Z….at it again!

So I went to the doctor and got into the elevator with an elderly man.   We were both going to the Fifth Floor, so we ‘had something in common,’ you might say, right from the start.  There was padding hanging on the elevator walls and he said “I feel like I’m in a padded cell.”

I said “I’ve felt that way before…not too often, thank goodness!” laughing…

He said “Too often for ME!”  Sweet guy, laughing…very perky and nice.

Then another guy got in on the next floor going up…and heard we were chatting and said “I feel like I got in the middle of something” and the old guy explained the “padded cell” thing we were talking about.  The  new guy was very friendly, too.  When he got out, wishing us a happy new year, I asked the older man….

“Do you mind if I ask how old you are?”  (Obviously, it wasn’t quite as out of the blue as that, something led me to ask which made it not rude!)

He said “83”, which surprised me because he looked like a spry 103.   Then he added, as if he’d read my mind..”…but REALLY dry skin!”

The doors opened and we both walked out of the elevator and I said “I’ll bet you’re conservative…” (since he was older) and he looked surprised and said “Oh, no I AM NOT!”

We walked toward the doc’s office (we were going to the same suite) and I said ‘You like Obama?”

“Yes, I do like Obama!”   SO I say…

“Wow, for someone who’s lived in America all these years, I’d expect you to have  become more conservative…”

He opened the door for me and we went in….I sat down because I don’t have to ‘check in’ as they know me….They say to him “You’re early!”   He says his appointment time was 1:15, the time mine was scheduled for.  I said “I’m not that much in a hurry, if you want my time, I’ll wait.”  She spoke to him, calling him Mr. Murphy.

Finally, he says “I’ve got the wrong time?  Wow, I  never make mistakes like that!”

So, how could I resist?  I say “Except in elections, right, Mr. Murphy!?”  (laughing, of course)

He laughs, too, and walks farther into the waiting room.  Never to speak to me again 🙂




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22 Responses to Z….at it again!

  1. Mustang says:

    It has become a common refrain among conservatives that progressivism is a mental disorder. Once we get past the snickering and guffaws, if we give this proposition serious thought, you do begin to wonder if it isn’t true. Take your acquaintance as an example, the man lived 83 years and somehow imagines that it should be okay for anyone to come to America illegally, claim benefits that they aren’t entitled to, access our schools and health care systems, work without paying taxes, and vote without any entitlement to do so. In fact, to think that anyone can come to the USA without proper vetting (immigration procedures) … which makes them criminals on the first instant they are here, is at least bizarre and at most insane. Or … that in voting for a man who had as many qualifications to serve as president as Liz Warren has to speak at a Native-American tribal council meeting, that person would have to be completely daft. Maybe it’s true: liberalism is a mental disorder. As Kid says, we should stamp it out. Anyone who admits to progressivism should be immediately deported to Mexico where government and society are JUST LIKE the kind of filth Schumer and Pelosi are advocating for Americans. In this way, the 83-year old fellow can achieve nirvana and live happily ever after … and, once they’re all gone, so can we.

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  2. bocopro says:

    As a kid growin up in a house fulla bona fide backwoods adults, I was regularly reminded that in polite company, a gentleman never discusses religion, politics, or women.

    Point bein that all the talk in the world ain’t gonna change nobody’s mind on them subjects, but it might drastically change other things, such as your community standing, your general health, and your face.


  3. Z,
    It’s the same here in Northern Virginia. And for that reason, we are seriously looking into locating to another state. I’ve reached the end of my rope here.


  4. Z,
    About the elderly gentleman….he’s proof that with age does not necessarily come wisdom.

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  5. Frank Disimobe says:

    The New York Times had Reported” that the FBI opened an investigation about Trump President Trump’s secretly working for Russians!
    Are they Freaken Kidding? Where did you Progressive Liberals, you Democrats Socialists pull this BS from? It was already proven that he specifically IS NOT associated with the Russians! And without evidence.
    Now I heard it all!
    A President under investigation for being a Russian spy or a Russian stooge and you idiotic Liberals don’t give a damn what you say, or what you believe!
    But when Loretta Lynch the Attorney General of the United States, Hillary Clinton , and Obama ordered the FBI to rig the 2016 election? That doesn’t seem to bother you at all .
    The Federal Bureau of Investigation “became concerned” after the President fired the director? Give me a break, it looks like we are dealing with a bunch of High School Kids instead of the Biggest, and Greatest Federal Law Enforcement Agency in the United States of America! .
    I think that some of these Progressive politicians, and MSM reporters have see the move The Manchurian Candidate too many times. Also I’d bet my last dollar that Hillary”the most corrupt person in history’ Clinton had something to do with this bullshit!
    It kind of bugs the hell out of me that these Half Witted Morons want to believe the Lying Traitors like Hillary, Schumer, Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Strzok, Page, st. rather than a Man who is so dedicated to “Make America great Again”

    Look, and Listen to this all you Friggen Socialist, Useful Idiot, Air heads, President Trump is going to Get the WALL built, Like it or Not! Deal with it!
    Yes, he is going to build a wall, while you are wanting more Anti-American Illegals in America.

    Typical left wing projection. Blame the opponent of what you are doing yourself. I don’t think there has been an end to the treasonous acts, putting Illegal’s before Americans at every turn

    There Is No Trump Russian Collusion ……………………There Is Only Russian Collusion From That Scum-ball Hillary Clinton!
    Explosive Implications, from the New York Times? …And what’s the next Implication, The lizard people? I already thought that we had head it all! For the love of God, find some other conspiracy theory thats at least reasonable! This one is way to old, and to OUTLANDISH
    Your Messiah lost, yes SHE was cheating! And SHE is a Sick, Sore Losing Old LYING SACK OF CRAP!

    Let’s remember that it was that “Golden Shower” that got this whole thing started, and lets remember who made up that whole Cock n’ Bull Hoax. up! Crooked Hillary and her minions, which led to Obama’s wiretapping Trump Tower unlawfully while he was still the President, and had Hillary use a fabricated dossier.. Meanwhile, this hoax still continue going on with Herr Muller , and going on for almost 3 years.
    We already know for a fact that Christopher Steel is a foreign agent, who worked with Russia to create a fabricated dossier intended to rig the 2016 election. That isn’t even a question. And we know that Hillary Clinton, along with President Obama ordered this treason. We already know that the FBI investigated that and found that Hillary had committed those crimes. And then the final report was edited, to give her a pass on it all, and no one said a damn word about it
    Does it bother any of you that the FBI has become political? That the Federal Bureau of Investigations and America’s top Security Agency America’s greatest institutions like our Intelligence experts are now taking sides in our Elections? And rigging our Elections?

    You snowflakes are just trying to pull the same old leftist stunt again. Accuse someone, and therefore, they are guilty! Leftists are the most dishonest people I have ever known. Of course, Trump WAS already investigated and nothing was found. It’s just the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA…..since Nov. 2016

    Fact that Trump won, so DEAL WITH IT.
    And now in the middle of the “WALL” controversy they trot this stupid crap out! SHAME ON YOU ALL! This supposedly happened 20 months ago according to “UNNAMED SOURCES ” and it’s the NY Slimes bring this into the middle of the Wall talks!.


  6. dave drake says:

    That’s a great story. That’s how we should be able to civilly discuss issues. I mean, the padded elevator. You “decked” him for voting for “O”, right? (Joking !!!!)


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Frank! YOu do realize this is a CONSERVATIVE blog, right? You’re saying “YOU SNOWFLAKES…” but you’re talking to ‘that group,’ not us, I presume? 🙂
    I hate to mention this but the investigation is still ongoing,….it’s not “already investigated”….
    But, yes, he WON, and they WILL NOT “DEAL WITH IT”
    And yes, this story is so stupid, even more stupid than all the other accusations.
    Oh, and then I heard that they’re now accusing him of being an UNWITTING accomplice to the Russians… that they bamboozled him somehow…because they know most Americans would never think Trump would work WITH or FOR the Russians. That cracked me up….they will do ANYTHING to sink this man.

    AOW, it’s actually not the norm for elderly even here in California to be liberals…Something I heard this guy say to the receptionist when they were talking about his insurance gave me the impression he’d been in a union, etc., and I thought ‘AHA, that’s why’! 🙂

    bocopro…about the only thing my husband and I ended up talking about at most dinner parties with friends was religion or politics…we thrived on it. But that is the canard and it’s probably safer.
    I don’t follow the rule….and sometimes I get into social trouble…but that’s okay with me.
    Of course, the situation with this guy was fast and fun….he laughed, too.

    Mustang….to literally SAVE OUR COUNTRY, you (and Kid) are 100% correct. Sadly, when this guy dies, we’ve got a generation of indoctrinated, ‘entitled’ dopes about to take over!


  8. geeez2014 says:



  9. geeez2014 says:

    Oh…he’s entered the Dem race for president…universal health care, no wall, BIG applause from the hispanic audience.
    This jerk could actually win if he’s articulate, gets those hispanic voters, and promises freebies.




  10. geeez2014 says:

    I’m sad…Castro just came to the platform and says “Good Morning and Buenos Dias” with a big giggle after that……….need I feel his allegiance is less to America and more to Hispanics living here? Then he immediately saluted his mother, who has apparently been an advocate for Hispanics…probably illegals, of course. Scary stuff….


  11. geeez2014 says:

    “My mother worked hard to improve the quality of life for HER OWN COMMUNITY”

    There is no Americanism here….He will continue to be Hispanic first. Anybody doubt that?
    We support Cruz, Rubio, etc etc…..all Hispanic background but put AMERICA FIRST.

    Not the Democrats.


  12. Mal says:

    I took Frank’s snowflake comments as meaning them, Z, not us. Oh! As to the Russian collusion, you can add if there WAS any, it was with Obama. I keep reminding folks about the open mike incident between Obama and Putin’s man 2 weeks before the 2012 election when he said he’d have to wait till after the election, and the guy said he understood and would tell Vladimir. What was THAT all about, anyway? And how come the left never investigated that? They still should!


  13. Mal says:

    Off subject, I believe Trump might be hurting himself by continuing the shut-down. He should say he has given the left time to do the right thing and save face by signing the agreement for the wall, then declare a national emergency and fund the wall. Put that way, he can turn it into his victory and get the wall done without looking like he had to give in.
    He was trying to help THEM “save face”. Any Thoughts?


  14. ACUCHUCK says:

    I’m. PROUDLY, 1st generation American. My German folks landed in the USA 1952 and shortly after that I was born (9mo’s Humm, celebration maybe). They immigrated with the help of the Base Commander (and the fact my Dad learned English fluently and became the Commander”s chauffeur ), at the very same POW Camp,where my Dad had spent, the last couple of war years.
    My point is that my folks waited years and thru shear luck and hard work, and by the grace of God,were allowed to immigrate, the legal way, and by being sponsored by a Lutheran Church in Denver..
    They were so glad and thankful to be here after living thru the war.They vowed to be Good Americans till the day they died, and never wavered from those efforts. English 1st was the routine around home, even to the detriment, of some of my own German language skills.
    We were even, way back then, AMERICA 1ST!!
    So it’s difficult for me to listen all those who don’t want to be part of The American Dream LEGALLY.
    Living in So. Cal. also gives me !st hand knowledge of how illegal immigration holds legal immigrants back, let alone the rest of us who are forced to live along side them.
    all I can say is to our President is “STAND TALL AND BUILD THE DAMN WALL”


  15. Baysider says:

    Wow – you have a bigger pair than I thought! 🙂

    Think about it: leftists in their 50’s all want 16 year olds to vote. Why don’t they think an adult has more wisdom than that? Because they themselves don’t have more wisdom than a teenager often. Your story illustrates perfectly.


  16. I agree that age doesn’t necessarily bring wisdom. My parents were both devout Catholics who held to all church teachings, such abortion. I tried to tell them that the Dem party was not the party of Truman anymore, but they remained Dems throughout their lives. They couldn’t understand my support of Reagan. They couldn’t understand that as a German Catholic I would be Repub. I tried to convince them using the history of Dems and their anti-Catholicism. Still no dice. My mom’s family was heavily involved in Dem politics with her uncles holding local offices. So I loved them and we just called a truce.


  17. Kid says:

    Mal, I’m with you. After Nana and Schmuck declined even coming to talk, that should have been it. DJT “They won’t even come to talk. Something has to be done. We’re going to do it starting now.”

    Z, Good for you. Calling them out won’t do any good, but maybe it will take longer for them to fall asleep at night. That’s something anyway.

    Baysider, it is why I call them libtards as a clinical term. Retarded/arrested mental development around the age of 3. 3 yr old violent spoiled brats. All we need to know. Sure they learn math and a little bit of how to drive :-), and how to parrot talking points, but they learn Nothing of life, civilization, and what works to maintain a healthy society.

    If you engage them, as soon as you depart from the talking point environment, they are lost, and that makes them angry, then 10 times out of 10 they simply fall back on their go to position of calling you a racist, bigot, misogynist, or phobe of some kind, smile at their non-existent wit and move along to the next trolling opportunity with absolutely zero recognition that they lost the encounter like a 3 yr old playing chess with Bobby Fisher. The reason I stopped engaging them (except for the rare but humorous drive-by) over a decade ago.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, THANKS! (and thanks for the DEEEELICIOUS goodies…so enjoying!)
    Yes, I LOVED bantering with my little lib who looked 102 but wasn’t near!

    Kid, by ‘engaging’ you don’t think I meant to change his mind, right? NO WAY! But I KNOW he’s thinking about it, as you suggest…I DO 🙂
    When I said ““Wow, for someone who’s lived in America all these years, I’d expect you to have become more conservative…” I do admit I wanted to really say “HEY< at YOUR AGE, YOU HAVEN"T SEEN THE EVIL IN THE LEFT?" So I congratulate myself for soft pedaling it to him!! HAA

    L&O, I will NEVER EVER understand Catholics who vote for people who aren't pro life…and there are probably MILLIONS. Pelosi is Catholic, for goodness sake! Not sure how devout a believer, but….not my business, of course.
    That's why when I heard this older guy mention something about a union, I knew.."THAT's WHY" As you know, many Catholics are Irish and many worked blue collar and loved the unions…and they think LIB, right?

    Chuck, I'm first and second generation American so I relate to you. I also was married to a marvelous man from Germany , Lutheran, and I am grateful for him and the Lutheran faith which really got me closer to the church community and maybe even a stronger believer…at least it was on my path there. My naturalized mother is vehemently anti illegal….during the Bicentennial, she made the King Family TV Special look UNDER decorated with patriotism! Oh, BROTHER!
    And, yes, for the privilege of living here in gorgeous California, there are downsides….but I very rarely spend a day here looking down Wilshire to the ocean, or the other way up Wilshire at the snow covered mountains, or out my window at the sunset behind my pine trees, etc., without feeling grateful.

    Mal, I think that's what Frank meant but it sure doesn't sound like it…just wanted to CONFIRM 🙂


  19. Kid says:

    Z, I do Not think you meant to change his mind. That’s an example of a drive-by that I mentioned. If an obama lover at 83? or even 30. Zero chance. I’d just laugh at them too.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, but don’t you wish we could? All we can do is try to get them to THINK!! HOPEFULLY?!!


  21. Kid says:

    Z, I’ll try with people I care about who are under 30. All others? Nope, Nyet,


  22. Kid says:

    PS, They have to ask the question.


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