Please give us a few, or many, things you think they’d like to see happen in our country….I think it’ll be interesting to read all your input!



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17 Responses to LIBERAL DESIRES


    This is another “not found”, Z.  Only once in awhile does this happen.  Hmmmm.


  2. bocopro says:

    I’ve been wonderin ’bout dat myself for a coupla years now . . . think I got a handle on it:

    Revenge — for dissing Slick and interrupting Shrillary’s coronation
    Sanctuary for criminals, non-citizen homeless, drug pushers, and terrorists
    Free cell fones for poor people, paid for by tax on texting
    Total ban on all firearms
    Total ban on internal combustion engines
    Elimination of Christianity in favor of intellectual cancer
    Stifling carbon taxes to force Mother Nature to stop messing around with the weather
    Release criminals when jails and prisons become overcrowded
    And restore their voting privileges
    Defund the military
    Disenfranchise white males
    Gummit-funded Abortion on demand, regardless of girl’s age
    Shut down FoxNews
    DingleBarry as PotUS for life
    Open borders
    More awards shows for entertainers
    Allow the UN to dictate policy
    Allow 40-yr-old perverts to use the little girls’ restrooms
    Free weed for everyone
    $25/hour minimum wage

    The list goes on . . . but it gets rather silly from here on.


  3. Mustang says:

    Presumably, a kinder-gentler country. You can define that any way you want, except for any way as may be seen through the eyes of a conservative-minded person. For example, more freedom. But what does this mean to a conservative, as opposed to what it means to a liberal? Conservatives think there is more freedom with less government: fewer laws or policies that restrict our “pursuit of happiness.” Liberals, on the other hand, believe more government ensures more freedom. How is that even possible? Well, for starters, tolerance in liberal-speak equates to debauchery. There will be no rights for unborn children and supreme court nominees, of course, but lots of latitude for pedophiles, queers, transgenders, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, illegal aliens, and thieves. More government will guarantee open borders to bolster voting rolls within the DNC. The freer the stuff at the general expense, the more likely it is that Democrats will end up in charge of everything —and wouldn’t that be grand? Freedom from religion and moral consequences would be nice, too … well, except for Islam; we must have more Islam in order to demonstrate how tolerant we are. So yes, if we could only reach that point where every American community is just like Southside Chicago … it can’t get any better than that, if you’re a one-celled organism.

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  4. -FJ says:

    To not work and have everything given to them.


  5. Sparky says:

    In a word … CONTROL. So that they can implement their convoluted version of Liberalism because it “hasn’t been done right” yet. They want to destroy America and our superior culture and values, so that they may remake it in the ‘father of all lies’ image.


  6. Frank Disimobe says:

    The Democrats ( Nancy Pelosi, & Chuckie Schumer) have put their party before their country. They have put OUR safety, and our well-being.
    Exactly what has changed since Chuck Schumer wanted, and voted for a Wall back in Barack Obama’s days?
    I’ll tell you what has changed! More Illegal’s, more Criminals, and More Drugs have made their way into the United States! That’s what has changed. .

    Also it has become Politically Incorrect to use the words Illegal Immigration or Illegal Immigrant for one but the sad truth is despite all the lip service from the Progressives about Border Security.
    Also the “Chosen One” Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump, that seemed to change everything!
    And now since Donald Trump says he is for STRONG Boarder Security, and a wall, the Democrats obviously have to be against it, and against everything else that Trump is for!
    It showed, and it was Proven yesterday when Nancy Pelosi told the President that she would NOT agree, or Negociate AT ALL with the President! So why shouldn’t he have walked out? What was the point of coming to a meeting if your opponent tells you at the get-go, that she’s NOT going to Negociate AT ALL!

    I just did a little research and found the following:….Just last year alone ICE arrested over 6,500 pedophiles and convicted Murderers in the United States, and they also arrested 158,581 ILLEGAL Aliens either already in the United States, or attempting to enter the United States, and, 90% Had Prior Criminal Convictions, and the also deported 256,086 illegal’s who came here, and 6,000 of them were violent gang members.
    They come in, or should I say they sneak in and claim Asylum…and then they disappear, never to return on their Court date. …it’s a huge problem, and NOT a “Manufactured Crisis” .The come in via Tourists Visa’s, from Children’s School tours, and yes from our Southern Boards. .The Democrat’s/Progressives, need to take down their Welcome Signs..NO Trump is NOT making this all up. Is he also fabricating all those pictures that we see on our TV set every night?

    The bottom line is that the Democrats are aiding and comforting ILLEGAL activity by setting up sanctuary cities and obstructing the construction of a wall, or a barrier.
    And when these ILLEGAL activities result in a Crime, or a Murder, or a Rape, or Drug trafficking the are aiding and abetting, and comforting the Enemy! THIS IS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

    The ones to impeach are the Traitors, like Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of their dirty lot! They are the ones who have been Derelict In Their Duty.

    I’m Saying What You May Be Thinking!


  7. Liberals want what amounts to a national health service.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Frank, welcome to GeeeeZ….
    “Just last year alone ICE arrested over 6,500 pedophiles and convicted Murderers in the United States, and they also arrested 158,581 ILLEGAL Aliens either already in the United States, or attempting to enter the United States, and, 90% Had Prior Criminal Convictions, and the also deported 256,086 illegal’s who came here, and 6,000 of them were violent gang members.”
    And THAT is the kind of thing I wished Trump had mentioned the other night.

    And yes!! People see the caravans and STILL think Trump made up this threat of illegals?

    I kept watching him and then the talking heads after…how the Left thinks this is of TRUMP’S MAKING and kept hoping Americans were thinking of the CARAVANS they’ve seen on the news for weeks! (no more lately…why?)


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Got to leave today…will be back late this afternoon YOUR time (most of you!) and welcome more comments to respond to!
    ALL GREAT, so far!
    Such good thinkers at GeeeZ….I’m blessed! 🙂


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Quickly…did you see how they cut right through a steel border wall prototype? and that’s the big news from our Left this AM?
    The Pres just said that was an old style by the past president or something….
    But, of course, the news is about how they cut through….
    And he’s right “they cut, we fix…it isn’t easy to cut, however”



  11. geeez2014 says:

    BEFORE I GO…I want Trump to say “Yes, it IS my RIGHT to protect the border….but it’s not only that, it is my RESPONSIBILITY!”

    Someone has to be able to make a good slogan for him on that….like MAGA, you know?


  12. bocopro says:

    Many days of careful study and thought . . . months, actually . . . have finally solidified my understanding of the Left’s attitudes toward The Wall. At first my impression was that their position was complicated and very complex; the truth is that it is childishly simple.

    Any attempt to explain what The Wall means to liberals today must be viewed in proper perspective: first, when pressed, every liberal will eventually admit that border security is important, and second, most Democrat members of both House and Senate have voted for increased border security in the past, including various forms of a wall.

    So what’s the problem? If stopping drugs, human traffickers, disease carriers, criminals, and terrorists at our southern border is understood by both sides of the Congressional Aisles as a good thing, why all the rancor and name-calling and foot-dragging where building some kind of barrier is concerned?

    Here, presented in proper and formal Congrish, is how Pelosi and Schumer et al. feel about President Trump’s insistence on funding for The Wall and why they believe they should resist and refuse to fund his proposal:

    “When the border security vosticosion was gelatially endritiated, virtually every member of Congress was envoned, and hopeful, that a gefinial supegiog was vopofed. But that never fully eliptograted.

    Over time, geftilism has colluted. Early in the frammel, a simple nopped fenata would have fedeglated any and all misundegation. But today our only hope is for emarsifolication of a fetemble for crantimersion.

    We have defilted. We have even reliptificated. But the President has repeated demarnicated the indrum and employed scintillious egrappocatives at every turn, offering only meaningless minomembes. Wilclonters are not relemutable in polite society.

    Since gefinegation and fenata apparently are not forthcoming, we find it necessary to fubitalize . . . persastically . . . and smeen his fundamental reticle. We offer lumorization and dehesticution, with unswithed prefidentialization. We must not dismilitrite the American people’s clurst, no matter where they come from.

    Those among us of harbusodic origin, especially those with gedaddles, are perilously close to ensparsification. Stories of torminification and vessimation are menactile, bordering on the toutrint.

    Clearly our only logical and moral choice here is to elevate the desornia, dismutify the dominant cleagle, and planf with unpochilation so as to leave absolutely no doubt in anyone’s mind as to the character and purpose of our party.”

    Through my long experience in reading and working with Governmentese, I am able to condense and translate those six paragraphs into one simple sentence:

    “We hate the Orange Man and will do nothing to aid, assist, fund, or support him.”


  13. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO….SO SO SO GOOD…and SO DISGUSTING. Honestly, at first I thought that was real vocabulary and “How stupid AM I? I thought my vocab was pretty darned good~!” :-))))

    Yes, this is all about the ORANGE HAIRED MAN…and NEW VOTERS FOR DEMS…..period.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    AOW>…and it says “it appears to have been doctored..” WHAT?

    This is like the supposed lie that Trump STOMPED out of the mtg after having pounded the table…I don’t THINK Pence would lie but it doesn’t give me the greatest confidence that he says he doesn’t ‘think’ he did…. Still, the lies prevail.

    Mustang, VERY well said….but another thing is the Left’s FREEDOM is usually aimed at a LAZY LIFE OF LITTLE WORK YET WELL SUPPORTED FINANCIALLY, so big gov’t is right up that alley, right?

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  15. bunkerville says:

    Liberals want a Marxist Utopia…anything less is a failure.


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