Is she for REAL, this Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez??

‘It Is More Important To Be Morally Right Than Factually Correct,’

That’s what she says!

I believe this exactly captures the LEFT today……and what our professors are teaching our kids.

Yes, it’s important to be morally right….but MORE THAN FACTUAL?  FEELINGS….FEELINGS, then FACTS?  ACT ON FEELINGS?  (I was going to hyperlink the song FEELINGS there but I dislike it so much I couldn’t bring myself to!)

THOUGHTS, folks?  How do we teach a generation of Americans that FEELINGS are not the first thing to count on?


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5 Responses to Is she for REAL, this Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez??

  1. It’s not only the generation now in school, but also their parents — and in many cases their grandparents. 😦


  2. Kid says:

    The left loves her because she is misdirection away from the true evil that is the democrat party.

    But yes, she has yet to say anything factual about anything.


  3. Kid says:

    PS, I’ve stopped reading articles on the things she says anymore. Just not worth the time.


  4. Mal says:

    50 – 60 years ago I would never had thought we could get to the place we are today.
    I mean, we’re all Americans first and love our country (or USE to!) so why the radical division in politics? The populace has been hoodwinked and taken over by Socialist that want to destroy our democracy, turning us into another failed society. They were able to to it subversively via our educational institutions, beginning at the university level, then working down the ladder to indoctrinate the most gullible with open minds, eager to learn. They’ve succeeded by taking over with little resistance. How so many can be blind to what has happened and continues happening is beyond comprehension! Are we doomed to oblivion?


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