“He knows where the BODIES ARE BURIED?” HA!!

My subject line is what was said by a liberal Democrat talking about continuing their talks with Michael Cohen because he was so close to Trump and “…knows where the bodies are buried.”

If any Republican EVER EVER suggested the same thing in checking into Hillary’s background;

A. We’d all laugh our heads off at the fact that there probably ARE buried bodies

B. The media’d eat us alive.




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18 Responses to “He knows where the BODIES ARE BURIED?” HA!!

  1. cube says:

    The expression is figurative with one side and literal with the other.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    cube….I had exactly the same thought…GOOD ONE!!!


  3. Kid says:

    I saw a headline yesterday saying some executive at the clinton foundation knows where all the bodies are buried. So, I suspect this is just the vermin being proactive in trying to associate that image with Trump.


  4. ACUCHUCK says:

    This is the latest GOTTCHA and the liberal cabal are salivating, that this, is the real end of Donald Trump. How many times have we heard that? Now they are alleging Trump did something wrong with funds at the inauguration. Wait a week and there will be a different headline.
    I CAN’T WAIT, till next week, when the border and Govt. shut down are front and center.
    After the meeting in the White House with Pelosi and Schumer, Pelosi say’s she will never ever fund the wall. I certainly hope Trump is able to nullify The Pelosi Affect, fund the wall and stop all the madness.
    The Dems don’t care about the border as much as they hate our President.
    I want to see Pelosi’s sour-puss face, once again, when she is overruled, just like the look on her face,at the State Of The Union speech, last year.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, excellent point because this does happen ALL the time…. Yes, divert attention…jerks.

    Chuck…Oh, the lib media’s in heaven scaring people “It’s CHRISTMAS, they won’t have any money if we shut down the govt!” Oh, yes….it’s so typical…hate, hate, misinform, mischaracterize.
    And yes, what a great Christmas Present.

    But, see…>Trump’s missing out again………..he should be talking about HOW MUCH ILLEGALS COST US….the 5 billion he wants is a drop in the bucket in comparison to what we’ve been paying and will have to pay in the future….Anyway, I think that’s the case; some experts think so. Makes sense to ME.

    To say nothing of crime, DISEASE (We’d conquered TB now it and other things are back…I read 1/3 of illegals have health issues…think none of that is contagious?)….



  6. Mal says:

    Another missed response is when they keep bringing up Trump’s saying the Mexican Gov’t. will pay for the wall: THEY ALREADY ARE! WHEN FORD, CARRIER, ETC. MOVED BACK HERE. We’re merely advancing the funds till it balances out, then continues to enrich us after that. GAD! Why can’t they take advantage of opportunities when they happen?


  7. ACUCHUCK says:

    oNE MORE THOUGHT, I think Trump should have a “Address the Nation” prime time speech, before the end of next week. He should illustrate and explain why the wall is needed.
    He should make the point that we need the wall, and that all, the problems and objections, are coming from the Dems. Once he explains, all the trouble, the Dems are causing, he then can challenge the Dem’s, to publicly, articulate all, their ridiculous, talking points.
    Have them prove they Love America more than they hate Trump.. Shame them into explaining why, they are willing to fight so hard, against building the wall and allowing illegal immigration while letting poor Americans struggle to make ends meet.
    Speak directly to the Americans of both parties and make the correct point, that a wall is sorely needed. Dare to have the Dems explain the reasons for their objections in front of the whole country, LIVE!!
    Trump would be able speak to directly to Americans, most of which want a border wall and control the illegal immigration problems.He could do this, without anyone interrupting him. He could list all the Americans who have been tragically affected and lost loved ones, by illegal immigrants and gangs. Trump would be able to speak as long as needed, to clearly explain all the costs to us the tax paying Americans.
    He has the “Bully Pulpit”, this is the time to use it!!!

    I’M CALLING THE WHITE HOUSE AND MAKE MY OPINION- HEARD.You will get the White House switchboard then ask to be connected to the comment line—1-202-456-1414.
    I hate doing nothing and calling the comment line is doing something.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Chuck, I’ve been saying this for months….He actually needs to do this every month, or even every week, on various subjects, instead of the blustering name-calling tweets,e tc., that he’s been doing. Stay angry, be tough, be honest, be revealing, tell the truth, explain WHAT….WHY….etc.

    Yes, the media will chew him up over the slightest little thing that wasn’t 100% correct or whatever, but it WOULD WORK. I honestly think people would start to look forward to it.

    I called it a new FIRESIDE CHAT…he MUST.


  9. cube says:

    Twitterside chat…?


  10. Mal says:

    Yep! And I’m old enough to remember FDR’s Fireside Chats, too. He had ’em primarily because he didn’t want to make it obvious he was wheelchair bound, and did a pretty good job of it, too. Of course, T.V. wasn’t invented yet so he couldn’t be seen via radio. It is a great idea, Chuck & Z. Think he’ll do it?


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, you REMEMBER them? That is so cool. I assure you, I DO NOT 🙂 HA!!!
    I hope he does it, sure do.

    Cube, I LIKE it….Twitterside Chat!


  12. Kid says:

    I absolutely believe President Trump needs to use more than twitter. TV, and the audio from that can e broadcast over radio. On the other hand anyone who is interested knows how to find out about what his plans are and the details of the various subjects. The others are like talking to a brink wall. Still some value in pumping it out.

    I liked how he forced the two diseased rats to be on TV talking about the wall. I liked how he later put out video or the various democrats including the rat and obama making cases for having a wall.

    Other than that Oh Look a Squirrel ! Ain’t he/she cute !


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, where did he put that video out…I’ve been wishing someone would do that for weeks…


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, but who ARE “his viewers?” Where was this posted that many would see it? Great stuff, I wish EVERYONE could see it.


  15. Kid says:

    No idea Z 🙂


  16. Mal says:

    Z, you have to remember I was in high school when WW ll ended so certainly I remember it. I also saw him briefly during the depression as he drove by in an open 4 door convertible on his way to some meeting in L.A. Whenever they showed FDR on the newsreel at the movies he was always sitting down around his fireplace. Thats what I meant about his fireside chats. On the radio, of course, it made no difference that he was in a wheelchair.


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