduced them through emails regarding photography, which Jack was almost a pro at….by the way, his real career was a pilot for private fliers like Jeb Bush, who he thought the world of as a friend!!! I don’t think he’d mind me telling you all that!
    She is in tears because she’s quite a photographer and very interested in being even better and she’s credited him with a LOT of good information she’ll always use…..
    It’s nice that she and I share that friendship with him though we never met him in person!

    I believe I’ve known Jack since Front Page Magazine commenting days…which were SUBLIME…such good times there! I was still in Paris so that’s about 18 years or so ago!

    Vrag, yes, we’ll all miss him, won’t we.

    Baysider…SO sad here, you’re right, thanks.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Sparky! And that comment about all getting together (in my post) was made to YOU!
    Your comment is perfect…THANK YOU. I know you two had a kind of special repartee, too! A mutual admiration society is what a lot of commenters on the blogs have, isn’t it! And, you know, FAITH is a pretty big part of that, I’m so pleased to say!


  10. Mustang says:

    Jack was a good friend, and one whom I admired a great deal. Kid spoke to me a few days back, indicating that Jack wasn’t doing very well. I’ve kept Jack in my prayers for a few years now … since I met him for breakfast one morning in 2011. His has been a long fight and through it all, he also suffered the loss of his sister a couple of years ago. I will miss Jack … but I am glad that he is now at peace. I will keep Jack’s lady and daughter in my prayers.

    Here are a few words from a poem that I think Jack would appreciate reading:

    If we could not do him honor while he was here to hear the praise
    Then at least let’s give him homage at the ending of his days,
    Perhaps a simple headline in the paper that might say,
    Our country is in mourning, for a Veteran died today.


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  11. RIP, JJ. Never knew you, only through your writing. A true intellect.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Oh, Mustang, THANK YOU for that kind of ‘eulogy’…I do know that “Jack” would have loved that poem…………and I remember when you guys met…he thought the world of you. It’s always kind of been me, you, Kid and Jack in emails, etc……my gosh, we I miss him! And I know you and Kid and our other dear readers here will, too.
    I still haven’t quite taken it in………still can’t believe I’ll never see another comment or text from him………He had faith, he’s in the arms of Jesus. A very good thing.

    Law & Order….he really was an intellect and passionate about our country, our military, and all of us here at GeeeZ….he truly loved all of the commenters here at Geeez, our little family.
    It’s shrinking by the day, my readership, it started when I moved to Word Press so I could stop liberals from using my blog as theirs…..and it’s not picked up, but the folks here are those I CHERISH SO MUCH for THEIR INTELLECT AND LOYALTY and Jack was one of our ‘club’….

    I know we’ll all REALLY MISS HIM. I threatened to stop blogging several times and then he’d say something like how it kept him going (I knew he was VERY sick for a long time now), and how I could never shut down because he’d miss it so………….so I didn’t.


  13. It is a blessing to pass in one’s sleep.


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