Muslim Pride?

Many (most) Muslims (I don’t care what you think otherwise) are NOT ‘kill Americans’ types, nor are they ‘kill America’ types.

They live here well, they work hard, they raise children, and they profess to love America, as Zuhdi Jasser, for example, who served as a Navy doctor for years.   I’ve heard him speak in person, you’ve seen him on FOX and CNN, the man represents thousands of muslims who appreciate living here.  I am starting to believe, more and more, they are not practicing members of Islam (altho Jasser is).    We all know Christians and Jews who profess Christianity or Judaism but, let’s face it, don’t live it, study it, etc.  Same for most Muslims, obviously.

I’m thinking Muslims might want to put a GOOD FACE ON ISLAM, in order to be accepted, in order to live here peacefully, even appreciated some day.  Many of their women wear full covering, at least in the Middle East, and many here wear Hijabs as a way to show their modesty and humility.   BUT FORGET THE “GOOD FACE ON ISLAM!!”   Because………

Linda Sarsour is on Skype now in public schools encouraging protest against America, telling our kids she’ll even help them ‘find their outrage’ if they’re not outraged enough to protest our country’s actions.  I’m not kidding.   She spoke of JIHAD recently, against Trump, but the leftwing media says “She didn’t mean violence.”   WHY is it that leftwingers get every excuse and Rightwingers are wrong no matter WHAT the H**L they do?? 🙂

And then the first Muslim woman congressman spends her first day in office calling our sitting president a “Mother F**cker” and that he should be impeached.  Seriously.  No apologies.  (Difficult to have to apologize when that same sitting president calls Adam Schiff (whom I despise, by the way), Adam SHIT, isn’t it)

Is this the way for Muslims to show they want to be a healthy, cooperative part of our country?  Or maybe they really don’t give a darn?

What happened to the ‘hot house orchid’ Muslim woman who walks behind her man, covered from head to toe?  What kind of language is that to use in public against a president?  It’s a heck of a way for muslims to get into American government, isn’t it?  NO pretense of wanting to fit in (you’ve never heard another man OR woman politician use that language in public), but Sarsour and this Muslim whose name I won’t print because I want to ignore that she exists.

Think they’ll march against this?  Funny, but the Black girls at the high school I’m associated with are FAR FAR more activist than ANY of our Black boys are.  And here are Muslim women flexing their muscles more than the Muslim in Congress ever did…odd, huh?

What are your thoughts on all of this?


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16 Responses to Muslim Pride?

  1. Setting themselves apart? New York Muslims have a new security patrol group

    Check out what the MCP car(s) look like.


  2. bunkerville says:

    You say most are American loving and there are thousands of them? Love to see the source of that info.

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  3. Mustang says:

    If Moslems are good at anything at all, it is in pushing the buttons of Christians and Jews.

    @AOW, can you even imagine driving around in New York City with a car marked “Christian Community Patrol,” or “Jewish Community Watch,” or even better, “Judeo-Christian Community Sentinel”? There would be an explosion of dissent (from those same people who celebrated 9-11 by dancing in our streets) that might be heard all the way to Chicago.

    @ Z … as much as I know you don’t wish to hear from me on this, I will certainly acknowledge to you that not every Moslem is vermin, and there is no justification for “fearing” most of these people. What they may think (as described below) in most cases does not translate into overt acts of violence. So, I do believe that your position is rational. On the other hand, there is good evidence to show that a majority of Moslems living in America do, in fact, support the establishment of Sharia Law replacing our Constitution.

    A few interesting facts: 58% of Moslems living in America are immigrants (from 75 different countries); 56% of these arrived in the US since the year 2000. Forty-one percent of Moslems living in the USA were born here. Half of the number of Moslem adults living in the US today fall into the so-called millennial category. The youngsters are as devoted to Sharia Law as their elders; a majority of American-born Moslems see non-Moslem Americans as “the enemy.” Seventy percent of Moslems living in the United States vote as Democrats. Seventy-six percent of all Moslems living in the United States claim that the teachings of the Koran and Sharia Law should be strictly observed —a key point, in my opinion— but then, one has to be familiar with the Koran and Sharia Law in order to understand the implications of this statistic. In total population, 3.45 million Moslems were living in the United States in 2017, as compared to 1.5 million in 2007. The increase is not so much tied to immigration as it is to childbirth.

    For me, the issue is one of trust. If a large percentage of Moslems fervently believe in the teachings of the Koran and are adherents to Sharia Law as the “supreme law,” supplanting even our Constitution, then I cannot embrace these people as true Americans, no matter how economically viable they become. Common sense tells me that if they have a “fervent” belief, they will work toward undermining our beliefs in favor of their own. I could deal with moderate Moslems just fine, but the problem (as shown by the above statistics) is that if there are any moderates, they are few in number … I suspect somewhere around the same percentages as unicorns living in Never-Never Land.

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  4. Mustang makes good points. Assimilation is necessary to live peacefully in this country. All of our ancestors assimilated. Those who turned to crime, such as the Mafia, went to jail. They were not allowed to break our laws and claim it was cultural. Sharia Law is antithetical to our laws. If we accept Sharia as a simple matter of culture, we lose our country. Muslims who choose to live by our laws and assimilate to our culture, as our ancestors did, are welcome to America. To do otherwise is unacceptable. Muslim Police? Join the the police department. They need the help.


  5. Kid says:

    In the best case, moslems breed you out and your culture disappears. No thanks. The rest of them are irrelevant. Sweden is disappearing by the second if it hasn’t already.
    The moslems who get voted into political office won’t be ‘Constitution Supporting’ people. The other moslem woman elected to congress married her brother.
    There are sharia communities already. FGM is rampant. An American judge ruled FGM is legal. Other American judges have ruled according to sharia law because the parties involved were moslem. Say goodbye to America. I expect to be dust by the time it happens in a major way but it will happen.

    The only sensible course of action is to do what Slovakia is doing. Make islam and all of its practices illegal, do not allow mosques to be built.

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    I’m guessing many of us don’t know that muslims have lived here for many years, calling no attention to themselves, raising their families, most not attending mosques. As I said in my post, probably most Christians and Jews, too, are living their lives ignoring most of their religious upbringing or background.

    Of COURSE I don’t embrace anybody who wants Sharia law in our country! How could ANY American want that.
    And yes, there are Muslims who want that. I’m not addressing them.

    Kid, my bet is that the muslims I’m talking about wouldn’t care if mosques were built here anymore.

    AOW, the Muslims police article has almost no information…couldn’t tell if they’re helping US or themselves against attack by muslim haters? What am I missing?

    Mustang, I believe younger “Millenial” muslims are as muslim as our young American Christians. Not. And why would I not want to hear from YOU on this?
    It’s a conversation…and I totally understand how you feel and appreciate your stats here.

    What I will say is I stand by the fact that many muslims don’t want to kill us, and I’m totally against those who’d even consider Sharia law here, which I know for certain there is a push for, which SHOULD turn off most Americans, IF THEY’RE PAYING ATTENTION. THey are not.

    SO, I stand by what I wrote…. For those Muslims who want to assimilate, or even if they want to ride under the radar with their creepy Sharia-loving attitudes, WHY WOULD YOU ALLOW WOMEN LIKE SARSOUR AND THE BAD-MOUTHED CONGRESSWOMAN to speak out?

    I believe they’re waking Americans up (the ones who are paying attention) to the nastiness of those muslims who don’t want to assimilate, to be true Americans. I think that’s a very good thing….turn Americans OFF, don’t be smarmy and treacherous like other muslims in congress.

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  7. Mal says:

    While everyone has made valid points, the bottom line is, we’ve survived almost 2 1/2 centuries without all this discussion being necessary ……How? By being Americans FIRST and whatever your heritage second. Also we did so because we were founded primarily by European Caucasians but they are quickly becoming the minority. If we favor our heritage country ahead of being an American, we will crash and burn, and we are dangerously close to being there. Those that don’t love America first should leave and not try to change our Constitution by saying its outdated.

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  8. Mustang says:

    @ Mal … exactly so.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, couldn’t agree with you more…..
    People must LEAVE who aren’t here to celebrate America as she is.

    A House Divided Cannot Stand……….and we’re starting to see that in Washington DC.

    The ugliness, the hate….this morning, the lib news is saying Trump and Mulvaney and other guys high up on Trump’s staff are “vacationing” at Camp David. VACATIONING? SOmeone really thinks they go there to Vacation? …after they read Mulvaney’s information on what they’re doing there?
    It’s CONSTANT, the mischaracterizations to MAKE THEM ALL LOOK BAD.


  10. Baysider says:

    Whenever I see a young muslim woman with head-gear I take it as an act of defiance. It telegraphs the message “I don’t want to be part of your stinkin’ culture.” This may mean modesty in other groups, but it started among muslims in public to stick it in our face that they’re different. I suspect in some places (UK, France?) it’s done under pressure to conform. None of the muslim women I’m friends with did this. But it sure sticks out when it’s done.

    Others dress modestly, but Mal’s comments apply.


  11. Baysider says:

    And this same sh*thead who did this got sworn in on Jefferson’s koran. Too bad no one in the media decided to detail WHY Jefferson had that koran (to study one’s enemy).


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I’d forgotten why Jefferson had that, yes I have heard that in the past…WOW.
    It’s like Pelosi quoting Reagan as welcoming immigrants but my not finding her exact quote he used AND ignoring the ones which definitely say “Legal or NOTHING!”

    Please tell us about your muslim friends who don’t wear the headscarves, etc. Are they mosque-goers? Do they love America? How do they feel about Sharia?

    I can’t STAND the headscarf but I understand it like I understand many communion takers who wear a veil on their heads out of respect to God….

    We would LOVE TO KNOW….it’d fill us in and it my support my point that MOST Muslims are like most Christians….not really of the faith, just saying what they were born into.


  13. Meanwhile, in London, where some sort of critical mass of Moslems appears to have been reached….

    MORE STABBINGS IN LONDONISTAN: Woman in her 30s is fighting for her life, two men suffer multiple slash wounds after triple stabbing.

    Demographics and Wahhabism hand in glove.


  14. Mustang says:

    @Baysider … for the history of Jefferson’s Koran, see my latest post at I think you’ll enjoy it.

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  15. geeez2014 says:

    And, of course, the Jeffersonian Bible has all miracles of Christ removed from it.
    Jefferson was weird when it came to FAITH!! No Christian in the way we’d describe, that’s for sure…


  16. Sparky says:

    ~ What Mustang said x 10. I never will trust them en masse because they do not believe in the American Way of life and liberty. Nope. Not gonna happen. They have declared war on us and war is what they’ll get. However, now with a “but”, many of them are walking away from this wicked, pagan religion because of the brave Missionaries sent to these areas and becoming born again Christians. Of course, then, by definition, they are no longer Muslim but Christian. That’s different.


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