Merkel and Trump…”shocked!?”

“Chancellor Angela Merkel took President Donald Trump to task before an audience of senior security officials in Munich, calling his administration’s suggestion that European autos are a threat to U.S. national security a “shock.”***

In a pointed defense of multilateral institutions ahead of a speech by U.S. Vice President Mike Pence at the Munich Security Conference, the German leader called for global trade and cooperation. The biggest BMW plant is in South Carolina, she said, not in the carmaker’s homeland of Bavaria in southern Germany. (Z:  Does nobody fill Trump in on THE FACTS before he says things?)

“Look, we’re proud of our cars,” Merkel said Saturday. “We’re allowed to be. And these cars are built in the United States of America.”

“If these cars, which are no less a threat than those built in Bavaria, are suddenly a national security threat to the U.S., then that’s a bit of a shock to us,” Merkel said, to loud applause.

Still, Germany would be hurt by sanctions, according to data released Friday by the IFO Institute’s Center for International Economics.

If the U.S. imposed permanent tariffs of 25 percent, German car exports to the U.S. could fall by almost 50 percent, or about 17 billion euros ($19.2 billion), according to the German think-tank. Total car exports would fall by 18.4 billion euros, or 7.7 percent.

Exports from other sectors and to other countries would compensate these effects slightly, so that the total loss of exports would amount to about 11.6 billion euros, it said. ” (End of article from Bloomberg)

Merkel also got a standing ovation for her criticism of Trump at the end of her speech.  Criticisms were for poor Ivanka, who was sitting in that audience.  After Merkel spoke, VP Pence said ” “I bring greetings from the 45th president of the United States of America, President Donald Trump.”   That was received with total silence from the crowd.  By the way, I drive a German car, but the thought of paying 25% MORE for it would convince me to BUY AMERICAN.



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16 Responses to Merkel and Trump…”shocked!?”

  1. bocopro says:

    Way too complex for me. All I know is we’ve provided a defense umbrella and a ready market for the reconstruction of all the countries we bombed into the Stone Age in the 40s and rebuilt their infrastructures and factories to the detriment of our own.

    Did we profit from their reconstruction? Yes. Do we still owe them any favors? Nope. Have we allowed ourselves to be pushed to the hind tit? Yep! It’s about time they bought their own tickets.

    As for Ang Ela, I wouldn’t trust her as far I I could hit her with a whiffle bat. Born and raised in the eastern sector. As I read somewhere recently, she is the high priestess of open borders, the vicar of cosmopolitanism, the goddess of sacrificing European girls on the pagan altar of multiculturalism.


  2. Mustang says:

    As one might expect from its mere title, “World Trade Organization,” it is a globalist organization. There is nothing at all wrong with global trade, except perhaps this one thing: it isn’t a “fair trade” relationship. There are more reasons for this than space to write about it, but I think Trump simply wants to achieve an equal trade footing with our so-called trading partners.

    So far, given the restrictions of the European Union (which is nothing at all if not a protectionist racket), fair trade only applies to the trading partners … and so Trump reasons that if these partners aren’t willing to give American products a fair shake, to wit: access to European markets, then we’ll simply convince the American consumer through import taxes to purchase at home rather than abroad. It is a rocky road, and one perched upon a slippery slope. You might be able to fill a thimble with as much as most Americans know about global trade, but as I intimated above, it is a very complex issue and one that most of our countrymen are ill-disposed to tackle.

    First, what does the USA produce that anyone else really wants? Ford automobiles are very popular in Europe, most of which are manufactured in Europe. Second, of the things made in America that the Europeans are interested in, how affordable are they? As I said, the EU is a protectionist organization. They subsidize their products, which means that Europeans pay taxes to support a wide range of internally produced goods … from wine to automobiles. What this means is that rather than Ford having to compete with Mercedes Benz for market-share, it is competing with Mercedes Benz and the German treasury … just as Caterpillar and John Deer are competing with Japan’s Kaboda Tractors and the Japanese treasury.

    Is this “fair trade?” What impact does US labor have on the competitiveness of US products? So, in my final analysis, Mr. Trump wants to do something to enhance the US economy, and increase US employment, and doing something is better than doing nothing. As far as Mr. Trump’s advisors are concerned, good luck finding any two economists that agree on anything. The base instinct of the consumer is to purchase goods that are dependable and affordable. If American made goods are as dependable and more affordable than a widget made in France, then shouldn’t we expect the American consumer to purchase the American-made goods? But if anyone is railing against US tariffs, then what must they think of Europe’s protectionist policies that actually preclude some American goods from ever reaching its member states’ consumer?

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  4. Kid says:

    I suspect what Trump is doing is tossing down a shock statement which gets them to the negotiating table. The result will be somewhere between 0 and 100. Same as what is happening with China.
    When DJ Trump was running he said NATO was obsolete. Today, NATO countries are hauling their end of the log, at least in terms of what they originally agreed to.

    But those cars maybe are a threat. Every time I walk past a Porche or BMW, I get dirty looks from them and I always fear they’re going to throw a steering wheel or launch a lug nut at me. I don’t trust em. I don’t even go near a Mercedes. If I see one, I cross the street.

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  5. Kid says:

    PS – Merkel is guilty of genocide of people in the EU countries. So are all the country’s “leaders” who import the vermin thinking it will help their socialist economies. That is stupid beyond description.


  6. skudrunner says:

    The idea of a one world economy is a fantasy created to protect the companies outside the US. Europe, Russia, China, Japan and all other countries subsidize their manufacturers so they can stabilize their job market and compete. In the US that kind of action is not legal, look at Boing. Not surprised Pence was met with silence because DJT is the first US President who is not in the business to jut give away taxpayer dollars to support do nothing feel good programs.


  7. Mal says:

    Like Bocopro said, it is complex. As with many things, some good and some bad comes from trade with other countries. While it opens up a market, it also opens competition to OUR products, which can also be a good thing. Take autos as an example. During the ’70’s, American auto makers got their butts whipped by the Japanese and German cars, forcing us to build stronger bodies and fuel efficient vehicles, which I doubt would’ve happened w/o the competition of foreign imports. Also, what constitutes a foreign car today? Even our manufacturers build with parts from all over the world. Chrysler is owned by Italian Fiat, who bought it from Mercedes (remember Daimler-Chrysler?). Walter P. Chrysler was a Canadian born American that always had plants in Canada as well as Detroit, even back when he started the company in the mid 1920’s. This is nothing new.
    I’m sticking with Trump on this. He is blunt, no question. However, its time we stop being the patsy and being taken advantage of in so many ways, and he is the man to do it.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that could be…a shock number to make them at least come to the table and bring it down, but still up from the past.
    Merkel took the opportunity to insult him horribly with her ‘shocked’ idiocy, sadly. And, of course, she had a great, willing audience, as Mustang and Skudrunner wisely said above……..the WTO, oh, ya, THEY are on OUR SIDE, right? (Smile)

    Mustang and Mal…yes, we don’t make much here anymore, so NOW WHAT? I mean, if we stop buying so much from China AND Germany, we haven’t much goods here, no?
    And, we don’t make them like we used to..MADE IN AMERICA labels lasted for years, now they have planned obsolescence….$$$ And SUCH high medical insurance for employers, and SUCH HIGH Lawsuits because the boss told her that her dress was nice….must I go on?!!!

    AOW…she’s former E German….and she didn’t show her colors at the beginning, she was elected by Conservatives, but she’s failed them. And their media’s reshaping Germans into mind numbing libs, anyway…like here. I met a German student at my high school Friday….I spoke in class of what’s going on there, the rape of German girls, etc., He looked at me and said “We must not forget Germans rape, too”….It stunned me into remembering “We’re not in Kansas, anymore,” we’re NUTS, we’re STUPID, we’re actually buying that CRAP and our kids are buying it…..As IF. Of course A GERMAN raped occasionally……..but it’s happening all the time. I looked at him right in the eye and asked “Do German rapists say ‘she has to submit to me, she deserved it!”? A dumb stare back. JACKASS.

    BOCOPRO…you make such sense reminding us all what WE did for THEM……….they sure have forgotten. Maybe we should have kept that huge base in Munich because it was ALWAYS THERE to remind Germans what we did…are still doing? I was sad when it left.

    GOOD NEWS: Marc Short, who left the Trump Admin after having been Trump’s liaison guy with Congress is now going back to work with Pence as his Chief of Staff. FANTASTIC MOVE.


  9. Kid says:

    Test Numero Uno


  10. Kid says:

    And of course in the EU countries, the only media the residents see or hear is on a par with CNN or MSNBC. No doubt the vast majority of people in those countries view DJ Trump as a knuckledraggin, raping, racist, deplorable moron.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, that’s absolutely right. I have conservative German friends there who were for him, but are finding it harder and harder…. You think CNN is bad HERE? You ought to see CNN International…you can, sometimes, late at night here..but rarely.
    It’s ASTONISHINGLY Left. Or should I just say ANTI AMERICA


  12. bunkerville says:

    Kid is so right on all points… Has anyone fact checked Merkels “facts?”


  13. geeez2014 says:

    You know, Bunk…it’s about TIME Kid got SOMETHING right! (SMILE!) HAAAAAAAAA!!!

    And I agree with you….who does FACT CHECKS on the LEFT…?? Let’s not forget they don’t have to when the media and most of the world is on their side, anyway…”anything they say, goes” darn


  14. Kid says:

    Thanks Bunk. And Z. I think it is significant to point out the following:

    For a long time, I paid no attention to politics or its related inner workings. Up until I was 47 years of age, I just viewed politics as a useless slug wandering through the garden that might steal more or less money from me. I came out in 2000 to vote against al gore and have voted against dems ever since including 2016. In 2020 I will vote For Trump.

    Where was I going with this? ………………. Crap, I forget.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I’m laughing out loud! “Crap, I forget”….how many times a DAY do I think that! MANY!

    I, too, had NOTHING to do with politics at all ..actually, until I moved to Paris and I was just about that age you were….I got into FrontPageMagazine, with Always On Watch and Jersey Jack and others……and got so into it!
    In 2020, I’m not sure….probably Trump….I hope I’m crazy about him by then! And, of course, I can’t imagine anybody else, so what the heck!


  16. Mal says:

    Z, both you and Kid are too young for memory lapses. But I loved it! Its like when we perform I often get comments about me being with all these younger women who are the ages of my kids, and I tell them “Yeah. Its suppose to excite me but I can’t remember WHY!” It usually gets laughs.


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